Dymogenerator with your own hands drawings and photo step by step instructions

Several drawings of homemade smoke generators

Step-by-step instructions and detailed schemes will help to assemble a cassette smoke generator with their own hands from girlfriend. Homemade installations may have no less functionality and security if strictly observe the assembly technology.

From fire extinguisher

  1. Holes for the ignition and ponding at the bottom.
  2. Lid (you can leave the original from the fire extinguisher or make a wooden).
  3. Hole for the nozzle under the lid.
  4. Inside - ash tick and pallet for ash.
  5. Spring for dosage filing chips and excluding jams.
  6. Outside the pipe is chimney.
  7. Flexible hose for connecting to the compressor.

Plus such a self-made device is that it has a sufficient volume for autonomous smoking within 10-12 hours.

From the pipe

In this case, the device diagram looks like this:

  1. Lower part - electric tile.
  2. The pipe is installed on top.
  3. On the tile, there are fuel, it can be poured on a baking sheet.
  4. In the middle of the pipe is inserted by fittings on which a grid or a grill is placed.
  5. From above there is a simple lid of plywood or sheet metal.

Such a smokehouse is configured quickly and simply, but it is not sealed, which leads to the seeping of smoke. In this regard, it should be placed exclusively on the street so that the caustic smoke does not impregnate things in the house.

Various devices for the smoke generator

To improve the quality of smoke, a smoke generator with additional devices is suitable.

Device of the injector of the smoke generator

The most responsible and complex part of the apparatus is an ejector. The quality and quantity of smoke and the work of the entire installation depends on its manufacture and configuration.

The principle of this device is as follows:

  1. The flow of air moving along the chimney creates under its reduced pressure;
  2. Low pressure in the chimney pipe tightens the smoke from the smoke generator and creates an additional thrust through the bottom holes.

Thus, the work of the ejector enhances the flow of smoke into the smoke chamber, the chipping and the intensity of the smoke.

Design and self-assembly ejector

It is possible to make this device from a plumbing tee. The middle part connects to the source of smoke, one of the extremes to the smoke chamber, and the cork with a tube from the compressor is screwed into the opposite. The temperature is relatively low, so the cork material can be any: plastic, rubber or metal.

The air tube into the ejector is taken with a diameter of 6-10 mm and so long to enter the chimney by 8-10 cm

It is important to ensure the coaxiality of the nozzle and chimney. For this, it should be tightly enter the plug - inserted into the rubber, and in a metal screwed onto the thread

Cooler for smoke generator

In cold smoke, smoke of room temperature is used, and it leaves from the generator to 120 ° C, especially with the lower connection of the chimney. To reduce its temperature, a cooler is installed, or a cooler.

This is a cylindrical or square chamber with a size similar to the smoke generator housing. Finding into this chamber, smoke slows down movement and cools. For greater efficiency, the entrance to the cooler is made from above, and the output is from below.

When cooled from the smoke, condensate is allocated from the smoke, which accumulates at the bottom of the cooler, so in addition to it, it is necessary to establish a condensate collection.

The principle of operation and the scheme of the cooler are shown in the picture.

Filter for smoke generator

To improve the quality of smoke, it should be cleaned of resin, soot and other substances. To do this, the chimney is installed filter.

Structurally, this is the expansion of the chimney filled with steel chips or metal washcloths for washing dishes. This extension can be made in the form of an additional chamber with a lid to replace the filter or a tube of a larger diameter than chimney. In this case, to replace chimney chips will have to be partial disassembly.

The principle of operation is shown below.

Compressor for cold smoked smoke generator

One of the important knots of the smoke generator is a compressor. It sends the air flow through the ejector. This flow carries smoke to the smoke, creates a vacuum in the combustion chamber and an additional traction.

Independent manufacture of compressor

The easiest compressor can be made from a computer cooler and plastic bottle:

  1. In the bottom of the bottle, the hole corresponding to the cooler diameter is cut;
  2. The fan is inserted into it and fastened with scotch;
  3. A hole for the connecting tube is done in the lid;
  4. The tube is inserted into the lid, and the connection site is also wound with a scotch;
  5. The cooler is connected to any power source = 12 V.

Independent manufacture of compressor

Liquid for smoke generator with their own hands

In addition to smoke generators, intended for smoking products, there are devices that create smoke on theatrical and concert scenes.

In these devices, the smoke is produced when a special solution to the heater and its evaporation is hit, that is, it is not smoke, but steam.

The composition may be different, for example:

  • Glycerin - 15%;
  • alcohol - 10%;
  • Distilled water - 75%.

Naturally, couples from such a solution are not suitable for smoking products.

We will analyze basic mistakes

  1. Wrong salt. So that the products are not spoiled, they must be carefully seized. For high-quality arrangements take 2-3% of the salt on every kilogram of meat or fish. Salt is better to take a nitrite or mixture of nitrite and cook. So the moisture is better removed from the products.
  2. Pre-impulse. There is a lot of moisture in saline meat, so it should be dried before placing in the smokehouse. Long taking will result in dry product. It is enough to hold meat on the ventilation of 6-10 hours.
  3. Application of incorrect chips. The use of wet fuel will lead to the appearance of a bitter lift in smoked. The same effect is possible with too intensive operation of the smoke generator, so its performance must be monitored.

Given these simple tips, everyone will be able to prepare stunning masterpieces that will delight their tassels of even demanding gourmets, and in terms of costs will be cheaper than cheaper food dishes.

Device of the smoke generator for cold smoking made by hand

The self-made design consists of a capacitance with a lid, tube for supplying smoke in a smokehouse and a small compressor. All components of the kit can be bought separately. The homemade generator will cost you much cheaper than the factory, and for its manufacture, some special tools will not need. Modern "Kulibins" cost even without a welding machine. It looks like this device something like this:

Homemade smoke generator

Scheme for cold smoking smoke generator with your own hands

Device schemes are easy to find on the Internet. Several options, but all of them are combined with general design details:

Generator device with different types of ejection

Ejector in the smoke generator

Ejector is a device that organizes the circulation of smoke from the generator in the smoke tank. It is possible to make it from a conventional tap metal pipe, and a split and corners from the same plumbing arsenal are used to connect. Connect parts of the injector can be welding, soldering or carvings. The easiest to use threaded connections.

Place ejectors in the upper or lower part of the generator. When placed in the upper part, sawdust decomposition products are settled on the inner walls of the generator and on the chip itself in the container, all this is re-lit and forms a large number of carcinogenic compounds. Experts offer to give preference in a homemade smoke generator for smoking lower ejection smoked smoking, which provides optimally pure smoke, and the generator maintenance itself is significantly simplified.

More information about it in the video material:

Watch this video on Youtube

Compressor for smoke generator Smokelni: Needed or not

The task of the compressor is the flow of smoke from the generator in the smokehouse. The result of the work directly depends on the intensity of the smoke. Cold smoking is a long process, so the compressor should work for a long time, a few hours, and even days

It is important that the home device does not consume a lot of electricity and was maintainable.

An important point is adjusting the intensity of air supply. It will help to correctly choose the mode and the duration of smoking.

For a small chamber, there is enough power of the compressor in 0.8 atm, a small device is easily coping with such a task, for example, aquarium. For large smokers, craftsmen use automotive compressors or parts from the refrigerator.

Camera for smoked

For high-quality cold smoked, a few days will be required, but during this time, malicious microorganisms can be formed in the chamber, which are able to spoil products.

That is why it is important to make a camera hermetic and properly organize the whole process

The easiest option is to make a chamber of a two-tire metal or wooden barrel

It is important to achieve a sealed joint of the smoke generator pipe and cameras. The barrel is installed on bricks, and the pallet is placed to collect fat

Inside the improvised chamber, several pieces of fittings for hanging products are welded. You can install grills on the same reinforcement if you want to decompose fish or cheese.

You can make a chamber of brick or sheet iron. Such capital structures are suitable for those who are going to constantly use smoking or making money on it. Seams of brickwork carefully hire clay

If the camera is metallic, it is important to trace the quality of welded seams

Important moments during self-assembly

With independent manufacture and use of the smoke generator, it is important to take into account a number of factors

Fuel for generator

For high-quality smoke fits chips or sawdust of fruit trees: pear, apple tree, plum, alder, hazel. Cherry and oak chips are also popular.

It is categorically unacceptable to use seppe of coniferous and other resinous rocks. A sharp smell and an unpleasant flavor can spoil the exquisite delicacy.

It is best to use a fine chip, manually chopped or with a garden chopper. Too small fractions of sawdust will be unstable to smooth and can ignite.

Cooling smoke

With independent design of the smoke cooling device to a predetermined temperature, it will be necessary to give natural experiments with pipes of different lengths and the thermometer installed at the output. As too hot, so too cold smoke will not allow fully the taste of smoked product.

Safety regulations

When using the smoke generator, it is important to comply with the following safety rules:

  • Do not store and not place flammable materials, including screens of chips or sawdust, within a radius of 5 meters from the device;
  • When rugged fireboxes, do not use liquid means for breeding fires;
  • When opening a smokehouse for visual control, the face and hands must be kept so that they are not burned out of the exit hot air or steam;
  • When working with smokehouse, use protective gloves and tight clothing.

Where to mount the ejector

In smoke generators for smokers made by their own hands, two versions of the ejector are used: upper and lower.

Lower placement provides greater performance, but there is a risk of too quickly combustion of sawdust. Experienced masters advise to give to formulates to smooth naturally. And the ejector is placed in the upper part of the generator, close to the discharge nozzle.

Design options

There are many options for the designs of homemade smoke generators. When choosing a specific design, the home wizard comes from the following parameters:

  • availability of necessary materials and tools;
  • possession of processing and assembly technologies;
  • device performance;
  • The ability to connect to an existing smoke chamber.

Smoke generator for smoking with your own hands

So, for the manufacture of a spiral-like smoke cooler, the ownership of a plumbing business and welding at a sufficiently high level, a less skilled home master can replace it with a simply tube of greater length.

