Upholstered furniture with your own hands, detailed guide for newbies

Homemade household items always attract attention. They are original, unique, the particle of the Master's soul is laid in them. Unique upholstered furniture with your own hands can look no worse factory. Its manufacturer can even be a novice master. Created personally, the subject of the interior will decorate the dwelling, give him identity and color.

Nuances of selecting models

No apartment costs without upholstered furniture. There are a large selection of sofas and chairs in the shops, but options made with your own hands allow you to create a special atmosphere and comfort. The novice master will be able to personally make a number of interior items, including:

  1. Frameless soft furniture is sewn from various materials, stuffed with holofiber, polystyrene foam or polyurethane foam. There are various models of such furniture: small sofas, chairs bags, sun beds.
  2. With a rigid design - these are sofas, chairs, beds with a metal frame or wood frame.

Upholstered furniture in loft styles, high-tech, minimalism has simple rectangular designs without an unnecessary decor. It is from such forms that it is better to start the master working at home.

On a frame basis

Material overview

With materials for frameless furniture, everything is simple. For its manufacture, any dense fabric is suitable. Making frame soft furniture requires a more thorough approach. It consists of parts, for each of which various materials for the manufacture are required:

  • Frame - Material must be durable, environmentally friendly;
  • The basis - it requires reliability, the ability to withstand heavy loads;
  • filler - needed for soft furniture;
  • Upholstery - gives a complete aesthetic appearance.

Before choosing the material, you should carefully read the characteristics of each. Advantages and disadvantages, as well as cost - the main indicators for the right choice.

For the manufacture of upholstered furniture, fillers, leafy and upholstery materials are used. The species of sheet materials for frames, as well as their advantages and disadvantages are presented in the table.

Material Dignity disadvantages
Chipboard - plate of pressed chips and sawdust High strength, price availability Spars under the influence of moisture
Fiberboard - Warfather Plate Excellent insulating properties, simplicity in processing and installation, relatively low cost Swells under the influence of moisture
LDSP - Panel of pressed wood covered with a special film Environmental resistance, simplicity of processing, external appeal, low cost Moisture permeability, low resistance to mechanical loads
OSB - oriented chipboard Resistance to external influences, minimal presence of harmful chemistry Disadvantages depend on the brand and manufacturer. Some plates contain harmful phenols and formaldehydes. They are only suitable for outdoor work.
Plywood - Plates obtained as a result of gluing sheets of wood Available, environmentally friendly material High price, low strength
Array of wood (solid wood) Natural, durable, environmentally friendly material High price

Considering what modern upholstered furniture makes, it is worth paying attention to the filler:

  1. Porolon is a polyurethane foam. It is often used as a soft filler. Nice furniture foam is distinguished by high strength and elasticity. The best brands ST 2536 and HR 3535.
  2. Sintepon is a canvas, which includes synthetic fiber. Fibers are fasten with an emulsion or thermal way. In the furniture manufacturing, the most dense synthetone is used - 150 g / m2. Material is resistant to moisture. He is not afraid of temperature differences. Well restores the form. Singry procession is placed on top of the foam rubber. This allows you to increase the slide, prevents the formation of folds.
  3. Vatin - knitted canvas with rare weaving filled with technical cotton. Used as a filling material that increases the softness of furniture.
  4. Felt - expensive natural material made from sheep wool by felting. In the manufacture of furniture felt is used to impart rigidity, strength, durability.

One type of filler for upholstered furniture is not enough. Porolon will require additions. What to choose - depends on the purpose of the specific product and the requirements for it.

In the manufacture of upholstered furniture with their own hands, special attention should be paid to upholstery materials. The table shows the most used fabrics.

Material Dignity disadvantages
Flock It has an attractive appearance. Resistant to mechanical damage, the animal wool does not stick to it, the material does not fade, it is easy to clean Over time wipes, delays odors
Artificial suede Material durable and wear-resistant Prone deformation
Leatherette Easy to care, does not absorb moisture, does not wipe, it looks attractive Susceptible to mechanical effects - scratches quickly appear on it
Jacquard Soft durable fabric for furniture upholstery. Durable and wearless Does not tolerate moisture
Shenille Long does not fade, does not absorb smells, not deformed Absorbs moisture. Claws of a pet significantly reduce his life
Tapestry It is distinguished by a variety of colors and high strength. Resistant to moisture Burns out in the sun, quickly wipes
Rogozhka. Durable wear-resistant monophonic fabric. Differs in a wide range of gamut. Keeps the form well, does not occur, does not give shrink Does not withstand mechanical exposure and high loads

When choosing a upholstery material for the manufacture of upholstered furniture with your own hands, you should focus on the purpose of the items. For the upholstery of summer furniture will be suitable for leatherette. On the soft furniture for the nursery, it is better to pull the suede, angle or tapestry. In the living room, where the hosts are invited to guests, the interior will decorate a beautiful sofa, an upheld with flock, shenill or furniture velor.

Required tools

The technology of making upholstered furniture involves the presence of certain tools:

  • Drill - this basic tool required to create holes;
  • The screwdrity is necessary for the installation of furniture accessories, screwing and unscrewing the screws;
  • Lobzik - without it, do not do when cutting and creating various cuts;
  • The grinding machine is needed for stripping the surface, aligning the cut line;
  • Roulette is needed to perform measurements;
  • Metal meter line is needed for surface markup;
  • caliper - universal tool for determining thickness and depth;
  • steel salt will help level corners;
  • The level will specify the accuracy of the position of the planes in the vertical and horizontal position;
  • Simple pencil - they are applied lines markup.

Almost all these tools are in the arsenal of a home master. Furniture production at home in the larger does not need it will be enough.

Designing and calculations

To understand how to make a sofa itself, you should first design it on paper. This will help to consider the model in detail and work out the details. Then you need to try it out. This will require basic parameters: Length and width.

Deciding with dimensions, proceed to the drawing. It is best to use a millimeter. For these purposes, the sheets will have to be glued together. You can perform an outline on scale, but if the master makes the furniture for the first time, it is better to make drawings in full size. All items are applied on them, their exact location is determined, fasteners are thought out. Only completely by placing everything on a sheet of drawing paper, start cutting.

Special programs are used to create a drawing, for example, AutoCAD. But if a person has never come across similar applications, he will take time to familiarize himself. In this case, it is better to use pencil and paper. The accurate drawing will help determine the consumption of the material. For this, the main details are measured, their area is calculated and summed up.

The drawing will help determine the required amount of screws and furniture accessories, as well as the consumption of upholstery. This amount is calculated similar to frame plates. When calculating the upholstery, you should not forget about the allowances.

Stages of independent manufacture

When the drawing is ready, it's time to start making. It all starts with a frame - the foundations of any upholstered furniture. Next set the basis. After that, start the filler. The work ends with an upholstery.

Creating a frame and details

To make a frame, mark and drink it base. This is done in accordance with the drawing using the jigsaw. If the design is large, then the base is divided into parts that are processed separately. Frame base is a rectangular fragment. If it is made of individual parts, then all of them must be carefully fitted.

Next cut vertical racks and horizontal partitions. They are going to the box. For reliability, at the base of the parts, the removals forming the clutch are cut, - spike grooves. Then the parts are grinding and covered with a mourn. It will help protect the frame from negative external influence. The dried frame elements are additionally connected by metal corners.

Installation of the base

The base is placed on the prepared box, which is a rectangular sheet. It is glued to the frame of it with carpentry glue or screwed up with self-draws. The fastener should be dried in the thickness of the material, making special holes under the tapping screw. In the future, this will help avoid fabric damage.

The presence of wooden lamellae is a necessary condition for the production of orthopedic furniture. These are elastic slats, which are fixed on the frame instead of a rigid base. This design helps to distribute the load during sleep. Planks are made of stewed wood. They are attached to the frame using metal brackets. It is possible to fix rivets from rubber or plastic. With lamellas, you can collect a more convenient and high-quality sofa.

Creating an inner layer

The optimal thickness of the seat is 100 mm. It is recruited from the foam rubber of two species - 40 mm and 20 mm. It will take 2 cuts with a thickness of 40 mm and one - 20 mm. Porolat is cut in accordance with the drawing of the base. One layer is superimposed on the other and glued. At home, adhesive for polystyrene foam "Titan" is used. In order to save the average layer, you can lay out trimming. But on the basis and at the top there must be a whole foam.

For greater comfort, the sofa make multi-layered. The main layer remains foam rubber. For softness before the upholstery, add the upper layer from the synthetic winterizer. This material also performs aesthetic function. It helps rounding the corners and gives the necessary outlines. So that the seat does not fail with loads, the strata of the foam rubber is fetter.

Tightwork cloth

Towing a sofa with a cloth happening in the following order:

  1. In accordance with the drawing, the details of the upholstery are cut. Before opening their contours are applied to the fabric using a knead or tailor chalk. On the perimeter, the part is added 5 cm on the champ.
  2. Details of the upholstery are superimposed on the part of the sofa intended for them, they are straightened and secured by the stapler. During operation, the fabric is well stretched. Cleaning upholstery will quickly come into disrepair.
  3. Special attention is paid to the corners. So that they do not round, the fabric is neatly laid inside. If possible, the corners are better to flash. This will help to keep the form for a long time.

