What is vetiver than smelling where the grass is growing.

What is vetiver?

First, a little botany.

Vetiver is an evergreen cereal plant from India. It is now cultivated in many warm countries (Haiti, Jamaica, Brazil, etc.).

The name itself comes from the Tamil word வெட்டிவேர் veṭṭivēr.

The plant is cultivated for two reasons:

  • Powerful root system that allows you to keep the slopes and shores from the blur

  • Due to the oil produced from the roots of the vetiver used in perfumery.

Of course, we are interested in the use of vetiver's fragrant oil.

Total selective and niche perfumery

Veiver oil.

Veiver oil - amber liquid, obtained from vetiver roots. Best oil is made from roots aged 18-24 months. The smell of oil can be described in words: deep, sweet, woody, smoky, earthy, ambovy, balsamic. The oil from Haiti and Reunion has a sweeter, flower flavor, while the oil obtained in India, on Yava, more smoky and earthy.

From ancient times, vetiver oil is used in medicine of Tamil peoples. It is now applied for medical purposes in countries such as Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand.

Another use of vetiver - aromatherapy. The oil includes more than 100 components, among which benzoic acid, furfuryl alcohol, valensen, thermal-4-ol, selennel. This complex fragrance improves and stabilizes nervous activity, soothes, relaxes.

But the greatest prevalence of vetiver oil received in the perfumery industry. Approximately S. 50-H. The anniversary of the twentieth century, the perfumers began to actively use the vetiver in their spirits and colognes. And it is not surprising, the fragrance of the vetiver smells very expensive, elegantly, difficult. The oil has a sufficiently large resistance and a beautiful, memorable loop. Noth Veiver became the main note in perfumes such as Guerlain Vétiver, M. Vétiver by UNE Nuit à Bali, Zizan by Ormonde Jayne and Vétiver by L'Occitane en Provence.

And so far, the fragrance of the vetiver can be found in modern niche and selective perfumery. If you want to try perfume with vetiver's aroma, we recommend paying attention to:

Molecule Eccentric 03.

Molecule 03.

Ex Nichilo vetiver milk

Artisan Coeur de Vetiver Sacre

Montale Red Vetiver

Tom Ford Grey Vetiver


This is one of the brightest representatives of perfumes with Vetiver. We are confident that you will remain loyal fans of Viviver and his fragrance for a long time you will have in favorites.

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For the next literary outpouring, I was advocated the interesting and "pleasant eye" news - the brand D.S. & Durga released a line of T-shirts, on one of which is the inscription I ♥ Vetiver.

I ♥ Vetiver, and you? (about vetivery and perfumes with this note)

The fact is that I am also very much ♥ Vetiver. Acquaintance with this perfume component in a serious key began with SyComore from Chanel. This fragrance is dedicated to Veiver himself, and he is royal in it (but a little later). In general, we can meet the vetiver in a variety of other perfumes, but as a basic note responsible for resininess, the tartness and chimney of the fragrance. However, I loved Vetiver as an independent unit: like other people who are passionate about perfumery people love Ambru, Muscus or UD. Or as musicians purposefully acquire a bass guitar or drum, because they are ready to listen to their solo to infinity.

Let's figure it out What is generally vetiver.

Vetiver is a plant from the family of cereals. Grass, reminiscent of the appearance of the Ess, can reach height to 2 meters. To date, the vetiver is used to create essential oil, which is obtained from the root roots. Vetiver grows in India, and has been cultivated in China, Japan, Brazil, on Java, Haiti and Reunion in a wetland.

I ♥ Vetiver, and you? (about vetivery and perfumes with this note)
I ♥ Vetiver, and you? (about vetivery and perfumes with this note)

Veiver oil was used in India even before the glory of the perfume ingredient gained. It has immunostimulating, antiseptic, sedative and other useful properties. It also knows the use of vetiver oil in cooking.

The first chemical analysis of vetiver oil was produced in France back in 1809. The success of the vetiver in perfumes began with the release in 1957 the fragrance of Vetiver from Carven. Today, the flavors with the tetiver are valued by people around the world. Recently, you can observe the revival around this perfume component, and I personally believe that it is wonderful.