Creating a smoke generator with your own hands for cold smoking: video and text instruction

For the manufacture of the main part of the design, it is possible to use drawings that were previously represented. The following tips will help you build without errors:

  • Select the thickness of the walls of the steel case more than 2.5 mm to prevent deformation with strong heating.
  • Since it will not be large at the top of the temperature, the use of a flexible hose for connecting the compressor is permissible. The bureau can be made from Teflon. It performs the features of the insulator and the connecting element. It inserts the tubes of the corresponding sizes.

Instead of this node, you can use suitable standard hardware

  • The bottom does not necessarily do removable. If desired, create a wide opening with a closing door. Ash is removed through it. Move the flap adjust the thrust. This option is used with the large size of the case.
  • The top cover should close tightly.
  • All welded connections are cleaned. To prevent the appearance of rust, outside the housing is covered with soil and paint. These compositions should be resistant to high temperatures.
  • After the assembly and addition of the compressor, the container is filled with sawdust and check the performance of the device.

Watch this video on Youtube

Views of homemade generators

Schemes of homemade smoke generators may differ slightly, but all of them are combined with a common device. They include a chamber in which the pyrolysis process occurs, the heating source is located, the pipeline for smoke and the smoke cooling system. Make a device with the use of infringement materials. You can make a smoke generator from a fire extinguisher, an electric stilt or aquarium compressor. Consider these and other ideas in more detail.

Electric smoke generator

If the idea of ​​homemade smoked sausages visited you just that, and in advance you did not prepare in advance, you can find a simple and fast way: make it from electric tiles. All other details can be searched in a barrel or garage: a barrel without a bottom or a piece of a tin pipe, a piece of a wire mesh, a sheet of plywood and chips.

Almost any dacha has an electric stove, it will become part of the smokehouse

It is better to arrange an improvised smokehouse on the street, then it will be difficult at home to get rid of the flavors that are impregnated with all things. Install the tile in the place to which the extension will be pregnant. They put a barrel on the electric stove, chopped in it. On 2/3 heights, the barrel is pushed by two reinforcing pins crosswise, the grid is stacked on them. Your products will be suspended here. From above, barrel is covered with a sheet of plywood or iron. Skolnya is ready. It remains only to adjust the tile to the minimum temperature so that the chip can, and from time to time to throw in the barrel of fresh material for pyrolysis.

The process of smoking with such a device is not very convenient because it is necessary to constantly control the situation, raise a barrel for adjusting the temperature, remove products for chipping

Such a device cannot be called the correct smoke smoke generator, but for temporary use, the idea is quite suitable.

Generator for smokeshooter smoke

An excellent idea for a homemade smoke generator is to use an old fire extinguisher. He needs to cut off the top, it will then be used as a lid. You can not even remove the lever, it will become a handle. Below the slice in the case is drilled by two holes for accessing air and exit smoke.

So you get a generator with the top ejector. The advantage of using the fire extinguisher is that it is sealed and durable, has a suitable size. Such a cold smoking smoke with a smoke generator, made by hand, can continuously work for 10-12 hours.

How to make a flameter from a fire extinguisher in a video:

Watch this video on Youtube

How to use aquarium compressor for a smoke generator

We have already talked about the work of a small smoke generator, you can use a low-power aquarium compressor. For this purpose, an active compressor will be required, that is, the one that is installed outside the aquarium. Submersible aquarium filters for the smoke generator are not suitable.

Such a device will be able to serve a small smokehouse with a volume of 15-20 liters. It will provide sufficient smoke. Better, if the device is equipped with an adjustment of air supply power. Connect the compressor with your own hands for the smokenerboard is easy: if he has two air outlets, you need to combine the feed in one channel and insert the hose into the air fitting in the ejector.

Such a system can work at least around the clock, the pump consumes little electricity

You can go and other way: use the fan for the smoke generator. A computer cooler will suit this goal, it will provide the necessary injection of air. Details of work in this video:

Smoke-smoke generator for smoke

For the smokehouse of a large volume, a full-fledged oven will be required. The oven of the smoke generator for a cold smokehouse is easy to make it yourself: this is an elementary bourgeitarian with two levels for fuel: lower - for firewood and top - for chips. Pellets, firewood or put a portable gas tile, which will heat the upper part with sawdust, are laid in the lower part. From the top there is a pipe - smoking, from the bottom - the usual exhaust, as for the oven.

To reduce the smoke temperature, the pipeline is cooled, instilled in the ground or making a water "shirt". To go to smoke in the smoke, the pipe is placed with the slope towards the stove

Hot smoked smoke smoke generator

The easiest way to spend hot smoking is to locate fuel on burning coals - leaves, sawdust, small branches, chip. Cover such a design with a box or other capacitance in which the fish or meat is located. Immediate smoke enough for cooking.

An alternative is a smoy generator with an electric heater. An electric stove is used as the main element. It is installed inside the smokelock, it is put on her baking tray or other capacitance with sawdust. When you turn on the fuel will smoke and produce smoke.

Smokehouse with a shadow heater is similar to the same way, but it will be necessary to firmly fix inside the container.

Electric heater device

To assemble the smoke generator with your own hands, the following elements will be required:

  • drill;
  • drill;
  • fitting;
  • fitting;
  • compressor;
  • Flexible hose.

You can add a thermometer to the smoke generator to control the temperature of the smoke produced. The assembly occurs according to the following algorithm:

  1. The case of the smoke generator is selected. It can be a saucepan of a stainless steel or a bidon. In some cases, old fire extinguishers are used.
  2. At the top of the tank, the hole is drilled and the fitting is attached, firmly fixing the washer.
  3. Fastened to raise smoke up the fitting. You can order it with specialists in this case it is possible to improve the part. Those units ordered from Tokary, know that you can make the item inside with an additional tube for more efficient functioning.
  4. A flexible tube leading to the compressor is attached to the fittings. As a supercharger, you can take aquarium or computer cooler.
  5. If the thermometer is provided in the design, it is attached next to the fitting.
  6. A tube is screwed into the free opening of the fitting. This chimney, according to which smoke moves into the chamber. It is enough element 10-15 cm.
  7. In the lower part of the case, another hole for circulating air and ensuring continuous degeneration is drilled.

The video describes in detail the assembly of the device for hot smoked and the principle of its functioning. Following a simple algorithm, you can easily collect the aggregate with your own hands.

Photo of smoke generators do it yourself

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What a smokehouse is, design

The refrigerator is now the main component of the preservation of food. But in those days, when there were no electricity, smoking the products was almost the only way of workpiece . First of all, thus extended the shelf life, fish. Smoked, dried fruits, vegetables still in ancient Rome were considered delicacies. There is their recipes and smoking technology in each state. For example, the famous English bacon, French carbonate.

In Russia, the tradition of the workpiece is preserved in ancient times. The proof serve archaeological excavations, preserved vintage recipes. In the bosom estate, the estate was its stationary smokehouse. Smoke products knew each hunter. And the most common way in ancient Russia was hanging products wrapped in a rag near the bath furnaces that were treated in black.

Distinguish products:

  • hot smoked;
  • half-rally smoked (temperature 60-70 degrees);
  • Cold smoked.

The best effect in terms of food preservation gives cold smoking.

Features of hot smoked

This is a way that implies the rapid preparation of the product at higher temperatures.

You can select two modes:

  1. Temperature regime: 35-55 degrees, time from 12 hours to 2 days.
  2. Temperature mode: 80-90 degrees, from 20 minutes to several hours.

The cooking time depends on what is smoky. The shelf life after hot smoked does not exceed 3 days.

The principle of the device is quite simple. A capacity (smokehouse) is required, in which the grids are installed, hooks for laying, suspending the supplies. The shape of the chamber can be rounded, square. The focus is suitable under the container, in which sawdust should smooth. Smoke from them rises up, enveloping suspended, decomposed supplies. From above, the chamber is covered with a wet burlap, lid. In hiking conditions, you can cover the trees with fresh branches. In the lid it is better to make a small hole for exit of excess smoke.

It is possible to make this kind of construction from undergraduate materials: buckets, barrels, an old refrigerator housing, a gas cylinder. The simplest smokehouse is made from a wooden rack, covered with a dense film.

Hot smoked smoking smoke scheme is quite simple. For home use, you can make a small-sized portable smokehouse. Best of all stainless metal, a thickness of at least 2 mm. With certain skills, such a smoke can be made independently. In conditions of the house or apartment on the Sapun (output hole), they wear a tube and remove the smoke in the window, exhaust.

Mobile smoking mobile smoked diagram is presented on the Internet.

Features of the design of smokehouse with a cold way

The device of the smoke generator made by its own hands for cold smoking should be carried out on the land plot under the slope for the best thrust of the smoke. But you can arrange it and on a straight line, the main thing is to provide a good craving.

Cold smoking is a longer process, but it is it that provides an increase in storage time, attaches a stunning taste of products. Temperature regime, deadlines are individual for each type of food. In individual farms have their own smoking secrets. In old days, branded formulations were kept secret.

The temperature regime on average is 20-25 degrees, sometimes it is raised to 30 degrees, but not higher than 50. At a higher temperature, the process is accelerated. Smoking duration is regulated by the degree of readiness. Improved taste features are characterized by food prepared at low temperatures. The longer the chimney, which comes from the source of smoldering chips, the lower the temperature of the smoke. Another advantage of such a chimney is a cleaner smoke. Carcinogens (polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, Pau), soot settle on the walls of the chimney.

The universal way of smoking will provide a smoke generator.

The easiest smoke generator of cans

Of course, from a professional gas generator, this device is far away, but the idea has the right to life. We will need the following materials and tools:

  • Three empty vertical cans of one diameter.
  • Tee.
  • Scright elongated steel on ½ inches.
  • Kontgayka per ½ inches.
  • Hose fitting.
  • Four clamps for a length capable of wrapped the jar.
  • Copper tube.
  • Minimum tool kit.
  • Compressor from aquarium.

