Braid spit to yourself

Learning to weave beautiful braids for long and medium hair

Hairstyles with Kosyos

Learning the braid braid on long hair can be literally in a couple of evenings, but this is exactly the hairstyle that will decorate any girl regardless of age and style.

By the way, hairstyles from Kos are very fashionable, so it is worth spending some time on training. And if you already know how to braid braids, then just examine a few new ways and please yourself with a beautiful and spectacular hairstyle more often!

How to prepare hair for hairstyle

Before starting to any manipulations with hair, it is better to prepare them better - so you can be sure that it will be really easy to make a hairstyle, and the result will please you.

    Hair must be clean and thoroughly cleaned. If you know that the hair is not too obedient and it is hard to put them, then you can try to turn the braids when the hair is still a little wet after washing.

The fact is that most often the braids for each girl are the memory of childhood, and in our childhood Nobody used to use special stacked means when braid to the child to school. But, on the other hand, now, the time is different, and the range of hair care products is completely different.

Do not stay in the Stone Age, purchase gloss fluid, spray to facilitate combing and other means to help you maintain a hairstyle beautiful.

Take into service this trick and learn how to enjoy different types of comb.

Long hair

Weaving braid on long hair is real art, because the hair length allows not easy to depict two school braids, but make a complex multifaceted hairstyle. It may be familiar to all spikelets, braided with great skill, but you can choose something more than more.

Look at the photo of beautiful braids and hairstyles on long hair, to understand how you want to look.

Step-by-step spit

Perhaps the first time you will need a step-by-step instruction.

Volumetric Spit "Fish Tail"

This option is hairstyle for absolutely all girls without exception, even if it seems to you that you do not have enough hair density for this option - still try.

To brake such a braid - the matter of several minutes, you will spend a couple of minutes to give a brace is really a chic look, and you can admire the result.

Spit fishtail

To heat the bulk braid "Fish Tail" for long hair, follow the instructions.

    Well-tail your hair, if necessary, sprinkle them with sprays to facilitate combing and disperse direct or oblique sample. Do not make a complex curly sample, the braid itself is an ornament.

Hairstyle with weaving and pigtails

Beautiful braids in a hairstyle on long hair look charmingly, not always the girl understands how to heat the braid in this way. Most often to create a geometric hairstyle - as in the photo - the presence of another person will need, whose actions you will lead.

with Kosyos

But there are some secrets. For example, if you look at, it becomes clear that after a few workouts you will be quite able to repeat both on your head.

Learn to weave the main types of Kos - with the right and without. Find out if you can neatly turn the braid to 4, 7 or more elements on the back of the head, without deviating from the center. Also try to braid "waterfall" several times - so you will understand how to make hairstyles with braids on medium hair, with weaving and free elements.

Spit waterfall

For example, in the photo weaving smooth braids with cross-elements, it's not so difficult, if immediately, starting from the top to separate the smooth strands of the pseudo-laying, consolidate each spin "clarification" and then, slightly fixing along the entire length of the strand of any stacking agent, assemble on the head "Grid »", Turning free ends on both sides.

Medium hair length

Beautiful interesting braids on medium hair are in different styles, so you choose something specific for a specific image that you want to create.

For example, complex structures from thin braids invariably resemble the eastern beauties, and figure braids to the middle light hair, laid around the head, will turn any European beauty in a sequence of a well-known Ukrainian political activity.

It is very interesting to look beautiful braids in a hairstyle for medium hair, when the tips of the hair are curled (or curled away from nature) - Be sure to emphasize this, leaving the maximum number of free curls.

If you do not know how to braid a beautiful braid, you may need to look at the weaving of beautiful braces step-by-step - most often step-by-step guide contains detailed photos by which you can figure out how to braid beautiful braids for long and medium hair.

Learning to braid different braids

Check out the photo of weaving braid and various braid schemes, so you can understand how you can peel your hair with an adult woman and a little girl.

By steps

You can also see the master class for quick weaving braids or master the weaving of a beautiful braid with a ribbon.

Weaving lessons Kos: Make beautiful and simple hairstyles with your own hands.

Spit is one of the most interesting, feminine and universal hairstyles. Already that the season is the pigtails on long medium or short hair heads the rating of the most popular styling among women of any age. Mastering the weaving of Kos can every girl, and a huge variety of schemes and technicians will allow changing bright and original hairstyles and experiment with the image every day.

What you need for braid

For weaving braids, many styling tools or hairdressers are required . The most important thing is to be patient and prepare everything that may be required to create braids at home.


For weaving braids need such tools :

  • Comb with rare gear and thin long handle for the separation of strands;
  • massage brush;
  • Thin silicone gums;
  • clamps;
  • invisible.

To create braids yourself prepare two large mirrors that will help you control weaving at the temples and the back of the head.


To fix the braid, prepare hair foam, lacquer of the desired degree of fixation . For weaving pigs, the child is quite enough pulverizer with clean water, as children's hair is soft and well hold the shape.

Step-by-step instructions and schemes for weaving braids

Each girl can learn to independent weaving braids. This does not need to be recorded on expensive courses. Learn from various weaving techniques on hair of different lengths, and at home , Taking advantage of detailed photos, video lessons and detailed master classes.


The spikelet is a light and pretty hairstyle, which is great and girls, and adult women. . She fixes her hair well, so even the shortest strands will not fall out and disturb.

How to braid spikes :

  • Carefully distribute all hair and separate strand in the forehead area;
  • divide this strand into three parts;
  • Moving the right strand to the central, then the left;
  • From the second overlap, add some free hair on the side of the strands;
  • Do not forget with each weaving a little tighten the central strand.

Finish spikelets can be a classic oblique, neat tail or beam , fixing it with rubber band, hairpin or ribbon.


French braid is hairstyle that woves like a spikelet . The only difference is - strands are laid on the contrary.

Step-by-step instructions for weaving French braids :

  1. Stash all hair On the back, in the forehead area, separate a wide strand and divide it into three parts.
  2. Extreme strand On the right side, spend the central bottom and output on top of the opposite strand.
  3. Repeat on the left side Having spent the strands in the same way upward.
  4. Starting from the second binding Add some free hair to each side straightener.

Leafing braid to the desired length and tie a rubber band . So that the French pigtail looks more lush and bulk, slightly stretch the weaving in different directions.

Fish tail

There are several ways to braid a beautiful braid with an interesting name. "Fish Tail", which externally resembles this unusual weaving. Such a versatile pigtail is suitable for both long and short or middle hair.

