Organizer for cosmetics do it yourself - a step-by-step circuit of boxes and fabric

The number of cosmetic accessories, all sorts of tubes, bottles, jars, lipsticks, brushes, sponge, creams and pallet with shadows each woman varies depending on her love for various care procedures and makeup types. However, all this wealth must be compacting somewhere to compact, so that it can be convenient to use, quickly reaching and finding the necessary items. In this case, an indispensable assistant will be an organizer for cosmetics. The thing of the appropriate size and the functionality will find it right away, but it can be easily made with your own hands from the girlfriend.

What makes you make a case for cosmetics with your own hands?

Cellites-needlewomen and designers are invented by hundreds of ways to organize the space of toilet tables, ranging from fixing accessories on a magnetic board and ending with whole racks with roll-up shelves-shop windows, numerous drawers and holders. It all makes sense to list them, besides, our goal is somewhat different, - do it yourself a organizer for cosmetics, which you regularly use, taking into account the existing skills and materials, and it is beautifully issued. As a result, you will have a stylish and practical thing that will satisfy your ideal as possible to be made to your ideal storage facilitates from stamped boxes, lockers and plastic and plywood stores.

How to make the organizer for storing cosmetics with their own hands? First you need to decide what exactly you are going to keep in it, where and how often you will use. Based on this, you can decide on the material and method of manufacture. If you do not have carpentry skills with wood and plywood, prefer simpler options. Make a convenient storage for your favorite lipstick, powder, brushes, tonal creams are quite simple from:

  • fabrics;
  • boxes or cardboard;
  • cans;
  • Bamboo napkin.

Organizer from fabric

The answer to the question of how to make a organizer for cosmetics with your own hands for those who love and know how to sew, arises by themselves. However, unprofessionals will also cope with such work, enough basic skills to sew a billet from the tissue on the typewriter or manually. To begin with, it is worth considering the details of the future product. Think what exactly and in what quantities you will be stored in the organizer, will you use it only at home or will you take with you on trips? If we are talking about a home accessory, make it wall mounted, and a more compact folding option is suitable for trips.

The order of work is as follows:

  1. Drawing of the scheme (organizer patterns).
  2. From dense tissue (possibly, from felt, denim, tweed, cloak), cut out a blank for a organizer and smaller details (future pockets).
  3. The edges of the workpiece are treated on a typewriter or manually, sewn pockets.
  4. In the perimeter, the organizer and the edges of the pockets can be issued with a contrasting tape, braid, lace, any cute material.
  5. If you have chosen the wall-mounted option, to the top of the product, the shells, where you can insert any suitable wand (knitted knitting needles, a beautiful branch covered with acrylic paint).
  6. The wand ties the twine, for which the organizer is hanging on the wall (mirror, cabinet door, bathroom).
  7. The road version should be supplied with ribbons or twine, navigating them from the wrong side of the fabric and leaving free long tips. Such an accessory along with the contents you can easily twist in a small tube and causing ribbons. It is convenient to take it on the road, and it will not take a lot of space in the bag.

The size of the finished product and the number of compartments, as well as the methods of its decoration are limited only to your fantasies. Organizer from monochromatic tissue can be decorated with beads, embroidery, appliques from felt, from motley - contrasting lace, ribbons, braid.

Container of boxes or cardboard

For this craft you can use any empty boxes: from under shoes, creams, soap, spirits, products, children's toys. Select the suitable size and place them in a large shoe box so that higher compartments are further, and small and low are closer to you. After all the boxes are assembled in size and each has a place and purpose, it is necessary to give them the desired height with the help of a scissors or a stationery knife. You can glue the blanks on the usual PVA glue, but it is much more reliable and more convenient to do this with the help of a glue gun.

Make an organizer for cosmetics from cardboard boxes is quite simple, but how to decorate it? You can choose at least one of two options. In the first case, each of the compartments of the organizer, including the largest base box, must be wrapped and wrapped with beautiful paper or cloth even before combining into one product. Self-adhesive, wrapping paper, wallpaper pieces, scrapbooking paper, fabric trimming and other soft materials. Furious compartments and pockets are glued to the base and decorate in any way (there is braid, decorative stickers, tape for crafts, beads, rhinestones, painting acrylic, decoupage with napkins).

If there were no small boxes in the house, replace them with round cylinders, sliced ​​from cardboard tubes from foil, kitchen towels, toilet paper. Another option is an organizer from corrugated cardboard. How to do it? Draw the walls of the walls, bottom and delimiters with grooves, cut out and assemble using a glue gun. The joints are masked by putty and cardboard inserts. After drying, the design is covered with primer, acrylic paint, then any selected color.

In a similar way to corrugated cardboard, you can make a real small chest or box with drawers. This is a rather painstaking work that will require a lot of free time, patience and prettiness, but you will definitely be proud of the result!

How to make an organizer from cans?