We remove the bottom of one of the canning cans. On the second drill hole with a diameter of 11 millimeters. This hole is intended for air supply. We connect two banks. For this use stripes of galvanized. They are wrapped around the cans and fasten the clamp. The third bank also needs to be connected with the rest, but the bottom up.

On the upper bank drills a hole. It will need to screw the thread on ½ inches. In this drilled gap fasten the tee. To one end of which we install a nozzle with a length of 14 centimeters, to the other end - the fitting. Also install the copper tube. The compressor is necessary for air supply. Connect the compressor tube with a tube of ejector. I fall asleep to the sawdust generator. Banks need to be installed on a non-government base, a asbestos blanket is suitable. Run the generator to work. For ignition, use the hand burner. Flames of burners in a hole for ignition.

If we are all correctly collected, after a short period of time, it should be tight smoke from the nozzle. This is the generator performance signal. As a smokelock stands for an ordinary cardboard box. The device is assembled, but has many drawbacks. Suitable as a trial version of smokehouse. But it is not serious. In this smoke generator, there is no collection of condensate separation and the cooling system is not provided. The idea is worthy of attention, but with further modifications.

Option of smoke generator without welding

This is a more serious installation. Details can be easily purchased in a construction store. A huge plus of this model is the lack of welding. This device has a smoke selection occurs from below the generator. There is an external ejector node. There is a condensate collection and a cooling system.

We will need the following tools and materials:

  • Stainless steel pipe. The radius of 50 millimeters, a length of 800 millimeters.
  • Two cigro with a diameter of 25 millimeters, about 150 millimeters long.
  • Lock nut.
  • Two tees.
  • Two pipes with threads at the ends.
  • Cone collet adapter.
  • Threaded adapter by 1 inch.

Install the lower Sgon. It is needed to output smoke from the generator. In the pipe we make a hole so that Sgon is able to enter it. One of the monitoring is left outside, the second install inside. It should work like this:

From the bottom of the pipe by placing the grille, it should be below the nozzle. The grid will approve the pipe plug. In the plug, you need to drill a pair of holes. This is necessary for free air movement inside the generator. An excellent option to make a gap with a damper, so you can control the air supply. In the generator housing, just above the lattice we will do a couple of holes. It is necessary for inciting sawdust. To one end of the tee screwing off a squint. It is better to immediately compact with linen winding. At the end of the camp there are two nuts. Between these nuts, clamp a lid with carvings. Subsequently, during the operation of the apparatus, the bank will be installed for condensate.

In the free hole of the tee screw the pipe. Ultimately, this element of the generator will be in a vertical position. For fastening reliability, this element is associated with a housing using a clamp. Here smoke will be cooled, and condensate to flush into the selection capacity. On the other end of the pipe section twist the second tee.

The tee must be perpendicular to the pipe. It is designed to collect ejector. Now we collect a node for connecting a thin tube with a tee. To do this weaken the chopping clamp nut. The tube will be installed in it. After, you can pick up a nut. To the collet cloupe, the adapter with ½ inches per 1-inch.

After, this element is screwed into the free hole of the tee. If we loosen the clamping nut of the collet adapter, it is possible to move the inner tube, and after again fix it. It is very convenient. The output of the pipe for 15 millimeters is left free. It remains in the free hole of the tee to set the cut pipe. Installation of component parts is over.

It remains to test the homemade. Fill out the sawdust generator. The device needs to close tightly. Vertical tube starts in the smoke compartment. As a smoke, we also use a cardboard box. Compressor connect to ejector. The cap is screwed to collect the condensation. Turn on the compressor. Grooking sawdust and ready.

The main advantage of this apparatus is the speed and ease of assembly. But the smoke generator is not devoid of flaws.

  • Diagravatic generator.
  • Ill-conceived cooling system.
  • Uncomfortable dismantling.

Date: September 25 2020

Dymogenerator for cold smoked products: assembly of girlfriend

Cold smoking meat involves long-term smoke smoke, which occurs at low temperatures. To provide thrust inside the design that contributes to the uninterrupted flow of smoke to the main chamber, use Smoked smoked smoke generator .

This device can be assembled independently at home. The cold smoking smoke is greatly simplifies the process of cooking delicacies at home.

In the manufacture of a smoke generator, it is allowed to use any submitted materials, components and tanks.

What is smoking smoke generator: functions and features

Cold smoking takes a fairly long period of time. Products obtained in this way have a thinner, exquisite aroma and taste. During the preparation procedure, the destruction of pathogenic bacteria occurs. The shelf life of products prepared in cold-type aggregates can reach the year, which is a serious advantage of the design.

The best material for the production of a cold smoked smoke generator is considered steel.

Features of this process require the use of special equipment. The most important role in this case is playing smoke smoke generator. Certain requirements are put on to this instrument. It must contribute to the formation of a sufficient amount of smoke, as well as adjust its intensity. A device with autonomy significantly simplifies the process of cooking smoked.

In order to collect this device, you need to make a preliminary drawing. The scheme includes a drawing of a future instrument, the necessary dimensions and notation.

On a note! It is important to note that the temperature when cold smoked does not rise above 50 ° C. In turn, the minimum indicator is only 30 ° C. The duration of such an operation varies depending on the quality of the product itself and can reach several days.

Specific smoke is formed due to the slow burning of wood raw materials, as well as other waste: from alder, pears, beech and apple tree.

Smoking Dimogenerator with your own hands: Constructive elements

An independent manufacture of such a device will not take much time. The design of the smoke generator includes several basic elements that must be prepared before the start of the assembly. Consider them in more detail.

First of all, the tube (metallic) will be required. Its form can be round or square. The first option is more preferable. This is due to the fact that the round section increases the bandwidth of smoke and does not interfere with its transportation. The smoke generator for smokehouse must have a diameter of 100 to 140 mm. It is the main element of the design, where the formation of smoke and its movement occurs.

Next, you will need to prepare tubes for the assembly of the ejector. In this case, smaller diameter products are selected. Another important element of the design is a spring. It is placed inside the chamber. This part contributes to raising the smoke from the lower layers of chips upwards.

The mandatory element of the smoke generator for cold smoking is the compressor. This device is necessary for air supply to the ejector. The presence of a thermometer is not considered a prerequisite. However, experts still recommend to equip the homemade device a thermometer. This will allow you to monitor the temperature change inside the smoke chamber and avoid its overheating.

The basis of the design of the smoke generator is a corpus element that can be rounded or cylindrical shape.

All of the above details can be purchased in economic and building stores. To build a smoke generator, it is also necessary to purchase such tools such as Bulgarian, a welding device.

Cold Smoked Dymogenerator: Dimensions

Dimensions of the device used for the production of smoke can be different. Purchased models are usually implemented together with the technical documents in which their characteristics are indicated. Of these, you can learn about how the smoke cabinet will be optimal this device.

On a note! When assembling a smoke generator for smokehouse with their own hands, it is recommended to calculate its power in advance. This indicator is determined depending on the volume of the smoke tank. It will not be possible to smoke the products in the overall chamber if the power of this device will be too small.

Devices collected at home, with difficulty can be classified. In order for the size of the capacity and power of the smoke generator coincided, it is often necessary to carry out test launches. The most common size of the smoke reservoir is 0.3 m³. This design allows you to prepare a sufficient amount of dishes manufactured at home by cold smoking. With your own hands, the smoke generator can be performed from a variety of remedies.

Smoking units can be created in different variations and sizes.

It is important to remember that the size of the device itself is not so important. They depend primarily on which materials will be used when assembling it. The main parameter in any case is the power of the device that affects the performance of the smoke generator.

Dymogenerator with your own hands: the principle of operation of the device

In order to assemble the functioning device, it is recommended to figure it out in its design and understand how it works. All smoke generators have the same principle of operation. All of them are used to produce smoke and contribute to transportation in the right direction.

The fuel used to produce smoke can be represented as firewood and chip (wood sawdust). Consider the principle of the smoke generator for cold smoking in more detail. When combustion of fuel, smoke is distinguished, which enters the input hole of this instrument. It then (under the influence of the compressor) is sent to another part of the device, as a result of which falls into the smoke tank.

Scheme of the smoke generator with different types of ejection.

The compressor plays a very important role, as it serves smoke generator with his own air, which has increased pressure. Many specialists note that these devices have a very high efficiency.

In order to assemble the smoke generator camera, in which the smoke distillation will occur, you can use any suitable container.

Most often in this case, container applies:

  • fire extinguisher case;
  • Aluminum milk bidon;
  • thermos.

The most appropriate is the use of a metal tube. From it you can make a smoke generator for cold and hot smoked. It is important to remember that its length should not exceed 1 m. If you make a larger length appliance, then the efficiency of the device will decrease. Smoke passing through too long tube will lose its speed, as well as temperature.

Fuel for the smoke apparatus can be purchased in special packages or use wood waste.

Smoking Dimogener With Your Hands: Drawing

The drawing up drawing is the necessary preparatory stage that allows you to perform the appropriate calculations and designate them on paper. The scheme necessarily refers to the smoke generator body, which can have a round or square shape.

On a note! From the selection of the material from which the case will be manufactured, the operational term of the device depends. Masters recommend paying attention to two options - stainless steel or galvanized steel. This is due to the fact that such materials have the highest fire resistance, as well as resistant to corrosion influences.

The housing of the self-made smoke generator is used as a chamber that is filled with fuel. The walls of the device must necessarily have good tightness. Otherwise, smoke formed by the decline of sawdust will dissipate into the surrounding space.

To make a smoke smoke generator with your own hands, you need to use drawings.

Devices for smoking products themselves are divided into varieties depending on design features and destination. Today you can find overall stationary devices or, on the contrary, more compact, portable. In the design of the crypton can be present damper. This element allows you to increase the inflow of air into the chamber that contains fuel.

The homemade crypting smoked smoke can have two fireboxes. This design is aimed at an increase in thrust in the system. Smoke generators are used both in hot and cold smoking. In the drawing, all components of the device elements are indicated. Be sure to make an ejector and sizes in the circuit, as well as the compressor.