How to make a fishe tail in stages :

  • Well, spread all your hair and separate the right strands from the right and left temple;
  • lay out the strands from the temples cruciform in the middle of the head;
  • Do not forget to firmly hold strands with your fingers so that the weaving does not break up;
  • Separate a new curl from the temporal area and place on crossed strands;
  • Separate the curl from the opposite side and also impose on over crossed strands.

Continue weaving to the desired length and make a rubber band . Such a fish tilt can be placed along the entire length of strands or bring it to the level of the neck and finish weaving the usual oblique or tail.

Of 4 strands

Spit from 4 strands - a quick and attractive version of everyday hairstyles . At first glance, such a bulk weaving seems extremely difficult for beginners, but if desired, every girl will be able to master the four-circuit braid.

Weaving scheme :

  1. Drop all hair And divide them on 4 strands of the same thickness (conventionally number them from 1 to 4 in the direction of the left).
  2. Second and third strand On the left side, cross-protect. As a result, the second strand should be top.
  3. Upper strand Spend under the first curl on the left side, and spend the bottom strands under the fourth curler on the left.
  4. After weave The second and third strand must be side, and the first and fourth curl - become central.
  5. Further Place the fourth strand Top of the third and repeat all the actions with curls in the middle.
  6. Uppere braid to the desired length and secure elastic band.

This type of weaving from strands requires patience and time. The basic condition for this technique is to memorize the ordinal number of each strand. . Remember that three curls are brazed with a classic way, and the fourth - with each interlacing laid down under strands.

Out of 5 strands

ТMovement moster from 5 strands is similar to the previous one. . Stash all hair on the back of the head and divide on 5 equal strands. Then the right curl cross the curl with the closest to it, and the central curl cross the left from it, but not the most extreme.

Thereafter The most extreme curl on the left is crossed with the neighboring curl on the right side . By a similar scheme, we turn the second row, continuing them until you form a braid.

Crown of braid

Cosa in the form of a crown - a luxurious idea for festive events . There are many ways to have its weaving, learn whom you can with step-by-step photos and videos.

How to quickly soar braid crown :

  • Stash all hair on the right side;
  • Make a sample in the form of an arc coming from the ear across the entire top of the second ear;
  • Separate the left temple three strands of the same thickness;
  • Start to braid the French braid, directing it to the right half of the head and in parallel adding additional strands from the sample side;
  • Bring your ear and continue to braid by adding the bottom strands;
  • To ship the braid to the neck, then to the tip and secure the crown of invisible.

Such hairstyle can be done on short hair But in this case, the strands need to be well treated with foam, and the weaving itself is not at the temple, but from the nape.

Spit from knots

Spit from knots - Elegant and beautiful hairstyle that is done in minutes . Separate the upper half of the hair and divide it into two parts. Twist them between themselves from left to right, as when tying a regular node.

To the remaining mass of the hair, add the knot to the remaining and once again . Continue weaving until the hair blames along the entire length, tie a rubber band.

Spita Bow

A bow can be formalized from the ready-made braid by making it a bright decoration hairstyle . To do this, braid a pigtail in any convenient way, leaving a thin curl to create a bow.

Take the left strand and sprinkle with varnish abundantly, then form in the form of a loop, bent in half. Using the hairpin, carefully thread this loop under the pigtail, holding the hand.

Spit snail

Separate a small curl from the middle of the head, then divide into three parts and pleading the French pigtail, but with pickups on the right. Thus, pleading the braid across the entire circumference , the tip of the snail will secure invisible.


Spiral braid is very simple. Start weaving from the top of the head - Separate a wide strand and start the weaving of the French braid, performing it through the sample counterclockwise.

Continue to weave the braid on the left side of the head down, spend around the neck and direct the weaving up, to the top of the top. Externally, the braid should resemble a spiral. The tips of the finished pigtail hide inside the weaving and secure invisible.

Spit in the form of a harness - Easy and beautiful hairstyle with which even a child can handle . Weaving takes a few minutes, due to which it will become an excellent option, if you do not have much time to create complex stacks.

  • Tie a high tail;
  • Hair from the tail split into two halves;
  • Tighten each part in the tight harness;
  • Fasten every flag with rubber band.

Thereafter twist both flashes with each other "eight" and make a rubber band So that the hairstyle does not break.

Spit for every day

For hairstyles for each day there are special requirements, because they should be not only beautiful, but also easy to perform. In addition, they must reliably keep the original form throughout the day. These requirements are fully consistent with braids - practical, lungs and charming hairstyles for everyday life.

Having learned how to braid "Fish Tail" correctly, you can safely experiment with this exquisite hairstyle. The tail with weaving is suitable for every day. - Tie a high tail, then divide all hair into two halves. From each of them, separate the fine strands and braid the usual "fishe tail", fasten the rubber band.

For holidays

One of the most popular holiday hairstyles is considered an exquisite braid, braided around the head . Such styling is quite complicated and requires a preliminary training, but the result is worth it - all the attention is paid to you.

Weaving technique :

  1. Make a smooth central sample And divide all hair into two halves, secure one clamp.
  2. Divide the second part of the hair on three strands And start weaving the pigtails on the contrary - pleading, like a regular spikelet, but add strands from above under the bottom.
  3. Whipping braid towards the Makushka.
  4. Bring weaving to the clamping place bonding hair, and dissolve them. Continue to weave the rim by adding strands from the second half of the hair.
  5. In this manner Circuit your pigtail around the head , and tip hide inside weaving.

Spit-bezel need to firmly fix the invisible and sprinkle with varnish Otherwise, it can lose the shape - especially on short hair.

For Sport

For sports, comfortable and simple weaves are suitable for sports that reliably hold hair. Best of all suitable neat braid-flagery or "fishe tail" , tied of a high tail.

For meetings

An ideal option for dates will be a spit-waterfall . It looks very gently and romantic, emphasizing the femininity of the image.

Step-by-step weaving lesson :

  1. Start brazed Waterfall on the side, at the line of forehead.
  2. Separate non-screamed strand And divide it into two parts. That strand, which is closer to the forehead, roll over the second strands.
  3. Take a thin curl From the top and put it on top of that strand, which was originally closer to the forehead line, leave freely free.

Then take a strand again, which is closer to the forehead line, and twist it . Add another strand from the top, put on the central part and leave freely hang. So bring the waterfall to the nape, glow from the tips of the usual braid and secure fine rubber. Hide it under the slight hair and secure invisible.

Spit to short, medium and long hair

Girls with short and medium hair best suited various spikes, French braids . If the hair is very short, you can only brake strands around the forehead, forming the original spit.

Long hair opens unlimited expanses for experiments, as they are suitable for any kind of weaving . It all depends only on your skill and availability of free time.