Surely you have several empty glass jars of different shapes and size. They are perfect for the role of cosmetics storage capacities. But how to make a desktop organizer? The easiest way to take a small tray and arrange the jars found on it. They can be folded to the hairpins and lipstick, in small with a wide neck - shadows and powder, and in high and narrow put combs, brushes and brushes. For the strength of the design, glue your jars to the tray with an adhesive gun, and for decor you can use acrylic paints (faster and easier to paint with aerosol cans, tastes are suitable for drawing patterns). Patterned jars in one style will turn out if they wrap them with lace and cover with transparent varnish, to tie out the same braid or ribbons, use for staining stencil.

Instead of glass vessels, you can take tin cans from under products. They need to be pretty well, trim, if necessary, handle edges, paint and glue together. Organizers made especially stylishly and painted in gold, silver-white shade, metallic colors with decor from ribbons, beads, jute.

Cosmetic bag from bamboo napkin

How to make an organizer from a bamboo napkin with your own hands? This method is one of the most simple, truth, it will suit it to store cosmetic supplies of an elongated and rectangular shape (brushes, lipsticks, carcasses for eyelashes, proofreaders, long narrow tubes or solid packaging bottles). You will need:

  • rectangular or square bamboo napkin;
  • Wide gum;
  • glue pistol;
  • The twine or buttons tape.

We will analyze step by step, how to make an organizer for cosmetics with your own hands. A rubber band is fixed with a glue gun to one edge of the napkin. Then the gum neatly merged between individual bamboo sticks, leaving small areas in which brushes and carcasses will be held. The rubber band is pulled from the edge to the edge, perpendicular to the direction of bamboo sticks and fastened with glue from the opposite side of the napkin. From the outside, tapes are fixed to the napkin. After the glue dries, you can insert cosmetic supplies to the cosmetic supplies from the gum, turn the napkin into the tube and tied with ribbons.

We listed only the simplest ways of manufacturing organizer for cosmetics with their own hands. Choose your favorite or invent your own option and create in your pleasure!

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Do not throw out the boxes, of which the masters create beautiful and functional items. To all the tubes, lipstick, the shadow can easily be found, there are special organizers on sale.

They cost expensive, so it is better to make an organizer for cosmetics from the boxes with your own hands. First of all, they think over all the details. There are many options for such a product.

Create stationary models for home use. They are located on the dressing table, bedside table, dresser. You can stay on the wall variant.

Master also create roadboats. They are made of fabric, so products are easy to minimize. Such a roll is perfect for travel. He takes a little place in the baggage.


Organizer from boxes

The basis of the product will be a simple box. It will be able to accommodate many containers of different size. Organizer for cosmetics from cardboard, which makes it yourself, should be wrapped with paper. For these purposes, glue or stapler is suitable.

Make cups from dense material. Master container should be measured to calculate how many modules will fit it. Each element is also punctured by paper. Then all of them are placed inside the base.

Cardon tubes

After using the food film, cardboard tubes remain. They are suitable for creating for the original product.

You can use bushings from toilet paper. The lower part of any box will serve as the basis. Cardboard tubes are placed in it, which are attached to the bottom of the container.

The box is placed with wallpaper, colored paper. It is decorated with rhinestones, ribbons, other decor.

This option is excellent for storing brushes, pencils, brushes. For tubes, jars, bottles are better to choose another type of system.

Wall organizer

It is made of tight fabric. To do this, there should be many pockets for different means. This option will save space on the dressing table. It can be decorated under the style of the interior interior.

Organizer for cosmetics made of fabric with their own hands to maintain order. Each fund will have their own place.

Pockets of wall crafts have a different size, depending on which item is stored in them. The model is originally with elements from different fabrics.

Road case

Such a mobile product is convenient to store in a twisted state. It will take a minimum place in the road bag.

An organizer is used if necessary. The canvas with different pockets and departments are suitable for the placement of lipstick, cream, powder and other means.

To cope with the work, you should use step-by-step instructions for creating an organizer for cosmetics with your own hands. For storage, the product is tied with a ribbon. At home, it can be mounted on the wall.

Fabric and Cardboard Product

Textiles are used to sewing a convenient storage system. It should be inside to put the details of the dense cardboard to give the right form by the organizer.

The products are often complemented by pockets on the inner and outer side. Be sure to decide which the sizes of the organiser for cosmetics created by their own hands.

Then pick the fabric and cardboard. You can use the finished scheme developed by experienced masters.

Plastic storage system

Make a model from trays for office paper. Multi-tier option will allow you to accommodate many cosmetics.

In search of the right tool will take at least time if transparent plastic containers used for the product. They are acquired in the shops of the office.

Wooden model

Create strong and stylish organizers for storing cosmetics with their own trees. Such work requires certain skills and knowledge. But the result is worth it.

As a result, a system will be obtained with a variety of departments for storing all sorts of means. The mini-dresser consists of a housing, internal separators and drawers.

The form of the model and the number of departments is selected in accordance with personal preferences.


