How to impose a picture on the picture (~ and two or three photos in one)


Quite often, when working with the photo and pictures, you have to merge them: and not just put together (both in collage), but impose one image to another (and it is desirable that it happened to be less beautiful 👍).

Of course, this can be done in different ways ...

And in this notice, I decided to bring some of the most simple ways (without any "complex" editors like "Photoshop" ...). So that any beginning for 2-3 minutes. Could quickly and easily process their photos and get the result is no worse than mine (👇 presented below).

Note : If you need beautiful pictures and images (as a supplement to yours) - you can find them on these sites of photographers.


An example that can be done in a couple of minutes. (Of course, photos you can make a completely different style!)

An example that can be done in a couple of minutes. (Of course, photos you can make a completely different style!)


Methods for overlaying 2 pictures on each other

Option 1: With the help of specials. Editor

And so ... in my opinion the most simple and convenient in terms of combining and imposing pictures on top of each other. Photo editor 👉 "Home Photo Studio" (I have this program installed on my PC for a long time and it just helps it from time to time!). It is in her and show my example ...

After installing the photo editor - open the desired photo and go to the section "Photomontage" .

👉 To help!

Programs for processing photos [Photo editor for beginners] - see a selection

Home Photo Studio - Photo Montage

Home Photo Studio - Photo Montage

Next click on the tool "Set a mask" .

Set mask

Set mask

After select one of the options suitable for you (there are several tens of them!). It is not necessary to take the "heart", as in my example ... 😉

Put mask

Put mask

Then we need to add a second image to overlay - for this click on the tool "Add a layer / photo" .

Add the second photo (picture)

Add the second photo (picture)

For the new photo also set Mask. . 👇

(By the way, if you do not want the second-added photo to be a white background - use transparent images in PNG format or pre-remove backgrounds on it)

Set a mask for the second photo

Set a mask for the second photo

Depending on the themes of the photo and the colors of the added second picture - select a suitable mask for it. 👇

Keep the mask

Keep the mask

In general, on this task "overlay" solved! It will only be left to move the resulting image to the desired location and adjust its size.

By the way , I would also recommend adding some decoration (If you have free space left).

Catalog of jewelry

Catalog of jewelry

For myself chose a small bouquet of flowers ... 👌

Choose flowers

Choose flowers

Of course, similarly on this featured picture can be replaced again another picture (and 2, and 3, etc.).

When in the end the task will be solved - click on the button "Apply" And save the final work.

It's all! Easy?! ✌

You can save, the overlay photo in the photo was successful!

You can save, the overlay photo in the photo was successful!


Option 2: Using MS Word

Repeat the above example Word, of course, will not be able to *, but the basic functions in its arsenal for editing pictures are available! Consider the easiest example ...


To insert the first image on the sheet - click on the menu "Box / Drawings" 👇 (approx.: I used Word 2019).

After select the picture on your disk and click "Paste" .

Insert - Pictures (Word 2019)

Insert - Pictures (Word 2019)

The image should appear on the sheet. Now you need to choose it again (by pressing the LKM on it), and click on the markup parameters icon - install Flooding for text . 👇

Flooding - for the text!

Flooding - for the text!

Then with the help of the same menu "Box / Drawings" Add the second image and install streamlining for it. Before text . 👇

Before text (Word 2019)

Before text (Word 2019)

Thus, the second picture can be installed using the mouse to install in any place of the sheet (including superimposed on the first).

However, my picture with a white background and it would be nice to start it to start. To do this, select this picture and go to the menu. "Work with drawings / remove background" (tool is in Word 2019) .

Remove background in Word

Remove background in Word

After marrying the red, the area that is not needed (usually its Word allocates automatically) and click "Save" .

Red Distoluted area highlighted

Red Distoluted area highlighted

By the way, if you want to cut the edges from the main picture (for example, make it in the form of "heart", as in the previous example) - on the menu "Work with drawings / trim / trim around the figure" There are specials for this. Billet!

Cut the contour

Cut the contour

As a result, it turned out somehow so ...