How and how to decorate ready-made braids

Make a weaving brighter and interesting will help various decorations. These can be hairpins with rhinestone or artificial colors, wide satin or narrow lace ribbons , Bundans in the style of "Bocho", as well as bright dressings.

For classic styling, elegant rims, rubber bands and hairpins with small, modest decorations will be suitable.

Braids with filling ribbons, kanekalon, scarves

Various braids with filling artificial filaments of the canchelon, savages, wide or narrow tapes are not losing their popularity. Such a hairstyle always looks original and interesting - both in the office and at the festive event. .

Welding technique Ribbon, Kink or Kanekalon :

  • Still all hair and collect in the tail;
  • Secure the ribbon or canileal on the gum, stretch and fold twice;
  • Secure the knot, following the ends of the ribbon to be the same length;
  • Make a braid in any convenient way and tie a tape or a gather on a bow or scrape a rubber band.


Spit is a hairstyle that does not lose its popularity. Simple and easy step-by-step instructions will help you master the various weaving techniques and experiment every day with different, stylish and original hairstyles, picking them up under your style and mood.

How to put braids with a canchelon and care for the finished hairstyle

Weaving braids with a canchelon is not only a trendy tendency, but also a great way to experiment with your usual style. A huge variety of color solutions and weaving methods can be created a bright, stylish hairstyle that emphasizes individuality and harmful hair.

What is Kanekalon

Kanekalon is called high-quality artificial fiber, which externally resembles human hair . The structure of the threads is as close as possible to human hair.

Kanekalon Made from sea algae or artificial synthetic materials . He is strong, reliable and simultaneously mild and pleasant to the touch. Seaweed products are considered better and durable.

Originally, artificial threads were used only athletes for weaving boxing braids who cleaned hair from the hair during a workout. But after, during the fashionable show of the MARC Jacobs cult designer, the model was released on the podium, the hair was decorated with bright vessels of the Kanekalon, this hairstyle received worldwide popularity, not losing relevance and to date.

Pros and cons of weaving braids with a canchelon

Weaving with the canchelon has both advantages and disadvantages . Before you decide on such a hairstyle, take into account that it focuses on the facial features and all the disadvantages of appearance.

That's why braids with bright artificial threads are not suitable for girls with such problems :

  • acne;
  • small or large features;
  • bald;
  • High hair growth line.

The main plus of weaving with bright threads is the opportunity to easily experiment with its usual style. . This method is ideal if you are not ready for fundamental changes, but would like to change the image for a while, make it brighter, spectacular and individual.

Choosing canchelon

If you decide to experiment with your usual style and drag Kanecolone in the braid, first of all, you need to choose a thread. It is from How correctly artificial material will be chosen, will depend on how the finished hairstyle will look like And how long she will hold.

When choosing a material should not save, because High-quality material has many advantages :

  • Does not fade in Salon, keeping the initial saturated color;
  • not electrified;
  • Provides an ideal shape of hairstyles for any weather conditions;
  • does not harm his own hair;
  • Thanks to lightness and convenience, it is great for weaving thin weakened and short hair.

Cheap and low-quality synthetic threads need to be laid only with funds for fixing - varnish, foam. Otherwise, they are very quickly losing the shape and after a day, the hairstyle will break.

For weaving braids with a canchelon, you can contact the cabin or learn how to braid the pigtail by using simple and understandable step-by-step instructions. There are several types of canchelon, which is used to create women's and male hairstyles. .


Photos of fashionable hairstyles can see a huge variety of canchelon used for weaving original braids at home.

Main varieties :

  1. Monophonic - It can be black, white, blue, red, beige and any other color. According to the reviews of girls, such a yarn of the canchelon looks more naturally in her hair than bright interference.
  2. Color - Shades of such a canchelon can vary from muted-natural to extraordinary, acid. Such material is great for experiments with appearance.
  3. Multicolored - Externally resembles a rainbow. Artificial strand consists of three and more bright shades.
  4. Chameleon - Trendy artificial material that changes its color under the influence of the sun.
  5. Neon - Rare and expensive canchelon, which glows in the dark. Excellent solution for discos and nightclubs.

Stylishly and effectively looks canchelon in the colors . It combines smooth, harmonious color transitions from deep, dark shades to softer and light.

Counting the required quantity and length

The length of the canchelon depends on the hairstyle and your own preferences . If the thread turned out too long, it can be hidden under a rubber band or just trimmed with scissors. So that in the future the thread did not resolve it, it should be lowered in boiling water for a few seconds.

The required amount of the canchelon depends on the hairstyles and the length of your own hair . On average, for a weaving an afrokosichki, 4-5 packs of 100 packages will be required than in short, your own hair - the more material will be required.

What is necessary for weaving braids with a canchelon

Before weave braids with a canchelon, you should prepare all the necessary tools and tools.

To braid hair you will need :

  • Scallop with rare gear and fine handle for the separation of strands;
  • massage brush for combing;
  • hairpins and clips;
  • Thin silicone gum.

If you get used to the Kankalon in Spit yourself, be sure to prepare Some sufficiently large mirrors, which will provide you with a good overview of weaving on the back of the head and the temporal area.

Weaving technique braid with a canchelon

One of the main advantages of the canchelon is the ability to climb artificial threads even in short hair . But experienced masters recommend to start learning weaving on hair more than 15 cm long. After you master the technique of creating the hairstyle, you can climb the yaps of the canchelon and in shorter hair.

How much the hairstyle with woven threads will last depends on Your skill and quality of the canken. Newbies weaving can hold out up to 4-8 days, experienced masters - up to 3 weeks.

Right and tight woven material can be washed with shampoo, combing . Even after 2-3 weeks, he does not lose its original shape and bright color.

How to fix material

There are several ways to wash and attach the tapes of the canchelon to natural hair. Material can be bent in half, then bind around the strand of their hair node . This method of attachment is considered the most durable.

Another attachment method is less reliable. For this you can several times wrap artificial strand around your own curl and only after that start weaving .

How to weave braids with a canchelon step by step

There are many ways to make a stylish and original hairstyle with the tapes of the canchelon. Most Popular Options - African, French and Boxing Spit . They can be both lush and tight, small.

Do not be afraid to experiment with various weaving techniques - detailed photos and video lessons will help in detail to study different weaving methods with a canchelon. Most often weaving volumetric or small braids .

Technique weaving volumetric braids :

  • Find the middle of the artificial thread and impose with silicone rubber band;
  • Divide all hair into two halves and start tackling from one braid;
  • With the help of a gum, tied on the Kanekalon attach it to the first strand;
  • transfer the whole mass of hair back, divide on 3 strands and braid just spikelets;
  • Repeat the same action from the second half hair.

