How to withdraw money from a volcano on a Sberbank card and Kiwi Wallet

How to withdraw money from online casino volcano

Playing online games many for real money, many players have difficulty with cash withdrawal. In order to eliminate the likelihood of the appearance of difficulties, the established rules should be initially followed. If you allow serious errors, the account can be blocked. How to bring money from a volcano right? What ways are the most comfortable and profitable?

Can I bring money from a volcano casino

The online casino provides a high level of service and ensures the confidentiality of the data of each client. An incredibly convenient resource has a lot of advantages to highlight quick payments of winnings and the ability to become winner 24/7.

how to withdraw money from online casino volcano

Most new participants faces the problem of withdrawing funds from a balance. The problem is that they initially allow a mistake. Please note that you can only translate your winnings on those accounts from which the deposit was made.

Several ways for the output are presented, among which the most popular should be highlighted:

  • Electronic wallets (Kiwi, Webmoney, Yandex.Money).
  • Plastic cards (MasterCard / Visa).
  • Mobile numbers (various operators).
  • Third-party services (Moneta.Ru, Moneybookeer).

Each of the presented options has a specific commission deduction and limits. Please note that the amount of commission deductions may vary. That is why before creating a payment, you should specify information.

How to withdraw money from online casino volcano

How to bring money from online casino volcano when reaching maximum limits? In this case, the client is assigned a VIP or Gold status, and all translations are personally discussed with the manager. As a rule, money remains on the balance sheet of a personal profile until the next calendar period and can be used to play slots.

For instant output, you should first verify your account - download scans of documents that confirm the identity. In some cases, online casino managers require a video link session to make sure that they are dealing with that person, whose name is created by an account.

How to bring money from a volcano to the card

Conclusion of money from a casino volcano on a plastic card - the easiest and most reliable option:

  1. Now plastic is available at everyone.
  2. Means without intermediaries are guaranteed to be credited to the account.
  3. Commission payments should only pay the bank.

Among the disadvantages should be allocated that the payment can be carried out not immediately, but after some time - a day and even a week. Using this option for payments, the user must be ready for what will have to wait.

How to bring money from a casino volcano on a Sberbank card

how with a volcano withdraw money on the map

Sberbank is the largest financial organization in Russia and has a challenged reputation. Many customers online casino prefer precisely this option.

Before bringing money from a casino volcano on a map, you should familiarize yourself with step-by-step guide:

  • Log in to "Cassu", in the section "Withdrawing funds."
  • Select the output method "Plastic Cards".
  • Among the presented options to indicate Sberbank.
  • Enter the sum for output and confirm the transaction.

Remember that you can only withdraw the winnings at that expense from which the deposit was enrolled. Another option of payments is not provided.

If you have any questions or there are complaints - let us know

How to withdraw money from a casino volcano on kiwi wallet

How to remove money from a casino for translation to the account of the Kiwi payment system? This option is similar to working with all wallets of the electronic sample. You must log in to the cashier and choose a way output - "Electronic Wallet", where to choose a Kiwi system.

The main advantages of transfer to QIWI:

  1. A high level of comfort - one-time registering in the system and making a deposit in the future it is possible to use this account for output.
  2. Minimum commission deductions - electronic payment systems are the most profitable option for transferring the balance, since the minimum commission is published.
  3. Fast enumerations - when working with electronic payment systems, the cash flows to the account almost instantly.

In order to make a transfer to Kiwi Wallet, you can use a mobile application. This option is simplified and does not require the cost of a large amount of time.

The online casino "Volcano" takes care of each user, so provides the highest quality service. If we take into account feedback, I have never had such a situation when the casino did not pay the winnings. Among the most common cause of accounts, accounts should be allocated to the use of foreign accounts for deposit.


Casino online with money output volcano

The withdrawal of funds with online casino is provided in several ways. Each user may choose the most convenient version of the transaction. It is best to use proven options, such as a bank account, plastic visa cards or mastercard or electronic wallets. When working with third-party services, you need to be careful. In this case, you may need to pay a big commission. You can also encounter fraudsters.

The average time to enroll the winnings to the user account range from 7 to 10 days. Usually. Everything happens much faster. In the event of controversial situations, you can contact customer support by email or call the number: +7 (499) 346-72-73. Experienced staff will help solve any question of information and technical plan.

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