  1. Add text can also be added from the menu. "Working with drawings" ;
  2. To save the resulting image - click on it PCM and select the option "Save as..." .
What happened in the end

What happened in the end


Option 3: With online services

In general, now such services - just the sea (the same analogues photoshop enough ...)! I will give a few most accessible for beginners:

  1. - very simple service. First you need to specify two pictures, then select the type of overlay and see the result obtained;
  2. - here is a full-fledged editor with dozens of tools for image processing (there are even ready-made patterns). In fact, this editor can replace many PC programs;
  3. - Analog Fotor with its unusual effects. I also recommend to have a profile for quick photo editing.
Screenshot online editor Fotor

Screenshot online editor Fotor


Today, everything is all ... Comments on the topic - Welcome!

Good job!



Useful software:

  • Video editing
  • Video installation
  • Excellent software to create their first videos (all actions go along the steps!). Video will make even newcomer!
  • Utility for optimization
  • Computer accelerator
  • A program for cleaning Windows from "garbage" (deletes temporary files, speeds up the system, optimizes the registry).

How to insert a picture in the pictureHow to insert a picture in a picture in the standard Paint program. How to insert a picture in the picture in Microsoft PowerPoint. I'll show you on the example of these two programs, how to do it. The Paint program is on each computer. It is part of standard programs. A Microsoft PowerPoint program has a Microsoft Office software package. If you have a Microsoft Office software package, Microsoft PowerPoint is there in this package.

For example, I will take three pictures. The first picture is a personal photo in the .img format. Two other pictures are downloaded from the Internet. They are on a transparent background, format .png. You can take any other pictures. They may have another format. It depends on what exactly in the end you want to get. The sequence of adding a picture to the picture will be the same.

How to insert a picture in the picture

How to insert a picture in the picture in the Paint Program

I open a picture under No. 1 in Paint. Click on the image of the right mouse button. I choose the "Open with help" command. Next, click on Paint.

How to insert a picture in the picture in the Paint Program

If the picture after its opening in the Paint program will be too big, it can be reduced. To do this, go to the "Resize" tab and set new options for the picture. The new size can be installed in pixels or percentage. I chose a new size 40% for my picture.

How to insert a picture in the picture in the Paint Program

After changing the size of the picture, add one more picture. Click on the "Paste" tab and select the "Paste ..." command.

How to insert a picture in the picture in the Paint Program

The conductor window opens. Select the desired image in your folders and add to the picture. Around the added image you will see a frame. With this frame, you can change the size or drag the image to the desired location. About working with images in the Paint program I wrote Here, here and here.

How to add a picture to the picture in the Paint program

Add another image. It is on my transparent background. But after adding, I see that the background of this picture became opaque. To fix the background to transparent, you need to click on the "Allocate" tab. Select the command "Transparent Selection".

How to change the background in the picture in the Paint program and make it transparent

The background has changed and became transparent. We have a picture in the right place and then save it.

How to change the background in the picture in the Paint program and make it transparent

To save the finished image, click on the file. Then click on "Save As". Select .jpeg format.

How to save picture in the Paint program

How to insert a picture in the picture in Microsoft PowerPoint

Let's open the program through the Start button. The list of programs find Microsoft Office (MO). Click on the arrow to reveal the entire list of applications. Next, click on Microsoft PowerPoint (MRR).

How to insert a picture in the picture in Microsoft PowerPoint

First of all, create an empty slide. Click the "Create Slide" tab and select the "Empty Slide" command.

Creating an empty slide in Microsoft PowerPoint

After creating an empty slide, add an image to it. Click on the "Insert" tab, and then to the "drawing". Select the desired image in your folders and add it to the slide.

Insert images on the slide in the Microsoft PowerPoint program

Similarly, add the following pictures. Unlike the Paint program in Microsoft PowerPoint with the imposition of pictures on a transparent background there are no problems. Add pictures, change the size and have them in the right place.

How to insert a picture in the picture in Microsoft PowerPointHow to insert a picture in the picture in Microsoft PowerPoint

When saving the finished picture, be careful. Select a folder to save, assign a new name to the file and change the file type. Choose .jpeg format. If you do not change the type of file, then the picture will be saved as a "presentation".