If you create an organizer yourself, it will be possible to clean up the dressing table. Such a storage system will save a lot of time that is spent in search of the right tool.

When developing the model, it will be possible to provide the required number of pockets, shelves and boxes. It turns out to create a product design that will correspond to the design of the room.

Photo organizer for cosmetics do it yourself

Organizer for cosmetics is designed to become a chopstick for women. When there is a place for each tool and everything is stored in one place.

Today we will make our own organiser and chest of drawers for cosmetics from prime materials. Often it is a cardboard or box. Of course, in such organizers, not only cosmetics can be stored, but all sorts of trivia or bathroom accessories and office.

Organizer for cosmetics
Organizer for cosmetics

What is an organizer for cosmetics

Organizers are intended for compact and ergonomic use of things. They can be manufactured from different materials and textures:

  • From cardboard of different thickness
  • Boxes
  • Tree or plywood
  • Fabrics.

Dressers and organizers have many compartments of different lengths and depths. Wonderful thing when organizing orders in the apartment. Of course, you can purchase a ready-made organizer, for example, a cute box from plywood will cost seven thousand rubles, from the fabric to a thousand.

Organizer for cosmetics do it yourself

But after all, for the needlewomen, it is not difficult to make it myself, with its magic handles. Read the beginning of work, it is necessary to determine the desired size of the organizer, so that all your cosmetic agents entered and have their place. We come up with how our organizer will look like and begin to schematically outline, sign up sizes. Cut all the details from the Cardboard scrub.

We prepare napkins to puncture parts.

All parts are wicked by PVA glue and glue napkins, well missing corners.

We begin assembly of the organizer.

We glue two sides and rear walls.

All seams and joints with decorating ribbon, braid.

We glue two horizontal separators inside.

Organizer is ready to use.

Organizer from the box

Decide that you will be kept if you need a place for lipstick, the number of creams. And then proceed to the drawing.

Usually the rear wall is made above the front.

Meach all partitions, for pencils you can use round holders, for this we take a tube from a paper towel. You can glue with PVA or hot glue (thermal power).

We glue all the details to the base.

You can make a small delivery for lipstick.

All the gaps and facial sides of the partitions are better to sharpen.

Cover all the product with white acrylic paint to protect the organizer from moisture.

Then we paint the organizer in the desired color.

For the organizer decor, you can use stencils.

Print your favorite pattern, cut down the contour. For durability and ease of work, it can be selected or covered with scotch on both sides.

We apply a drawing. To do this, press the stencil and sponge the paint. Make sure that the stencil does not displaced.

After all the paint is driving, turn the box and decorate the bottom. We apply glue and put on cardboard, paper, cloth.

It turned out a very compact organizer.

Organizer from packages from juice

A very simple way to make an organizer with your own hands using jars from under the juice.

You will need 6 boxes from under the juice of different sizes, self-adhesive paper and monophonic paper or napkins.

Organizer from Packets
Organizer from Packets

Cut the longest package in half in half. Little packages cut off the bottom at one height.

We mark the height of the second level and cut the top from the smallest boxes, three pieces are used in the example.

The third level is done as the second.

We collect an organizer without gluing.

We glue the inside of the organizer with paper or napkins.

We connect all the details, you can use a thermopystole or double-sided tape.

In order not to be noticeable irregularities and transitions, we glue the box with painting scotch.

We decorate the front part of the self-adhesive paper. All levels together.

Cardboard and Box Organizer

We measure the box and cut a smooth number of partitions equal to the length and height of the box.

For partitions, you can use the connection system by inserting partitions into the grooves.

To do this, make marking in your drawing, cut out. And insert partitions in the groove to each other.

Collected partitions, insert into the box. If everything is exactly and everything enters, then we deal with the design and begin to decorate.

Purchase all the details, including sides.

You can use wrapping paper, self-adhesive film, napkins or print the desired drawing on the printer.

Chest for cosmetics

Chest of cosmetics allows you to hide all means from prying eyes and bring the highlight to the interior. You can make an open regiment on top of the chest by sticking another box on the lid.

Chest for cosmetics
Chest for cosmetics

For a regular chest, three identical boxes will be needed.

They decorate and invent the handles. You can use conventional buttons.

In order to sew them, you need to take two holes in the middle of the front side of the box.

After that, measure the height and width of boxes and cut the back wall with a lid and two sides.

Also decorating them.

In order for drawers in the comedwork well to go to you need to make the heads on the sidewalls. To do this, you can take ordinary corners from the children's designer, or the angle to be hooked and glued cardboard, or cut such angle from thin metal and bend. Variations here are a huge set.

Side parties can be glued to double-sided adhesion.

Measure and glue the bottom of the chest.

When building the side and upper sides, make a battery for a couple of centimeters so that the boxes are better leaving.

All cuts on the front part should be placed paper or sharp.

And the extreme stage was the decoration of the external walls of the chest of colored paper with the print.

Organizer for cosmetics from fabric

Organizers from matter are different configurations. For example, in the form of pockets. There will be a compacted fabric, decor and threads.