The main thing in the upholstery of the sofa is attentiveness and good tension. If the question arises, how to upgrade the sofa, then new upholstery details are cut in old cloths. Capes on the sofa are sewn on the same principle.

Features of the manufacture of furniture with a transformation mechanism

The transformation mechanism allows you to lay the sofa, increasing the bed area. Currently, there are several types of its varieties:

  • The book - the back of the sofa leans back;
  • Tango - a modified book with a back, which is fixed in an intermediate position;
  • Eurobook - the sofa seat is rolled forward on the rollers, the back is descended into the freed space;
  • Pantograph - the seat simply moves forward with special handles;
  • French clamshell - a sleeping place consists of three sections that are stacked on each other, it is enough to pull one part ahead to decompose the entire sofa;
  • Italian clamshell - unfolded in two stages: first the back of the sofa leans forward and relies on the sofa seat, then the entire design turns around its axis and declines.

The most simple for self-making eurobook, pantograph and french clamshell. In the first version, it is enough to supply the sofa seat with rollers. In the second - make a seat of three parts, attaching metal legs from the back side.

The novice master is better to try his hand at simple models, with experience you can move to products with a transformation mechanism. For the first job it is better to choose materials cheaper. Immediately may not all happen, it takes a remission or a complete replacement of a spoiled part.


How to make uphill furniture with your own hands?

With the need to independently perform the repair of furniture or, for example, to make a sofa drawing, each man came across in his life. Making furniture yourself, this is a completely different process, the result of which will be the exclusive, made only by your own item! It may seem for you that the manufacture of upholstered furniture with your own hands is a very difficult job. In fact, it is not so! Of course, having a joinery skills, it will be easier for you to make a frame, which can then be sewn. From this article you will learn all the details of the framework of the frame for upholstered furniture and its upholstery.

The most responsible moment of the entire process of manufacturing furniture with their own hands is preparation. The more responsible and thoughtful you come to the fulfillment of work at this stage, the better, the ultimate result will be more efficient and aesthetically. First you need to decide on the functionality of future furniture, it will determine the choice of material, upholstery and fittings.

Now you need to prepare drawings and sketches of all elements of future furniture. Having drawing skills you can do it yourself, otherwise you can find the necessary drawings and sketches on the Internet. Absolutely all sizes and shapes of furniture elements must be calculated, before starting work and are drawn on paper, in a reduced scale. Remember: a qualitatively performed, detailed drawing, with all the necessary explanations - the key to the good result of the process of independent manufacture of furniture.

You may want to come up with the design of furniture yourself, but the study of factory items will not be superfluous, so you can understand how to fix certain details, and what accessory is required for a specific type of furniture.

We choose the material for the manufacture of furniture

The main materials used for the manufacture of furniture is:

  • DVP, chipboard;
  • wooden bars;
  • Flexible sheets of MDF.

The main types of filler, which are used in the manufacture of upholstered furniture, is polyurethane or foam rubber. The thickness of the material depends on which part of the furniture need to be filled. So, the thick filler is used for seats, the back and armrests are filled with a thinner material. Elements of furniture on which the foam rubber will be pre-tightened by a coarse cotton cloth.

Also for assembly you will need:

  • Screws and nails;
  • Fasteners, corners and other metal elements.

All these materials must also be calculated in advance, and included in the list of purchases for the manufacture of furniture, preferably with a margin.

When drawing up a shopping plan, pay special attention to choosing tights for your furniture. The fabric should be durable and high-quality, so before starting work it is better to carry out a small test drive of the selected tightness. Check how easy the contamination is removed from the fabric, whether it is formed on it the arrows and holes from nails. Also, the upholstery material should be harmoniously combined with the interior of the room for which the upholstered furniture is manufactured.

Making elements of upholstered furniture

Making upholstered furniture consists of two stages. The first one is to create a frame. The frame or the base of the upholstered furniture may be rigid, flexible or elastic. Flexible and elastic bases are a box or frame, on one of the parties, which, the support structural elements are installed, allowing the opportunity to fuse. As for tough bases, it is a framework and boxes with plugs of solid fibreboard or plywood.

The manufacture of individual parts begins with their markup on the harvested material. We will check with your drawings several times, and only after that carefully drink the blanks, using the electroller and the joinery. As soon as the cooking process is completed, spend their first fitting to each other. This fitting will show how clear the parts are docked with each other, and whether there is a need to correct errors. If there are even the slightened shortcomings - be sure to correct each element, until it corresponds to the drawing.

Definition of the type of connection details.

The appointment of the future product determines the type of connection in it. Thus, furniture for permanent use in one state is connected by nails, screws, screws and glue. Furniture, which will be folded, is made according to the method of the lapeck attachment. At the stage of the connection, it is important to treat all the sharp corners so that they do not appear through the upholstery, delivering discomfort. Also pay attention to the fact that it is problematic to connect the parts problematic, for this it makes sense to attract additional hands to work at this stage.

Create upholstery of furniture

Important moment in creating furniture upholstery: all elements that require upholstery need to be tangled before the construction of the construction. How to do it? By billets, it is necessary to cut the material and fix on the elements using the bracket. Pay attention to how you cep material - accessories should not be noticeable to others. Remember that when the material pattern, it is necessary to take into account all the soldiers on the furniture, so it makes sense to leave a few centimeters of excess fabric at the edges. After the main theoretical moments considered, let's try to make with your own hands such objects of upholstered furniture as a pouf and sofa.

Making a pouf with your own hands

Puf - a multifunctional item, this is not only an element of decor, but also a comfortable place to store things and sit on it. Puf can be frameless, as well as frame, having a round or rectangular shape, knitted or tinted cloth. We suggest you make it yourself a rectangular frame cube, 400 * 400 * 500 mm sizes. For the manufacture of such a cube you will need the following materials and tools:

  • Wooden ram 150x40x40 mm;
  • a piece of chipboard 1750k2400х16 mm;
  • Material for upholstery, 50mm. (batting, foam, syntheps);
  • Upholstery fabric, dense;
  • sewing machine;
  • 2 piano loops, 4 rollers;
  • Pencil, line;
  • hammer, hacksaw with small teeth;
  • Screwdriver, Self-tapping screw;
  • carpentry glue;
  • Stepper for furniture lifting.

Operating procedure:

We perform the markup of the working surface. For the walls of the pouf, it is necessary to cut two rectangular segments of 370x400 mm in size, and also cut out, with a hacksaw, 2 segments of 370x400 mm, and 1 segment - 400x400 mm. Bar cut into 4 parts, 370 mm long. - Each. From the finished elements we collect the box, the height of which should be 370 mm. We glue the bars on the inner corners of the design using joinery glue, the corners of the frame are fixed by self-drawing. Additionally, the entire design can be strengthened with corners, it will give the pencils greater reliability.

The next step is to complete the upholstery. For this, the upper cover of the product put on a foam rubber sheet, cutting the desired piece of material. For better softness, it is better to use three sideways, glue them between themselves and glue the foam rubber to the upper lid. Next, you need to cut 4 narrow stripes of foam rubber, gluing them into the gap between the lid and the large square of the foam rubber. After that, make a sketch of cutting upholstery, not forgetting to leave 1 cm. On all seams. We also produce all calculations for the lateral sides of the Purph, to the lower and upper rhombus we leave 6cm. material.

Next, the sketch is transferred to the fabric, and the blanks are cut. Now you can proceed to the sewing, first of all flash decorative seams. The finished cover is put on the ottoman, watching the coincides of the corners. A little cutting the corners, and making a bend, bring ready-made upholstery to the box to the box, also approach the lower part of the fabric. Also attach the material and on the top lid. Next, we make tongue from the tissue and nail it to the top cover for easy opening of the POPI.

Now they attach the mechanism by self-drawing by which the lid will open. Finishing the barcode: Attach the four rollers to the bottom of the pouf so that it can be easily moved around the room. Everything! Your pouf made with your own hands ready!

Making a sofa with their own hands

Now let's look at the way of making a sofa, with your own hands. This process is more complex and time-consuming, rather than the manufacture of Purphic, but the result is worth it! As we have already written above, it is very important to consider and design each detail of the future sofa. The main elements of the sofa, it is:

  • framework;
  • seat;
  • back;
  • legs;
  • armrests;
  • Accessories.

Remember: The frame is the most important part of the sofa, because it will be fulfilled, the strength and convenience of the future sofa depends on. For the manufacture of a sofa at home the following materials and tools are used:

  • wooden bar, chipboard, fiberboard;
  • tarp plywood;
  • Material for upholstery (batting, foam rubber);
  • Upholstery fabric, dense;
  • sewing machine;
  • 2 piano loops, 4 rollers;
  • pencil, ruler, scissors knife;
  • a hammer;
  • Screwdriver, Self-tapping screw;
  • electrically jigsaw, electric drill;
  • carpentry glue;
  • Stepper for furniture lifting.

Sofa assembly technology:

On the basis of the drawings, the base of the future sofa is pumped. Phaneru cut out the electric jigsaw, if the product is complex shape - make it from several parts, pushing them among themselves. It is better and easier to drink such a base from the plywood sheets remaining from the old furniture.

Next: fix the vertical racks to the base, and after - horizontal partitions. After the framework of the product, we attach it to the frame with the help of furniture glue and screws. Now we proceed to the installation of the backrest, it should be equal to the size of the sofa base. The backing assembly is made similarly to the frame assembly. The host of such a back should be at least 8 cm., Break it to the base with the help of the corners. Upon completion of the mounting, the frame is processed by sandpaper, as well as paint or varnish - if necessary.

