Cold symptom. What will Ice Hands tell?

Any deviations from the norm are alarming and frighten, but often people learn to live and coexist with the fact that it seems to not give them tangible discomfort. Such pathology, for example, are constantly cold hands.

It would seem that there is no actual harm from such a problem, just more often have to try to warm the limb, so as not to lock the snow queen. However, doctors note that you should not ignore this indicator, as the lack of heat in the hands is a sign of serious disorders in the body.

"As a rule, patients of older age groups are complaining about the feeling of cooling in the brushes and footsteps. First of all, this is due to a violation of blood supply due to changes in the vascular wall, the loss of its elasticity, as well as the weakness of the heart muscle, which is not able to pump blood, overcoming the resistance of the vessels, in the most remote parts of the body: brushes and feet. Age hormonal changes are also important in the blood supply to the limbs, "says k. m. n., surgeon of the highest category, phlebologist Andrei Begma . Therefore, people aged should not be shy and hide the manifestations of such pathology, but consult with a doctor about how such a situation can be corrected.

Pathological conditions

However, it is impossible to write off for one age alone. Often it is marked with quite young and able-bodied people. In this case, it is necessary to check for a number of pathological conditions.

1. Sugar diabetes

"Often the cooling of the brushes occurs in diabetes mellitus, when pulses are disturbed in peripheral nerve endings, the" correct "pulse does not reach the fingers, as a result there is a feeling of cold," explains Andrei Begma.

2. Smoking

This negative effect has such a bad habit as smoking. "Smoking is the cause of gangrene and amputation of the limbs. One tightening causes a resistant vessel spasm, the blood supply is reduced, a feeling of cold appears, which further leads to irreversible consequences, "says phlebologist.

3. Improper nutrition

The absence in the diet of proteins and fats can lead to such unpleasant sensations. Especially often women practicing a variety of diet may face with such a problem. With low calorie nutrition, the body experiences an acute shortage of the components they need to generate energy. So it is necessary to give preference to a balanced diet, in which all components will be present in the desired volume.

4. Problems with blood circulation

"Congenital anomaly of blood supply, Reino disease - reasons for lowering the temperature in the limbs," the surgeon notes. Such a disease leads to the spasm of small arteries. As a result of this limb, low temperatures are poorly transferred, for example, water or air. A wrapping should be a feeling of tingling in his hands. At the same time, they can change and color, become white or even blue. It lasts an attack to several hours, after which the skin becomes red, heat and pain begin. If there is such a problem, you need consultation of the Vascular Surgeon.

5. Vegeta dystonia

A person can alternate the tilt of heat and cold, jumps pressure, fatigue appears and irritability is noted, while the survey often does not reveal any pathologies.

6. Diseases of the thyroid gland

Problems arise because of the hormonal regulation failure, for which iron is responsible, a person can be sluggish and depressed, has an overweight, constantly wants to sleep.

7. Osteochondrosis

Against the background of deformation and thinning of intervertebral discs, the spinal cord begins, as well as the nerves and vessels around, there is a breakdown of blood circulation and a feeling of cold appears in the hands.

There are many reasons, and you need to understand in detail in detail. This will allow you to decide on the problem and cure it.

Diagnostics of the problem

No self-medication in this situation is unacceptable. "When complaints about the feeling of cold in hand or legs, you need to consult a doctor. On time, the appointed proper treatment will help get rid of unpleasant sensations and prevent further development of the disease, avoid possible complications, "notes Andrei Bezma.

To clarify the reasons why the hands are constantly cold, you need to go through a full-fledged examination. As a rule, therapists, endocrinologists, vascular surgeons, gastroenterologists, hematologists, etc. can take part in it. During consultation and primary inspection, doctors study the patient's condition, the main pressure indicators are measured and assigns to general analyzes. Then, if necessary, the list can expand. For example, it can be offered:

  • blood test to determine the amount of nutrients;
  • biochemical studies;
  • Check blood flow in arteries;
  • check of vessel tone;
  • Blood test for useful trace elements.