Organizer from fabric
Organizer from fabric

There are several pockets on the basis. If you have to sew ribbons, the organizer can be tied to the vertical surface or simply hang on the carnations.

Or organizer in the form of a tube. For this, there are penetrations of different lengths. In which the brushes and the necessary tubes are inserted. You can replace loops on shallow pockets. It is possible to store cosmetics in the rolled state, in the form of a tube.

Organizer of wood or plywood

To create such an organizer, you need a screwdriver, the basis and saw or the machine for cutting parts. The details are cut down, all sections are plugged.

And assemble with the help of a screwdriver into a single design. Decorate paint or in a decoupage technique.

You can also make an unusual organiser, drilled in plywood holes under the brushes.

Ideas organizer

For the manufacture of organizers, it is desirable to choose to choose the shades of tints or paper so that the whole composition looks harmonious.

Organizers can be multi-level and different heights.

Very convenient, the code of storage has both open containers and drawers.

Video how to make organizer for cosmetics do it yourself


How to make a cosmetics organiser with your own hands?

How to make a cosmetics organiser with your own hands?

Girls use a large amount of cosmetics to create attractive images, and each came across the problem of storage. Homemade organizers are not only practical, but also unique. You can upgrade the product under your needs.

How to make a tree?

Pretty cosmetics in a small chest is quite comfortable. You can decorate the product in your own taste, so it will accurately decorate the interior.

Organizer for cosmetics with your own hands can be made of plywood or tree. It is necessary to use the material with a thickness of no more than 10 mm.

When using a wood array, plywood or MDF problems will not arise. It is worth noting that the chipboard differs fragility, does not give in to milling. Cut additional decorative elements will not work.

Required materials and tools:

  • The sheet of plywood (wood) with a size of 15.25x7.25 cm;
  • paper or machine for grinding;
  • Lobzik;
  • screwdriver;
  • glue;
  • fastenings;
  • clamps;
  • putty;
  • primer;
  • paint;
  • Tassel or roller suitable size;
  • pencil;
  • paper.

First you need to draw a drawing of the future organizer. You can draw at your discretion or using ready-made patterns. For the manufacture of the chest of 30x40x30 cm in size:

  • draw all functional and decorative elements;
  • make a sketch with straight or rounded edges;
  • draw drawers and inner shelves;
  • Make a detailed drawing of each significant part indicating the size.

High-quality preparation will make the manufacturing process as simple as possible and pleasant.

Step-by-step instruction.

  1. Make all the necessary sketches with scale 1: 1 on paper. Attach patterns to plywood and outline with a pencil all the necessary parts of the organizer.
  2. With the help of jigsaw cut all parts of the future product.
  3. Sections of cuts are highly polished to maximum smoothness. It is at this stage that you should vote the details and adjust the dimensions if necessary.
  4. All elements are covered with primer. It is convenient to use the brush or roller suitable size.
  5. Reduce the surface of the detail of the chest again. Paper with small grains bring the product to perfect smoothness. If necessary, some zones can be reloaded.
  6. Apply putty. You should use the composition that is designed for wood. Such material allows you to hide chips and gaps, irregularities of any kind. Wait for a complete drying of putty.
  7. Stop every detail of the future product again.
  8. Brush or from a can of paint all elements in several thin layers. It is best to use a water-based composition or two-component. It is not recommended to use other paints because they can highlight toxic substances. When contact with cosmetics, dangerous components can get to the face, in the body.
  9. Collect all the details into a single product. To connect, you can use glue or nails. Be sure to fix the organizer by the clamps so that all the details are well bored.
  10. If you wish to add decorative elements. You can decorate sequins, ribbons, beads, artificial colors. Also such a chest can be decorated with drawings.

In the manufacture of the chest, you can make retractable boxes. In some cases, it is advisable to install guides. In this case, the width of the box is reduced by 26 mm compared with the inner size of the housing.

As a supplement, you can use accessories in the form of small handles for convenient opening.

Master class on creating fabric

A simple case can be used as a road cosmetics. The product is usually done with a large number of different pockets and offices.

Before the start of manufacture, prepare drawings with dimensions and consideration of points on the seams. You can flash such an organizer not only with a typewriter, but manually.

The use of felt will be relevant for those who have no special experience of making anything from the fabric. The case can be twisted with a tube, which makes it as compact as possible.

Required materials and tools:

  • 2 segment of felt;
  • braid or velcro;
  • needle with threads;
  • scissors.

The first segment of the felt should be 30-50 cm in length and 20 cm in width. It all depends on needs, it is important to comply with the proportions . The second piece of fabric must be 2 cm longer with a width of about 10 cm.

Manufacturing instructions for organizer.