Melting Weaving Technology Similar to the creation of African braids . Artificial material is woven in the roots of the hair, divided into thin strands, after which a thin pigtle is brazed and fastened with silicone rubber band.


The process of creating African braids at home can be quite complex for beginners. It consists of several step-by-step actions :

  1. Well spread all hair And put on the back of the head, lock the clips and leaving only a thin curl.
  2. The remaining curl is divided For 3 thin strands.
  3. Attach to medium strands The thread of the canchelon, folding it in half.
  4. Start to braid ordinary pigtail - At the same time, 2 strands should be from the canchelon, and the third of the natural hair.
  5. Move such pigtails, pulling out By thin strands from the free mass of the hair.

The thickness of African braids depends only on your preferences - They can be both small and larger. You can leave them away or tie into the tail.

French braids

French Spit with Kekalon - This is a bright and spectacular hairstyle, which is perfect as a girl, so the girl , amateur bold experiments.

Phased implementation of the French braid :

  1. Carefully spread all hair And divide them into two halves, the same in size. One of them fasten the clamp so that the hair does not interfere with weaving.
  2. Divide the remaining part Hair on three strands equal to size.
  3. Canelon's thread bend in half And attach to the very foundation of the central strand, then attach it with a thin silicone rubber band.
  4. Thereafter Start to braid ordinary French braid , capturing side strands and curl with the attached canilene.
  5. Make two classic bindings , Then change the technique - alternate two ordinary interlacing with one with artificial threads.
  6. Ship the pigtail to the niz , then hide the tip of the canchelon under a rubber band.

In the same way, the canexalone is brazed in two braids. . So that the hairstyle turned out more lush and bulk slightly stretch braided strands, but do not touch the curl with the canchelon.

Note! Subcase artificial material during long-term wearing can be separated into separate threads. To avoid this, lower the tip of the canchelon in boiling water - it will "fits" the thread and it will not flavor.

Boxing braids

Boxing braids are not only a ulramo-tree, but also comfortable hairstyle. She is will help to remove the hair and bangs, which interferes during sports, dancing or other active classes . Bright threads of the canchelon will make it bright and extraordinary. If you like more quiet options, use artificial threads of natural, natural shades.

Boxing braid technique :

  1. Well spread hair And divide them with a vertical surge into two parts equal to the thickness. One part is built with a hairpin or tie a rubber band so that the hair does not interfere.
  2. Separate strand in the forehead And divide it into three equal strands.
  3. Take the thread of the canchelon And bend it, then grip through the central strand and fix with the help of invisible.
  4. Equally distribute the thread Between the first and second strand, then start to braid the pigtail on the contrary. Make a few bindings in order to securely fasten the tape of the canchelon.
  5. Wrap the base box That strand that remained without him.

After that, we have a regular braid using strands with attached bright threads . Bring the weaving to the nape and attach another puncture of the Kanekalon, then reach the pigtail to the tip. Similarly, we will braid the second braid. Carefully make sure that the pigtails have the same thickness and were in one distance.

How to care for finished hairstyle

Correct care ensures the accuracy and attractiveness of hairstyles With a canchelon for a long time.

Basic rules of care :

  • You can wash your head no more than 6-7 days;
  • To wash your heads, use your usual shampoo diluted with warm water;
  • Refuse to visit the bath and sauna;
  • Do not wear hats;
  • Before bedtime, it is advisable to wear a mesh;
  • Try not to be under the right sunlight;
  • After washing, do not use a hairdryer, just dried by a hairstyle.

Repeated weaving with the canchelon is best postponing by 6-8 weeks after muttoning hairstyles . This time is needed that your hair "rested."

Brake with Kanekalon

To dissolve braids with a canchelon, you can contact the salon or do it yourself. Under the influence of sunlight, moisture and as a result of incorrect care, hairstyle can quickly lose its initial appearance . In such cases, the schedule will be scheduled.

Pigtails with the tapes of the canchelon are broken as ordinary . An artificial thread can be carefully joining a fine handle with a comb or crochet and stretch out of strands. If the material is firmly attached to the hair, it must be carefully cut off with manicure scissors and only then pull out of the strands. High-quality canchelon, not lost its color and structure, can be reused.


Weaving with a canchelon is a great way to make your usual image more bright, interesting and extraordinary. Such a hairstyle will emphasize your unique individuality, and a huge number of variations and weaving techniques will allow you to safely experiment with the style.

Unusual ways of hair weaving with simple and understandable schemes

Spit at all times was a symbol of femininity. It is not surprising that it never loses its popularity. It is important to master different weaving techniques so that the laying looks interesting and carefully. Due to this, it will be possible to independently create new images. Hair weave, at first glance, may seem difficult, but step-by-step schemes will allow you to quickly master this art.

Different species and schemes of weaving braids

Before driving the hair, you need to explore the basic variants of the brass and find out what they differ. Combining different techniques, you can create new hairstyles. The main thing is to be patient and strictly follow step-by-step instructions.

  1. Simple braid. Weave from three strands, alternately crossing them. This type of braids slightly simplifies appearance. Choosing this option, it is worth considering the image as a whole.
  2. French braid. It has another name - "spikelet". The form really looks like a spike of wheat. The main difference from the traditional method is gradual weaving hairstyles from the top and to the occipital part.
  3. French on the contrary (Dutch ). A more complex version of the French braid, but the result is worth it - the hairstyle is obtained original and externally resembles the ridge of the dragon. The meaning of technology - weave in the opposite direction. This technique is called the French reverse scythe.
  4. Fish tail. Despite the name, the hairstyle, made in this technique, looks relevant and stylish. It does not require special skills. Hair is simply divided into two parts and crossed thin strands among themselves.
  5. Reverse fishe tail. Difference from the traditional version - strands are superimposed by one to another. Beautiful weaving looks modern. The main advantage - even the owners of thin hair will be suitable.
  6. Spit harness. The easiest option. Suitable as everyday hairstyles. It looks very beautiful and original. Two strands of the hair simply spin clockwise around themselves, connecting with each other.
  7. Waterfall. A kind of variety of French braids. The difference is hairstyles - some strands are not delayed, but leave freely free. Due to the combination with flowing hair, it looks romantic and gently.
  8. Complex braid. These are braids out of 4 or more strands. The technique is quite complicated in performance, so often requires extreme assistance. Usually used to create festive hairstyles.

Regardless of the technique, the hairstyle with the elements of weaving will look even more effectory if it is supplemented with an accessory or decoration. Ribbons are used to create a daily and festive image. The braid can be from any material, with patterns, or openwork.