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How to apply photos to the photo in the phone

In the modern world, where time is a valuable resource, mobile photo edits enjoy not less popular than computer applications. Photo editor for a smartphone can make better your pictures - add paints, clarity, remove extra details. And excellent photos, in turn, can increase popularity in social networks. But how to choose a suitable mobile photo editor with a large functionality, simple and affordable control? In addition, the modern editor of the pictures must support many image formats, as well as save the high image picture after editing.

If you are always in motion and want to edit photos directly from your smartphone to quickly share them in social networks, take a look at the following mobile applications for image processing.

PICSART, a popular application for editing images and social networks, continues to reinvent itself, adding artificial artificial intelligence filters that can convert mobile photos, giving them the type of art's real works. The most original contribution of Picsart is the concept of mixing photos and drawings. Picsart is available for Android and iOS. The application provides a wide selection of free content, but you can also purchase paid sets of stickers, frames and fonts.

1. Install the application on your smartphone.

Download PICSART from the App Store or Google Play. After the download is complete, run the application by touching the finger of its icons. Please note that Picsart requires an account creating, however, you can familiarize yourself with the main functions without registration.

2. Load your photos

In the application, find the section Collage and select Freestyle . Select photo for overlay and click Add . Images will appear on the Picsart workspace. The application allows you to upload up to 10 images.

3. Verify one photo to another

Select a picture you want to apply to another with a touch, then drag it on top of the main image. You can adjust the size by pulling out the edges, set the angle of inclination, as well as trim and set the transparency level of the picture. When this editing step will be completed, press the arrow in the upper right corner to go to the next.

4. Decorate the image (optional)

Picsart offers a wide range of opportunities for further editing photos. So, you can apply various effects that will give your photo a completely new look, add original stickers, frames, tuning with text and much more.

5. Save the image or share it in social networks.

You can save the resulting picture on your smartphone for further use, and you can immediately share it with friends and acquaintances. To download the picture on the phone, click on the download icon next to the arrow. If you want to download the image in the social network, click on the arrow and select the desired service from the proposed list.

How to impose one photo to another

In this lesson, I will show how to impose a photo in the photo. Consider the best free online services, computer programs, phone applications.

Method 1: Online Services

I Love IMG.

Service address:

1. Click on the Select Image button and download the main picture.

2. Click on "Open" and download the snapshot to be applied.

3. Pulling the sliders, you can change the scale and move the picture.

To save the result, click the "Save" button.


Service address:

1. Click on the "Download from your device" button, select a photo.

2. Click on "Download" and add the following image.

3. Place the picture in the right place and change its size by moving beyond the edges.

Thus, you can impose some photos of each other.

4. Click on the Save button to download the result.


Service address:

1. In the first tab, download two pictures through the "Overview" button.

2. In the second tab, select the overlay options.

If you need to make a picture transparent, set the appropriate value in%. If you need to simply execute the overlay, set 0.

3. Pick the size of the pictures.

4. Configure the position of the second shot relative to the first.

5. In the last tab, you can configure the quality and format of the output image.

6. Click on the "OK" button to start the overlay process.

To save the result, click on "Download Processed Image".

Method 2: Computer Programs


Paint. - This is a standard application that is built into the Windows system. The program is designed for drawing, but it can also edit the image. I'll show you on the example how to insert one photo to another.

1. Click right-click on the snapshot, select "Change" or "Open with" in the context menu - "Paint".

2. The image opens in the program. Click on the "Insert" item in the top panel and choose "insert from".

3. We specify a picture you need to impose.

4. We place the added image on the background photo.

5. We save the result through the "File" menu - "Save As".

Read more about the preservation in this lesson.

Paint 3D

Paint 3D - This is a new embedded application that appeared in the Windows 10 editor. Unlike the classic Paint editor, it has more advanced tools for working with images.

1. Click on the image right-click, select "Change with Paint 3D" from the context menu.

2. Navigate to the main menu and click on "Paste".

3. Specify a picture for overlay. Move it to the desired position, change the scale.

4. To save in the main menu, select "Save As" - "Export" (PNG or JPEG).

Official website: - This is a free Windows program, an alternative to the standard PaINT editor. It contains all the necessary processing tools, as well as layers are supported.

