How to make blurred background in photoshop - 3 ways

Adobe Photoshop is one of the best editors. It does not look like other programs, since it is characterized by many different functions and high quality.

Blur background in photoshop

Photoshop developed almost twenty years ago, and he still takes a well-deserved first place. This program was created to process photos, including for blurring background.

Beautifully blurring the background will help several interesting and simple ways.

The first method is blurring in Gauss

This method likes not many, but is very simple. What should be done?

To begin with, open a photo in Photoshop and press the combination Ctrl + J. This is how the second layer is created similar to the first. Now you can go into the "layers" window and find the file under the name "layer 1" to be blurred.

layer 1.

We go into the "Filter" window, choose "Blur" - "Blur in Gauss". The degree of blur can be adjusted if you want using a slider. The optimal will leave 5-7 pixels.

Blur over Gauscu

Now you need to create a layer mask. To do this, go to the "layers" and choose the "layer-mask" - item "show everything". It seems that nothing has changed, but actually a rectangle appeared on the "layer 1".

A rectangle appeared on the "layer 1"

The next step is the choice of the "Brush" tool. The diameter can be set any one that will be more convenient. Stiffness - 20.

Install Tool Parameters - Brush

In the palette, choose a black color, press on a white rectangle in the "layer 1" and slowly, slowly, start drawing the places that should remain sharp. The task is to draw a figure that you do not need to wash.

Black brush draw a figure

The photo is almost ready, it remains to work on the contour of the object. We change the color of the brush with black on white and reduce the size. Now we will remove the sharpness, that is, the black brush enhances sharpness, and the white blur.

We restore the contour

If dark halo appeared around the object, it can be removed using a stamp. For a start, connect all the layers. Then we go back to the "Layers" tab and click "Run Melting". Next, you need to choose the "stamp" tool (6-8%) and remove all unnecessary artifacts. Photo ready.

Second Method - Radial or Loading Blur

This method fell in love with many users, since it is easy to use and even a schoolboy can do.

First of all, you need to separate the main photo from the background. To do this, we will be used tool "Mask". Be sure to check the colors to be installed in the Black / White position.

Tool "Mask"

We take the "brush" tool and begin to slowly paint the part that we want to separate from the background. It can be any object. When a specific item is highlighted, you need to click on the button that is left from the "Fast Mask" button. This will return your image to the normal mode and the object is selected.

Object allocation

We produce Ctrl + J combination. So, the highlighted background is copied to a new layer.

Next to the new layer you need to apply the desired filter "Radial Blur". We go to the "filter", choose "Blur" - "radial blur". A window should appear where you need to install all suitable parameters.

Radial blur

When all the settings are in place, click OK and the result on the face. Photo ready!

Ready photo with radial blur rear background

Third way - archival brush

This method is similar to the first. We download the necessary photos to photoshop and make "Blur in Gauss."

Making "Blur in Gauss"

Next, we take many familiar "Archive Brush" tool and paint an area that should not be blurred. The result is ready. I got a little rude, but that the principle was understood.

Stock Foto Blurred background

Tips for sharpness

If the photo was very blurred and it seems not real, then you can enhance the sharpness of the edge of the image. But it is impossible to correct a strongly blurred image.

You need to adjust sharpness in each single layer. And before adding sharpness, set the "brightness overlay" mode.

When sharpness is added to the photo, the image contrast increases. In this case, you need to change the layer overlay mode.

Before you increase sharpness, you need to reduce the noise of photography. If this is not done, then the noise will increase the opposite.

Sharpness is desirable to adjust gradually and in several goals. The degree of sharpness depends on the output device.

Additional Tips:

  • The main thing is that the photo processing does not change the essence of the original image. Use easy correction.
  • You should not use several filters on one photo. This will be busting.
  • Create your interesting processing. It is better not to imitate the style of other people's treatments. Not always an extraneous style can be perfectly combined with your photo.
  • Unsuccessful pictures are better to always delete. Usually in such cases no processing saves the image.

Now popularity is gaining photos with a blurred background. After all, from the side, such images look colorfully and interesting. If the user has such a program as photoshop, no difficulties will arise. Here the main thing is to know the base and be able to impose in the photo the simplest blur.

Each person may choose a more simplified way, which will seem not too difficult to him.