In addition, there may be an ultrasound of internal organs. If the situation is complex or need to study it more deeply, offered CT and MRI.

Necessary therapy

Treatment, of course, will be sealed on the basis of which disease caused the problem. "In the treatment, vasoactive drugs that improve blood supply, physiothereders, massage, normalize hormonal background, select the healing diet," says phlebologist.

In a situation where all measures are taken on time, and the problem is not ignored, there are all the chances to get rid of an unpleasant symptom and constantly enjoy the feeling of warm and not ice hands.

There are contraindications, you must consult with your doctor

If you always have cold hands regardless of season, then this is a serious reason to consult a doctor. This symptom is characteristic of many diseases, so it is not worth postponing a specialist.

Why you always have cold hands

At the younger age, a fair sex representative wants to always look beautifully regardless of weather conditions, and therefore dress up very easily. And in this case, the reason for the appearance of cold hands can mean simple cooling. But even it should not be left without due attention. Review your wardrobe and be sure to follow the examination at any medical center. The supercooling of the body can lead to inflammation of the ovaries and other internal organs. The reasons for which the hands can be chopped, a lot. And mostly these are serious pathologies that affect the blood circuit.

Iron-deficiency anemia

Iron deficiency anemia develops against the background of a lack of iron in the body, which contributes to the provision of internal oxygen organs. This phenomenon can be easily detected by simply by passing the blood to determine the level of hemoglobin. For an adult, the norm is considered 120 g / l.

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The main symptoms of iron deficiency anemia:

  • Pallitude of the skin;
  • heart palpitations;
  • There is noise in the ears;
  • fast fatiguability;
  • Reducing the concentration of attention.

What to do?

If, according to the results of the analysis, it turned out that you have a reduced level of hemoglobin in the blood, then you need to urgently begin treatment of pathology. What is it very easy to do. The doctor will appoint you preparations with iron content. It can also advise additionally take a means with a folic acid content that contributes to the improvement of the absorption of iron.

In addition to drugs, a person with iron deficiency anemia You should follow a specific diet. It must be included in the diet more food products that contain iron, and eliminate food rich in potassium from it. The first product group includes: Meat, fruits, vegetables, offal, buckwheat, vegetables and fruits. To the second - All types of dairy and fermented products.

Vegeta dystonia

This disease may also cause constantly cold hands. At the same time, a person can feel the arrivals of the cold and heat throughout the day, he can have dizziness and the "jump-like" hell (then drop, then descend). In addition to these symptoms, a person can also mark tingling in various parts of the body, as well as a minor pain in the heart. And even if he quickly spoke and starts undergoing a medical examination, then he, as a rule, will not reveal any violations.

Vegeta dystonia develops against the background of strong fatigue, constant stress and colds. Such states strongly affect the work of the autonomic nervous system, which controls the entire body. And in violation of its functionality, a variety of symptoms may be marked.

What to do?

As we already found out, vegetative dystonia arises against the background of various diseases and states. It is for this reason that it is so important to undergo a full examination and consult with such specialists as a neurologist and an endocrinologist. Often, with such a disease, the following medical events are appointed:

  • psychotherapy;
  • physiotherapy;
  • LFK.

Why you always have cold hands

Pathology of thyroid gland

The thyroid gland is a very important organ in the body that produces hormone production. It is from its state and a hormonal human background. With a shortage of such hormones, there is a slowdown in metabolism, from which almost all internal organs suffer. The main symptoms of the violation of the functions of the thyroid gland are as follows: Sleepiness, advent of extra kilograms, fatigue, inhibition, female swelling and limbs, slow pulse. In addition, a sick person can be observed deterioration of the condition of the skin. The skin can be peeling, becomes rude in separate parts of the body and dry.

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The appearance of such a syndrome as cold hands is determined by the fact that with such a disease, there is a violation of the mechanisms that control the internal body temperature occurs. That is why a person in the pathologies of the thyroid gland is quite often cold. And this is chosen not only the upper limbs, but also the bottom.

What to do?