The next step is the manufacture of soft blanks. From the upholstery fabric and the foam rubber you need to make 2 bases with a thickness of 20-30cm. We connect these basics with a furniture stapler or detachable lightning. Porolon needs to be wrapped in a synthetic procession to avoid its quick wear. Finished soft pillows are attached to the base of the sofa with sticky ribbons. This sofa manufacturing technology is the most simple, such furniture is used on the balcony, or in the country. Having learned to make such simple models, you can easily take up a more complex and time-consuming project!

The goods market presents a huge number of upholstered furniture of different models, complete sets in any price category. But often in the interior of the room you want to have an original product in an unusual design design. Upholstered furniture with their own hands is an entertaining process that will allow not only to save money, but also to carry out individual configuration ideas, as well as the appearance of the product. So it is important to know when creating an exclusive object of upholstered furniture?

Required tools and materials

For high-quality manufacturing of the housing of the upholstered furniture, you will need various building materials and tools that will allow you to independently make the desired model. To begin with, it is necessary to determine what material the composite parts of the product framework will be performed. There are several options, from which the upholstered furniture do:

  1. Wood-chipstop (chipboard) - a panel of pressed chips, sawdust - is distinguished by wear resistance and durability;
  2. Laminated wood chipboard (LDSP) - a special film coated facing side of the panel of pressed wood - resistant to environmental factors (temperature drops, enhance humidity), mechanical damage when used;
  3. Warfather plate (Fiberboard) - fibrous material, characterized by a thin structure. It has good thermal insulation, is used as structural elements of the rear or lower parts of the furniture;
  4. Plywood - a material that is glued wood sheets of different thickness, easy to process, is distinguished by strength, durability;
  5. Tree - natural wood is characterized by strength, ecology, durability when used.

And other original sofas ideas

In the manufacture of upholstered furniture, it is necessary to pay attention to the question, how to make the body itself and trim the product with a cloth. Therefore, you need tools designed to work with construction materials and with a cloth:

  1. Hand tools are used for the preparatory stage in the manufacture, assembly of upholstered furniture;
  2. Electrical instruments are necessary for sawing, processing materials;
  3. Additional tools - devices for working with upholstery fabric.
Manual Electric Additional
Yardstick Electric drill Furniture stapler
Square and flexible line Electric logsik Set of brackets
Pencil Grinder machine Stationery knife
Awl Screwdriver Bent needles for flashing
Knife for furniture edge Electric Iron. Carbon black
A hammer Brushes and paints, varnishes and solvent
Screwdrivers with different sizes of tips
Pliers and Kusachachi

How to make good upholstered furniture

In addition to the material that serves as the basis of the body, a number of building elements should be kept under hand:

  • Filler - Porolon, Sintepon, batting;
  • Upholstery fabric - artificial leather, genuine leather, microwavelvet, polyester, flock;
  • Boards and bars.

In the manufacture of upholstered furniture, with their own hands, a sufficient amount of materials and tools are used. First you need to decide on the product design model to compile a list with a set of mandatory devices. This will allow you to stock the most necessary tools. To create an original style in the appearance of upholstered furniture, you can use various decorative elements.

We make furniture with your own hands
Upholstery fabric
Upholstery fabric

Manufacturing technology

How to make upholstered furniture - the main question in the process of independent manufacture, to which you need to come seriously. When creating a soft product, you should consider several principles that will help achieve the desired result:

  1. Choose durable materials, reliable accessories, high-quality filler, wear-resistant upholstery fabric;
  2. Think up the form of a manufactured product: it should be simple to avoid exhausting and spending a huge amount of materials;
  3. The design should be featured by functionality, ergonomics, convenience;
  4. Determine the material and design of the upholstery fabric of furniture for a harmonious combination with the interior of the room.

For the manufacture of furniture, which will last for many years, you need to pay special attention to both the process of assembling the body and the choice of filler material, an external upholstery. Creating a quality product requires strict compliance with production technology.

Measurements and creating drawing

Measurement and calculation of product parameters are the main points of the preparatory stage in the creation of furniture. The quality and convenience of the design depends on it. How to make my hands upholstered furniture beautiful and efficiently? There is a certain algorithm of actions that will help competently organize the beginning of work:

  1. Measure the parameters of the room in which the future subject of upholstered furniture will be placed;
  2. Graphically draw up measurements;
  3. Make drawings, sketches of the future product for clarity;
  4. Create a circuit of cutting, processing, fastenings of components.

Measurement implies a graphic image of the main overall parameters of the room and nuances in the interior of the placement of the future product: plinths, batteries, protrusions, windowsill. On the basis of measurements, the stage of drawing up drawing begins: independently thinking of the size of the components of furniture parts, design features. In the manufacture of complex design, make a sketch at once in several projections and planes. Approximately compiled sketch - the basis of the design of the product model. With the help of special furniture programs (for example, Pro-100), you can design the final version in compliance with all overall proportions. Detailed graphic projects indicating the parameters will help you choose materials for self-manufacture of the desired size.

Filler upholstered furniture
We carry out the measurements of the room
We do measurements
We make a common drawing
Drawing of soft modern furniture
We make the component scheme

Create details and framework

Create furniture with your own hands at home is necessary with the manufacture of frame and the preparation of parts. For this, you will need drawn in advance schemes with accurate measuring data. On the selected material, from which the furniture frame will be made, the markup of the parts are made. The base of the case is wooden supports in the form of bars or the required size for the creation of the product of the desired form. To give a stiffery frame, ergonomic shape can be seen by thin sheet materials.

After careful measurements, cutting blanks - composite framework elements for upholstered furniture with an electric jig or saw. After receiving the finished parts, it is necessary to connect them between themselves to make sure the parts are tightly docked. If the first time did not work out the elements forming a single design, you need to correct the incomprehension to the final compliance.

After cutting parts of the framework, you need to start choosing the type of connection parts. At the stage of creating a body of the product, it is important to pay attention to the processing of parts in order to avoid discovering acute angles and deliver discomfort when used hereinafter. For a longer life of upholstered furniture, it is necessary to choose reliable connecting materials:

  • Tags: furniture corner, confirmation, eccentric screed, rod;
  • Self-tapping screw;
  • Screws;
  • Carpentry glue.

At the framework of the framework, you need to follow a specific algorithm:

  1. Cover the part of the structure that is subject to upholstery with the selected cloth;
  2. Prepare a filler that is selected in accordance with the model of upholstered furniture, as well as upholstery cloth;
  3. Start assembling design.
Fastening components
We make billets
Making the blanks of the sofa
Cut the desired filler dimensions
Fillers for sofas
We are tightening the furniture fabric


The assembly of parts and components is the main stage in creating upholstered furniture with your own hands. There are several stages of production:

  1. Assembly of the base;
  2. Assembly backrest;
  3. Assembling side parts;
  4. Assembly of frameless furniture.

Important parts of the base of the soft furniture are transverse crossbars, which are connective elements of the structure. To assemble the framework of the product at home, you will need an electric tool - a screwdriver with self-draws. It is important to stock joinery glue that will help in the process of docking wooden parts, lubricating elements for a dense connection. For convenient assembly of furniture housing, you can use various angular or curvilinear brackets, metal fasteners. When assembling the base you need:

  1. Do the holes for screws with a drill in the planned locations to facilitate work;
  2. To the lower part of the base to attach to Phaneur;
  3. After connecting all parts, the furniture frame is polished, polished, if necessary, cover with varnish.

The back is pre-prepared from the required material according to the drawing drawn up, is fixed to the product frame with connecting fasteners or joinery glue. Side parts and armrests are attached to the body of the product using connecting fasteners.

Frameless upholstered furniture or a special shape of soft toys are going to be very simple: filler from any material you need to give a certain form. It must be sewn or fasten with a lightning or stapler pre-littered in size by upholstery. If the product consists of several parts, they are fastening according to the configuration.

If the lamella installation is not provided, then all parts of the product before tosing can be wrapped with a soft material of foam rubber, a synthetone or batting to smoke the irregularities, protrusions and acute corners.

We are tightening with a cloth composite pieces of furniture
Assembling base
Bed base assembly
Assembling side parts
Side siblings
We collect a back
We collect the back of the sofa
Create frameless furniture

Installation of lamellae and supports

After connecting parts of the furniture housing, it is necessary to proceed to the base, which can be made of any wood material. The frame of a soft object, for example, a sofa or bed, will not cost without installing lamella - horizontal panels creating additional comfort. There are a number of positive moments of using lamellamas:

  • Ensure a uniform distribution of the load on the product;
  • Ergonomic properties give furniture;
  • Guarantee natural ventilation mattress.

As a lamellae, wooden or bamboo panels of the curved shape are used. Fix the lamellas should be across or along the lower part of the furniture frame with special holders, fasteners, the production of which can be made of plastic, metal or rubber. For reliable fixation, you can use screws. Installing lamellas can be installed in the holes prepared in the lateral parts of the base frame. When fixing the lamellae to the framework of the product, you need to pay attention to their location relative to each other: the norm is 7 panels per base meter.