Long and medium hair

First of all, it is necessary to master the classic weaving of the French braid, which starts from the top of the head. Technique is close to performing a simple weaving, but has its own characteristics. In three main strands alternately add curls from two sides of the head. The pigtail is very strong, so it is popular with girls leading an active lifestyle.

  1. Divide your hair on three strands from the top and start weave the usual braid. Add to the left and right on the thin curl so that they are formed on the main. Continue.
  2. Inspread the phased additional strands on both sides until all hair is gone. When only the tail remains, continue to determine the simple braid. Ends fix with a hairpin or rubber band.
  3. Hair is divided into three equal strands. Weaving start with simple braid technique, but with one feature: straight to turn down, and not put on each other. On the left and right side, alternately insert into the braid additional strands of hair.

Second Weaving - French Reverse Spit . Interesting and easy to perform. This method will like girls with thin hair. The volume of hairstyle adds a peculiarity of weaving technology. The option is often used when creating a festive image. Feature - the weave of strands is performed from below.

The French braid in the form of a rim looks harmoniously when creating hairstyles for little girls in kindergarten. Young girls will give a charm and tenderness. How to weave hairstyles in the form of a rim? In fact, everything is much easier than it seems. Weaving are performed with the right or left temporal part, around the head, ending from the opposite side with such a hairstyle, you can mostly open a face, inlet bangs in the spit.

Braid braid with ribbons

Do not lose their relevance of braids with ribbons. Such a hairstyle looks original and always in the center of attention around. The tape can be any width and of different material. Especially beautiful in the hairstyle looks silk, satin, and lace ribbon.

The main rule - the length of the tape must be twice as much straight. How to penetrate your hair with a braid? The easiest option is the usual weaving of three strands. To do this, you need a satin or silk tape and two gum.

Stages of weaving braids with ribbons

Detailed photo The lesson will help master the techniques even novice craftsmen. At first, it is better to practice the wig, and only after that start creating hairstyles on your own hair. A braid of four strands seems to be especially elegant. On its basis, you can create many different hairstyles.

  1. Combing the hair on the side sample. On the left side, separate the thin curl, to tie at its base a long folded twice ribbon. Split the curl into three equal strands + extra from the tape. For convenience, they are better to numbered from left to right. Ribbon to assign a third number.
  2. The first strand to skip under the second and put on the third. The fourth put on the first and skip to the third. Repeat, adding gradually to the main braid additional strands from the sides. If you follow the numbering, the weaving looks like this: the second, fourth, third and first strand.
  3. Add hair to the second strands, skip it under the fourth and impose on the third. To the first straight, add curls to the right, put it on the second and skip to the third. Repeat 5 and 6 step, complete the pigtail and tie a ribbon.
  4. We will determine the same braid algorithm on the other side of the sample and tie it up with a ribbon. Gently pull out the sheavings.

To lay both pigtails in the form of colors and fix with studs. Crop the extra ends of the ribbons. If you wish, you can weave one braid of four strands and leave it freely hang on the shoulder.

Hairstyles with weaving - schemes and step-by-step instructions

Many wonder: how to braid a hairstyle for every day, adding it elements of weaving. Even on weekends, hair should be caught and neatly laid. In this case, braids can be placed in a free manner. Mastering technician with step-by-step lessons and schemes, you will quickly make hairstyles with weaving elements.

Lovers of loose hair will appreciate the hairstyle "Waterfall". It looks equally well on straight lines and on wavy curls. Perfect in a straight line or diagonally.

What hairstyle can be spinning in combination with the most ordinary beam, which is stacked in a few minutes? With weaving elements, a strict office image receives a share of romanticism and tenderness. For this, hair is collected in a high tail, divide it into two equal parts . Each separately braid. Then they turn them around their head towards each other, fixed invisible.

Any hairstyle with weaving can be decorated with hairpins, crests, rubber bands, ribbons and other accessories. When choosing, orient on the color of the eyes, the image as a whole and age. Here is the sense of measure. The decoration should harmoniously complement the image of a woman.

Simple versions of beautiful hairstyles with weaving

How to weave your hair so that the everyday image caused delight? There are options for ordinary and beautiful hairstyles for curls of any length. Having mastered various techniques, you can create new images every day.

How to make a beautiful hairstyle with a braid on short hair

Hairstyles with weaving look romantic and emphasize the individuality of their mistress. Stripping a braid from long strands will not be difficult, but this does not mean at all that it is impossible to create a hairstyle with a short hair weaving. With the help of master classes, you will learn to weave the pigtails even on short curls.

French technique is the most popular and beautiful weaving. It looks spectacular and allows you to create many different hairstyles. It is easy to perform even on short hair.

  1. Combing your hair, mark the beginning of weaving - on the side or on the back of the head. Separate a strand of the desired width and divide it into three equal parts. Start weave a simple pigtail.
  2. In the center put the left part and add a thin strand of loose hair to it. Also enter the curl on the right. Continue to weave the braid to the end. Tie with rubber

There are different options for weaving braids for short hair. The most popular combination of weaving elements with a beam. This option is perfect for everyday hairstyles.

  1. Brush hair. Crop them with a curl to curls. This will make weaving volumetric and textured.
  2. Locks are divided into three equal parts. From the middle straight to form a bundle. Side curls to braid into two French braids in the direction of the forehead to the base of the beam.

The tips of the brain tie with thin rubber bands and a pair of invisible. Hairstyle can be made of light carelessness by removing a pair of thin curls from weaving. This will make an image romantic and gentle.

With artificial hair

Overhead strands, shigns do not lose their relevance. Weaving pigs with their use looks no less beautiful, like a braid of natural hair . Volumetric fishe tail with overhead hair looks particularly effectively and interesting. Make such a hairstyle alone quite simple.

  1. Combing the hair on the side sample. The horizontal vesary separates part of the chapels and stick it with a clip. Attach overhead curls and lower your hair from above.
  2. Thin strand to twist in the harness, picking up new curls to it. Having reached the bottom of the neck, temporarily consolidate his crab. According to the same algorithm to make harness from the opposite side
  3. Tie a tail. Make a braid fish tail and gently cut the gum.
  4. Weaving stretch with hands.


Weaving KOS is a creative occupation that requires perfection and accuracy. But the spent time and effort always pay for the result. Well braided hair can hold a form of up to several days. Having mastered weaving techniques, each girl can create new images every day.

How to braid two braids: Methods and advice

There are several hairstyles familiar with every girl since childhood. First of all, the tail, bundle and braid are remembered. Especially good laying of two braids. It will suit any case not only a child, but also an adult. In recent years, thanks to fashion, a lot of species and ways to create this universal hairstyle appeared, as well as recommendations for those who choose it.

Who will fit?