Be sure to listen to the advice and recommendations of specialists who know the program all. After all, if you move to the blur, then the image is spoiled and it will seem unrealistic.

How to blur the background in photoshop

Very often, when photographing objects, the latter merge with the background, "lost" in space due to almost the same sharpness. The problem of the back background helps to solve the problem. This lesson will tell you how to make the back background blurred in Photoshop.

Blur back background

The amateurs come as follows: make a copy of the layer with the image, blur it, impose a black mask and open it on the background. This method has the right to life, but most often such works are obtained inactive. We will go different ways.

Step 1: Branch of the object from the background

First you need to separate the object from the background. How to do this, read in this article so as not to stretch the lesson.

So, we have a source image:

Source Toving

Be sure to explore the lesson, the reference to which is given above!

  1. Create a copy of the layer and highlight the car along with the shadow.

    Blur back background in Photoshop

    The special accuracy is not needed here, the car we are then put back. After selecting, press inside the circuit with the right mouse button and form a selected area. Radius of decisive exhibit 0 pixels . Selection inverting key combination Ctrl + SHIFT + I . We get the following (selection):

    Blur back background in Photoshop (2)

  2. Now press the key combination Ctrl + J. Thereby copying the car to the new layer.

    Blur back background in Photoshop (3)

  3. We place the carved car under the copy of the background layer and make the duplicate of the latter.

    Blur back background in Photoshop (4)

Step 2: Blur

  1. Apply to the top layer filter "Gaussian blur" which is in the menu "Filter - blur" .

    Blur back background in Photoshop (5)

  2. Blind the background as much as we think necessary. Here everything is in your hands, just do not overdo it, otherwise the car will seem toy.

    Blur back background in Photoshop (6)

  3. Next, add a mask to a layer with blur by clicking on the corresponding icon in the layer palette.

    Blur back background in Photoshop (7)

  4. Now we need to make a smooth transition from a clear image in the foreground to blurred in the back. Take the tool "Gradient" .

    Blur back background in Photoshop (8)

    Configure it, as shown in the screenshot below.

    Blur back background in Photoshop (9)

  5. Further is the most difficult, but at the same time an interesting process. We need to stretch a gradient on a mask (do not forget to click on it, thereby activating for editing).

    Blur back background in Photoshop (10)

    Blur in our case should start approximately on the bushes behind the car, as they are behind it. Gradient pull the bottom up. If the first time (or from the second ...) did not succeed, nothing terrible - the gradient can be stretched again without any additional actions.

    Blur back background in Photoshop (11)

    We get this result:

    Blur back background in Photoshop (12)

Step 3: Fitting an object to the background

  1. Now we put our carved car to the very top of the palette.

    Blur back background in Photoshop (13)

    And we see that the edges of the car after cutting look not very attractive.

    Blur back background in Photoshop (15)

  2. Clamp Ctrl And click on the layer miniature, thereby highlighting it on the canvas.

    Blur back background in Photoshop (14)

  3. Then choose the instrument "Allocation" (any).

    Blur back background in Photoshop (16)

    Click on the button "Clarify the Edge" On the top of the toolbar.

    Blur back background in Photoshop (17)

  4. In the tool window, do smoothing and cutting. Some tips here are difficult, it all depends on the size and quality of the image. Our settings are:

    Blur back background in Photoshop (18)

  5. Now invert the selection ( Ctrl + SHIFT + I ) And click Del. There is, thereby removing the part of the car along the contour. Selection Remove the keyboard key Ctrl + D. .

    The result of blurring the background in Photoshop

    As you can see, the car has become more distinguished against the background of the surrounding landscape.

Using this reception, you can reverse the background in the photoshop CS6 on any images and emphasize any items and objects even in the center of the composition. The gradients are not only linear ...

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If you need to blur the background in photoshop this lesson for you. Whether it is a photo or any other image, the technique remains unchanged. I will tell about an effective way, as well as about the underwater stone that arises and how to win it. Nobody writes about the emerging problem in the lessons, so I decided to share with you my own solution.

Open a photo in Photoshop. I will show how to blur the background behind this girl, and not all, and in some places, to get a beautiful effect. You can blur your own photo with the same way. The main thing is to highlight the object that remains at its sharpness. And allocate on conscience.

How to blur the background in photoshop

With the help of a straight lass (Polygonal Lasso Tool) highlight the object.