How to make a smoke generator with your own hands: Production of ejector

Ejector is a device that is a tube and is used to create the desired traction in the smoke generator. This device is classified at the location.

Depending on this factor, two types of ejectors can be distinguished:

Any smoking smoke smoke generator consists of a container, pump (compressor) and ejector.

The first option is not recommended by specialists for smoking, manufactured personnel. This is due to the fact that this placement prevents the influx of air, which, accordingly, is reflected in the design in the design. The tubes installed at the bottom require constant control, which is not very convenient. When drawing the drawing of the smoke generator, it is necessary to think over the location of this tube in advance and fix it in the figure.

Avoid problems with the burden is quite simple. All that is needed for this is to express the ejector in the upper half of the smoke generator. Such a move has several advantages. Installing the ejector in the upper part contributes to an increase in the volume of the combustion zone. The fuel, located inside the chamber, is slower slower in this case, and also decreases the likelihood that it will go out.

This is how the ejector is assembling for the smoke generator with their own hands. Drawing, photo and step-by-step instructions - All this allows you to perform a competent assembly of this product.

Ejector diagram for cold smoking smoke generator.

On a note! An important advantage of the ejector installed in the upper part of the smoke generator is that it has a longer service life. This is explained by the fact that the device is located at a significant distance from the heated area of ​​the chamber.

What makes a compressor for the smoke generator with your own hands

The compressor is considered one of the most important details of the device that generates smoke for smoking products. It can be purchased separately, then attach to the design. But most often for these purposes, various infringement materials are used, which can be found in each apartment or house.

The supercharge of air can be performed from the old cooler. This computer part is not suitable for increasing the air intake into the design. It is necessary to respect the procedure for the cooler transformation into the compressor.

First of all, it will be necessary to take a plastic bottle and trim its upper part. Next, with the help of glue, an fan should be attached to the inside of the cropped plastic element. On the other hand (to the neck) the hose is connected. The second tube output is connected to the smoke generator. This design is perfectly coping with its function. The only minus it lies in a non-sufficient appearance.

The compressor for the smoke generator can be performed from the old computer part - the cooler.

Another common option is to purchase aquarium compressor for the smoke generator. Many people note that the device for the production of smoke can work without a compressor. But the effectiveness of such an installation is lower, as the air enters it naturally.

Thus, it is recommended to collect a compressor to increase productivity. Moreover, it is not necessary that he has a complex design. A simple fan for the smoke generator will greatly simplify smoking, and its production goes no more than an hour.

How to assemble a smoke generator for cold smoking with your own hands: Instructions

With self-assembly of the smoke generator, it is recommended not only to pay attention to the photographic materials, but also to watch the learning videos on this topic. The design of the device is pretty simple. Therefore, any person who does not have special technical knowledge will be able to build this unit.

For the manufacture of the smoke generator, special equipment and materials are not needed, you can collect it from the subwoofers.

There is a certain sequence of actions to adhere to. Any deviations from the instructions can lead to an error assignment that will affect the functionality of the device when used. It is necessary to familiarize yourself with the assembly of the smoke generator in stages.

After drawing up the drawing of the smoke generator for cold smoking, the direct layout of the device begins. First, it will be necessary to perform the device of the device. To do this, prepare a square or round cutting pipe. The length of the product should not exceed 1 m, otherwise, when using it, there will be problems with the indicator of traction.

On a note! As a rule, with independent manufacture of the smoke generator, it is customary to use a pipe segment, the length of which is 70-80 cm.

At the top of such a tube it is necessary to make the lid. It is needed for free access to the smoke generator chamber. This will easily fall asleep sawdust inside the device, as well as to clean it. In turn, at the bottom should be provided for a special capacity, which will collect ash formed after fuel recycling.

Making a smoke generator with your own hands, it can be equipped with a removable bottom.

Cold smoking smoke with a smoke generator is characterized by high functionality in the event that its design has been worked correctly. The most simple variants of the smoke generators are made from the tube, to which the bottom is tightly welded. Such devices do not provide for the presence of a ash bar, and their cleaning is performed very simple: the accumulated ash is simply shaken out of the device.

More technological structures are equipped with a removable bottom. The lattice is placed below its level to which wood combustion is falling. Through it, they fall into the ash bar. Regardless of which design variant was chosen, they all provide for the presence of a hole in the lower half of the housing. It is necessary in order to ensure air supply to smoldering wood. The diameter of such a hole should not be more than 6 mm, otherwise the sawdust can simply light up, which hurts the process of smoking.

How to make a smoke generator: smoky and ejector

Chimney is necessary to deliver chips to the chamber of the smoke unit. There is a chimney at the top of the smoke generating device. It is important to remember that it is not performed in the lid, but about 8 cm below the edge of the housing (top).

The chimney element for the smoke generator is better made of steel, which has a higher thermal conductivity.

To do this, in the wall of the smoke generator, a hole should be made, which must correspond to the diameter of the tube. It is then welded to the instrument using welding equipment. It is necessary that the length of the metal tube had an adequate size so that the plastic tube can be sketched on which the smoke moves to the smoke. The recommended length of this element is 7-8 cm. The chimney must be mandatoryly depicted in the drawing of the smoke generator with their own hands.

On a note! The presence of a plastic tube is not a prerequisite. The overall models of anchitol, which relate to the stationary type, provide for docking with a smoke generator without this element. In this case, the device is simply fixed to the wall of the smoke tank.

The next stage is the ejector assembly for the smoke generator with his own hands. Cold smoked smokery will receive a sufficient amount of smoke if this device will be assembled correctly.

Ready drawings of smoke generators will help to understand the features of installing the ejector. You can easily find them on the Internet. This device is associated with a compressor that injected pressure inside it. The moving air creates the discharge zone in this element. As a result, smoke from the ejector passes into the chimney tube.

If you arrange the ejector at the bottom of the device, then the device will not be natural thrust of the air, since the camera for products and the bunker for sawdust will be on the same level.

Terms of use of the smoke generator: photo and operational features

After installing the smoke generator, it is necessary to check its effectiveness. Use this device is quite simple. Consider how to properly exploit the smoke generator made at home.

First you need to download to the design of the chip. The amount of fuel can be different. As a rule, its total weight is about 0.7-0.8 kg. An important point is to choose a tree of wood used to produce smoke needed for smoking. It is categorically impossible to use coniferous trees, since when they heated the resins, which will spoil the products loaded into the smoking apparatus. For smoking, it is recommended to select firewood and sawdust made of deciduous and fruit trees (for example, oak, maple or apple tree).

The technology of using this device is explained in detail in the relevant video. The smoke generator after filling sawdust must be closed, and then you need to attach a smoke tube to a smoke tank. The device can be attached directly to the camera. In this case, it is simply installed in its place - close to the wall of the smokehouse.

After the installation of all the necessary components of the smoke generator, it is necessary to test its performance.

In order to set fire to sawdust, you need to open the side door. After their ignition, the compressor is turned on by air. After completing all the above manipulations, the smoked process begins. It remains only to wait the desired time, which will be required to prepare products in smithal.

How to adjust cravings in a homemade smoke generator

Construction, the assembly of which was described above, is quite good efficiency. However, it has one serious minus. When using such a smoke generator, it is difficult to correct the combustion intensity. The only way to do this is to change the performance of the air supercharger (compressor).

This problem can be overcome, equipping the device with an additional element - confused. To make this part, you will need a metal tube having a length from 10 to 15 cm. It must be welded at the bottom of the body of the machine. It was not very difficult to make with your own hands, but it should be seriously related to this work.

After the tube is welded, two holes located in parallel to each other should be performed in it. Then you need to prepare a metal rod. The size of its cross section should be such that it can be easily to turn it through these holes. In the next step, you will need to cut the circle from the metal sheet.

Opening a smoke generator to the confusion, it will be possible to adjust the thrust in the homemade unit.

On a note! The diameter of the circle should be 1-2 mm less internal tube cross section.

The organization pissed makes it possible to significantly increase the efficiency of the instruments. This solution is also suitable for smoke generators without a compressor. With your own hands to collect such a damper is very simple. The main thing is to comply with geometric parameters and a sequence of actions.

Then the end of the rod bends, which allows you to perform a kind of handle. The end of the work facing work implies pulling the handle through the hole, made in the tube, and the welding of the metal circle to the rod. The simplicity of the design does not affect its efficiency. Regulation of the size of the lumen of the tube allows you to adjust the amount of air penetrating the smoke generator.

How to make a smoke smoke generator with your own hands: additional elements

In simple devices, chip products accumulate at the bottom. Such smoke generators need regular prophylactic cleaning. In order to avoid this, it is possible to improve the design, equipping it with a ashtar - a reservoir in which the products of the combustion of wood are collected.

The ashtel is located below the bottom of the smoke generator. For its manufacture, it will be necessary to prepare a metal pipe, the diameter of which should be higher than the indicator of the cross section of the instrument housing. The photo will help you understand all the nuances of the device of smoke generators for cold smoking. With your own hands, collect the ashball is easy. To do this, you need to clearly follow the instructions.

The homemade smoke generator is collected and attached it to the smokehouse.

First of all, it is necessary to weld a metal strip to the housing (around the perimeter). Its thickness should not be too big. To the pipe, which is the body of the ash bar, you need to join the metal bottom using welding equipment. At the final stage of the assembly, the smoke generator housing is inserted into the ash bar.

Such a device is capable of listening for quite a long time. It does not need to constantly remove combustion products from the body. If necessary, you can buy a finished device equipped with this container. The price of the smoke generator varies from 4 to 12 thousand rubles. Depending on its design features.

Another important point in which it is necessary to focus on the manufacture of the smoke generator is the accumulation of condensation. During cold smoking, the reaction occurs, as a result of which moisture drops are settled on the walls of the design. Use the collection to eliminate them. You can perform it yourself. To do this, you need to familiarize yourself with the sequence of actions in the manufacture of the device.