The frame of the product with lamellas can be fixed on the support legs for maximum stability and prevent mechanical damage to the floor. There are several types of supports depending on the quality of the material used and design:

  • Plastic supports;
  • Wheel supports;
  • Decorative supports;
  • Hidden supports.

Laminations and supports are additional elements in the design of upholstered furniture, ensuring reliability and practicality when used.

How to make a good ball
Fix holders
How to make lamella beds
Fix the lamellas with holders
Krepim Foundation
Krepim Foundation


The choice of material and tightening the upholstery cloth is an important stage in creating upholstered furniture. Upholstery can be different in the composition of the material, quality, color. It is necessary to comply with a certain algorithm of actions so that the result justifies the expectation:

  1. Selection of upholstery material, capes, fillers;
  2. Calculation of the number of materials;
  3. Tighing.

The material of the upholstery fabric depends on the quality, degree of softness, wear resistance and care principles. The filler is distinguished by the degree of rigidity and density. The material between the upholstery and filler will require cotton fabric. The amount is selected in accordance with the drawing, but it is better to increase the metrar about the supply.

There is a sequence of action in the process of tosing.

  • First, cotton and upholstery fabric should be carved from the size of the parts of the product in accordance with the docking parts, sew;
  • It is necessary to fix the filler throughout the perimeter of the product with the help of a construction stapler, and the upholstery fabric - with the help of connecting parts at the bottom. Filter cloth is needed in a stretched state.

Tight up the upholstery fabric is a time-consuming process that requires attention to detail. The size of the size should exactly repeat the dimensions of the composite elements of the body, the back and side parts.

Fix the lamella Samors
Choose a fabric
Choose fabric for furniture upholstery
Film fill
Fold filler on the sofa
Strepler Brepim Upholstery


Decoration is a creative process that requires feeling taste and style. You can decorate as the outer parts of the framework of the product, and the upholstery fabric. There are several interesting materials, how to update and decorate upholstered furniture:

  1. Hillar
  2. Acrylic paints;
  3. Decor of upholstery fabric.

GYLAL is a type of transparent varnish or paint of any shade, distinguished by the lack of smell, easy application. Before applying the surface of the product, it is necessary to clean and degrease. On the smooth part of the product, pre-primed, apply a gumption, proportionally diluted with water. After some time after applying, it is drawn with a wet sponge or rigid brush, images and drawings are applied.

With the help of acrylic paints, you can decorate lateral or supporting pieces of upholstered furniture. Before applying paints, the surface must be cleaned, degrease. A variety of color gamans will create a real masterpiece. Photo resellers are impressive. The color and design of the upholstery should look harmoniously in the interior of the room. The upholstery fabric at the final stage can be supplemented with embroidered applications from any material or is susceptible to a drawing for the formation of a carriage texture.

Decoration is an individual process of creating a unique style in the design of upholstered furniture. Exterior design - business card product.

Making upholstered furniture at home is a laborious process. The necessary tools and materials for the manufacture, following the actions algorithm, the proper manufacturing technology is the key to a positive result. Do not be afraid to embody dreams to reality!

Fresh trim on a sofa stapler
Decor of upholstery fabric
Furniture upholstery decor do it yourself
Prayer armrests
Decor armrests paint


Production of furniture at home the process is of course time consuming. But what could be better than embodiment in the reality of their own unique ideas. Fortunately, today there are any materials and tools in free access. And how to make a sofa with your own hands - read the step-by-step instructions in this article.

Furniture door handling hilarious
Unusual, hand-made furniture is always in demand, regardless of the style and manufacturing materials.

Varieties of sofas for making at home

Before starting to work, it is necessary to decide on the design of the sofa and will be necessary to make its drawing. Design is the most important stage, but not the most difficult. You can make a sofa with your own hands using homemade drawings and assembly schemes, without professional skills. The main types of sofas are as follows:

  • Angular. It happens with a square and rounded corner insert.
  • Book. It is conveniently folded, but welding skills will be required for manufacture.
  • Modular. Consist of several separate blocks.
  • Transformers. This is an excellent option for those who want to save useful space.
Sofa do it yourself
You can surprise guests and relatives, you can collect the sofa with your own hands - it is not so difficult, as it may seem at first glance.

For the manufacture of any type of sofa, it will be necessary to approximately the same set of material and tools. Nevertheless, each design has its own characteristics.

Additional Information. If you independently design the design of the sofa, you can use the help of a special designer: Pro-100, Kitchendraw, Woody.

Corner sofa

The corner sofa is installed in the living room or in the kitchen, if the size of the room is allowed. It may be somewhat difficult to make an angular sofa with their own hands, simpler designs are performed faster and easier. This is a very convenient and practical design that looks spectacular and allows you to place a large number of guests.

sofa do it yourself photo
Even inexperienced master can cope with work, the main thing is to choose the right drawing and purchase quality materials.

Like any other, the corner sofa includes the creation of drawings and assembly schemes, which will help to maximize the size of the product on the material. To begin with, it will take on paper to make the drawings of the future product.

First of all, it is important to develop a total sketch of the product, indicating its length, height, depth and width.

The following is a detailed drawing of all elements, their fastening, partitions and internal boxes. It must be done as accurately as possible so that later all the details can be easily assembled and combined with each other.

  • Materials: plywood, fiberboard, upholstery material, syntheps, fasteners, retractable mechanisms, wheels.
  • Tools: Schurophvet, Electric or Lobzik, Stapler for furniture.
  • Building glue, double-sided tape, pencil, roulette, sandpaper and hammer will be used in the work.
Drawing of sofa
You can make a sofa with your own hands, which will allow you to get the desired thing and save a family budget.

First of all, carry out the size of the parts to the chipboard and the bars. Then they are cut and customized in size to each other. After you can proceed to the assembly of the product:

  1. Frames are made, for which they connect long and short bars into a rectangle. First collect the first frame, then the second. The base is connected with bars or screws.
  2. The lower part is sewn fiberboard. For consolidation, nails use.
  3. Similarly, a corner square insert is made. If the rounded angular part is assumed, for it the material is raised by 90 degrees and attach to the bars of the frame.
  4. Make drawers and connect them with the basis.
  5. The side of the corner part is fixed.
  6. The sofa back is fixed on metal corners.
  7. The facade is closed with a sheet of chipboard or plywood.
  8. Next, the seats are made and puzzled on them.
  9. Mount the loop to connect the seating with the module.

Additional Information. The thickness of the filler is chosen depending on the desired softness. It is better if it is at least 5-10 cm.

After the foam rubber is fixed on each element of the design using glue, it is possible to proceed to the trim and decorative material. From jacquard, flock or any other tissue cut parts from the size of the elements. At the same time, you should leave several centimeters for the allowance. Finished products are attached to modules using a stapler.

To give an attractive view and amenities, you can decorate the sofa with pillows and rollers. You can fill them with residues of foam rubber, but to see any bright cloth. For contrast, you can take the fabric of another color, or choose a coloring under the curtains and wallpapers.

Folding sofa

The folding sofa can be performed in several versions: a sofa book, a sofa clamshell and a roll-out sofa. The difference between them is not essential, so it is not difficult to make any of them if there are skills to make furniture. To begin with, the product scheme is performed, the drawings are drawings of each element, cut the necessary blanks and do the holes. Also need:

  • Frame or furniture shields for seats and backs.
  • Boards DVP, bars, spring blocks, material for the trim, foam rubber, loop.
  • Tools must be the following: Electrolovka, screwdriver, screwdriver, grinding machine, furniture stapler.
  • Screw agents: nails, screws, door loops, construction glue, brackets.
Frame sofa
The sofa can be made from different materials. Each option has its advantages and disadvantages.

Step by step instructions for the manufacture of such a sofa as follows:

  • The back of the sofa is made of furniture shield. Put the rhombid opening and the upper edge of the backrest with an electroll over markup.
  • Produce the support bar and attach it to the wall.
  • On the support is placed on a wooden rail and fasten on the loop of the seat.
  • Perform markup for the loops of the side supports of the seat that will be inserted inside. The loops are fixed with screws and install side supports.
  • Mount the sofa back to the finished design.

Important! The sofa is folded and unfolded thanks to specially intended hooks. Their correct installation will ensure the normal functioning of the sofa.

Drawing of a sofa photo
For upholstery It is worth choosing textiles dense texture, resembling tapestry.

Poropaone is placed on the finished design and are squeezed by upholstery. You can decorate such a sofa using decorative pillows, and cove your plaid. And it is better to sew a removable case - it can be removed and washed with dirt.

Making a children's sofa

The sofa in the children's room should be small and functional. You can use any kind of designs, but the most popular is a sofa-kett. It takes little space, comfortable and easy to fold. For its manufacture, you will need:

  • Materials: Lumber, upholstery fabric, filler.
  • Tools: electric saw, surnippers, jigsaw.
  • Accessories: Fasteners, Roulette, Pencil.
sofa do it yourself ideas
The process of independent design of the structure begins with the preparation of the scheme, the preparation of the necessary materials, instruments of labor.

The technique of assembly sofa-ottuta is as follows:

  • Perform drawings of the product and cut the details on them.
  • Make a frame from boards and copp their corners.
  • Attach wooden canvas with self-draws.
  • Produce a back from plywood or boards.
  • Cut down, collect and mount drawers. If they are not provided, the facade is closed by rail.
  • Connect design elements together.