How to blur the background in photoshop

Press Ctrl + J - this action will automatically cut out what you have allocated and placed on a separate new layer. It will be a girl.

Return to a layer with a photo Make it up by pressing Ctrl + J.

How to blur the background in photoshop

To this copy, apply the filter - blur - the slope (Filter - Blur - Tilt-SHIFT).

Here you can customize the parameters as you want. Where there is a circle - then the place remains sharp. The lines indicate on the scale of blurring the background, you can move them as you like and even tilt. You can also adjust the power of blur - for this there is a strip-regulator in the circle.

How to blur the background in photoshop

Click OK When you finish the setting and the background will be blurred.

How to blur the background in photoshop

What problem arises here? If you look around, you will see that the contour around the girl is nothing but blurred behind the girl. It is clear that it does not happen in life, and it's clear that Photoshop as a processing tool was used in the photo. Our task is to get rid of this jamb.

How to blur the background in photoshop

How this problem is solved in one of the possible way.

Remove this layer with a blurred background - it will not need it. You must have two layers - one with a girl, the other is a whole photo. Press with a clamping Ctrl on the layer with the girl - so you get the selection.

How to blur the background in photoshop

Go to the layer with a photo, and the layer with the girl while turn off from sight (click on the eyeballs opposite the layer with the girl).

Selection will remain. Press DEL on the keyboard to remove the selected area in the photo. Press Ctrl + D to remove the selection. We deleted the girl therefore in her place will be an empty image - white background.

How to blur the background in photoshop

Before us is the task to paint this place. To do this, I used the stamp tool (Clone Tool). I tried to draw as if the girls were not in the photo, although here it is not necessary to try hard, the main thing is that the shades of colors on the painted place coincide with the next lying - this is exactly the whole point.

How to blur the background in photoshop

Now turn on the layer in appearance with the girl, and in the background, smear the same filter as we did it before. Now a completely different result. In this case, only the background is blurred behind, not the background along with the girl. So much more pleasant to watch and much better work.

How to blur the background in photoshop

In this photo, I will show an example of a completely blurred background. Just apply the filter Blur in Gauss. Such an effect is also now in fashion, because it looks gorgeous. The technique is the same, only the other filter is applied.

How to blur the background in photoshop

Such a blurred background is perfect for the inscriptions.

How to blur the background in photoshop

The author of the lesson - Alexander Akimov

If you have found an error / typo, please select a text fragment and click Ctrl + Enter. .

About how to blur the background in the photo should know anyone who wants to become an advanced user Photoshop.

That is why this lesson will be fully dedicated to this topic. We will look at 2 types of blur: radial and rape.

Well, let's start!

Blur back background in Photoshop

To begin with, open the image that we want to process. We have chosen a photograph of a charming actress - Kobi Smolders.

Kobe Smolders in PhotoshopWe will wash the entire back background in the photo, i.e. All that outside the window.

Select and copy the back background Photos

We proceed to the separation of the part of the image, which we will not touch, from the area that we'll wash later.

  1. In the toolbar, choose the "Fast Mask" tool: Mode Fast Mask in Photoshop
  2. In the colors palette, be sure to place the main color "black", and as a background color, select "White". Color palette
  3. Then take the "brush" tool Tool brushAnd paint the part that we do not want to wash off (the painted part of the one is painted with a red tint). Blur back background in photos in Photoshop
  4. Then, after the selection of the necessary area, click on the toolbar on the "fast mask". Thus, the program will create a region allocation that NOT It was painted in red: Blur back background in photos in Photoshop
  5. It remains to use the combination of hot keys. Ctrl + J. Thus, coping the selected area (rear background) on a separate layer: How to blur the background in the photo in photoshop CC or CS6

Blur background in two ways

  1. Radial blur. Select a new layer with a back background on the layers panel and select in the main menu "Filter" -> "Blur" -> "Radial blur" .Filter - Blur - radial blurIn our case, we choose in the settings: Quantity - 15, method - linear, quality - good: Filter - Blur - radial blurThe result of radial blur back background: How to blur the background in the photo in photoshop CC or CS6
  2. Gaussian blur. We like this method of blur. At least for the rear background, it is perfect. Go again to the main menu and choose "Filter" -> "Blur" -> "Gaussian blur" .Filter - Blur - Blur in GaussA window will appear with the settings that will be individually in each case. It all depends on what degree of blur you want to get. Our parameters are as follows: Filter - Blur - Blur in GaussAfter using the blur, we get such a great version of the blur thanks to Photoshop: How to blur the background in the photo in photoshop CC or CS6

On this, our lesson came to an end. We all did enough quickly. If you pay more time to careful allocation, then the result will turn out much better. See you in our following lessons!