Two pigtails, correctly selected for the type of face of the girl, may look more profitable for many complex styling. Depending on the type of weaving, they are suitable for the ladies of any age and character: both schoolgirls and their mothers, both business women and young charming young ladies. This hairstyle is appropriate in any situation, from meeting with friends to a wedding or business meeting. Two pigtails look perfectly on any hair: red, blond, light and dark, although in the case of a melted strand they acquire the kind of truly special and unique.

The girl wears braids in everyday life

How to pick up a weaving method?

Methods of weaving set. Two pigtails are an excellent choice, but still, stopping on their specific type, it is advisable to take into account the form of a person.

  • The owners of an oval face lucky most: any weaving fit!
  • Kruglitis girls are important to visually draw the features, so they are recommended to pick up pigtails with a base on the top of the top.
  • In the inverse situation, the pull-out face will help to help the protruding braids with strands released along the cheeks. The most successful option will be two brands on the sides, the weaving of which starts not immediately from the roots, but somewhat lower.
  • "Heart" should increase the lower part of the face. One option will be an elongated bang, lying on the right or left.
  • In the case of a mold of a square, stylists tend to create one braid. If the girl decides to run two, its choice will be limited: only the bulk options are suitable.

The methods of weaving are many, so the girl has the opportunity to choose the perfect for themselves according to appearance, preferences, and the impression that she wants to produce.

Simple techniques are more likely to choose for study, work, everyday life, walks, travel, outdoor activities, and complex leave for solemn events. The ideal image that any girl can create, following all the advice, will not leave anyone indifferent.


To braid two pigtails at home, you need to purchase several simple hairdressing accessories in advance. The main ones are:

  • mirror, preferably large;
  • varnish and mousse (or any other means suitable for laying and fixing hair);
  • Combs (to create a smooth probor, except massage, it will take fine with frequent teeth);
  • Clamps (gum, clips, and in some cases studs).

Types of weaving

The most beautiful and popular varieties of this hairstyle are:

  • Russian braids.
  • French.
  • Greek.
  • Designer. Most often under them is the common weaving, which is called a "fish tail" or "spikelet".

Russian braids

This uncomplicated hairstyle accompanies the life of girls from early childhood. The classic option is the three intertwined strands, but simple laying variations are numerous and diverse. The sample can be made straight or oblique, weaving start from the crown, with a nape or side. The density is also chosen as desired: the final option can be both bulk braids and tight.

To learn how to braid two braids in the classic version, you should read the instructions below:

  1. After careful combing, hair is divided into two equal halves.
  2. On the one hand, they are removed and fixed by the clamp.
  3. Hair on the other half of the head is divided into three parts of the same size.
  4. Spit woves: tight or free.
  5. The tip is fixed with rubber band.
  6. Actions are repeated with the remaining hair.

At the end of the weaving, you can get a mirror in front of the mirror and carefully pulling separate spars until the hairstyle becomes visually more lush and air.

Weaving Russian Spit

French braids

France is not in vain called the capital of love and romance. Those who wish to get the most tender image are these two braids. How to weave:

  1. The process must begin with careful combing.
  2. Hair is divided into two parts, a straight sample.
  3. Suppose the first braid will be made on the left side. Then the strand is taken on the left and divided into three equals.
  4. Now weaving occurs on the principle of Russian braids, but the strands are placed down.
  5. Smooth, not tight strands are created. After every few weave, you need to add free curls on each side.
  6. In this way, Spit woves to the bottom of the neck, then it can be continued to be familiar to you.
  7. The tip is fixed with rubber band.
  8. The same is done on the right side. It is important to carefully ensure that the braids are on the same level.
  9. For an additional volume, strands are slightly pulled out.
Two tight french pigtails

Greek braids

Greek braids are loved by all fans of a romantic style. How to braid two Greek braids:

  1. The braid sample is done with the beginning of the temple.
  2. Three strands are taken and intertwined, as in the Russian spit.
  3. Next to move towards the opposite temple. Additional strands are taken only from above or only below (depending on the proposed result).
  4. The end of the braid is fixed with a rubber band.
  5. The second woven with an indent to one centimeter from the first. Its foundation is from the opposite temple.
  6. From the free parts of the braids stacked a wreath at the bottom of the head.
  7. With unused strands, you can do this: either they are cleaned into the roller, or remain leaving.

It is customary to wear with an open forehead, so the girl with bangs should have it in her hairstyle. Ready laying can be decorated with flowers, hairpins, pearl thread, etc.

Hairstyle from Greek Kos

Spit "Fish Tail"

This hairstyle may look very feminine, especially if it is made on the sides of the head. How to braid two pigts yourself:

  1. It is important to careful combing, so if the hair is disobedient, it is better to facilitate the process and use a special spray.
  2. Locks are divided into two parts.
  3. On the one hand, two small strands are taken and crossed.
  4. You need to hold your hand tightly. The action is repeated until the end of the weaving: the right curl goes left, and the left is right.
  5. The brain tip is fixed with a rubber band.
  6. Spit from the remaining hair is created by the same principle.

You can start weaving both from the temples and from the ears. It all depends only on the preferences of a girl, style and impressions that she is going to produce.

Careless braids "Fish Tail"

Two braids on short hair

In recent years, fashion has changed noticeably. And it touched not only clothes, jewelry and makeup. Increasingly, women and girls prefer long hair to a belt or even to hips, more practical haircuts: extended square, bob, pages, curls before the blades or shoulders. In vain, their owner thinks that after experiments with a laying length of the braids, they will become unavailable for them. They may well bring elegance to their image using two short pigtails. For this you need:

  1. Carefully comb.
  2. Choose a specific hairstyle and determine the place from which weaving will begin (any of the options will be suitable: from the nape, on the side, from the forehead).
  3. Separate a wide curl, running in it three equal parts.
  4. Use weaving classic Russian spit.
  5. By sending the left strand to the center, attach to it the curl on the right.
  6. Thus, continue to the very end.
  7. In order for the hairstyle to look neat, the tip should be fastened with an imperceptible, thin and, preferably transparent rubber band, hide it under the main part of the braid, fix it with a pin.
  8. For the same scheme to heat the hair in the second half of the head.

Features of weaving braids in girls with short haircuts are that the hairstyle will be short-lived, if not sprinkling her varnish immediately after creation.

Lush french braids for short hair

Useful tricks

  • Combing is the first step in any weaving, so it is important to pay special attention to the quality of the scallop. If it is made of unsuitable materials, the hair threatens many dangers: loss, sequencing tips, etc.
  • Sprays and gels are a mandatory attribute of each girl with naughty hair. With them, combing will happen quickly, efficiently and, most importantly, safely.
  • Two pigtails better weave in parallel to each other, because then it is easier to make them the same.
  • It is possible to give a hairstyle a festive view, not only experimenting with the type of brass. An excellent option to put the laying of unusualness and paints is to use jewelry. Everything is suitable that it seems appropriate to you: ribbons, a variety of hairpins, rims of any width, pearl threads and even live flowers.