  1. Two felt segments to connect so that on one side the edge coincided in width and length. Little piece sew to the main side of the smaller side.
  2. Stick pocket. It should not stretch the thread, the seam should be free. This pocket will allow you to place mascara, lipstick or other volumetric items.
  3. Sew all the remaining sides of the cosmetics.
  4. The organizer must close. You should sew a braid or velcro.
  5. If you wish, you can put an additional decor. Felt can be decorated with an easy embroidery with a cross or smooth.

If you wish, you can make an organizer from the fabric that is attached to the wall. It should be valid by the same instruction, but additionally attach a hook loop. A more complex option involves stitching two pieces of fabric and the location of the cardboard between them. The basis of the necessary pockets of the desired size.

Manufacture of box and paper

Before starting work, a set of cosmetics should be carefully inspecting. It is important to decide in advance what and where it will lie. Next, you need to make a drawing indicating the size of all offices. As the basis, it is convenient to use the box from shoes or technology. Partitions can be made from cardboard.

The department for brushes and pencils is best done with a tube from paper towels. The simplest version of the decor box is paper. It is enough to glue the base and all the details of the decorative layer.

Step by the manufacturer of organizer.

  1. Insert all partitions inside the base. You can use hot glue or ordinary PVA.
  2. If necessary, additionally make a stand for lipstick or small items.
  3. Putty cover the entire organizer. It is important to apply it evenly on the front part and the gap of the box.
  4. Cove the entire organizer acrylic paint white. It is necessary to work out the inside so that there is no empty seats. So it turns out to prevent the negative impact of moisture on the finished product.
  5. Pain the organizer in any color at your request.
  6. Optionally, make stencils and decorate the product with drawings. It is convenient to simply attach the workpiece and process the surface with a sponge with paint. It is important that the stencil does not shift while working.
  7. Wait for full paint drying.
  8. Turn over the box and process the bottom. You can skill a layer of paper, cardboard or tissue. In this case, the organizer will last long enough. The ideal option will be the use of a washing material for decorating the bottom.

What else can I make an organizer?

Beauty Boxing will bring a tangible benefit to every girl, and manufacturer guarantees the uniqueness of the product with their own hands. Moreover, in this case, you can control the amount and size of the departments depending on cosmetics, which will be stored inside. It is noteworthy that a simple chest can be made as a gift to friends or relatives.

Organizer from the primary materials is practical, attractive and the most budget. Easy and easy you can make a basket from newspaper tubes. It will take only a stand of cardboard, paper, glue and a lot of patience.

The product is solid and colorful. If desired, the organizer can be painted from the canister.

Plastic storage chest of storage is easy to make trays for office paper or simple bottles. In the latter case, cutting products suitable. Parts of the bottles are glued and stained. The decor can be absolutely any.

A fairly interesting version of the manufacturer of a metal sheet. The base is attached to the wall and decorated in any way. You can attach to the metal shelf surface. A more interesting option will be the fastening of cosmetics with small magnets.

About how to make an organizer from cardboard, look in the video.

Good afternoon. Today I decided to make an organizer for my cosmetics. Tired of looking for all these bottles, tassels, lipsticks and hairpins. This is especially true when you need to quickly get together somewhere. So, proceed.

I do the organizer for cosmetics do it yourself

Details for your organizer I will cut from thick corrugated cardboard. First, I will need to cut the rear wall, bottom and two side parts. I will make an organizer on predetermined sizes. You can choose any parameters, but do not forget that the corrugated cardboard has its own strength. Therefore, it is not recommended to do similar things of large sizes. It is better to make a couple of organizers of various destinations.

I do the organizer for cosmetics do it yourself

On the rear wall we will make three semicircles for beauty.

I do the organizer for cosmetics do it yourself

For gluing the whole design, I will use thermocons. At first I glue the back wall and one of the side walls.

I do the organizer for cosmetics do it yourself

Next, you need to make marking inside our design. Bit divide into two equal parts, and on the rear wall we carry out a line at a distance of 11 cm from the bottom.

I do the organizer for cosmetics do it yourself

Focusing on the line, we first glue the vertical wall in the middle, and then the horizontal shelf on the mark. And only after that we glue the second side part.

I do the organizer for cosmetics do it yourself

After that, the upper part is divided by three identical compartments. Insert the side and intermediate shelves.

I do the organizer for cosmetics do it yourself

Then we need to make drawers in accordance with the internal sizes of niches. I'm saving white tight paper. For all internal and exterior operations by pasting, we use conventional PVA glue.

I do the organizer for cosmetics do it yourself

For the decor, I chose an ordinary wrapper paper here is such a coloring. Next, proceed to the manufacture of the handles. On the wire, I put on three beads. Then in the end part of the box of the box, I spend two holes, insert the wire there, and spinning tightly on the reverse side. Handles turned out in the form of beads.

I do the organizer for cosmetics do it yourself

In the same way, we make all other boxes with periodic properties in size. I got two large lower boxes and two top small. They are beautifully decorated and function perfectly.