Hello to all those who came to my blog. Today is such a cool weather. Finally, spring is felt. And with this spring mood, I would like to tell you about one thing. Now, many people have cameras with which we can make excellent portrait photos with a clear display of the main characters and the blurring of the rear background.

But still, not yet every fotika has such a function (mostly only in mirror cameras), and most people use smartphones, which can also not shoot with a blurred background, but you want a beautiful photo. Right i say? A way as usual is there today and today I will tell you how to make a blurred background in Photoshop. It is quite simple.

Archive brush

The easiest way for this is the case is to use a familiar tool "Archival Brush". But for a start, let's open the image in Photoshop, where we want to blur the background. I chose a photo of a girl on Red Square.

How to make a blurred background in photoshop using three cool ways?

  1. In the main menu from above, select "Filters" , then select item "Blur" and from the next drop-down menu select "Gaussian blur" . This is a special filter that blurs the entire image. How to make a blurred background in photoshop using three cool ways?
  2. Now you will have a window with a filter properties where you can increase or decrease the battery mode. I decided to blur all the image on 6 pixels. Now click OK and see what happened to the image. How to make a blurred background in photoshop using three cool ways?
  3. But now we take a familiar tool "Archival Brush", press the right mouse button and choose the brush stiffness (50 percent) and the size of the brush (here, look to make it convenient to paint the girl), and begin to carefully paint the girl, not touching the background itself. It turns out that we return her original condition to it. How to make a blurred background in photoshop using three cool ways?

Make carefully. If suddenly threw unnecessary, you can always return to one or a few steps back. But do not do everything for one press. Better periodically release the mouse so that in case of an error, do not return to the beginning.

Well, it seems like that. Looks beautiful. But let's see and a couple of other ways to expand the horizons.


In principle, everything is the same as in the previous example, but with a small exception.

  1. Create a duplicate layer for our image. To do this, click on the layer right mouse button and select "Create a duplicate layer" . Or hold down the left mouse button on the image in the layer palette and move it into this panel to the icon "Create a new layer" . Thus, you will have 2 identical layers. How to make a blurred background in photoshop using three cool ways?
  2. Now on the top layer do "Gaussian blur" In our old scheme.
  3. After that, select the "Eraser" tool and start to wash the girl from the top layer. Thus, it turns out that we destroyed the girl on the top layer, but replaced it with a girl from the bottom layer. This is how the effect we needed. I think great. What do you think? How to make a blurred background in photoshop using three cool ways?

Many prefer to use the mask layer in these cases, although I'm in such cases I woof without it. But just in case I will still show you anyway. It does not take much time.

Mask layer

  1. Load the image and create a duplicate layer as we did in the previous example.
  2. Now we choose the filter again "Gaussian blur" . You already know how it is done, so you should not have problems with this. Thus, your upper layer will be blurred, and the bottom is not.
  3. Now make sure that you are on the blurred layer, then activate the quick mask mode. We have already used them when they spin the corners in the image, but just in case I remind you that you need to click on the icon with a circle at the bottom of the palette of the layer. After that, you will add a mask. How to make a blurred background in photoshop using three cool ways?
  4. Now select the "Brush" tool and select the black color in the colors palette and start painting the girl. But do not be afraid. The girl will not be black. Rather, on the contrary, it will return to the initial state and will be a clear, but the background will remain blurred. And if we choose a white color, then when painting, our acquaintance will again become blurred. How to make a blurred background in photoshop using three cool ways?

That's it seems to be all. Whatever method you do not choose, the result will be one: our friend is depicted with normal clarity, and the background is blurred. That is, immediately becomes more beautiful and more spectacular. Watch yourself. By the way, what is the way you liked most? Write, otherwise I wonder.

How to make a blurred background in photoshop using three cool ways?

No, all the same photoshop is a wonderful tool for working with images. I am still surprised - what is the powerful, convenient and interesting editor. And at least knowledge of the basics will always come in handy in everyday life.