Important! The design should be durable and safe. All wooden elements are carefully cleaned with sandpaper, covered with a mourn or varnish.

All parts of the product are squeezed with foam rubber, and glued with it with joinery glue. Upholstery material is fixed with a stapler with brackets. The fabric is choosing natural, bright shades. The soft back can be made in the form of a house or machine, which will undoubtedly delight the child. Decorated with cushions in the form of animals.

Drawing of the sofa idea
The choice of fabrics for upholstery and materials for the inside of the sofa is huge - the choice is limited solely by the financial capabilities of a person.

Modular sofa

A feature of the modular design is that they are assembled from individual blocks. Depending on the area of ​​the room, you can complement the product by any elements. For the manufacture of such a sofa, it will be necessary:

  • Plant in advance from which modules and parts will be a product and choose a transformation mechanism.
  • Create a drawing of the overall design and each element separately according to the dimensions.
  • Prepare materials: Wooden timber, chipboard sheets, upholstery material, foam rubber, fasteners.
  • Tools: grinding, screwdriver and furniture stapler.
  • Screw materials: construction glue, roulette, screwdriver set.
sofa do it yourself ideas photo
First of all, the sofa assembly schemes and tools needed to withdraw sizes will be needed for work.

If all this is available, you can proceed to the manufacture of individual elements and assembly of the structure. Since such a model consists of several parts, you can start with any of them. Stages of work for everyone will be the same:

  • Collect the frame according to the drawing of BRUSEV and consolidate them with the help of self-tapping screws. Do for each block.
  • Make a back from bars and chipboard, attach to the base.
  • Make armrests if they are provided.
  • Put the foam rubber on separate elements and secure with glue.
  • Pre-cutting the trim fasten with the brackets with a furniture stapler.
  • Attach the transformation mechanism to the frame and moving elements.

Now you can connect separate parts of the sofa and install it in any room: living room, bedroom or room.

Drawing of sofa ideas photo
To secure the upholstery, the master will need a furniture stapler.

Important! If the presence of a roll-out mechanism is envisaged, you will need to fasten the guides for the rollers to the inside of the frame side. Rollers are fixed on the sides of the movable part.

Such a sofa can be successfully decorated with pre-sewn covers. It is very convenient, because for each part you can sew a coating of another color.

sofa do it yourself photo ideas
Pillows and rollers can also make a highlight into a common type of product and harmonize with other interior details.

Tree leather sofa

Furniture made of wood is distinguished by special strength, and leather upholstery gives solidity and serves for many years. But the manufacture of such a sofa will require a master of a certain skill and excerpt, since it is quite difficult to work with such materials. For the manufacture you will need:

  • Materials: Natural or Eco Leather, Bar, Porolan.
  • Tools: Hoven, Waterpas, Mounting Stapler, Screwdriver.
  • Additional means: self-tapping screws, corner, scissors, roulette, joinery glue, varnish, veil, paint.
sofa do it yourself design
When making a sofa with their own hands, it is necessary to make a sketch of the product.

The manufacture of the design occurs in several stages:

  • Collect frame from wooden bars.
  • Made frame for sofa from boards.
  • Produce a rectangular back and side parts. Cover with wooden planks.
  • Tree is treated with varnish, creating a protective layer from damage and moisture.
  • Stay on the seat design from springs.
  • They are trimmed and proceed to the skin of the skin.

The skin is a durable, but capricious material. Her value itself is not small, but also the process of casing with such a material is painstaking. For this, special needles and thin, but durable threads are applied. Pre-marked parts are cut with a sharp knife, if necessary, the parts are sewn, then the patterns are fixed to the sofa elements. To do this, you can use a glue gun.

Drawing of sofa photo ideas
In order for the product to fit the requirements put forward to it, it lasts long, it looks aesthetic, you should follow certain rules.

Important! When the leather stretching should be taken into account. It is better stretched in transverse than in the longitudinal direction.

From plywood

This is an original and incredibly simple design that will perfectly fit into the interior of the apartment or giving. It is especially good to start with such novice sofas - it will take a minimum of time and financial investments, but it will be possible to work experience. For such a design you need:

  • Materials: plywood, chipboard, foam rubber, upholstery fabric.
  • Tools: Electrode, Mounting Stapler, Screwdriver.
  • Additional means: self-tapping screws, corners, painting brush, marker, scissors, roulette, joinery glue.
sofa do it yourself design photo
If there are no skills of drawing, you can use the finished plan downloaded in the network, taken in the special literature.

The manufacturing process occurs as follows:

  • Choose the design and dimensions of the sofa, make up detailed drawings of all parts.
  • Tolerate sizes on the phaneer, cut the parts.
  • For a frame take a fane or laminated chipboard. Edges are polished by sandpaper.
  • Collect the framework of the technique of the joint in the junction. The frame consists of longitudinal and lateral parts and tightly trimmed.
  • For the rigidity of the frame, the wooden strut is installed on top.
  • Porolan is placed on the phaneer and fasten it with joinery glue.

In conclusion, the product is trimmed with a rough cloth. For the cottage or kitchen it is better to use eco-skin: it is easier to care and more durable. Covered with a darous blanket and decorate soft decorative pillows.

How to make a folding sofa transformer

Such a model is incredibly practical, and it will not be made difficult. With such a design, each meter of the square will be involved. At night, this is a comfortable sleeping place, and in the afternoon - a small but functional sofa. It will take the following for its manufacture:

  • Create a detailed design drawing. The main elements are the carrying box and the base.
  • Materials: MDF boards, Phaneur, furniture nails, loops and upholstery.
  • Tools: saw, screwdriver, grinder, sandpaper, drill and drill.
Drawing a sofa with their own hands
The material for the frame should be high-quality and durable, filler - top grade, upholstery fabric - wear-resistant, should consist of durable fibers.

Pre-prepared all parts of the design, then proceed to the assembly. For a start, two bearing boards are connected by screws, and the lateral board is fixed below. The upper part is enhanced by a transverse timber, attaching on the side of the carrier racks. Also do with the front of the box. Next, perform these steps:

  1. To the end and upper parts of the box with the help of fasteners are mounted lateral trim.
  2. Fasten the front rack. First, the transverse timber is mounted, then the end board is on top of the box.
  3. The plywood leaf is reinforced by vertical boards so that it does not be bitten and then installed to the box.
  4. From plywood, on the sides of which are triangular crossbars, make a folding part of the structure.
  5. Fasten the details of the horizontal board in the end part. For this use selflessness.

Completion connects individual parts of the transformer sofa. It is possible to decorate such a transformer by a cape or cover. Artificial fur or a long-pile fabric will make it more comfortable.

Sofa Transformer
In order for the finished product to serve for many years, it is necessary to take a very scrupulous to the process, to accurately comply with technology.

Video: how to make a sofa do it yourself

Examples of sofas made by their own hands in the photo

Already many masters who tried to make furniture with their own hands, appreciated its advantages. It is saving funds, high-quality materials and the ability to create unique and practical things with their own hands. Below are examples of sofas that can make self-starting masters.

Making upholstered furniture with your own hands

sofa transformer do it yourself

Cozy living room with a sofa and a chair for rest after a hard day

Where do we love to relax after a busy working day? That's right, on the sofa or soft comfortable chair, sitting in front of a TV with a cup of hot tea. Sofas are now a popular object of furniture, in stores a fairly large range. Designers come up with more and more new models. Who follows the fashion and to whom the means allow you to change the sofa to the new one. How to be those who are constrained in finances, and I want to change, or are accustomed to the old comfortable model, and the upholstery have already been lost?

Cozy living room with a sofa and rest chair

Favorite chair after having and replacing old upholstery

Mashed people who at home carried out repairs or changed the upholstery material, make a soft furniture independently wage. Who in this case is new to, who have no certain skills, of course, will be complicated.

Favorite chair after having

Beautiful new case on soft sofa do it yourself

The advantages of creating their own hands

Case on the sofa do it yourself

Beautiful and comfortable upholstered furniture with your own hands

The production of furniture at home is a fascinating process, and most importantly - exciting. There would be a desire and imagination, and not only the sofa will appear in the house, but also another interesting and unusual soft furniture.

Soft furniture with your own hands

Sofa from pallets with soft seats for the country interior

Making upholstered furniture with your own hands has many positive moments or, let's say in other words, advantages:

  • You will implement the most unusual design ideas.
  • This job is entertaining, allows you to gain skills in this interesting business.
  • Allows you to save a family budget. Furniture made independently will cost much cheaper if you bought it in the store.
  • The finished design will be high quality, since you yourself choose the material and components.
  • You will create an original thing that will fully match the interior.
  • Size will suit a certain place to be reserved in the room.
  • In case of wear or other defects, you can easily replace the upholstery material.
  • Upon completion of the work, you will feel the internal satisfaction from the proceeded.
  • The original furniture will become your pride. You will make a soft furniture not only for relatives and friends, how to know, maybe in the future will open your own business.
Sofa from pallets with soft seats

Soft round big pouf made by hand

Little children's sofa do it yourself

Little children's sofa do it yourself

Determine with design and design

Round big pouf do it yourself

Frame of non-standard corner sofa self-making

Before you begin to make your masterpiece, look at the interior of the room, think what model you would like to do. Maybe it will be an unusual design or plan to create a sofa bed. You just want a cozy corner where you can sit, relax, comfortably setting around on the sofa. In general, you need to decide what appointment will be in future furniture. Whether there will be such elements of furniture as armrests in the design (you can make them in the form of a shelter), drawers (or inside it is assumed to storing bedding), folding mechanisms. It is necessary for the general design of the room to pick up the upholstery material, decide on the filler.