What smells like a vetiver? Veveyer oil has an amazing aroma, and it is noteworthy, it is not possible to create it a synthesized copy yet. Vetiver smells the tartness of grapefruit skins, earth, smoke, tobacco, spicy leaves and resins. It is believed that vetiver oil, which, depending on the country of its growth, has those or other prevailing nuances (for example, vetiver oil from the island of Reunion has floral shades in sound).

Vivter is perfectly combined with citrus, which emphasize his "grapefruit notch" and give it more optimistic mood. Although I am pleased to enjoy his courageous side (by the way, before a certain moment, Vivieta was considered exclusively male perfume music), namely, tart and coarse tobacco and oil shades.

The following will follow my top flavors who chant this beautiful ingredient.

  • SyComore Chanel. - Unsurpassed classic from Chanel. And even though I am ambiguous about this perfume house, and with all other flavors of their exclusive chanel line I do not develop, I loved this vetiver after the second Testaway. There are no citrus in the pyramid, but they are heard - perhaps the amazing game of aldehydes, vetiver and juniper contributes to this, but I hear the ghostly sound of bitter citrus. The fragrance collects brains into a bunch and gives strength.
  • Vetiver Reunion Urban Scents - I never learned how the vetiver's pure oil smells, but it seems to me that so. Very bright, very multifaceted, although the vetiver is mixed here in an amazing cocktail of citrus, pepper and musk. Hears and land, and tobacco, and the sharp sweetness of pepper - the whole vetiver kaleidoscope.
  • Vetiver Tonka Hermmesssence Hermes - The most cozy vetiver fragrance EVER. This smell of the plaid on the knees of a beloved man, squeezing in a chair by the fireplace in a country house surrounded by a dense forest. In the fireplace, the clumps are cracking around, around a light twilight and sweet quiet happiness. Viveter, beans thin, nuts, pralines and sandals - What can be cozy and magic? I want to swim in this perfume so that the skin is so impregnated with aroma.
  • ENCRE NOIRE LALIQUE. - Not much different from Chanel Sycomore, but it is impossible not to mention this selection. This is a classic vetiver, some strange and happily turned out to be in the suite - thanks Lalique for the fact that it has people in free access and at a very pleasant price. The only thing that still distinguishes it from SyComore (except prices, of course) - more gothic grim smoke, which can be guessing the design of the bottle itself. This perfume can safely give a man, and Chanel ask for yourself (# Hatrayazhop).
I ♥ Vetiver, and you? (about vetivery and perfumes with this note)

Here is such love like Glucose sang. Do you love vetiver, and what perfumes can you advise with him?

Veivry oil is one of the main ingredients in 36% of Western fragrances. And if you take into account the mixes, where it is at least a bit, then the perfume with the vetiver will be 90% of all perfumes. The source of aromatic substance is a perennial grassy plant Vetiveriazizanioides (Chrysopogonzizanioides), without which it is difficult to imagine the modern perfume industry.


Favorite Plant Perfumes

The plant reaches 1, 5-2 m in height and is characterized by a powerful root system. Motherland - South India, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, and cultural plantations are on Reunion, Philippines, Comoros, in Japan, South America and West Africa.


Interestingly, depending on the raw material collection site, its smell is distinguished:

  • Oil from Haiti and Reunion is famous for expressed floral notes.
  • For the Javanese vetiver, smoky halftones are characterized.
  • In Northern India, the so-called KHUS (KHAS), essential oil from wild plants, which smells most expressive and bitterly.

Grass, tree or roots?

Curious nuance: According to the perfume classification, the vetiver belongs to wood smells, and in reality it is a herbaceous plant, and the oil is extracted from the roots. A similar exception is Patchouli: the aromatic substance is obtained from the leaves, and the note is also considered wood.

What smells like a vetiver?

Fragrance woody, dryish, with otzlovka bitter chocolate and smoke. The smell peculiar vetiveer has special green nuances, notes of root, barely by caught freshness, reminiscent of a citrus, and at the same time with eternal. Opening, it acquires a dark leather-amber tint.