By the way, if you want to learn Adobe Photoshop as soon as possible, then you will definitely look This wonderful video course . All lessons are built in order, no excess water, all over the shelves. And the main thing is that everything is shown on the living examples and is told by the human language. It will understand any level of the user.

Well, on this, I finish today's lesson. I really hope that he was interesting for you and is useful. Therefore, I recommend you subscribe to blog updates to be aware of everything interesting. Well, I'm saying goodbye to you today, see you in other articles. Bye Bye!

Sincerely, Dmitry Kostin

How to blur background in photoshop

Publication date: 12/17/2017

Blurred Background (or Background) Allows you to remove distracting elements and concentrate the attention of the viewer at the main object of shooting. The most correct - even at the shooting stage, blur the background with the help of optics, open aperture and the correct choice of the focal length, but this effect can be reproduced and in Photoshop.

Let's look at how to make a background blurred in Photoshop.

How to blur background in photoshop

Open a photo in Adobe Photoshop.

First create a copy of the source layer. To do this, you can either select the menu item Layer / "Layers" → Dublicate Layer ... / "Create a duplicate layer ..." or by the mouse drag the layer icon on the icon for creating a new layer on the layer panel.

Like other effects, the blur is best to apply to copies of the source layer. Click on the upper layer.

If you just bother the background in Photoshop and leave a sharp only a girl, then the picture may look unnatural. In order to achieve a more realistic effect, it is necessary to emulate the shooting with an open diaphragm and a small depth of field. With such a shooting, the blur occurs smoothly. The farther from the point of focus, the stronger. Here we will try to achieve such an effect.

Blur parameters are not very large, for a start, 5-10 pixels will be enough. Press OK. And we see that the image on the screen has become blurred. Now again duplicate the source layer Background. . The double will appear on top of the layer panel with the title "Background Copy 2" . To this new copy of the source layer, apply a filter "Gaussian blur" But this time I set the blur radius more than in the previous case. We had 12 pixels.

For the last time we repeat the sequence of actions - copying the layer → Blur copy. Now the blur radius is even more, about 30 pixels. But the specific value will depend on the size of your image.

As a result of these operations, we obtain 4 layers - the source sharp layer and three layers with blur, while the degree of blur increases with each layer.

Now our task is to make a smooth transition from a strong blur to weak depending on the distance from objects to the girl (it should be in focus and sharp).

The most correct thing is to draw "sharpness" on the mask manually, because only you can determine the remoteness of objects in the photo; Automation of this can not be done. But we will go easier way.

We add a mask to the upper layer, since it is the greatest degree of blur.

Mask is a kind of stencil. In those places where it is black, areas on the layer, to which it is applied, cease to be visible. White areas are completely visible. Therefore, to achieve a smooth and natural effect, we will use a tool Gradient Tool / "Gradient Tool" » .

We choose a gradient with the transition from white to black and put it on the image from top to bottom. Thus, only the upper part remains from the most blurred layer, which smoothly "disappears" and opens the underlying layer, where the blur is not so strong.

Here we have a smooth transition between the two degrees of blur. You have been done on the layer Background Copy 2. With the average degree of blur. Only in it must be made a smooth transition from the middle part of the frame to the bottom, which means the center of the gradient should be lower than in the previous case.

Until we pay attention to the fact that the figure of the girl is also blurred, we'll figure it out later.

Blur in the photo already looks quite natural, one small bar remains - blur the foreground. Click on the layer Background Copy. on which the weakest blur, add a mask to it and impose a gradient.

Now you need to do so that only the figure of the girl remains harsh. In essence, we need to add another mask to each of the layers with blur, which will hide the blur on the figure of the girl. In order not to draw three times the same masks, we will do as follows.

Add a new folder using the command CREATE NEW GROUP / "Create a new group" In the bottom of the toolbar in the layer panel. In the folder that appears, we move the three layers with a blur and their masks. It is important to observe the sequence of the layer and transfer them in the same order in which they were.

Now you can add a mask to the folder. It will influence all layers that have merged into this group - very convenient.

On a black brush mask, gently paint the girl's figure. To achieve a better effect, work should be done at a 100% increase in frame, changing the characteristics of the brush.

As a result, we had a snapshot with a naturally blurred background, and we learned how to make a blurred back background in Photoshop.

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