First of all, the person needs to be advised to the endocrinologist and undergo an ultrasound examination of the thyroid gland. In addition, the commissioning of OAK and OAM is mandatory. If required, the doctor may also insist on the passage of CT, X-ray study, etc.

Treatment of thyroid pathologies, as a rule, includes the reception of hormonal drugs. Alone to take them without the knowledge of the doctor in no case. Since all hormonal drugs and their dosage are appointed individually.


Constantly cold hands may be a consequence of the development of diabetes. This disease is usually the complication of certain pathologies. It is characterized by improving the level of sugar in the blood, which contributes to the deterioration of the conductivity of the vessels. If it does not start the treatment of diabetes in time, then this may entail the development of heart attack, stroke, renal failure and even blindness. And the most important feature of this pathology is cold limbs.

What to do?

In this case, it is necessary to urgently run to the doctor. Only early diagnostics of this pathology will be able to prevent the development of various complications. Unfortunately, it is almost impossible to get rid of sugar diabetes. You will constantly have to take various drugs and maintain the state of your health. It is also important to regularly pass the test for glucose tolerance.


For this disease, it is characterized by the depletion of the walls of the arteries and the narrowing of their lumen, which is why blood circulation is happening. This leads to the fact that a person has hands cold. The danger of this disease is that it does not disregard the joints of the brain. And when they are damaged, The patient may have the following symptoms: Dizziness, impairment of memory and concentration of attentiveness, dizziness and headache.

The development of this disease contributes:

  • sedentary lifestyle;
  • constant under stress;
  • Eating a large number of products containing animal fat.

What to do?

When there are suspicions for the development of atherosclerosis, a person needs to undergo a full survey, which includes an ECG, ultrasound, angiography and other diagnostic methods. This is necessary in order to eliminate the development of complications against the background of this disease. Next patient is prescribed special treatment.


Osteochondrosis is a very serious disease in which the deformation and exhaustion of intervertebral disks occurs. Such violations contribute to the strong squeezing of the spinal cord and the nerve ending and vessels adjacent to it. As a result, blood circulation is disturbed and the main sign of pathology arises - cold hands. At the same time, a person can also feel the lobes in the body, headache and numbness of the limbs. The pain in the back area is constantly present. Its reduction does not contribute to the change of body position, nor the reception of drugs that shoot apartments.

What to do?

Neurologist is engaged in the treatment of diseases of this kind. It can prescribe a patient a whole range of medical measures aimed at restoring the discs of the spine department. They may include physiotherapy, LFC, manual therapy, as well as reflexotherapy and much more. If such treatment does not lead to an improvement in human health, an operation can be assigned.


This disease is quite rare, but it also leads to the emergence of the main symptom - the coldness of the hands. This may also observe the blue color of the fingers and numbness of the limbs. It is worth noting that in this case the coldness of the hands is observed periodically. And it occurs as a result of a sharp difference in temperature or after transferring stress. That is, for this disease, characteristic paroxy manifestations.

With sclerodermia, there is a damage of blood vessels, which are located not only near the skin, but also internal organs. The result of this is that people with such a diagnosis cannot normally open the mouth, and their skin becomes unnatural color.

What to do?

After you have found the first manifestations of sclerodermia, it is required to immediately turn to the dermatologist and pass a thorough examination of the internal organs. You will also need to pass various laboratory blood and urine tests. According to the results of research, the doctor appoints treatment.

As you can see, there are a lot of reasons for which there may be a cold. And mostly these are serious pathologies that affect the blood circuit. Therefore, if you often notice this symptom, do not pull the time, but it is better to immediately contact a specialist for help. Published .

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There are quite many reasons that lead to a decrease in the temperature of the limbs. There are cases when the feeling of cold in hand and legs is a symptom of serious diseases. If this feeling is accompanied by other symptoms or delivers serious discomfort for a long time, you need to consult a doctor. The primary diagnosis in such cases is carried out by a physician. With suspected any serious diseases, it prescribes additional analyzes or sends the patient to another specialist.