Initially, it will be necessary to lower the dynogenerator dumped tube. Next, it is necessary to prepare a reservoir in which condensate will accumulate. To it, with the help of welding equipment, two tubes are attached (in parallel to each other). Then the tank is returned to its original position. Such a system will make it possible to collect most of the condensate arising during the smoking process.

The collector for the accumulation of condensate will not be difficult to make independently from the remedies.

Stove with a smoke generator for cold smoking with your own hands: video and photos

In some cases, the dimensions of standard devices may not be enough. If you want to collect a design that is more productivity, then you can make a furnace-smoking and to equip it with a smoke generator.

On a note! The main element of such a furnace is the case. It can be performed from a wide metal pipe or weld from metal pieces. In the second case, the design should have a rectangular shape that is characterized by the greatest efficiency.

Consider the sequence of actions on the assembly of the smoke generator furnace with their own hands. Video and photographic materials, allowing to be performed in the subtlety of the process, can be easily found on the Internet on profile forums.

As already mentioned above, the construction body is assembled first. Next you need to cut a rectangular door in it. The chimney tube in such a device is located under a certain slope. This is necessary to maintain traction inside the system. The inner space of a furnace welded from stainless steel sheets should be divided into two parts. This also uses a metal sheet. The lower part should occupy approximately 60% of the chamber. In this area there is a ignition of fire. In turn, the upper zone is needed to accommodate chips.

The case can be made from a wide metal pipe or welded from metal pieces.

It is best to make your own hand drawing of a smoke generator for smoking of this type. This furnace is highly productive. However, the assembly of such a design requires more time, forces and resources. In any case, the species of smokers is selected based on its purpose and individual owner preferences.

Dymogenerator from fire extinguisher with his own hands: A simple and reliable option

This design is probably the easiest. For its assembly, you need an old fire extinguisher. The case of this device must necessarily be metallic. It is important to remember that the fire extinguisher should not have rusty walls. If the device still remains in the device, it is necessary to empty it and rinse it thoroughly before starting work.

From the old fire extinguisher you can make a smoke generator for cold smoking. Video on this topic can be found using the search string of your browser. The correct and clear sequence of actions will allow you to perform a high-quality transformation of the fire extinguisher in the smoke generator.

In order to make a smoke generator, a fire extinguisher is taken with a diameter of about 100 mm and a length of 500 mm.

First you will need to cut the fire extinguisher. The incision is made at the top (5 cm below the neck). The result is a simple lid that does not need additional modification. Next, you need to perform two holes at the bottom of the fire extinguisher. It is desirable that they are located below the cut, made in the upper part, by 5-6 cm. The optimal diameter in this case should be 2.5 mm.

On a note! Before assembly, it is recommended to perform a detailed drawing of the smoke generator for cold smoking with your own hands. Video will also help simplify the process of manufacturing this device.

After organizing holes, you can proceed to the next step - welding the tubes to them. The length of the products should not exceed 7-8 cm. One tube will serve as chimney, and the second is necessary for air supply. This design takes into account the upper arrangement of the ejector, and the air supply hole will be at the bottom of the device.

The smoke generator made of an old fire extinguisher is capable of functioning smoothly around 7 hours. This builds the simplest device for injection of smoke.

From the fire extinguisher smoke to the smoking chamber, it falls through an inch tube with a length of 150-250 mm, screwed into a tee.

The smoke generator allows you to significantly simplify the smoking process. For self-assembly of this device, it is necessary to draw up a preliminary drawing. It necessarily indicates the dimensions of individual components. Production of this device is made in accordance with the instructions. If you are not sure about your own, then the best way out will purchase a finished smoke generator.

Video: smoke generator with lower fence smoke. What pluses


Smoking with the help of smoke at low temperatures - a long-term process, but worth the time spent. The resulting as a result of smoked meat is characterized by a specific and delicious aroma. At the same time, they are still stored for a long time, because bacteria with such cooking completely die and do not spoil the finished product.

There is an industrial version of smoke generators. However, agree, why pay considerable money if you can make a smoke generator with your own hands for cold smoking from the means available in your own workshop.

In the presence of tools with the necessary materials, the manufacture and assembly of the smokehouse will take several hours. Smoking itself will then last much longer, but the result is guaranteed to surpass all your expectations.

Cold Smoked Smoke Generator

Making options There is a huge amount. In the classic ejector execution, this is quite simple for the device, in which there are no complex parts and elements.

It is only necessary to make a chamber from heat-resistant material, where wood will smooth, putting the compressor to it for air injection. And everything is easier nowhere.

If you wish, the smoke-free installation can be supplemented with the feeding screws with an electric motor. Such automation will simplify the smoking process, however, and complicates the generator. If the shocking plans to use occasionally, it is better to do without such improvements.

Cold smoked smokehouse

The duration of cold smoking can exceed the day, and one boot of sawdust in a small manual smoke generator usually grabs for a couple of hours

If there is a lot of products for processing, then the installation of smoke generation is recommended to do more and more powerfully or complement the automatic screw.

Cold smoking implies long-term fumigation of meat and / or fish smoke at a temperature of 20-40 °C. This is quite costly heat treatment, but the result of taste and product quality is very similar. At the same time, the "cold" option does not require the arrangement of a spacious smokehouse and the stove to maintain fire.

Features of the device and the principle of operation

The foundation of the cold smoked smoke generator is a bunker filled with wood chip. Sawdust inside it after ignition is smolder and give smoke for feeding further into the smoke chamber, where cultivated products are rave.

On the one hand, the pione of wood in this device should not be too fast. On the other hand, it is also impossible to inflate the flame, and the yield of the smoke should be in sufficient amount.

Upper and lower ejector

The ejector at the smoke generator can be located at the upper or lower part of the bunker - the first option requires a more powerful compressor, but also gives more smoke

If the ejector is made from the bottom, then the chip is roasted much complete, not "sticking" inside on the walls of the bunker. The whole thing here is the resulting condensate. When the yield is made from above, the condensate drops flow down the inner surface of the generator and wet sawdust. As a result, some of them do not roast and remains inside.

As a fuel for the smoke generator uses:

  • chip;
  • sawdust;
  • braces;
  • branches.

This is usually the wood of fruit trees, which, during combustion, gives a "delicious" smoke, giving an additional fragrance the finished product at the exit.

Most often, when cold smoked uses:

  • Olhu;
  • cherry
  • juniper;
  • birch;
  • oak;
  • maple;
  • Apple tree, pear and cherry.

The bark of Olhi gives smoked bitterness, so it must be carefully considered before the fuel laying in the bunker. Juniper gives a pleasant taste and aroma. However, it will have to dilute with other wood, otherwise the final product will have an excessive sharp taste.

With birch, it is also recommended to remove the bark to make meat and fish, then do not care.

Constructive elements of homemade smokehouse

A classic ejector cold smoking smoke generator consists of the following elements:

  1. Compressor or fan.
  2. Camera bunker combustion fuel (chips and sawdust).
  3. Ejector (smoke feed knot from the generator in the smoke chamber).
  4. Solnik with grate.
  5. Condensate collection.

Also possible using electric tiles and pans on it with chip inside. All these elements are installed in a barrel, at the top of which meat (or fish) is suspended. In this case, the ashpan, fan, condensate collector and ejector are missing.

The drainage occurs due to the heating of the pan, the ash remains in it, and the smoke naturally rises and smokes located at the top of the products.

Ejector Cold Smoke Generator

If the ejector is located on top, then it serves longer, since in comparison with the analog items placed below is more removed from glowing wood and less exposed to high temperatures

If the ejector is placed below, chip and / or ash can get into it. As a result, it will have to be thoroughly monitored when smoking, so that the smoke passed through the tube without obstacles. Plus it will have to be more often and thoroughly clean.

Symogenerator from undergrades

The main working elements of the cold smoking smoke generator are the fuel combustion chamber and ejector. Than from the more durable and resistant to high temperatures to make them produce, the longer the smoke unit will last. Everything else is in its essence - additions and improvements of this apparatus.

The smoke-smoking smoke can be made from:

  • tin cans;
  • fire extinguisher or iron tube of a similar size;
  • Bidona from stainless steel;
  • sheet iron (necessarily need);
  • pans or buckets;
  • Perforated metal or shallow mesh.

The diameter of the combustion chamber (bunker for wood fuel) should be within 10-15 cm. With a smaller fuel value in one bookmark, it will be quite a bit, it will have to change more often. And with more than 15 cm, the fuel will give too much smoke.

Size of the bunker of the smoke generator

Distance from the Rolnica (bottom of the smoke generator, the ignition location) to the point of the exit of the smoke should not exceed 1 meter - if you do more, the smoke will lose temperature and speed

Use aluminum enclosures is not recommended due to their briefness. There is no open burning in the smoke generator. However, the temperature of the radiation is also obtained quite high - long aluminum walls of the combustion chamber will not last.

A similar situation with tin cans. This is actually a one-time generator variant. You have enough to smack the fish for a couple of times. But for regular use, it is better to do something more reliable and safe.

Option # 1 - from the old fire extinguisher

The smoke generator is manufactured as follows:

  1. The fire extinguisher is cleaned of content and rust.
  2. From above from the cylinder is cut off "cover" with a height of 4-5 cm.
  3. In the "lid" from above, a hole is done and a tee (ejector) is inserted.
  4. On one side of the tee, the compressor is connected, and on the other hand in the smoke chamber.
  5. At the bottom of the fire extinguisher in the side walls, holes are made to arson with chips and air supply.

The inside of the cylinder is installed with a plating-cooler separating fuel from the bottom. Plus, a spiral around the iron rod is inserted in the middle of the chamber.

Spiral inside the smoke generator

The spiral inside the bunker is needed to ensure the influx of the air from the bottom for the thrust and lifting smoke to the ejector - otherwise it will not rise through the rammed saws and muffle the depression

The ejector is done so that the air supply does not fall on smoldering fuel and has not lost it to subdivine oxygen.