Corner sofa frame

Types and coloring of fabrics for furniture upholstery

Types of fabrics for furniture upholstery

Fillers for upholstered furniture made with your own hands

Do you know how to make drawings? Display a future sofa and schemes for the necessary elements on paper. So it will be much easier to make the estimate and understand how much material will be needed.

Fillers for upholstered furniture

Drawing and 3D model of the future sofa

What will take for work

Restoration tools and furniture manufacturing

Restoration tools and furniture manufacturing

Necessary materials Required tools
· Upholstery material;

· Filler (foam rubber 50 mm thick);

· Batting or syntheps as auxiliary material;

· Film sheets and chipboard;

· Boards;

· Bar (40-50 mm);

· Plywood (can be replaced with suitable material);

· Threads.

· Sewing machine;

· Knife, preferably acute;

· Furniture stapler;

· Screwdriver;

· Drill;

· Screwdrivers;

· Pliers;

· Saw;

· Self-tapping screws;

· Glue;

· Roulette;

· Pencil.

Basic principles of making upholstered furniture

Drawing of the future sofa

Original sofa from pallets with soft backsheart do it yourself

In the manufacture of upholstered furniture with their own hands, you must adhere to some principles:

  • First, the quality of the future design. You independently choose the material, folding mechanism, accessories, filler, upholstery, create furniture yourself. Thus, you have a reliable upholstered furniture, which corresponds to the requirements that will serve quite a long time without any breakdown.
  • Secondly, the sofa or other piece of furniture should be flawless in shape, but at the same time simple. This will make it possible to make work on the manufacture of practical, less painstaking, spending the minimum of time and materials, and in the future will significantly simplify the repair and replacement of parts.
  • Thirdly, ergonomic indicators. They determine the ratio of the design of the physical addition of man, its weight and general general requests is a convenient and elemental furniture care.
  • Fourth, correspond to general -est-timber demands - to be not just a comfortable piece of furniture, but to harmoniously fit into the overall environment, correspond to other furniture, fashion, style.
  • Fifth, to meet environmental requirements. In the manufacture of upholstered furniture, materials that do not contain harmful substances or containing their smallest indicator should be used.
Original sofa do it yourself

The process of making upholstered furniture with your own hands

Create upholstery of furniture

Furniture manufacturing process

Palette for choosing materials for furniture upholstery

Before you take up the upholstery of furniture, you need to decide on the material - leather or fabric. Financial opportunities affect the choice. Do not choose the leatherette - it will last long. Remember about the rules: furniture elements need to be covered with a cloth before you begin to collect the structure; When you have to consider the scores to the bending (about two centimeters); Before you begin to cut the material, make blanks.

Unusual materials for furniture upholstery

Drawing of a frame of frameless sofa for self-making

Making the necessary measurements, we calculate the desired length and width of the material. In order for the upholstery for a long time, choose tight fabrics - Shenille, tapestry, jacquard. They are better fit for work. We decompose the workpiece on the selected material, we supply chalk, not forgetting about the allowances, cut out. Thus, make patterns for the back, armrests, rear wall. We sew on the sewing machine and put on the elements of the furniture, then we collect the whole design. Similarly, pillows on the sofa are also sewn.

Drawing of a refumbagonic sofa chair

Elements of cuttings for furniture drying

Finishing Stage - Decoration

Furniture Pattern

A large bed with a soft headboard and soft upholstery, made with your own hands.

Decorating is one of the best options to make the situation uniqueness, elegance, update the interior. If there is a desire, fantasy, you can easily make this work independently without resorting to the help of designers.

Bed with soft upholstery do it yourself

Beautiful covers and pillows for decorating soft corner

Now I found a wide application of a decoupage technique - using thin napkins, you apply various patterns and drawings on the surface of the furniture.

Beautiful covers on the corner

The idea of ​​decorating furniture with shirts with the use of decoupage

The idea of ​​decorating furniture with girlfriend

Replacing filler and fabrics for a chic antique chair

If the upholstery is outdated or in disrepair, you can sew new covers and make decorative pillows. Choosing a fabric for upholstery needs carefully - it should not lift and smell strongly, and the pile should not crumble. In fact, there is nothing complicated in the choice. In order for the furniture to look impressive, the fabrics partners are selected for the upholstery. They are inhabited by armrests and lower lines, for other parts, use cloth with an image or other color. To reduce fabric consumption, choose a single-knit material or small pattern.

Replacing filler and fabrics for a chic chair

An example of decorating upholstered furniture with covers

Not the last role in decorating upholstered furniture plays a filler. If he lost elasticity and asked, it must be replaced so that the furniture was not only beautiful, but also comfortable. From low-cost, foam rubber, batting and synthesis are used. The last option is the most common, applying it as a filler, you decorate furniture in a short time. High-quality syntheps should be the same thickness, sufficiently dense and not to have odor. Foam rubber is no less popular, it must have a small-sized structure. If, when pressed, it is instantly restored, then such a filler will serve quite a long time.

Replacing filler during furniture restoration

Replacing filler during furniture restoration

If the upholstery on his beloved sofa was isolated or stains appeared on it, from which it is impossible to get rid of it, but you feel sorry to throw it out, since the furniture is still strong enough and can last for another one year, then you can make a breath, buying another fabric. If this work is difficult for you, but you are beautiful, then why not make independently new covers, you can add drapery elements. If they are wrapped, they can simply be removed and wrapped.

Beautiful headboard for the bed do it yourself

Beautiful headboard for the bed do it yourself

When choosing a material, take into account the overall environment, interior style and, of course, your taste. It is better if to decorate the tissues of soft colors and sublime shades. Furnitura must match the color of the material. Decorating furniture with your own hands, you will give her a second life, and the furnishings in the house will be original and unique.

Example of decorating with covers

Restoration and updating convenient and usual soft armchairs

Video: Production of the sofa do it yourself, how to make a sofa with your own hands

Interesting options for making upholstered furniture with their own hands:


Furniture Choose furniture in the boy's room Next

Furniture Furniture in the style of Hi Tech - Beauty in Multifunctionality

Restoration and update of upholstered furniture

There are several unusual ways to make a sofa from easily accessible materials. Thus, you will receive a piece of furniture at the minimum cost.


Sofa carcassSofa carcass

The first method implies the use of BRUSIVS, remaining after the construction of large buildings. In addition to timber, the following materials will be required:

  • Porolon, which can be bought at a special store;
  • Lightning with a length of 21 cm, which will be required when sewing a cover;
  • Three zippers of 7 cm, used on pillows;
  • Material for upholstery, for example, tapestry;
  • Corner and metal grid.


Scheme framework from timberScheme framework from timber

Most of the work on the construction of the sofa lies in the construction of the supporting structure from the bar. In order for the process to be more convenient, it is worth making a choice in favor of a bar with a size of 7 × 21 cm, from which you will also do and feet for furniture.


Frame corner sofaFrame corner sofa

No less important in this business is the collection of strong back for the sofa. Since this sofa variant is rather simple and does not provide for the presence of a folding system, the back is made in a similar way with a frame base. The back is fixed based on thick metal corners as hard as possible. How much the back is tilted to choose only to you, relying on your feelings.

Grinding grid

Grinding grid

At the third stage of work, you will be made with a lattice for support on the sofa frame necessary to hold the seat pads. This is performed using a metal chamber grid from the old bed. Fixing the grid on a wooden base with metal brackets, you will receive the necessary result. For greater reliability on longitudinal frame bars, glue several transverse.


Upholstery fabricUpholstery fabric

Start a soft upholstery in the following sequence:

  • Cut two pieces of foam rubber corresponding to the sampled sofa size and a thickness of at least 15 cm;
  • Cut out the cut items with the material, for example, tapestry, connecting them with zipper;
  • Using a decorative tape, attach the mattresses to the supporting structure. You will receive the tape from the upholstery and velcro. One end of the tape will fasten with small carnations on the frame, and the other on the tapestry case;
  • She sewed three covers from the same upholstery material and equipping them with lightning, bring them to the residues of the foam rubber. There should be three pillows.


Self assembly sofaSelf assembly sofa

This method is suitable for people who do not have skills in working with wood. This option is a bit simpler and for its implementation you need to stock:

  • two shut-off door flaps;
  • metal brackets;
  • wood hemp;
  • foam
  • Material for upholstery.

How to make a sofa: manufacturer's instructionsWooden option The base and back in this sofa model will be two used wood door flaps. You will need to pre-make them clean from old coatings and contaminants, and then process the grinding machine.

Next, the sash are painted in your chosen color, while trying to match the general interior of the room in which the sofa will be installed in the future. You can prefer the wooden surface with a veneer.

Using nails, strengthen one sash on a wooden hemp of the appropriate size, and then with a metal bracket and glue, lock the second part on it.

After that, start making a mattress: Cut the foam-rone of the same size with the seat and cover it with a dense cloth (good fit for this). Already on top of this material there will be a bright tissue of good quality.