I do the organizer for cosmetics do it yourself

Now proceed to the manufacture of upper partitions. I cut up the upper part of each partition in the form of a crescent. Partitions must be immediately placed on one side by paper selected for the decor of the general style of the organiser, and on the other hand, it can be sealed with flammist, felt or conventional white, or colored paper. There is already a matter of taste. After that, it is necessary to re-establish the side and rear walls.

I do the organizer for cosmetics do it yourself

I saved the entire inner part of the organizer with pieces of colored paper. The top compartments will be opened to accommodate the tubes and vials of large sizes in them. The organizer is almost ready.

I do the organizer for cosmetics do it yourself

Face parts with colored paper strips. The organizer turned out to be very beautiful and quite functional and now exactly nothing will be lost. By the way, such organizers can be made by any forms under any sizes of cosmetics. It is just necessary to think over everything in advance and determine the main dimensions. For decoration, in addition to colored paper, color fabric can be used.

Organizer for cosmetics - a modern device that saves a place on the working surface and your time to search for the necessary cosmetics. You can make an organizer with your own hands using the right tips listed in this article.

What is a organizer for cosmetics, why is it needed?

Modern woman necessarily has much more than Several bottles of cosmetics. If you think, then to be fashionable and beautiful, A huge number of items are required : Shadows, Face Bases, Century, Tone Cream, Lipstick, Shits, Consilers, Primers, Taschi, Approach, Makeup Brushes and Much.

Sometimes it happens so that Cosmetics are very much O and her just Unable to fit into the cosmetic . Organize a place on the toilet table and place all your cosmetics as convenient as possible to use Help the organizer . This is a simple modern device capable Arrange each big and small bottle.

If you want to have Organizer created by personal original design And right for you, you need to make it yourself. First of all, you should know What are the organizers for cosmetics:

  • From cardboard . You can use absolutely any cardboard, but best, choose Tight and thick (Such which is often used for packaging technology, for example, refrigerator). Such cardboard will be Keep not only your shape, but also a large amount of cosmetics. The organizer is some of the number of cups compiled together.
  • From wood. Make a wooden organizer with your own hands is much more complicated than from the cardboard. This work requires skill and suitable material . Nevertheless, if you have the opportunity, you can get the original Product with lots of cups and shelves To accommodate all your cosmetics.
  • From fabric . Textile organizer can be wall mounted, and maybe compact , so to speak, road. On the wall, such a device is attached to Save the place on the surface of the dressing table. The product has a large number of pockets in which all cosmetics are placed. Road Textile Organizer can be performed in the form of cosmetic bags with a large number of departments or in the form of case which can be twisted into a roll.
  • Metal. Rather, even from the metal sheet. In order to make such an organizer, first of all, it is necessary to have the material itself. You can Use any piece of metal. It should be flat and smooth. Such an organizer is attached to the wall, decoratively separated. The secret of him is that each cosmetic can be attached to the metallic basis With a magnet.
How to make a cosmetics organiser with your own hands?

How to make an organizer with your own hands for cosmetics from cardboard?

Make a organizer from cardboard will be able to everyone. To do this, you will need such materials:

  • Tight cardboard
  • Kraft bamuga or decorative paper for creativity (it is necessary in order to decorate your product).
  • Scissors
  • Line, simple pencil
  • Glue
  • Decorative ornaments

The basis for the organizer can serve Old shoe box. She will accommodate a large number of cups of different sizes To accommodate all cosmetics. Use only Low part of the shoe box. It should be wrapped in beautiful paper. You can do it with glue or stapler.

Basis for a paper organizer

Now you follow Measure the square box in centimeters to understand what size cups you will need To fill the space inside it. You can also do these cups from shoe cardboard, and you can take a thinner material, for example, Stationery Cardboard .

Each container also follows Separate a beautiful paper . After that give products to dry and Insert small cups in big boxes. It is best to make every container of different heights and widths, so you can place diverse cosmetics: long brushes and small boxes, for example.

It should be placed on the capacity by increasing, that is, the highest cups should be further from you, and the lowest is closer to you.

If you do not have craft paper for finishing, you can decorate the cardboard with ordinary wallpaper. This material is always in surplus any mistress, it is not expensive, it is beautiful and quite tightly capable of covering cardboard.

Cardboard Organizer Decorating With Wallpaper

Another good idea for creating an organizer - Use Cardboard Pipes Basics (tubes) from kitchen food or foil. So suitable Sleeping sleeve with soft toilet paper. The base for the organizer uses the lower part of any box.

It should be decorate in any way : Plug paper, wallpaper, rhinestones, ribbons, paint paint and so on. In decorated boxes, insert cups from cardboard pipes, the size of which you are adjusting yourself, and glue them to the bottom of the glue.

This product can perfectly accommodate a large number of cosmetic brushes, pencils, tubes, brushes, but boxes and bottles will not fit in it.

Organizer for cosmetics from paper and cardboard pipes with their own hands

Ideas for creating paper organizers:

Stylish Cardboard Organizer in Box
Desktop compact organizer from cardboard for cosmetics and trifles
Organizer from cardboard with branches and cups
Cardboard Organizer in the form of boxes
Multi-level organizer for cosmetics from dense cardboard

How to make an organizer for cosmetics from a tree?