The task of this element is to create an airflow, which will draw into itself smoke, directing it into a smoking room with products.

Smoke exit tube

The air supply tube for the inner diameter is selected in 6-8 mm, and the smoke exit tube should be 18-20 mm. These are optimal values ​​that do not require the installation of a powerful compressor and giving smoke in sufficient amount

Compressor for the smoke generator You can take aquarium or purchase a small radial fan. Also for injection air, you can adjust the cooler from the computer.

Option # 2 - from a bucket or pans

To create this version of the smoke generator will be required:

  1. Barrel.
  2. Electric single-mounted tiles.
  3. Pan or bucket as a fuel bunker.
  4. Grid or rod with hooks.
  5. Cover (iron sheet).

The drainage of wood fuel in this case occurs without ignition it with fire. After switching on, the electric tile heats the hopper with sawdust and chip, as a result of which the latter begin to smooth from the heat below.

Next is formed smoke and naturally rises, fuming products at the top of the barrel.

Small smokehouse

If you need to die a few rise, you can do without a barrel and an electric package - a large bucket on the fire is quite enough to pour out the sawdust, and on top to install grille for products

One load of such a smoke generator is enough for approximately 5 hours. At the same time control the process of tension and adjust the temperature of the burner will have to constantly, without delayed for a long time from smoking. Yes, even the barrel should be regularly lifted to reach the power switch.

Mainly cost in the process of smoking. But it is simpler simple in manufacturing and preparation.

Option # 3 - Passive labyrinth

The smoke generator in the form of a labyrinth or a spiral involves the creation of an extended path from the rammed sawdust, which are set on apart from one side and gradually smolden from the edge to the center.

This generator has no fans and compressors. The whole process of the tension and formation of smoke occurs with natural rod.

Spiral smokerogenator

The dimensions of the labyrinth smoke generator depend on the dimensions of the smokehouse - however, the longer the wood path (snake), the longer the fuel on one load

The smoke generator in the form of a square with a side of 30-40 cm, 5 cm high and a width of about 5 cm width usually grabs 8-10 hours. This apparatus made of metal with fine perforation or grid with a shallow cell. The available holes provide air access to smoldering solids, but do not breathe fire.

The passive smoke generator is put directly in the smokehouse under meat (fish). The sawmills are smoked, smoke naturally rises and smokes. In this case, wood fuel does not flare up, since inside the smoke chamber is not enough for this oxygen due to smoke.

If you are interested in this topic, we recommend also read an article on how to make a gas cylinder.

Conclusions and useful video on the topic

The smoke generator from the iron pipe:

The principle of the smoke generator for cold smoking:

Cleaning smoke in the correct smoke generator:

It is easy to make a cold smoking smoke effect. There are several simple designs, with their own hands from the primary means for two or three hours.

If you have a clarifying issues on the device or the principle of operation of the smoke generator, write them below in the block with comments. Your ideas or experience of making such devices will be interesting. Write - share your knowledge or ask questions.

Good day Dear subscribers and readers of my channel!

Today I am a little distracted by agriculture, to a no less pleasant topic, to cooking. Since there are practically no natural products in stores, everything has fallen chemistry, life herself pushed me to environmentally friendly recipes (unless of course smoking can be called an environmentally friendly product). Those who older remember which meat delicacies were on store shelves; Dogs, Korean, Pastroma, Carbonate. Someone and the words did not hear such. I agree - the appearance of them was not always presentable, but the taste, just a bomb. So I decided to do cold smoke.

Smoked fish
Smoked fish

Let's start with the most important thing - from the smoke generator . If we first produce a smoke chamber, and problems will arise with the smoke generator, it may hurt us under the ass, in the sense of our pride.

Looking at the shock stores, it came to the conclusion that there are no decent samples on sale, and if there is, then from the price of the crocodiles on the skin starts. Output one - it is better to do it yourself. Step up on the Internet realized that there are no special difficulties in this, everything is worn. The most important thing is to understand how everything works. Here Everything is very intelligibly described and shown.

Two types of smoke generators are distinguished, with the upper and lower blade of smoke in the smoke chamber. Advantages with the upper tap is that the smoke at the exit has a low temperature, but there is a small drawback, with such kinematics there is a chance that the coals in the smoke generator can be ground.

Scheme of my smoke generator
Scheme of my smoke generator

I chose a smoke generator with lower hole smoke, there is its own difficulty. It lies in the fact that at the exit smoke has a high temperature and therefore it is necessary to additionally produce the cooler. But the advantage is that with this option, you can not worry that the coals are nervous. There is a better cleaning of smir from liquid fractions of the resin, which contains a large number of carcinogens.

The point is left for small, buy components.

The most basic is the smoke generator housing and it is ready for sale in furnace stores. Pipe chimney 115x500 mm stainless steel, wall 1 mm, as it is not best suited for these purposes.

Photos from Yandex pictures
Photos from Yandex pictures

Two plates 130x130 mm and two 85x85 mm sheet stainless steel 1 - 1.5 mm thick, a piece of an inch pipe, preferably also from a stainless steel, but I used the usual water supply, bought a split. Couple crossing inch and several nuts for assembly.

Photo Yandex Pictures
Photo Yandex Pictures

At the bottom of the case is installed as a cochnik

Photo Yandex Pictures
Photo Yandex Pictures

The removable cover made from a stainless steel 1 mm, for the seal, the Phaneur 10mm fastened to the bottom so that it does not coar and smallestly impregnated with the resin, the stainless steel sheet is still attached.

The cooler is made of steel of 1.5 mm, 3 stainless steel partitions are installed.

Photos from Yandex pictures
Photos from Yandex pictures

For compulsory air supply, I ordered a Turbke on Aliexpress, made a corpus for it with revolutions (about this in the next publication)

Turbine and thermometer on the smoke generator
Turbine and thermometer on the smoke generator

To control the temperature at the exit to the smoke chamber, installed the thermometer, sold in Santeh shops.

Bank for resin.
Bank for resin.

In front of the entrance to the cooler from smoke, liquid fractions of the resin are separated and flow into the bank, which can be pulled out at any time and install again, without fearing the fact that the corners will go out.

My smoke generator assembled
My smoke generator assembled

As a result, it turned out such a smoke generator. The full loading of chips is enough for 8 - 12 hours of operation, but it depends on the temperature of the outer air and the intensity of the formation of smoke.

Smokehouse in work
Smokehouse in work

For visual control of smoking, the glazed windows in the side wall.

Rear wall with electronic temperature control
Rear wall with electronic temperature control

To work in a cold autumn time, for stable work, smoking inside, installed a tan with adjustment from 0 * to 65 - 70 *

Smoked process
Smoked process

And in the end, I have my own, delicious ecologicaly clean Home product.

Ready smoked meat
Ready smoked meat

Well, where I started, the fact that I was finished, I only had meat in childhood, when our friends had a Russian bath in black, there it was preparing for almost a week. I have 2 - 3 days.

In the following publications, I will tell you more in detail about the turbine, the electronics of heating and the mooring itself.

Air pump for smoke generator Part 2

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Smokeholder and smoke generator are the main elements of efficient smoking. With their help, it is generated by smoke, communicates to a certain state, which is important for cold smoking, and is also supplied to the container with products. The device can be purchased ready in full configuration or to build an emptycle with your own hands taking into account your own needs.

What is the smokehouse with a smoke generator

Smokehouse with smoke generator
Cold smoking smoke with a smoke generator is a coherent system.

Cold smoking smoke with a smoke generator is a coherent system. The device generating device is located in remoteness from the smoke chamber. The components are connected by chimney, passing through which smoke comes up to the temperature.

What is the difference between ordinary smokehouse

Ordinary smokelock implies a campfire. The fire heats the tank with chip, smoke from which and serves to prepare products. The principle of operation of the device of this type is simple: the flow of smoke is ensured due to the natural thrust. As for the smoke generator, most of the models are made with compressors, which contributes to better and efficient smoke generation. The supercharger helps to quickly deliver smoke into a smoke container, evenly fill it in all over the volume.

What is smoking smoke generator: functions and features

Smoke generator

The smoke generator is an aggregate that provides smoke production and feeding it into a smoke chamber. This happens as a result of pyrolysis - burning with minimal oxygen access. Wood fuel falls asleep in a special bunker and under the influence of fire or due to the operation of the electric heater begins to smooth. The generated smoke moves along the chimney due to the natural thrust or supercharger, is cooled and envelopes products, destroying pathogenic microorganisms, giving dishes an attractive look and exquisite aroma and taste.

Regardless of the chosen type of smokehouse, certain conditions must be respected so that smoking is carried out at the appropriate level:

  1. Autonomous smoking for a long time. Cold smoking is a long procedure, therefore it is important for the minimum of human intervention. In this regard, the automatic devices won.
  2. The cooling system is a key factor, since the height of high temperature smoke flow will lead to quickly spoil products and deterioration in the quality of smoking.
  3. Smoke should be produced quickly, which in automated smokers contributes to the compressor for the smoke generator.
Smoke Pimmych
Smoke smoke smoke.

The market contains ready-made installations together with a smoke generator at reasonable prices, for example, smoke swarms. But you can build a device for cold smoking with a smoke generator with your own hands, which will be cheaper at times, and the whole process will take up to 3 hours.

How to make a simple smoked smoke generator with your own hands

To build a cold smoking smoke generator, special skills and tools are required. There are options using a welding machine, but you can do without it. For assembly, simple components and devices are used, which are available in free access in building stores.

Drawings and scheme for assembly

In order for the result to be satisfactory, with my hands with a smoke generator in detail in detail on paper. A schematic representation will not only help understand the design and collectively assemble the unit, but also save by purchasing the required amount of materials and fasteners.

Smoke Generator and Smoke Camera Scheme

The scheme mark the main elements:

  • air and gas circulation holes;
  • the place of fastening the chimney;
  • output of a flexible tube for connecting to the compressor;
  • Type of lid and bottom (removable or monolithic).