The main requirement is the construction of the maximum strong and reliable frame base. It is on him that the entire main burden falls, and if you neglect this requirement, you can get injured during the operation, and it will not last long. Based on this, you can choose another material for the basis that meets the requirements.

You can beat the finished design as you like, it all depends on your preferences and fantasies.

Corner sofa

Corner constructionCorner construction

For the manufacture of an angular sofa, it is not necessary to use complex compounds, such as thorns, as well as expensive materials. For work we offer to apply the following material, the volume and amount of which depends on the size:

  • Bar 30 × 50 mm;
  • Chipboard;
  • Fiberboard;
  • plywood, 5 and 15 mm thick;
  • Self-tapping screws and screws on a tree;
  • nails;
  • Sintepon, with a density of 140-170 g / days;
  • batting;
  • Foam, thickness 20 and 40 mm with a density of at least 30 kg / m 3;
  • adhesive for foam rubber and joinery glue;
  • foam crumb;
  • furniture fabric;
  • lifting mechanism;
  • Furniture legs height 5 cm.

When connecting parts, it is not recommended to use nails. They quickly fall out, and the sofa will creak and as a result fall apart. Therefore, for the connection it is best to use a self-tapping screw.

As for the tool, it will take:

  • wood hacksaw;
  • Stuslo;
  • screwdriver;
  • stapler;
  • sewing machine;
  • knife.

Configurations and dimensions of blocks of the corner sofaConfigurations and dimensions of blocks of the corner sofa

Each block of construction is made of a frame, which is based on a bar, chipboard and plywood stove. Internal space in blocks 1 and 2 can be used rationally, making removable covers. For their supports around the perimeter of the frame, a ram of 20 × 30 mm is fixed. It is installed below the top slice on the thickness of the cover plate. So that the lid is convenient to lift, it can drill the holes for the fingers.

Frame design unit 1Frame design unit 1

Block 1 and 2 in its design is the same. The only difference in their size. The first unit is equal to the size of 100 × 60 cm, and the second is 60 × 60. It is the second block that will be in the corner of the design and connect the first and third block. As for the third block, you can make a retractable seat drawer. Due to this, the useful area of ​​the sofa will increase. To do this, you can install a retractable or rotary mechanism.

The retractable box will also be equipped with a lid of chipboard. If it is easy to assemble, then it may be difficult for the manufacture of legs. Why? When the drawer hits, they will interfere with the sofa body. Therefore, instead of the legs, it is necessary to increase the height of the front side of the drawer. When laying an angular sofa, it will serve as a reference platform. And to make a box easily, you can fix furniture wheels to the bottom.

Block 3.Block 3.

The lid for the third block (specified in the diagram) can also be made removable. Inside, for example, bed linen can be folded.

Seat cushion size should be equal to the size of the drawer. Therefore, when the box will be moved, the pillow is removed and put on it instead of a mattress.

Rear backrest design corner sofaRear backrest design corner sofa

Now it's time to make a back to the corner sofa. The manufacturing process looks like this:

  • You have 3 bars horizontally and as on the illustrations, connect them with vertical racks. The height of the back in our case will be equal to 105 cm.
  • The lower second timber will be located at a height of 25 cm. They will serve to fix the back to the sofa.
  • The top bar will be used for the base of the fastening of the casing and provide the necessary stiffness of the structure.
  • The frame on both sides is trimmed with a plywood thickness of 5 mm.
  • In order to avoid the appearance of hooks and irregularities when laying up the upholstery fabric, all corners are treated with sandpaper.
  • The lateral foam rubber is glued on the side and facial surface, due to this upholstery will be soft.

Finally, it remains to sew the entire sofa, including the backs selected by the material.

Fastening upholsteryFastening upholstery

Before that, make all the dimensions, and after cutting out a cloth with an allowance for a sample. Carnate material can be stapler. The place of attachment should be on the invisible part of the end of the panel. Make sure that the fabric does not frown on the corners. As for the manufacture of pillows for the back and seat, they can be made of a foam rubber with a density of 140-170 g / days and a thickness of at least 10 cm. It will also be necessary to sew a case with zipper. This will allow, if necessary, remove the cover and wipe it.

Sofa bed.

Sofa bed.

The sofa can perform several functions. So, it can be used for short-term recreation during the day and for a full-fledged holiday at night. Consider a sequence of work. Schemes will be attached to the description, so you can clearly see the manufacturing process.


Build sidewallBuild sidewall

From the boards, a thickness of 19 mm cut off two blanks with a length of 775 mm and 381 mm. Of them collect the frame a / c. The same size is cut from plywood panel. At first, the frame gluits, and after drying the glue twisted with self-draws. After that, cut off the BS. S. Thanks to them will ensure the reliability of the fastening of the bed tie. The thickness of the boss is equal to the thickness of the frame. These parts glued with the frame and are deposited on the sides for drying.

Now it's time to cut the blank D (size of 381 × 775 mm). In the collation of the milling the milling mill. It will perform a sample of folding 3 × 6 mm all over the perimeter of the workpiece, but only from the front side. After that, take the 2 panels that will be located on the inner side of the sidewall and connect them with a bilateral scotch face to face. On one of the panel, mark the place to make the holes Ø19 mm, which will indicate the end and the beginning of the slot. Further through both panels drill in the intended place of the hole.

Manufacturing of holes and chamferingManufacturing of holes and chamfering

Next, spend lines between the holes. Disconnecting the panel. Slide the jib of the slot. To make sure the slopes of the slits, carry out the Ø19 mm dust inside them. If necessary, sandpaper can be finalized, where the size does not correspond to 19 mm. In completion, you should remove the chamfer on the edges of the slots, 3 mm wide with the front side of the part. The bottom of the folds are painted by Morilka, so you will emphasize the shadow gap, which is formed between the sidewall and edge of the panel.

Manufacturing step by stepManufacturing step by step

Now you can try on the panels made to the previously made frames. At the edges, both parts must completely coincide. After these manipulations, cut the side and lower / top details of the edge e and F. They must be cut off with a switch to 25 mm in length. For their docking edges, cut under an angle of 45 °. The edging is connected to the frame with glue and screws. If necessary, the assembled parts are polished by sandpaper.

Legs and armrests

Legs and armrests

For the manufacture of legs, cut the block parts G, the cutting of the legs I, the spacer J and the front panels of H. Billets G and H are connectible with each other so that the side and lower sides of the parts come together. After, using clamp, secure the blanks to the screeds I and perform the spray holes.

The spray hole is performed for the secret screw head. To do this, it is best to insert a screw with the head of the desired diameter in the cartridge. When using drill, chips can be formed, especially when drilling holes in plywood.

The resulting hole is used to connect the screens and legs. Around the bottom end of the legs, throw the champions in 3 mm. After that, the resulting element is polling the sandpaper. If you wish to give the billets a special tone or color, you can processes their verses.

Spacers J must be connected to the lower sides of the sidewall. Make sure that there are no protrusions. The leg is attached and it is also necessary to align it at the edges of the workpiece F. Through the screeds I make the hole, squeeze it and connect the parts by self-draws. From the opposite side, it is necessary to make an armrest of the appropriate size. The armrest should play in front of the front and rear, and the inner panels should be in short.

Back and seat

Back and seatBack and seat

For the manufacture of the back and seats, several blanks should be cut down: stand M, upper crossbar N, lower crossbar O, side bars q, lining R, back s and front seat crossbar T. For manufacture, you can use a 50 mm board for manufacture. As for the seat panel U and backs, they can be done later.


Now in the side bars q and the rack M drill holes and cekkovka, and to the side bars q fasten the lining R.

Cequet is a process of a crumpled, which implies a stripping of the end surface. As a rule, the cekesk is performed in the form of atmospheres that have ended teeth. This process is performed under the washer, nuts or stubborn rings.

In the racks, perform the grooves 38 mm width. Also make false at the end of the front crossbar T width 76 mm, and at the end of the upper crossbar N and the rear S - 38 mm.


Fastening stopsFastening stops

Further in the details of M, N, O, Q, S, and T perform the tongue with a depth of 6 mm. To do this, use the mill.


Spool implies a longitudinal ledge on the edge of the board or bar. It enters the appropriate groove of another board with a similar shape. This method of compound is known as the t-shirt.

After that, take the workpiece N and T and knock on them rounding with a radius of 12 mm. Also perform SCOS 15 °. At the ends of the part n, t and s, make the cekets with a depth of 8 mm, the forster drill Ø10 mm, and in the center of the cekhovka, make the mounting holes.

Drill ForstenerDrill Forstener

At the next stage, the time of making the back and the seat P and U is it. Cutting them off according to the specified dimensions around the perimeter of the part, the folding folder width 10 mm throughout the perimeter should be performed. At the same time, the process should form ridges. They should enter the billets T, S, Q, O, N and M, The performed holes on the details of T, S, N and M drill the hole in the panel and fix the parts by the screws. In the cekkovka, after you need to glue wooden plugs / plugs. At the end, these plugs should be pulled out with a blank.

Now it is necessary to make the stops V at one end with the bevel. It must be pressing the clamp to the seat on the designated place. After drumping holes, rip them and secure the screw. Around the end, pass the face 3 mm and cut a cut with a length of 57 mm. As a result, you will need to make 4 such details and consolidate them into the holes of the backrest. At this stage, you still need to make four wooden washers, a thickness of 6 mm and Ø127 mm. These spacers smoothly sply.