1. Through the "File" menu - "Open", download the image from the computer to the main program window.

2. Then copy the picture from the computer folder that you want to impose: right-click on the snapshot - copy.

3. In the program, click on the "Edit" item in the top menu and select "Paste in a new layer".

4. The copied picture is inserted upstairs. It can be moved, changing size.

5. To record the finished image on the computer, click on the "File" in the top menu and select "Save As".


Official website:

Gimp. - This is a professional free image editor. On the functionality, it is a little inferior to the paid Adobe Photoshop program.

1. In the File menu, select Open and add a picture from PC.

2. To insert the following pictures in the File menu, select "Open as Layers".

A new layer with an imposed image will appear in the right window.

3. To resize size, go to the "Tools" menu - "transformation" - "Transformation". Pull the corners to increase or decrease.

4. To save in the File menu, select "Export As".

Microsoft Word.

In the program for working with the text Microsoft Word, you can also insert one photo to another. I will show how to do it in Word 2016, in other versions actions are similar.

1. Click the "Insert" tab and click on the "Pictures" button. Select an image.

2. By pulling the edges, correct the size.

3. Add the following image through the Insert tab and Pictures. Then double click on this image with the left mouse button. Click the "Format" tab, click on the "Text Watch" and select "Before Text".

4. Holding a photo, drag it to the first shot.

Adobe Photoshop.

  1. Add the main photo through the file "File" - "Open".
  2. Take the snapshot to overlay directly in the photo - from the computer folder to the program window.

Method 3: Applications for the phone

Photoshop Express.

Links to installation:

PHOTOSHOP EXPRESS application will help to make a collage with different effects. For this, the paid subscription is not needed - just register or log in via Google / Facebook.

1. After authorization, let us apply access to the gallery. Open the menu (icon ) And select "Create a collage".

2. Highlight multiple photos, tap along the elder.

3. On the bottom panel, select one of the effects.

The button on the left allows you to set the proportions for the final image.

Through the editing tools, you can add, delete, replace or change the downloaded photos.

And with the "Border" tool, you can set an external / inner frame, adjust the angle radius.

4. To save the project tap on the icon .

Select "Save to Gallery".


Links to installation:

Picsart has a wide features for overlaying a photo in the photo. The application is paid, but allows you to evaluate the functionality within 7 days in the study mode.

1. Click on the icon +To go to the gallery.

2. Add the main photo. In the bottom panel, click on the "Dobr. Foto" button and download shots for overlay.

3. Moving for the corners, you can change the size and move the embedded image. On the bottom panel there are editing tools: adjustment of contrast and transparency, image replacement, trimming and others.

4. To apply the changes, click on .

Next, tap on the elder.

Click on the "Save" button. And the picture will be saved in the gallery.


Links to installation:

Unlike previous applications, Pixellab does not require an account and allows you to proceed to processing immediately after launch. Of the minuses: there is no Russian language in the Appendix and advertising pops up periodically.

1. In the main window, select one of the proposed templates. For our task, the standard is also suitable. Text field can be removed immediately, touching the basket icon.

2. To download the main drawing, log in to the main menu (icon ) And select "Use Image From Gallery".

3. Specify the aspect ratio, click on the icon .

4. Tap on icon +And select "From Gallery" to insert another picture.

The second photo can be placed anywhere on the first, change its scale. On the bottom panel there are various filters.

5. To save tap icon At the top and select "Save As Image".

Tap the "Save to Gallery" to move the finished snapshot into the gallery.

Author: Ilya Kurbanovrotector: Ilya Krivoshevdat Publications: 29.12.2020

The text editor Microsoft Word is so flexible that it is possible to create a booklet, and a colorful menu and even an e-book. Of course, the editor of the image is endowed with minimal functions, but if desired and the ability, even with such a minimal set, you can create colorful postcards and flyers. Today I will show you how in the Word you can apply a picture to the picture. Repeat after me, and you will see how quickly it is done.

How to put pictures in the Word

How to impose a picture in the Word for a picture-detailed instruction

For those who like to create in Microsoft Word greeting cards, brochures or booklets, sometimes the question arises: how to put the picture in the Word. It is clear that Word is a text editor, but if you wish, it is possible to work with pictures with pictures.

In order to impose a picture in the Word to the picture, it is necessary for the picture that will be on top of another picture was on a transparent background in PNG format.