In addition to the components themselves, it is better to note their size and indicate the necessary materials and components. This will help speed up the assembly of the smoke generator for the smokehouse.

What you need

As a vessel, a simple smoke generator take a pipe, round or profiled, with dimensions:

  • diameter or one side - 80 cm;
  • Length from 60 cm to 1 m.

Fitting for compressor connection

Also for assembly will need:

  • Armature for legs;
  • Mesh for the construction of fuel compartment;
  • fitting for connecting the compressor;
  • flexible tube;
  • For the structure of the chimney, it will take a pipe ¾ and the tube ¼ - 30 cm.

In this case, the fastening of the elements occurs with the welding machine. Separate parts are attached with hardware. To do the holes, you will need a drill.


Smokehouse with a smoke generator of profiled pipe

It is easier to assemble a smoke generator from the profiled pipe, the details with a round cross section are more difficult to weld. The chimney making algorithm is as follows:

  1. At the bottom of the indent, 2 cm. From the bottom opposite each other, pegs are made.
  2. The grille or grid is inserted into the cuts.
  3. In the upper part, the cut pipe is welded.
  4. Opposite the welded pipe connect the fitting.
  5. A flexible tube is attached to the fitting.
  6. The device is covered with a lid. It can be cooked, but in this case it will be necessary to build a separate hole for filling chips. It is more convenient to make a removable item. Better wooden. In this case, the lid does not heat up. So that it does not flush, weld the metal strip around the perimeter of the case.
  7. Downstairs are welded legs.

You can add separate details that will simplify the operation and maintenance of the aggregate.

How it works


Before you download chip in the bunker, you should place the spring there. It will help to activate burning, while ensuring the yield of smoke.

When the fuel is loaded, it is falling from the bottom over the grid. It is convenient to do this with a gas burner. As soon as the chips grabbed, the lid closes.

If the fuel is dry, then a large amount of smoke is immediately produced. The compressor turns on after the ignition. Smoke on chimney enters the smoke chamber, while cooling.


The design described is elementary, but you can add items that will make it more perfect. Using additional devices, use the smoke generator will be more convenient, cleaned easier. In addition, it is possible to control smoke, making it more intense.

How to adjust the craving

Using a conventional damper, you can control the craving. With such an adaptation, smoking will become more efficient. To do this, you will need:

  1. At the bottom, where the grid is placed, an additional piece of pipe is welded.
  2. Two holes are drilled in it so that the metal rod is passed.
  3. From a metal sheet cut a circle, the diameter of which is less than the diameter of the smoke generator case.
  4. To the rod from metal to weld the finished circle, and the outer part of the rod bend in the form of a handle.

The damper is ready, it works when turning the handle.

The greater the hole, the stronger the air, therefore, intensively smoking.

Production of ejector


Ejector can be located in the upper or lower part. For home use it is better to use the units with the top arrangement of the ejector.

Thus, it will be possible to save fuel, eliminate the hanging of chips, while the smoke will be cleaner and safe. The risk of attenuation is minimal, while the thrust is strengthened, which positively affects the taste of smoked products.

The element from the tubes of a small diameter is manufactured. It serves smoke into the chimney due to the action of the compressor, which is connected to the ejector to the ejector.

What is a ash-like and how to make


Having done for the chimney as a roller, it will be possible to simplify the cleaning process.

For the structure of such a device, it will take a pipe whose size is greater than that of the body.

The bottom is welded to its lower part, where the combustion products will be wanted. The case is installed in this pipe. As the coat is filling, it is easy to get and cleaned.

What makes a compressor

Cooler from computer

You can purchase a ready-made supercharger for smokehouse in the store, but it will make it cheaper and easier to make it with your own hands. For the manufacture of an aggregate at home will require a minimum of time and materials. As the main element will suit:

  • cooler from the computer;
  • aquarium compressor;
  • Fort fan.

Also use ready-made automotive compressors or units from refrigerators, but in these cases it will be necessary to additionally do a drive to prevent the device overheating.

For home use the optimal option is considered aquarium compressor. Its power is enough for smoking, moreover, it is possible to adjust the intensity of the injection of smoke.

Condensate collection

Condensate collection

Condensate accumulation is a phenomenon that negatively affects the state of the smoke generator itself, as well as on the quality of smoking. To prevent a negative impact, a collection of condensate should be made. This will require:

  • Output tube from the smoke generator omit down;
  • At the bottom of connecting the tee, to one end of which the container is screwed (you can a regular car threaded bank);
  • The rest of the tee opening is attached to the pipe that rises and communicates to the camera with products.

This design is effective, and the condensate removal process is simple to unscrew the jar and pour the native liquid. At the same time, the result of cold smoking is significantly improved.

Features of cooking in smokehouse with a smoke generator

Right seas

To bring the result of cold smoking a user, and the device worked qualitatively and was safe, it is worth considering some recommendations:

  1. Observe security measures. The cold smoked smoke generator is a fire-hazardous device, so it is necessary to place it on a non-flammable basis, preferably away from easily flammable items. If the compressor is running from the network, then safety equipment should also be observed when working with electrical devices.
  2. Adhere to cooking technology. Proper seaside, as well as maintaining products in the smokehouse, a strictly specified period of time - a guarantee of their quality and excellent taste.
  3. Proper fuel. Ships should not be wet. Coniferous breeds are prohibited for cold smoking, as they will give a bitter taste and saturate food with resins. Perfect fuel - chips, branches or sawdust of fruit trees.

For use to be not only safe, but also comfortable, better if the device has an automatic shutdown system. This prevents unforeseen situations and breakdowns of the aggregate.

With the help of a smoke generator, you can easily create exquisite culinary masterpieces with your own hands. Making a device at home, it will be possible to save and surprise close to culinary skills. Even a novice master will cope with the homemade smoking smoking smoking, as it is easy to use it and conveniently.

Dymogenerator for cold smoking with his own hands

In ordinary smokehouse, where firewood is burned, the process takes a long time and stock of fuel. With a smoke generator, everything is easier. Based on the smoke process - slow fuel. The installation of the fan "or compressor" is connected to the installation, the bulging air. Hence the smoke enters the smokehouse, where they hang "or fall on the shelves" products. As you can see, everything is simple. But the result of the work of such a device is its assembly. So, playing with spices and fuel, you can achieve different flavoring qualities from the same meat. In addition, as already mentioned, it will be stored longer than the usual.

Fuel for generators

Some purchased models have an electrical or gas furnace. However, such smoking can rather hit the user's wallet. But the device running on crushed wood, shits your savings. First, it does not require electricity; Secondly, many owners of private houses, which, as a rule, collect these generators, wood is fully. However, those who do not have it, you should not lose heart, as the fuel can be bought in the store. Chips or sawdust can be from any tree, except for forever green "such as, for example, pine": with such a fuel you will only spoil the meat by making it bitter.

It is also important and the size of the crushed wood: so, for smaller sawdust, you need to add a spring to the design, allowing you to pass smoke unhindered. Larger elements of such improvements do not require.

Cooling smoke

With the occurrence of smoke figured out. But those who want to use cold smoking technology, this is not enough. It requires a decrease in smoke temperature. How to achieve this? There are two ways:

  • water. Inside the generator are installed two tanks. In one of them, water circulates, the other is responsible for cooling smoke, which simply comes into contact with the chilled walls;
  • air. In this case, smoke is driven by air through a pipe having a coil shape. This method is chosen most often, since it is distinguished by the cheap and simplicity of the design.

Multiple security rules

Before offering a smoke generator, you need to consider the following items:

  • The wiring must withstand high temperatures and is as far as possible from the heating element;
  • the surface on which you are going to install the design must be protected from possible fires;
  • When choosing a material, it is better to stay on a metal painted by heat-resistant paint;
  • If possible, provide automation to shut down so that the unit suddenly fails.
Ready Smoked Product
Dymogenerator with your own hands drawings and photo step by step instructions

Generally smoking, as the method of conservation of products, is known for a long time. Today it is increasingly relevant and not so much due to a long storage period, as due to taste, which acquires the product.

Traditional Device Smoke Cold Smoke

Device smoking different types
Dymogenerator with your own hands drawings and photo step by step instructions

Regardless of the type of smoking, the smoke source is a glowing fire. With cold smoke, the main thing is cold or warm, but not hot. Maximum temperature - order + 40 ° C. For this, the fire is diluted over several meters from the smoke cabinet, the pipe is paved between them. Passing along this path smoke cools up to acceptable temperatures.

The device of the chimney is a long process. The way of passing smoke should provide normal heat supply and should be a hermetic. To create a chimney, you can use a standard metallic chimney (but not from galvanized steel), but so that the smoke is better cooled, it is advisable to bury the pipe into the ground. In general, a difficult task. It is about this that it is preferred to make a hot smoked smoke smoking - less problems - I installed a barrel and smoking ...

But there is a simple smoke generator for cold smoking, which will be literally a few thousand. But it will take a welding machine and referring to work with it. Everything else can be bought on the market or in a construction store. With all the components, it is possible to assemble the smoking smoking smoking.

Simple smoke generator for cold smoking with your own hands

If you do not need production volumes, you can make a small and simple smoke generator made of metal pipe. From the pipe make the housing in which the sawdust or chips are stuffed. The chips is lit down, smoke will rise up, where it is removed with the welded pipe in the smoke chamber. To gain thrust in the upper part of the case, a low-power compressor is connected - with a capacity of 1.5-2 liters / min. That is, you can use aquarium compressor or an aggregate from the old refrigerator. If there is a choice, the aquarium is preferable, since they can adjust the intensity of the exit of smoke.

Dymogenerator for cold smoking with his own hands: construction and principle of operation
Dymogenerator with your own hands drawings and photo step by step instructions

At the exit from this smoke generator smoke is slightly warm. The fireplace is completely small, the fire spreads slowly, the smoke formed slowly rises through the sawdust. It cools, sawdust dry. In general, everything works on perfectly.