To make a hardware for cosmetics from a tree, you need Have a suitable material . It will be useful to board, a pressed chipboard, wooden pallet, plywood sheet. In order to brew all parts together, you will need screwdriver or superchalter if the material is thin and light.

What does a wooden organizer look like:

Simple Organizer for Tree Cosmetics
Organizer for cosmetics of wood with branches and boxes
Simple Wood Organizer with Cosmetics Storage Holes
Multi-storey wooden cosmetics storage organ
Spacious organizer for cosmetics of wood
How to make a wooden organizer: scheme

How to sew a road organizer for cosmetics from fabric?

Textile organizer It can be performed absolutely from any fabric. But it is best to choose dense material which could keep his shape even under the weight of heavy bottles and tubes.

There are two main types of organizer:

  • Wall-mounted home
  • Road case

Home Textile Organizer, First of all, Saves place . It allows you to place a large amount of cosmetics not on the surface of the toilet table, but in pockets that are in suspended state.

A pleasant feature of the organizer is that it can always be "pick up" under the style of the room: choose the desired color of the fabric, decorate it to your taste, make a big or small.

Wall-mounted organizer pockets must be of different sizes: wide, narrow, deep, small, dense, translucent. Depending on preferences The product can be attached to the wall With the help of a stationery buttons or to sew the loops for fastening on the carnations.

Such an organizer is always pleased to use, everything is noted in it: brushes, palets, tubes, fpores, a mirror, combs and much more. You can also combine fabric, for example, some pockets made from dense fabric, others from organza or mesh.

Tissue Organizer on the Wall

Another type of textile organizer is a case. Such a device also saves the place on the working surface, as it allows you to use the organizer only if necessary.

Simply put, the case is Piece of fabric with many pockets and departments for placing cosmetics. Such case you can turn into a roll and deploy . The product is tied on a ribbon when stored in a twisted state. The organizer is convenient for use, it can be taken with me on the journey M on the road, if desired, it is attached to the stationery buttons on the wall.

Textile compact organizer
Fabric Cosmetics Organizer

You can also sew organizer-box . This is the easiest way to "clean up" on the dressing table and Fold cosmetics into one container. The product looks like a rectangular box with a cardboard base and textile overlap.

If desired, the product can be supplemented with additional pockets on the inner and outer side. In such an organizer, you can place bottles and jars of any size. The product can be stored in the end of the surface.

Simple textile organizer

Organizer for cosmetics with his own hands on the wall: Ideas for needlework

During the estate of a metal sheet of small size, you can try Make a magnetic organizer on the wall. It looks like a product in the form of a wallboard. As the basis may be Used any metal .

I wonder: some needlewomen skillfully used a leaf for baking in the oven, which stopped being suitable.

Metallic base follows Cut out any beautiful cloth So that it had an aesthetic appearance. You can use cotton or synthetic tissue. The main thing - It should not be transparent. The edges of the metal sheet also should be decorated. To do this, you can use a wooden frame for paintings, lace, Phaneur and much more.

Ease of use by this organizer is that any cosmetic means will always be in sight. To each bottle or tube should be glued with a small magnet (it can be bought in the store for creativity). It is on the magnet that will hold your cosmetics.

Magnetic organizer on the wall with his own hands

Video: "How to make a cosmetics organiser with your own hands? Master Class"

A source

Master classes for the manufacture of organizers for cosmetics from undergraduate materials - cardboard, plastic bottles, foam, wood. Many will say that it would be easier to buy a suitable organizer for storing cosmetics, and not spend on it. But firstly - I want to save finances, and secondly, it is interesting to come up with an exclusive organizer with your own hands for cosmetics and varnishes.

We offer a master class on the manufacture of organizer with their own hands for cosmetics, manicure accessories, makeup brushes, lipsticks, and many of the necessary female little things.

Organizer for cosmetics with your own hands - easy and easy!

What can the organizer for cosmetics and varnishes

In any house there is always aware of what to make a compact kit for storing cosmetics. The simplest options for organizers are obtained from conventional plastic bottles.

From plastic bottles . The edges of the plastic are cut off with a knife, pouch with scissors. Then we must "smooth out a sharp cut bottle with an iron. We do it like this: on the hot surface of the sole, we put a sheet of white paper on the hot surface, and slightly press the plastic to this paper.

For a long time you do not need, since plastic can deform. If you do not put paper - on the sole of the iron will remain a track from plastic. You can decorate such a storage container with a ribbon, color scotch. For weighting and stability, you can pour into the bottom of coffee grain or pebbles.

What can the organizer for cosmetics and varnishes

From glass canas . To make an organizer for brushes, eye and lip pencils - we are looking for glass, or just tin cans. Well, the further decor depends on you: you can paint the paint from the canister or simple acrylic, you can reap the lace, braid.