How does the feeling of cold arise in the limbs?

There are two main mechanisms that explain why hands and legs flaw. First, it may be due to an objective temperature drop in these places. The second mechanism is less common. It consists in violations at the level of the nervous system. That is, the hands and legs themselves retain the normal temperature, but the body "seems" that they are frown.

For the sensation of the cold in the human body, thermistors are responsible. These are special cells, which, depending on the type, capture the increase or decrease in temperature. They are located in the thicker of the skin, on the mucous membranes and in some organs. When the temperature changes, these receptors transmit a signal around the nerves in the spinal cord, and from there - in the brain. The corresponding section of the brain interprets this information, and a person understands it cold or hot.

Interesting fact!

The thermistors are on the cornea of ​​the eye, and they are even more sensitive than in the thickness of the skin. At the same time, the cornea itself does not have the opportunity to warm up due to blood - there are no blood vessels in it. In the cold, the selection of tears, which warms the surface of the eye, reflexively.

Many people are mistaken that the normal body temperature is 36.6. This is relevant only for the axillary depression, where the measurement is usually carried out. Normally, each part of the body and each organ have its own temperature. It is supported at the constant level due to the work of the muscles in this area, reinforced metabolism or active blood flow. For example, in the liver, the temperature is always higher, since there is a lot of chemical reactions, and the organ is filled with blood. When measuring in the rear pass or in the ear, there will be 37.5 degrees, and in the mouth - 37. Hands and legs are located far from vital organs, and their skin contacts the environment on a larger area. That is, when the temperature decreases, the limb will be frozen first.


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How to understand that the freezing of hands and legs is not dangerous and is not related to serious diseases?

First, the feeling of the cold in hand and legs can be associated with a decrease in temperature around. And it will be an absolutely normal reaction of the body. The body "is programmed" to protect itself from external influences, and, first of all, it concerns vital organs. There are no such bodies in the limbs. To save the heat, the brain sends a signal to the vessels of the hands and legs. They narrow, and blood flows less in the tissue. As a result, the temperature drops here, and the person feels cold. This feeling passes when the body turns out to be in a comfortable environment. He no longer needs to save heat. The vessels are again expanding, filled with blood, and limbs are warmed.

There are the following reasons for the freezing of hands and legs that are not directly related to serious illnesses:

  • LIFT PLAYING IN UNESOBY POSE . Even a healthy vessel when finding in an uncomfortable posture can be shifted. As a result, blood flow worsen in the limb, and it frustrate. If this happens on the street in the cold season or in the wind, the fabrics freeze faster. The limb must be warm and confused, so that blood flows into it again. Otherwise, frostbite is possible.
  • Smoking . For smokers over the years, damage to the walls of the vessels is developing. They become less elastic and cannot quickly narrow or expand. Because of this, when in the cold, the body cannot quickly ensure the warming of the limbs with fresh blood, and they are frown.
  • Rembossing cold . Increased sensitivity to cold can be an individual feature of the body. Such people flaw faster, even with relatively warm for hardened weather. Explains the intolerance to the number and features of the work of cold receptors.
  • Non-sleeping . Due to the lack of sleep, the body is less resistant to stressful situations, one of which is in the cold. He is simply not ready to quickly mobilize and strengthen the bloodstream in the limbs in response to the cold. The body quickly "surrenders" and goes into a protective mode when blood is actively entering internal organs.
  • Passive lifestyle . Without sports and physical exertion, the body worse regulates the work of the vessels. Without the need, the heart does not start working in enhanced mode, and the vessels are slower than narrowing or expanding. Because of this, people leading a sedentary lifestyle are frurved faster.
  • Depletion . Banal malnutrition or low-calorie diet also increase the susceptibility of the body to cold. Heat appears not only due to the saturation of tissue with oxygen, but also during the decay of nutrients. If there is less fats with food ( The most energy-intensive nutrients ), It is difficult for the body to find resources to warm up. Therefore, the correct and full nutrition is the key to the fact that hands and legs will be less frozen at low temperatures.
  • Stress . Emotional experiences and loads can lead to stress. At the same time, a large number of cortisol hormone is distinguished into the blood. In such conditions, the regulation of the tone of blood vessels deteriorates, and the body is worse to react to the ambient temperature change.