Dried vetiver

Interesting Facts

  • In perfumes, the vetiver is especially valued for resistance, the ability to fix the composition.
  • The oil is not subject to recovery from the concentrate, it has not yet learned it synthetically reproduced.
  • The property of the vetiver note to form musculous smells is no more than a stereotype, the ingredient is found in hundreds of beautiful women's compositions.

Consider the most vivid representatives of vetiver perfumes.

Hermes Hermessence Vetiver Tonka (Unisex)

Notes of vetiver and beans Think sounds in Hermes Vetiver Tonka already from the start, you can catch a special walnut hue. The background becomes a tobacco, which gradually hears everything that is more clearly enriched with a sandalwood and barely caught chocolate and caramel. Perfumes managed to create a delightful contrast between bitter cool and shining, cozy, distant from pastry sweetness. It seems that that is why the fragrance has so many fans.

Aroma Hermes - Hermessence Vetiver Tonka

Exquisite, clean, not screaming. Comfortable, comfortable in the sock. Vetiver here takes on a noble herbal sound. It is framed by citrus, spices and wood, so it sounds cheerfully and inspiring. Ideally fits into the concept of everyday fragrance, but never ceases to be quite complex and curious.

Aroma Tom Ford - Grey Vetiver

Vetiver classic. Created in 1961, this perfume was re-released in 2000. The courageous composition is distinguished by crispy citrus starts with greenish tints of vetiver, but gradually tackle saturated tobacco and smoky notes. It is worth paying attention to the modern interpretation in the performance of the same perfume house - Guerlain Vetiver Extreme.

Aroma Guerlain - Vetiver.

Deep, surprisingly accurately calculated balance of vetiver and sandalwood, decorated with tobacco strokes, aldehydes, violet and cypress Chanel Sycomore. Not a drop of frivolousness, nor a hint of coquetry. This is a story of a truly strong character. Strong, and infinitely attractive, women who are ready to rule the world.

Aroma Chanel - Les Exclusifs de Chanel Sycomore

In the mysterious smoke composition you can catch the incense nuances. This fragrance is unusual for female perfumery: characteristic, strong, devoid of explicit floral sweetness. Real black pearl in beads of a perfume house collection. Perfume will be especially attractive for those connoisseurs of the beautiful, who prefer to stand out from the crowd and always surround themselves with the original manifestations of beauty.

Aroma Donna Karan - Woman

A few more vetiver melodies

Classic perfume with vetiver - Givenchy Eau de Vetyver (1952) and Carven Vetiver. Attractive versions in the modern key - Giorgio Armani Vetiver Babylone (from the Prive line), as well as Montale Red Vetyver. In TERRE D'Hermes, the vetiver note is shade with orange, in Prada Infusion de Vetiver - Tarkhun. In the hands of each perfume, this ingredient acquires a special character.

  • Vetiver Tonka.

    from 1 490 to 28 970 rubles


  • Gray Vetiver.

    from 13,490 to 19 460 rub


  • Vetiver.

    from 3 940 to 11 010 rubles


  • Vetiver Extreme.

    from 4 640 to 8 260 rubles


  • SyComore.

    from 2 460 to 34 800 rubles


  • Woman.

    from 1 300 to 2 740 rubles


  • Eau de Vetyver

    Not available


  • Vetiver.

    from 4 120 to 5 350 rubles



    from 15 480 to 20 940 rubles


  • Red Vetiver.

    from 4 300 to 6 420 rubles


  • TERRE D`hermes.

    from 1 670 to 24 350 rubles


  • What is this ingredient of perfumes such - vetiver? The smell is like? Vetiver is a grass from the family of cereal plants, a fast-growing perennial who can live to 50 or more. Essential oil from this plant is widely used in perfumery. Rode Vetiver from South India, Sri Lanka and Indonesia, however, it is currently widely cultivated in various countries of the world, including Reunion, Haiti, Philippines, Japan, Comoros and Polynesia.

    vetiver smell on what looks like

    Vetiveer earlier and now

    In India, the essential oil from the vetiver is the ingredient of spirits. For a long time, it was named as "calm oil." It was also the widespread ingredient of powdered incense in India and Sri Lanka. Vetiveer - What is it? How smells? The fragrance has long been appreciated for its fixative qualities, and is still often used to stabilize other, more volatile and fine aromatic ingredients. Today, the vetiver is a very important ingredient of perfume, especially in fragrances for men.

    what is the smell of vetiver

    Wood fragrance. Viveter: The smell is like?