From glass canas Organizer for cosmetics with your own hands - easy and easy! Organizer for cosmetics with your own hands - easy and easy! Organizer for cosmetics with your own hands - easy and easy!

See, it would seem ordinary glass jars, and if they make figurines to be fantasized or glued to the lids (for example, small plastic toys from kinder surprises) - what interesting things are obtained:

Organizer for cosmetics with your own hands - easy and easy! Organizer for cosmetics with your own hands - easy and easy! Organizer for cosmetics with your own hands - easy and easy! Organizer for cosmetics with your own hands - easy and easy!

From bamboo napkin . Simple, and at the same time the original organiser with your own hands from the bamboo napkin. Cut from corrugated cardboard 2 identical circles and one strip equal to the diameter of the received tube. It remains only to glue the bottom and walls, glue the item, pierce the lid and turn the bead on the ribbon.

For the next work, you will need a bamboo napkin, a wide gum and a glue gun. The glue is needed to secure the gum at the beginning and end. Clay can be replaced with a needle with a thread. Such an organizer from bamboo napkins can be easily done for brushes with their own hands:

From bamboo napkin Organizer for cosmetics with your own hands - easy and easy!

From wood . This option is suitable for those who can work with a tree. In order to make a wooden organizer, you need at least a carpentry tools and skills.

Organizer for cosmetics with your own hands - easy and easy! Organizer for cosmetics with your own hands - easy and easy! Organizer for cosmetics with your own hands - easy and easy! Organizer for cosmetics with your own hands - easy and easy! Organizer for cosmetics with your own hands - easy and easy! Organizer for cosmetics with your own hands - easy and easy!

Look at the mini master class on the manufacture of a small organiser from the tree. We make a width of the product more, as the product should be stable.

Organizer for cosmetics with your own hands - easy and easy! Organizer for cosmetics with your own hands - easy and easy! Organizer for cosmetics with your own hands - easy and easy! Organizer for cosmetics with your own hands - easy and easy!

From foamflast . Organizer for varnishes with your own hands can be made from such a material as a foam (it is also called polystyrene foam). This light white material is commonly used to protect home appliances from shocks during transportation.

From foamflast

Foam sheets are sold in stores for repair and construction, low price. If you have a lot of gel varnishes - such an organizer is just necessary for you.

On video - how to make a organiser for varnishes from foam:

From cardboard . This is the most popular material from which you can quickly and tastefully make a small cosmetics storage box. What can be useful to you for such a job: any color paper, self-adhesive PVC film (sold in all economic hypermarkets), paper glossy gift bags (instead of colored paper), fabric, acrylic paint.

Before you the easiest organizer of two cardboard boxes and a piece of wallpapers remaining from repair:

Organizer for cosmetics with your own hands - easy and easy! Organizer for cosmetics with your own hands - easy and easy! Organizer for cosmetics with your own hands - easy and easy! Organizer for cosmetics with your own hands - easy and easy!

As you can see, nothing complicated: cut the top of the boxes, glue them together, and, using PVA glue, stick part of wallpaper or colored paper on the boxes. 1 hour of work - and shelves for storing cosmetics - ready.

Cat Cardboard Organizer - Master Class

This is such a simple and convenient organizer can be made from an ordinary cardboard box and a piece of wallpaper or colored paper. We use it for cosmetics, gel varnishes, cosmetic pencils, tassels, hairpins, and so on. Such a storage box you can make any size by reducing or increasing the template.

Cat Cardboard Organizer - Master Class

For the manufacture you will need:

  1. Cardboard box of thick cardboard.
  2. Colored paper for the decor of the inside.
  3. PVA glue, glue moment crystal.
  4. Knife stationery.
  5. A piece of wallpaper.
  6. White paper.
  7. Line, pencil.
  8. Tassel or sponge.

Organizer for cosmetics with your own hands - easy and easy!

Cut the box on the part. With the help of the line and pencil draw and then cut out all the details of the product.

Organizer for cosmetics with your own hands - easy and easy!

We glue with colored paper (red) one (inner) side of all parts. Partition parts are gluable from both sides.

Organizer for cosmetics with your own hands - easy and easy!

Introducing the edge of the body with glue the moment of the crystal. Next, cut out a strip of white paper, smear them with PVA glue, and thus fasten the sides of the frame. Then we will need to do the bottom. To do this, on a piece of cardboard, we put the finished frame and supply it with a pencil.

Organizer for cosmetics with your own hands - easy and easy!

Cut the bottom of the products for storing cosmetics. Purchase the bottom of the paper. We glue the bottom to the frame of the paper strips. Sections inside can be made absolutely any.

Organizer for cosmetics with your own hands - easy and easy!

The outer part of the organizer is gluable piece of wallpaper or colored paper. Insert into the partition inside. From color paper cut out eyes and ears and glue PVA glue. That's all. The work is done.

On video - organizer for cosmetics, pencils, varnishes, with their own hands:

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