Narrowing vessels

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The above reasons are not serious illnesses that require mandatory and urgent appeal to the doctor. They relate to the lifestyle, and the person himself can affect these factors. As a result, he will have less freezing limbs.

Interesting fact!

Eskimos living in conditions of very low temperatures, the body is forced to produce much more heat. Animals fats (Fish, walru, seals )Make up to 70% of their diet. Due to this, they are more resistant to freezing.

How to understand that the feeling of cold in his hands and legs is a symptom of the disease?

If other symptoms appear in addition to the freezing of the limbs, it is most likely a sign of some disease, and you should consult a doctor. The problem is that patients do not always give the meaning to some small and insignificant violations. Indeed, in itself, the feeling of cold is not dangerous, but if you run the main disease, the consequences can be very serious.

Most often, the freezing of hands and legs is combined with the following symptoms:

  • Pallitude of the skin;
  • scoring the skin on the fingers and legs;
  • pain in muscles and joints;
  • fast fatiguability;
  • "Fixtures" and loss of skin sensitivity;
  • muscle weakness in limbs;
  • Asymmetry symptom ( For example, only the right hand is frozen, and the left - no );
  • dyspnea;
  • Edema extremities.

If the feeling of the cold in hand or legs is accompanied by one of these disorders, the likelihood is great that these are symptoms of serious diseases that need to be identified.

Interesting fact!

In μb-10 (International Classification of Diseases of the 10th Revision )There is a disease with the code G60.8. This is a rare hereditary disorder in which the human nerves are immune to pain and temperature changes. Patients simply never happen to feel cold or heat.

What diseases cause frozen hands and legs?

There are several groups of diseases that cause this symptom. The first group strikes the nerves, because of which a person may seem that the legs or hands flashes stronger. In addition, problems with nerves can lead to spontaneous narrowing of vessels, and blood will go worse in the limbs. The second group affects the composition of the blood. It becomes few substances that are responsible for the transfer of energy and oxygen in the tissue. Third - Diseases of Vessels . Durable or partially clogged limb vessels lead to poor blood circulation.


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Diseases causing freezing of hands and legs

Diseases and violations

The cause of frosting hands

Other symptoms


With anemia in the blood decreases the level of erythrocytes and / or hemoglobin. Because of this, blood holds less oxygen, without which the fabric "freezes". The first is freezing limbs.

Pallor skin, poor appetite, dizziness, fainting during exercise, tingling in the heart area, shortness of breath.

Syndrome and Reino disease

Reino disease striking small vessels, more often than legs. In the cold, the vessels are dramatically narrowed, the bloodstream is greatly reduced and a feeling of cold occurs. In addition to the cold, provok the attack can stress and emotional experiences.

A sharp pale and even frowning fingers in the cold, loss of sensitivity, numbness. Sometimes the skin also shines over his knees, on the tip of the nose, on the ears. The attack of a strong spasm of vessels usually lasts 15 - 20 minutes.


Hypothyroidism can be caused by various diseases of the thyroid gland, which is why its hormone levels decrease in the body. This slows down the metabolism, and the body allocates less heat. For "savings" the first cease to warm the limbs.

Weakness, drowsiness, obesity, reducing sweating, swelling, reduced blood pressure, surface breathing, weakened and slow heartbeat, constipation, depression.


The high concentration of sugar in the blood for a long time damages vessels and nerves. As a result, diabetes worsen blood circulation in the limbs. In the cold, the body sends a signal to enhance blood circulation, but it either does not reach damaged nerves, or weak vessels do not react to this signal.

The feeling of cold in the legs and arms can appear in warmth. Dehydration of the skin sensitivity, impairment, thirst, fatigue, tingling in the limbs and rapid flowing in an uncomfortable posture, slow wound healing on the skin.