    Like the guilt, the fragrance of the vetiver in the composition of essential oil with age is becoming better. One liter costs about $ 200. There are literally hundreds of vetiver flavors in the market in demand among perfumes around the world. What is the smell of vetiver? It is described as warm, dry, tart, earthy, wood fragrance with balsamic and smoky notes. It can be warm, like tobacco leaves, it can be fresh and cool, like verbena lemon.

    Vetiver than smelling

    Persistent East Aroma

    The habitat of the plant is swampy places, as well as the banks of the rivers. Vetiver has a unique property: being a Nagorous xerofit, it is well tolerates a long drought, but can also survive in conditions of long-term seasonal flooding, it is well tolerating extreme temperatures and grows in a wide range of soil moisture. What is the smell like? Vetiver is characterized as a fragrant, thin, refreshing, nice earth fragrance with a leathery-amber tint. The oil obtained by distillation from the roots of vetiver is one of the best oriental odors, which is also incredibly resistant. Just like oil patchouli, it acts as an excellent retainer for volatile compounds. It is known for its cooling and refreshing properties.

    vetivery what it smells like

    History and myths

    Vetiver has a long and rich history. In India, it was used to make a kind of blinds for salvation from strong heat. Veiver root is used in folk magic, as it is believed that the plant has the ability to ensure security and increase financial resources. The ritual is connected with this, designed to promote personal security: breathing the fragrance of Viviver, a person had the ability to isolate from negative energies.


    Demand on vetiver

    Vetiveer - What is it? How smells? In the global market, the demand for this plant is growing day by day due to its unique smell. In addition, this oil cannot be replaced and recreated synthetic. Vetiver gives spirits a pleasant aroma and helps to reduce the evaporation rate. It is the basis of Indian perfumery and the main ingredient in 36% of all Western flavors, 20% of which are men's fragrances. Its complex chemical composition, high solubility in alcohol, improving its compatibility with other cosmetic materials, makes it a unique perfume resource for which the synthetic substitute has not yet come up.


    Scope of application

    What combinations are vetiver use? What smells like oil in a diluted form? The fragrance is perfectly combined with the smell of oak moss, vanilla, sandalwood, patchouli and roses. Veiver oil is used in the creation of spirits, cosmetics and soaps, as well as for the aromatization of Sherbetov (Indian colakest drinks). In addition to its direct perfume destination, vetiver oil in diluted form is widely used for other purposes and is part of the after shaving lotions, air fresheners, as flavoring for the food industry.


    Hus (another name for vetiver) is used in soft drinks, and also included in the chewing gum against smoking. The dried roots of the plant are also used as packaging for spirits, rug, fan and baskets. Curtains from vetiver in homes can save from the heat if they will sprinkle with water, it will give the air fragrant coolness, such curtains enjoy in southern countries in great demand in summer.


    Unique plant

    What is this plant - vetiver? The smell is like? Consider a little later. Unlike most herbs, the roots of this smelling grass grows inland, instead of expanding to the sides. The root is quite large and can reach up to 2-4 meters deep. Thanks to such a structure, the vetiver is an excellent plant to combat soil erosion in the tropical climate, where it grows without damage to agricultural species.


    This unique plant is also used for many other useful goals: straw is used in the construction of housing in Africa, and roots are used as fuel. The roots are used to protect pets from parasites, and essential oil is used to protect cotton and linen from moths, like patchouli. Veiver essential oil is added even to canned vegetables.


    Incomparable fragrance: role in perfumery

    What is a vetiver? The smell is like? Depending on the country of origin, different varieties may have a completely different smell. An important factor is also the quality and composition of the soil, where the plant has grown. The starting material may be dark and earthy, light and slightly citrus, smoky and woody, clean and sweet. Veiver multifaceted, as well as its wide availability and reasonable prices make it an extremely popular natural essence in the perfumery market.

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