Tips for specialists

  • If long hair is prone to confused, you can be moisturized before combing them, but we cannot weave on wet hair: they will begin to stick to the hands and is very injured.
  • Creating a hairstyle from just washed hair either should not be: braids will decay. Optimal time - on the second or third day after washing.
  • For pomp and additional volume, you can use light bulk, special powder or mousse.
  • If there is no skills in weaving, then you should not immediately take for complex schemes. Start with simple and go to the next steps when your hands are accustomed.
  • The pigtails are comfortable to hold on top of thumb, leaving the little finger on the pickup for side strands. Especially relevant for the hairstyle "Fish Tail": "spikelets" will get careful only if the craftsman learn how to properly control their own hands. In addition, it will significantly save her time.
  • Girls with short hair can not only use the scheme given above, but also impose artificial strands, allowing any fantasy to implement any fantasy.
Spit "Fish Tail" with stretched strands

The hairstyle of two braids is pretty simple. Only perishability is required, some skill and tips of the masters. Any girl can bring a novelty to his image using this laying.

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Spit is a universal version of the hairstyle that can be done under any case: to school, for a holiday, for a walk. It is for this reason that braids are so popular among girls of all ages. To learn how to braid beautiful braids yourself and what hairstyles can be done in just a couple of minutes - read the article below!

Spit for himself KSA himself Spit for himself

3 main weaving rules

So that the weaving happened the first time, it is important to follow three simple rules:

  1. Hair must be clean and combed;
  2. Holders of long and confusing hair are desirable to use special sprays or oils to save the smoothness of the curls. If straight in the process of weaving is confused, then the hairstyle may not work;
  3. If you have thin and naughty hair, do not forget to use varnish with strong fixation before and after weaving.

Opinion expert

Ksenia Sokolova

For more than 7 years, I am fond of creating simple and complex hairstyles from pigtails. On the site I share my experience and knowledge. Ask a question

When you ride yourself, then often braids are very weak. If you do light braids, then even with the use of varnish, they will not last all day. Having taiga braids, over the whole day, they will slightly weaken and look neatly. Try in any hairstyle to make weaving as much as possible.

Do not forget to take care of the tools

Spit itself

You will need: a brush for hair, a comb with small teeth, invisible or hairpins and 2-3 gums in case your hairstyle is done in several stages.

Gum for weaving It is desirable to pick up special - small and transparent, as they hold better and look carefully.

Braid spikes or french

Most pigs are based on basic weaving technology - from hair division into 3 equal strands. Take a small piece of hair and, following the scheme, try mastering the basic weaving.

Light braids

Bring the technique of weaving classic braids to automatism - and you will quickly master all kinds!

How to braid spikelets? Scheme and instruction on weaving:

Beautiful and lightweight braids

  1. Cut the hair from the top to the back of the head;
  2. Separate a small section in the center and divide it into 3 equal parts;
  3. Put the right strand on the middle, they must swap;
  4. Now put the left strand on the middle;
  5. When you interfere all strands, then finish the hairstyle of a classic pigtail or collect in the tail.

Video, in which all the tricks of weaving spikes are revealed.

To make two spikes, divide your hair into 2 equal sections. To cracks in the process are not confused, one part knob into the tail. Follow the above scheme on each side of the probor.

Earlings - perfect hairstyle for long and middle hair. Tried to weave the braids myself?

Yes of course Not yet

Dutch braid for beginners

The second name of the Dutch Spit - French reverse braid . The difference between them is just that the strands you shift under the middle, and not on top.

Dutch Spit is one of the fastest and simple hairstyles for beginners, and the Spit itself looks more voltage.

Video lesson on weaving inverse french braids

Spit fishtail

Spit fishy tail - stylish and not the simplest in weaving on yourself. But the result will definitely please you. To learn to weigh it yourself, you may need several training. Please note that the hairstyle will go longer hair.

Scheme and video how to braid stages

Spit fishtail

  1. Collect your hair in the tail and divide into 2 equal parts;
  2. Holding a strand on the right side, separate the left hand of a small strand from below and attach to the left side of the tail as shown in the diagram. Please note that strand must be moved to the bottom of the hair;
  3. Do a similar effect on the other side;
  4. Next, take on small strands from the bottom of the hair and crowd into the opposite strand into the lower part. Each small strand must wrap the hair from the bottom!

Opinion expert

Ksenia Sokolova

For more than 7 years, I am fond of creating simple and complex hairstyles from pigtails. On the site I share my experience and knowledge. Ask a question

For beginners, I always recommend learn to weave the fishe tail not on the whole head, but from the tail. Try to take strands as small as possible to get the result as in the photo above. When the braid is braided and fixed with a rubber band, you can create a lightweight effect of negligence and volume, slightly stretching the strand to the sides.

To make two brands on the sides, divide the hair into two equal sections and leaf each part, following the instructions above.

More hairstyles based on fish tail See. Expert

Ksenia Sokolova

For more than 7 years, I am fond of creating simple and complex hairstyles from pigtails. On the site I share my experience and knowledge. Ask a question

It looks very nice for such a tail. The effect of rubber bands from hair. To do this, collect your hair in a high tail, wrap with a rubber band. Separate strand, wrap it around the base of the tail until the gum is visible. Secure the hairpins or stretch carefully below the rubber band.

Braid harness without weaving

  1. Make a regular co. Spit Zhgutnsky tail;
  2. Divide the hair into 2 equal sections;
  3. Now, each part starts twisting in one direction, let's say right;
  4. Then between these two harness you twist in one large in another direction, that is, to the left.

Video on the creation of light hairstyles in 5 minutes based on weaving harness

If you want rapid pigtails, then these hairstyles will fit you perfectly. They are fulfilled all quickly and easily - up to 5 minutes, depending on the length of the hair.

To heat yourself, it is enough to adhere to the 3 main rules and follow the step-by-step instructions. The more often you will make yourself hairstyle, the better they will get. In some cases, you may need several attempts - consider it if you are going to try out a new hairstyle for an important event.

The times of worker-peasant short haircuts from propaganda posters have long been in the past. The long and well-groomed hair since sincerversion is considered to be the beauty and pride of a woman, a sign of health and well-being. Modern care products allow you to maintain shine and smoothness of curls, but this is true, it is important to be able to lay long strands into a neat hairstyle. In recent years, a variety of laying with braids has in the top of popularity. Many girls want to learn how to braid braids.