Diseases of kidneys

During the problems with the kidneys in the body, the fluid can be delayed, and the composition of the blood is changed. Edems arising as a result of this squeeze the vessels and worsen their tone. As a result, they cannot adequately narrow or expand in response to the cold.

Reduced urine formation, hand swelling, legs and faces ( Often - eyelids ), shortness of breath, sleep disorders, nausea, vomiting, increased blood pressure.


Loss of appetite and food failure can be associated with nerve diseases, problems with hormones or mental disorders. The lack of nutrients in anorexia leads to a reduced energy formation, and the tissues are not enough to heat heat.

Complaints on completeness ( even in the absence of such ), conscious refusal of food, sleep disorders, depression, accompanying hormonal disorders.


Extended veins cannot provide timely blood outflow. Because of this, with varicose veins, the fluid tissue overflow occurs, and the arteries are gradually squeezed. In the limbs ( Usually in the legs ) The metabolism is disturbed, less heat is distinguished, there are little blood rich in oxygen.

More often found on the legs. Visible expansion and dripping veins under the skin, fatigue when walking, a feeling of gravity, sometimes - burning and cramps, strong swelling, skin planning, loss of sensitivity skin.

Heart failure

Heart failure develops against the background of various heart disease. It works worse, blood is pumped slower and in smaller volumes. In the hands and legs, even normal blood flow is the weakest. When problems with the heart, little blood comes here, and it is stirred.

Weakness, dizziness, shortness of breath, cough, swelling, heartbeat disorders. Over time, the fingers can take the form of "drum sticks" - the fingers are narrow themselves, and the nail phalanx is noticeably thicker.

Final injuries

Due to the injury, part of the blood can "leak" through the cell wall, and the contusion of the fabrics will occur. It is also possible to bleed or the formation of aneurysm. In rare cases, the nerves regulating the tone of the vessels are damaged. Due to all these injury disorders, blood flow is broken, and the damaged limb freezes.

The feeling of cold is preceded by injury - cut, hit, and the like. At the same time on the skin may not be visible damage. Only the injured limb freezes ( Asymmetry symptoms ). There is pain, swelling, numbness.

All of the above diseases and disorders require qualified treatment. In these cases, the feeling of cold in the limbs is not just discomfort, which you can suffer. This is the first symptom of a serious violation in the body, which can lead to severe complications.

Interesting fact!

The optimal temperature for most receptors is the gap between 15 and 43 degrees. At temperatures above 43 and below 15 degrees, not only thermistors are activated, but pain receptors. That is, the person feels and change the temperature, and pain.

Cold and warm

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What to do if the hands and legs do not regularly?

First of all, you need to pay attention whether there is an objective reason for freezing. If you find on the street or in the wind or draft, the feeling of cold in the limbs is a normal phenomenon. If the legs and hands are flawed even at relatively comfortable temperature, you should search for possible accompanying symptoms. In combination, they will indicate the problem.

If the hands or feet have frozen, you can warm them up to the following ways:

  • active movements with the voltage of the muscles of the limbs ( squats, mahu hands and the like );
  • Surface rubber skin with hands ( rubbing with water or alcohol not always gives a positive effect );
  • deep massage of the muscles of the limbs;
  • Eating tea or other hot drinks.

It is not worth the early warming of the hands or legs to place them near the heating devices or in the fire. A sharp drop temperature will be harmful to vessels. In addition, the frozen and bleed skin loses sensitivity, and a person can easily get a burn.

The use of alcoholic beverages is also undesirable until the person falls into the heat. Alcohol causes the extension of blood vessels, and blood actively enters the limbs. Due to this, they are warmed, and man becomes more comfortable. But actually turns off the protection of the body. Blood itself, passing through the limbs, is quickly cooled and returns to the internal organs chilled. This often leads to inflammation of the lungs and other complications.

Warming of tea

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If the feeling of cold in hand or legs occurs regularly and does not pass for a long time, and conventional methods of warming do not help, it should be a reason to appeal to the doctor.

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