  • Open the Word document in which we will work.
  • Insert the first image that will be background. You can insert through the menu " Insert »- " РIsso »

Insert the first image that will be background. You can insert through the "Insert" menu - "Figure"

Or drag the picture with the mouse directly to an open document.

Or drag the picture with the mouse directly to an open document.

  • Similarly, we transfer the second picture to the document.
  • We highlight the picture (click on it once the left mouse button), which will be the background. At the top of the window will appear tab " Work with drawings "-" Format " Click on the tab " Format "And click on the small black elder in the lower right corner of the function" Flooding text " Choose from the opened list item " Behind the text "

Choose from the listing list "Text".

  • Highlight the second picture (which is on a transparent background in PNG format) and on the " Format "And from the list" Flooding text "Select" Before text "

Highlight the second picture (which is on a transparent background in PNG format) and on the "Format" tab and from the "Text Flood" list, select "Before Text".

  • Now drag the second picture on the background drawing.

Now drag the second picture on the background drawing.

If you need to simply combine two pictures, the second picture can be in any graphic format. Then you will have something like this.

If you need to simply combine two pictures, the second picture can be in any graphic format.

If the background of the second picture is the same as the first, then it will be like this picture.

If the background of the second picture is the same as the first, then it will be like this picture.

Here already, as your fantasy will tell you.

How to turn on the ruler in the Word. Instruction + video

How to Add Font in Word - Quick Start Guide with Video Tutorial

Watermark in Word, what it is for what it needs

Now you know how in the Word to impose a picture on the picture, and you can create any combination.

If you select a second picture and click on the green point at the top, and not releasing mice turn the drawing, you will get a completely different composition.

If you select a second picture and click on the green point at the top, and not releasing mice turn the drawing, you will get a completely different composition.

Try, dare! Good luck to you!

Like article - Click on the buttons:

Beautiful effects when editing photos or images are obtained by overlaying two graphic objects. The connection of two and more pictures can also be used to create a photocollage. Let's consider different programs and online services, where you can impose one photo to another, without resorting to the help of professionals.

Graphic editors for image processing

Programs that allow you to edit images and photos, a lot. Photoshop and Movavi are popular among users. The first editor enters the category of professional tools with a large set of options and functions, the second is more user and easy to understand the editor. Both programs allow you to carry out the imposition of pictures in two ways - with transparency and association.

How to apply photos in photos in Photoshop Editor

After installing the editor, the language of the interface, if the Russian-language version is not selected in advance, will be English. You can change it into Russian in the "Edit" menu, then the "Preferences" → "Interface" item. Click OK and restart the program. Combining pictures with transparency effect. Algorithm of actions:

  1. Load the drawings into a graphic editor through the "File" → "Open" menu; Download photo editor
  2. Click on the toolbar to the left to "Movement"; Move tool
  3. Click the image tab, which will be top, capture it with the left mouse button;
  4. Drag the picture background; We carry a picture to the central part
  5. Open the layer editing panel on the right of the program window; Editing layers
  6. In the layer block appeared "layer 0" and "layer 1", click on the "layer 1";
  7. Remove the lock on the right in the menu to continue editing (if it is); Unlock available layers
  8. Impose pictures on each other;
  9. Click on the "layer 1";
  10. Open the arrow in the opacity menu;
  11. Move the runner until you reach the desired result; Select the transparency of the layer
  12. Save the result through the "File" menu → "Save as ...". Saving results

When saving, select a JPG or PNG file format. The overlay result is shown in the figure below.


If pictures of different sizes

It often happens that you have to combine pictures of different sizes. For example, the background is greater than the top layer. In this case, before applying opacity, you need to scale the upper layer. Algorithm of actions:

  1. Drag the top image on the background;
  2. Remove in the "Layers" (right panel toolbar) Castle (if any);
  3. Go to "Editing" to the section and select "Free Transform" (Upper Figure Fighting Borders);
  4. Pull the borders to stretch the image and press ENTER; We change scale
  5. Apply "opacity" to the layer in the left toolbar, do not forget to save the result. Final result

Add a photo without background to another photo

Combining two drawings. The method is often used to receive collages. To combine two objects, act like this:

  1. Download pictures in photoshop;
  2. Drag the superimposed object on the background (add an airplane to the photo with penguins);
  3. Go to "Editing" and select "Transform", then by the "Scaling" arrow;
  4. Reduce (increase) and place an overlaid object in the desired corner of the background;
  5. Press "Tick" or Enter; Adding one photo to another photo
  6. Select "Eraser" or "Magic Eraser" on the panel on the left to remove the excess background of the upper layer;
  7. On the top panel, specify the size of the eraser to quickly and gently remove the extra;
  8. Spell the excess background around the top layer;
  9. Go to "Editing" and select "Transform", specify "Rotate";
  10. Give the right layer the required position and click "Tick" in the upper part;
  11. Save the result in PNG or JPG format. Saving in the desired format

How to impose photos in the photo in the Movavi Editor

Russian-speaking editor, the functionality is remotely reminded by Photoshop. But it is easier to work in it. In order to impose one to another image, do the following:

  1. Go to the "File" menu, select Open to add the main object;
  2. In the top toolbar, find and click "Paste Image"; Insert images
  3. Stretch the top picture to the boundaries of the background;
  4. Use the "Opacity" menu on the right toolbar; the runner needs to be moved until the result is the best.
  5. Click "Apply" and save the object via the "File" menu → "Save as ...".

You can add one picture to another in the graphics editor using the "Background Replacement" menu. The desired object is highlighted and moved to another picture.


Online photo editing services

Image overlay can be performed using online editors. They are less functional than programs, but more understandable to use. Users highly appreciated online:

Online Photo Editor Photo Used PhotosTreet

A simple and fast editor with an optimal set of options. The service does not require registration, works with files of different sizes. To impose pictures on each other, do the following:

  1. Click "Upload a photo" and select the download method - the Internet or computer;
  2. Click "Select a photo", you need to do this operation twice, because objects are performed. The following drawing will be placed in the editor over the first. To see it, drag the upper picture with the mouse. Effect imposition
  3. Press in the left menu "Effects";
  4. Align the drawings using the "Width" menu items and the height;
  5. Apply "transparency" from the panel menu on the right;
  6. Click "Collapse" when the result is satisfactory; Application of transparency effect
  7. Select "Save" from the list on the right.

Service iloveimg.

This is a multifunctional online platform for working with files of a variety of formats. To access a complete set of functionality, the user offers registration. Lack of resource - slow work when loading bulk photos. Algorithm for imposing pictures:

  1. Open the "Photos Editor" and click "Select Image";
  2. Add the second drawing through "Open"; Open 2 images in the service
  3. Use the toolbar to edit images;
  4. Click "Save" upon completion of work.

When you apply the second photo in the left corner, an additional settings panel appears. It is used to edit the top layer.

Online service online-fotoshop

The functionality of this editor is no different from the functional of the previous service, but the file load is simplified. Registration is not needed. When the site opens, click on "Open". Insert alternately "background image", and then "background for overlay". Editing and fusion of pictures Perform using the toolbar from above.

Additions of Figure

The ways to create a unique image using overlay is enough, you just need to choose the appropriate. If you often edit pictures or work with photos, it is wiser to install a highly specialized graphic editor on the PC hard disk. Online services are effective when you need to make one drawing quickly and without extra difficulties.

When inserting pictures in the word Word document, you may encounter the fact that pictures will be located only one above the other or nearby. And when you try to impose one picture to another, they will simply change in places and getting the imposition of images will not work. Fortunately, this behavior of the pictures can be changed using the settings. Now we will look at two ways at once, how to impose a picture on the wall in Word. The article will be relevant for modern versions of Word, such as Word 2007, 2010, 2013, 2016 and 2019.

How to impose pictures using the "Flashing Text" function

In order to impose one picture to another, you can use the "Cutting Text" function. To do this, click on the right mouse button on one of the images, open the "Staying Text" menu and select the "Text" option. This will allow you to place this picture on the bottom layer.

Flooding for text

Further we repeat the same procedure for the second picture, only this time we select the option "before the text". This will allow this image to be placed on the top layer.

Flooding in front of the text

You can also choose a way to flow around the text on the "Format" tab. To do this, select the image, open the "Format" tab and click on the "Cutting Text" button.

flow across the format tab

After the flow around the text is configured for both pictures you can freely move via Word text document.

overlay image pictures

At the same time, the first picture will always be superimposed on the second.