Finishing and assembly

Finishing and assembly

To connect the backs, you must cut the Tsargi L. directly before assembling the sofa bed, make sure that there are no sharp corners and chips. If necessary, they should be pulled out by sandpaper. Finally, it remains to carry out the trim, as well as the final assembly. Closely adhering to the schemes and stated step-by-step instructions, you will manage to do all work yourself.

Sofa book

Sofa book

Making upholstered furniture is a difficult process. It requires accuracy, care and hard work. We invite you to familiarize yourself with the instruction of the manufacture of a book of a book, which in the unfolded state will have dimensions of 1400 × 2200 mm, and in the folded 1000 × 2200 mm. To do this, you will need to prepare the following material:

  • Board with a thickness of 25 mm: 1000 × 50 (12 pcs.); 800 × 50 (2 pcs.); 800 × 200 (2 pcs.); 1900 × 200 (2 pcs.);
  • Bar: 50 × 50 × 200 (4 pcs.); 40 × 50 × 330 (4 pcs.); 40 × 60 × 530 (6 pcs.); 40 × 60 × 1790 (2 pcs.); 40 × 60 × 1890 (2 pcs.);
  • adhesive for foam rubber;
  • staples for a stapler 16 and 10 mm;
  • self-tapping screws 89d and 51 d;
  • nails 70 and 100 mm;
  • nuts 8 and 8 mm;
  • Furniture bolts: 6 × 70 (8 pcs.); 6 × 40 (4 pcs.); 8 × 120 (4 pcs.);
  • Fliselin - 4 m;
  • foam;
  • Fabric 6 m / n and 1.4 m wide;
  • Fiberboard 1.7 × 2.75 3,2mm thick (1 sheet);
  • holders (64 pcs.) and wooden lamellas (32 pcs.);
  • Legs 4 pcs.
  • 1 set of mechanism for a book sofa.

Prepare also the following set of tools:

  • stapler;
  • Rozhkov keys;
  • set of drills;
  • drill;
  • screwdriver;
  • a hammer;
  • roulette;
  • pencil;
  • Corolnic;
  • hacksaw.

If you have all the above, you can start work.

Step-by-step instruction

Step-by-step instruction

First of all, it is necessary to make frames for the armrest, the box under the underwear, the back and the seats. To begin with, we collect the box for linen. To do this, use:

  • 4 bars 40 × 50 (50 × 50) 200 mm long;
  • 2 boards 25 mm, 50mm width and 800 mm long;
  • 2 boards with a length of 800 mm and a width of 200 mm;
  • 2 boards with a thickness of 25 mm (40 mm thick or plywood 20 mm), a length of 1900 mm and a width of 200 mm.

From the board with a length of 800 and 1900 mm collect the frame, amplifying the design of transverse rails. The design of the design is navalized, the corresponding size is nailed. Next, you must collect the back and seat of the sofa. The size of the bed must be quite spacious, so consider it during the calculations. So, collect 2 equal frames, size 1890 × 650 mm from a bar of 40 × 60 mm. The frame from the bar is best to fasten with self-draws. To do this, pre-drill the hole Ø8 mm to a depth of 10 mm. After making the frame, it is necessary to fix the lamella to hold the mattress.

Assembling lamellaAssembling lamella

At the next stage, make armrests. For this purpose, you can use a 16 mm thick chipboard. Cut the left and right armrest, in size specified in the photo:

Assembling backAssembling back

Further make a wooden frame. At the same time, it must be 20 mm shorter than chipboard. After in the frame, you perform Ø8.5 mm holes and insert the bolts of 8 × 120 mm in them and then the frame is sewn. On the linen drawer also drill holes, only Ø10 mm.

Base boxBase box

Now individual parts of the sofa are collected in one. A special transformation mechanism is also used. When assembling two frames, consider the fact that in the unfolded state between them it was at least 10 mm, and in the folded state, the seat did not speak for the armrest.

Assembly of the carcassAssembly of the carcass

After that, the frame must be seduced. Here is a foam and prepared fabric. Do not forget to see the fabric and handle the bridal armrests.

Latest strokesLatest strokes

Sofa transformer - its types

Types of transformer sofaTypes of transformer sofa

There are several types of transformer sofas:

  1. Book. This model is one of the easiest. Declaring the sofa is formed extra bed. And for amenities, springs are installed in the back.
  2. Eurobook. With easier delaying, the sofa seats is conveniently unfolded, and pillows are stacked on the resulting free space.
  3. Picky. The bottom is movable. As a result, a full-fledged sleeping place is drawn. This model has the main drawback - rapid wear of the mechanisms.
  4. Sofa Dolphin. This type of construction is most often made by the corner. With its extension, two beds are obtained. And the extra bed rises from under the stationary part.
  5. Sofa Accordion. This model is compact enough, consisting of 3 parts, which are laid out and folded.

Video: EUROBING assembly on plywood block

Video: Chester sofa production

If you still decide to buy a sofa or make it to order, then contact the online store of furniture. On the Internet you can find cheap options for various forms: both direct and corner.


Corner sofa from palletsCorner sofa from pallets

Comfortable homemade sofaComfortable homemade sofa

Sofa Dolphin with drawersSofa Dolphin with drawers

Design AccordionDesign Accordion

For receptionFor reception


Sofa Click-klyakSofa Click-klyak

Sofa book

Sofa Lit.Sofa Lit.

On a metal supportOn a metal support

Sofa pantographSofa pantograph


Sofa transformerSofa transformer

Eurobook sofa designEurobook sofa design

Island sofaIsland sofa


Corner construction

Corner sofa bedCorner sofa bed

Corner sofa accordionCorner sofa accordion

Retractable sofa on wheelsRetractable sofa on wheels


Schemes depicted various sofa production options:

Drawing of the sofa assemblyDrawing of the sofa assembly

Drawing of the assembly of the sofa accordionDrawing of the assembly of the sofa accordion

Sofa Sofa Click-KlyakSofa Sofa Click-Klyak

Measurement schemeMeasurement scheme

Building sofa eurobookBuilding sofa eurobook

40 simple sofas that can be made independently

from Aleksey | DIY Vintage Decor Workshop Furniture | Wednesday, February 07, 2018

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I am sure that each of you came across a lot of problems when buying a sofa in the living room. Does not suit the size, color of wood, quality materials or price. And with the words "Oh, all" ran out of furniture stores in upset feelings. I hurry to inform you that I found a pill. Why not make a sofa independently? If you want to make a sofa for a holiday in the garden, I advise you to look at our article - 10 simple projects of garden sofas .

Neither for sarcastic applause, it is really a good way to save money and make exactly what you wanted. If you have minimal work skills and the necessary tool, then this task is forces. Take a look 40 ideas of sofas Maybe it will inspire you and save your family budget. Enjoy ...

The sofa is so ... He is a man to fill up - spit once!

Short video about how to make a simple sofa

Easy way to make a modern sofa

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Modern sofa made of multiple plywood layers This manual shows in detail the stages of creating a modern sofa from plywood with comfortable sides and soft leather pillows. Earlier we shared with you ideas - 24 projects that can be made from plywood . This time you recognize

How to make your own modern sofa from plywood. A source

Wooden option

HomeMade Modern.

Another option of the corner sofa from plywood

This sofa won our attention simplicity and its functionality. Having spent the minimum funds, the master created a comfortable sofa, which perfectly fit into the general atmosphere of the Scandinavian style. A source:

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How to make a sofa from plywood

How to make a sofa from plywood

How to make a sofa from plywood

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This sofa won our attention simplicity and its functionality. Having spent the minimum funds, the master created a comfortable sofa, which perfectly fit into the general atmosphere of the Scandinavian style. It is not surprising that many projects are made of plywood, as this is one of the most budgetary materials and it is not picky. Take a look at a very simple sofa that you can do yourself.

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How to make a simple sofa from plywood

How to make a simple sofa from plywood

How to make a simple sofa from plywood

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How to make a simple sofa from plywood

How to make a simple sofa from plywood

How to make a simple sofa from plywood

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Furniture shield - as the basis for creating a sofa with their own hands This material is not much inferior to solid wood, but in processing is much more complicated.

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How to make a simple sofa from plywood

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How to make a simple sofa from plywood

How to make a simple sofa from plywood

How to make a simple sofa from plywood

How to make a simple sofa from plywood

The pricing policy depends on several factors simultaneously, the dominant of which is the tree of wood and its thickness.

Other interesting sofas options

How to make a simple sofa from plywood

How to make a simple sofa from plywood

How to make a simple sofa from plywood

How to make a simple sofa from plywood

How to make a simple sofa from plywood

How to make a simple sofa from plywood

How to make a simple sofa from plywood

How to make a simple sofa from plywood

How to make a simple sofa from plywood

How to make a simple sofa from plywood

How to make a simple sofa from plywood

How to make a simple sofa from plywood

Furniture can be made not only of plywood or furniture shields. Take a look at the ideas that deserve attention. Maybe they will inspire you ...

How to make a simple sofa from plywood

How to make a simple sofa from plywood

How to make a simple sofa from plywood

How to make a simple sofa from plywood

How to make a simple sofa from plywood

How to make a simple sofa from plywood

How to make a simple sofa from plywood

How to make a simple sofa from plywood

How to make a simple sofa from plywood

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