For the enclosure of the smoke generator, you can use:

  • round tube with a diameter of 80-90 mm;
  • The profiled tube with a side of 80 mm and more.

The more the cross section will be, the more you can put the sawdust inside, the longer it will work the smoke generator for cold smoking on one tab.

Long pipe - 60 cm and more. Optimally - about 1 meter. Again, the more pipe, the more fuel you can lay. On the other hand, too large smoke generator is inconvenient to refuel and clean, as it turns out heavy and bulky.

Cold smoked smoke generator - one of the options
Dymogenerator with your own hands drawings and photo step by step instructions

You still need a 3/4 inches pipe - a piece of centimeters 30 or more. Tube 1/4 inches or so. Its length is selected already in the finished condition, but it should be enough 20 cm.

Still need a grid. It can be any metal mesh with a cell of 2-3 mm or a plate with frequent holes. For legs, find small segments of the rod / reinforcement / metal strip. Some structures are idle without them, but with them the design is more stable.

Approximately such an aquarium compressor is suitable for a homemade smoke generator
Dymogenerator with your own hands drawings and photo step by step instructions

You still need a compressor with a capacity of 1.5-2 liters / min, it is desirable with the possibility of adjusting performance. This requirements correspond to aquarium compressors. And you need a fitting so that you can connect the tubes from the compressor through it.


We will describe the smoke generator for cold smoking based on the profile pipe with a cross section of 100 * 100 mm. With a round tube, the process is almost no different, but it is more difficult to weld the tubes if you have a small experience in welding work, it is better to use a profiled (square) pipe.

  • At a distance of 2 cm from the lower edge, the grinder make the cuts on two opposite sides.
  • Cut the square from the grid, in size slightly more section of the pipe. Insert it, consolidating in opposite propils.
    Mesh Install from the bottom side
    Dymogenerator with your own hands drawings and photo step by step instructions
  • On the other hand, weld a piece of pipe 3/4 inches.
    You can weld or assemble on the screw connection
    Dymogenerator with your own hands drawings and photo step by step instructions
  • Strictly opposite you need to weld the fitting for connecting the compressor. It must be positioned so that its center coincides with the center of the already welded three-fourth pipe.
  • Now we take a thin tube. It should be inserted into the fitting, it should pass through the case and enter the tube in front of 1 cm. Not more, but not less. Through this tube enters the air from the compressor. Creating craving, it stimulates burning. Adjusting the power of the compressor, adjusts the intensity of the exit of smoke.
    That's what should happen in the end
    Dymogenerator with your own hands drawings and photo step by step instructions
  • Making the lid. From a piece of metal, cut the square, slightly more in size than the cross section of the body of the case. In the center we make a hole, set the handle. Preferably wooden. Although smoke and not hot, but the body is heated from the "campfire" that burns at the bottom. This lid is not very convenient, as it flies. Observing the contour of the pipe, retreat from the resulting line a pair of millimeters and weld the metal strip of 1 cm wide or so. Such a lid no longer flies.
    Ready and main part of the design
    Dymogenerator with your own hands drawings and photo step by step instructions
  • From the bottom, where the grid is fixed, we weld the four segments of the rod / reinforcement. These are legs.

That's all. Homemade smoking smoke generator. Ready. It can be experienced. For convenience, you can still fight legs. And remember that coals and ashes will be hushed over the grid, so it is necessary to put a smoke generator for cold smoking.

How does it work

Dry chips are laid into the pipe. You can use sawdust, but then on a thin tube located in the correct part, put on a spring, which in length pulls up to the grid itself. The state and quality of the spring is not important. Its diameter is important - about 2 cm. Why is it needed? To activate the burning and normal exit of smoke.

When the housing is filled with sawdust, they lie tightly, greatly hamper the yield of smoke, the air surface sucks is very weak, it burns everything barely. Spring and need to activate burning. Through it goes smoke, it creates a thrust (from the grid - through the spring - to the outlet nozzle.

Ignite the bookmark from below - through the grid
Dymogenerator with your own hands drawings and photo step by step instructions

After the housing was filled with sawdust, they are ignited from below. You can do this with the help of a gas burner, tilting the smoking smoked smoky. When the chips begin to burn, wear the lid, turn on the compressor. If the chips / saws are dry, the smoke of the station begins to actively enter. That's all. You have made a smoke generator for cold smoking with your own hands.


The design described above is fully operational. But it has many drawbacks, not very convenient. According to its use, refinement and improvements are made.

Adjustable traction

One of the main disadvantages of the design described is a bad combustion intensity adjustment. It can be changed a bit by adjusting the compressor performance. In the design you can add adjustable pissed. It can be made on the principle of chirate:

  • At the bottom of the housing (above the fastening location of the stack), a piece of round tube is 10-15 cm long.
  • Drill two holes that are located strictly one opposite the other.
  • Take the rods that goes into these holes. Its length is 20 cm more pipe diameter.
    Sewber looks like that
    Dymogenerator with your own hands drawings and photo step by step instructions
  • Metal sheet (2-3 mm thickness) cut circle. Its diameter is slightly less internal pipe diameter.
  • From the rod to make a "handle" (bend it).
  • Insert the handle into the hole, welcome the cut circle.

All adjustable valve is ready. Turn it, regulate the intensity of air intake by adjusting the intensity of burning.


Another disadvantage - across the grid wakes up ash. You can put a smoke generator to a metal plate, but you can make a ash-like. By the way, the Sewber can be made in the ash bar. It will be more correct, since the air seats can almost be covered, which they will not succeed with the schiber in the case - the air goes through the grid.

Solnik - small capacity in size slightly more housing
Dymogenerator with your own hands drawings and photo step by step instructions

The roller makes a slightly larger cross section from the cutting pipe than the pipe on the housing. If so no, you have to cook. The bottom of the pipe is welded the bottom, to the body - around the perimeter - a thin strip of metal. The case is inserted into the ash tank (the legs are also welded to it).

Condensate collection

When operating a smoke generator for cold smoking, condensate is released. This complicates life, especially if the temperature is low on the street. You can solve the problem by making a collection for condensate. For this:

  • The outlet tube of the smoke generator is lowered down
  • At the bottom point, we establish a container for condensate, welding two pipes to it - one opposite the other;
  • From the opposite side, the pipe rises again and enters the smoke cabinet.
To collect condensate complicating the smoke flow track
Dymogenerator with your own hands drawings and photo step by step instructions

With such a device, a significant part of the condensate is in the container. The problem is not so acute.

The simplest smoke generator of electric stilt

If smokedness is needed "right now", you can use a very simple way: you need an electric tile, a barrel without a bottom or a cut of a large diameter pipe, a wire mesh with a cell of at least 10 * 10 cm, a sheet of plywood or iron. More - sawdust and "smoking object".

The simplest cold smoking smoke can be built on the basis of electric stilt and barrels
Dymogenerator with your own hands drawings and photo step by step instructions

Such a crypting of cold smoked usually put on the street, in the backyard. It is necessary to clean the patch from vegetation, install an electric stitch. It is a metal capacity (which is not sorry to throw). Sawdust is embanked in the container.

In the top of the barrel / tube, retreating from the top edge of 10-5 cm, the four holes drill. They are diametrically or opposite each other. They have been doing pins. You can metal rods, you can - sticks. The choice depends on the weight of the stacked products or what is in stock. The rods themselves can be located in the closer or as two parallels located approximately 1/3 of the diameter of the casing of the smokehouse. From above on this support, we lay the grid, with the bottom-up products attached. Shocking cover plywood or metal sheet.

At the top of the barrel drill holes, insert the bars of the lattice lattice with suspended products
Dymogenerator with your own hands drawings and photo step by step instructions

Turn on the tile. After some time, the sawdust begin to smoke. The time of "work" on one bookmark depends on the number of scattered sawdust, but on average it is 3-5 hours. Then you have to retain the housing, shove the sawdust, put everything in place. It is difficult, inconvenient and fraught with "accidents". But the design is very simple, it is a "hostile" option, which does not imply amenities.

This is a cold smoked smoke generator assembled
Dymogenerator with your own hands drawings and photo step by step instructions

Another minus is to adjust the intensity of the smoke of the mono regulator of the tile, but it is inconvenient to do this in this form - again you have to transfer the housing. You can get rid of these flaws if you make a door at thenime. With its help, it will be possible to adjust the air flow, and change the sawdust.

Heat smoke hectogenerator

If you need to install greater performance, boil the simplest stove. It can be made from the same pipe of large diameter or weld from metal rectangular housing. Again the door, make a flue pipe fixed under the tilt. That's all the difficulties. You need another internal space to divide the horizontally fixed metal sheet into two parts. The lower part is more, the top is smaller. Below the fire is burned, sawdust is poured onto the sheet. Further the process is known.

From the chimney to the smoke cabinet, the pipe is laid. It should have an upward slope, albeit small. In this case, the entrance to the closet should be located at the bottom - so that the smoke envelop all products. Therefore, the cabinet is installed on the elevation, legs, pedestal. To save space, you can install the oven-smoke generator under the cabinet, welding the design from a metal corner.

The smoke generator - a separate stove separately
Dymogenerator with your own hands drawings and photo step by step instructions

But with such a design, smoke can be too hot. For its cooling, additional measures are needed. As an option - find a pipe of a larger diameter, put it on the main chimney. Install the cooler so that the air flow is directed into the gap between the pipes.

Another option is to do something in the type of water shirt, while smoking also getting hot water. But where to give her - the question. Although, warm water in the economy is always useful.

The smoke generator for cold smoking of this type requires more costs - metal or thick-walled pipe, plus chimney. Moreover, the chimney is better not to do from galvanized steel - zinc, it is not the metal that is useful for health. Do not use asbestos. First of all, it is badly removing heat, secondly, even more harming zinc. Therefore, the choice in this plan is small - to order pipes from black steel or buy from stainless steel. Here everyone decides himself.

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