How to impose pictures using the "Inscription" function

An alternative way to overlay one picture to another implies the use of the "Inscription" function. To do this, go to the "Insert" tab, click on the "Text Field" button and select the "Simple Inscription" option ("Text Field" - this is the name of the button in Word 2016, if you have an older version of Word, then you need to look The "Inscription" button).

Insert lettering

After that, you have a floating frame with text on the page. The feature of this frame is that it can be placed anywhere in the document. This allows you to impose a picture on the picture.

Floating frame with text

Text that is present in the frame must be removed and insert the picture instead. To do this, you can use the CTRL-C / CTRL-V key combinations or the Pictures button on the Insert tab.

Insert Pictures in Frame

As a result, you will get a floating frame with the image. Now, the same you need to repeat for the second picture.

Frame with picture

Having two such floating frames with images, you can apply them to each other.

Picture frames

If you need to hide the frame and white fields around the image, then select the frame and go to the "Format" tab. Here you can remove the contour and white fill with the "contour of the figure" and "Filling of the Figure".

Buttons Contour Figure and Pouring Figure

As a result, you will get approximately such an overlap of pictures, as in the screenshot below.

Often there is a desire to play a little with photos and on top of one picture hang another one, or even a few. And here the problems are starting like insert a picture on the computer on the computer. In fact, everything is not so difficult.

There are many programs that allow you to edit photos in this way. In addition to them, there are also special online services that also allow us to make collages of various kinds, including interpretation of different pictures. Below will be described several methods, depending on how this way it will be performed. And this already depends on the personal preferences of the client.

How to insert a picture on the computer online

As already mentioned above, there is a huge number of all kinds of services, each of which offers the ability to edit photos and all such such. All of them for the most part of the same type, and which specifically choose - the personal matter of everyone. The mechanism itself is simple.

The main picture is selected and loaded into a similar online editor. It opens and stays hanging. Next, you need to find in the menu insertion and with it to insert the second photo or picture. Next, there is already easy editing, dragging one or another image from place to place and so on. Pictures can be reduced, increase, trim and much more.

Thus, it is possible to easily and easily create a good collage, which will be unique and unique in nature.

Programs for combining multiple photos

Many specialized programs also allow you to perform similar actions. They are especially useful and comfortable when there is no free Internet access and you do not know how to insert a picture on the computer.

As in the previous embodiment, the general essence of all such programs is about the same. It should be noted that they are all divided into paid and free. The second is somewhat less convenient, however, in fact, the difference is not so significant, especially if the program does not require much.

Thanks to such programs, especially their paid options, the user can do a non-simple collage, but a whole work of art. However, here the main problem rests on the user's skill to handle a specific program.

The fact is that most of such programs have a fairly wide range of possible actions and find exactly what is required - a complex and not fast task. However, after more or less detailed development of the program, working with photos and images will be much more convenient, comfortable and easier. The final result at the same time will only win.

Graphic editor Paint.

The simplest of all possible options for placing one image to another can be considered the most common Paint, which automatically goes with any Windows operating system. Yes, its functionality is particularly wide, it is impossible, but it will make the main one. It is very easy.

First of all, you need to run Paint myself. Then, through the "File" control panel, open exactly the picture that should be the first and on which the second one will be located. After that, on a free place, press the right mouse button and insert the second picture. Alternatively, you can use the "Insert" panel and download the second image through it. After that, the picture can be twisted, change its size and generally edit to some limits.

Approximately the same principle work and all other similar graphics editors. Some manage to draw them and draw, but without proper skills it is unlikely to succeed immediately.

As you can see, the process is quite simple and special skills that does not require. If you have a desire to create a collage, then with a large probability, everything will turn out simply and quickly the first time.

It should be noted that in most social networks there are even special applications that almost automatically perform all the required actions. And from the user you just need to set the basic parameters of the future picture.

Quite an interesting solution. It will allow us to users who have not yet decided on the future view of their creation to view all possible options and choose exactly the one that will enjoy them most.

Well now you know how to insert a picture on the picture on the computer. We hope you liked the article and became useful. Enjoy your time playing with your photos!

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