Most of them will suit girls with long or medium long hair. Spikelets, French and bulk braids look spectacularly, give the owner of a well-kept and noble view. But visiting salons for daily hairstyles will require large financial and time costs. But what if you do? The answer is simple to learn how to braid hair yourself.

The Internet is full of photos with a variety of hairstyles consisting of complex braids, curls and numerous intricacies. But they require the skill and significant dexterity of the fingers, and therefore it is worth starting with a simple ordinary braid. Ribbons, gum, hairpins, comb, and a couple of mirrors, to search for them in the process will be very uncomfortable. All this is preparing in advance. Now you can get a lot between a pair of mirrors and proceed to weaving.

Traditional braid - harness

In order for the hair beautifully looked in a spit, they must be pre-wash and comb well. It is advisable to use balsams and lotions for easy combing. Wavy hair can be sprinkled with water from the spray or slightly moisturize. _

The simplest braid, so that to fight - harness, it can be plane on the loose hair, but those who make it independently for the first time it is worth trying to start with the bracket of the tail, so the base of the braids can be decorated with a beautiful bow or hairpin and avoid the stared strands. It will be convenient for the head of the back and disassemble the total mass of the hair into three parts. The strands should be equal in thickness, at the beginning, it is worth asking someone to make sure that.

Girls - right-handers it is more convenient to start weave from lev to rights, and left-handed on the contrary. So, we take the left strand and put it on the middle, while rejecting it aside. Holding them to the big and index fingers of the left hand, put the right strand over only the left left. Now, allocated in the direction of the central strand, place on top of the right.

On the video traditional braid - harness:

Thus, each time the side strand will move to the center. It remains to braid the hair to the desired length and tie a rubber band. It is important to maintain one density of the braid, to do this, support the tension, otherwise the braid will look untidy due to different thicknesses along the entire length. In this form, the braid is good for schoolgirls and at home, and you can add it to the outlet and chain, decorate with ribbons and flowers.

How to make french light braids

Most of the fashionable hairstyles from Kos are created on the basis of French weaving. It may seem complex, but it is enough to try, the desired skill will appear slightly. Very soon it will be possible to impress friends and colleagues amazing images.

Spikelets - Traditional French Spit

Most of the girls calls the French braid with a spike because of its final species, the result and the truth is similar to wheat spark. The technique is based on adding strands to the traditional harness from the right and left sides. This is the second basic spit after the usual harness. It is based on most fashionable braided hairstyles, and therefore it is worth it to master it well before being taken for the rest. _

This hairstyle is not difficult in itself, but we will weave it easier on obedient hair, therefore should not be neglected to care products. From the combed bands to separate the front strands and assemble into a high tail, after the first workouts it will be easy to keep their hand and the rubber band will not need. We begin to weave the front strands as an ordinary braid.

When the first section is ready, large and index finger to select a small curl from the temple on the left and add it to the left strand, wetted into the Spit. Patch the resulting curl through the middle strand and repeat the same right. You can add strands not to each section, but after 2 - 3. and so before all the hair will be woven into the braid. It can be fixed or removed inside by making a business hairstyle.

_As weaving braids on short hair, it is described in detail in this article.

Understand how the braid from 4 strands is done, you can see the video and photos in this article.

Learn more about weaving braids on long hair with ribbon, you can from this article:

What braids for the wedding on the middle hair are the most popular and beautiful, indicated in this article.

But what the hairstyle is a bump with a pigtail, indicated here in the article.

What wedding hairstyles with oblique bangs are the most popular and beautiful, indicated in this article.

For those who want to understand how African pigtails are being made for short hair, it is worth seeing a photo in this article.

The appearance of the spit will vary depending on the width of the strands added and the subtleties of the base braid. If you pre-make the hair volumetric, the image will be more romantic. Thin strands on a tight spit is part of a business style. Traditionally, bangs woven into the braid, but if it can be too short to leave it free.

On the video traditional French spit:

Waterfall - how to run

Another braid, originating from the French spikelet. He received its name for the strands released from it, which if a little twist will become like a jet of water. Perfectly suitable for hair of different lengths, ranging from the square, it looks particularly well on the milled hair.

The first three segments are performed as a traditional harness. At the fourth segment, the upper strand put on the middle, passes down and covers the one that was below. The first trickle of the waterfall is made. _

It remains to take a new strand at the bottom and enter into weaving instead of the missed, then supplement the top curler from above. Weave yourself to the end. You can be braided quickly from the temple to the temple, diagonally, moving to traditional harnesses. Spaciousness for fantasy is huge. It can be made more free and decorate with flowers, it will be very romantic and delicate image. Loose curls twisted with shields.

Volumetric or twisted Spit - How to Eust such a hairstyle

This braid for beginners seems difficult due to its openwork species and attractive volume. In fact, her weaving is very much different from the usual column, only the straight is put on top, but under each other. If the spit is planned volumetric, then straight hair can be lowered in advance with forceps.


Drakonchik to turn the dragon (twisted French braid) is necessary as follows: separating the front triangular strand from the mass of combless hair and divide into three parts. Start weaving the first segment, for this left strand to skip under the central. Then, recalling the central, and holding them, skip to the left right. Starting from the second segment, add strands. To do this, from the left temple to attach a small curl to the left strand and miss them under the central, then repeat the same right side. Repeat while all hair will not be braided and fix the spit with rubber band.

Now it remains only to give the volume. For this very slowly and carefully stretched strands from the middle of each segment. It is necessary to act carefully and evenly to get the same and beautiful result. If everything is done correctly, it turned out a hairstyle worthy parties and solemn cases. It can be placed on a diagonal, a circle, it is like that, creating amazing images, even on short stripes, turning bangs. But how to make an evening hairstyle from braid on long hair, described in detail in the content of the article.

On the video French spit:

Spit - rim on the head for the hair of medium length - how to be drunk on your own

For a couple of years, plastic rims are not in the top of popularity for owners of lush chapelurs. Hollywood stars appear with neat braids - rims. It woves on the basis of volumetric. It is enough to separate the curls along the growth line of hair from the ear to the ear. For convenience, collect the rest of the hair in the tail. Weaves from left to right, raised thin strands from below, and at the end to fasten the ear. It will only be left to dissolve hair. And for those who want to figure out in more detail how to make a hairstyle of Greek bezel, it is worth reading the content of this article.


If you wish, you can use the usual weaving - harness. By separating the part of the bands at the ear, and the rest is collected in the tail. Sack the usual braid, shifting the side strands on top of the central one. Cave for your ear and dissolve hair.

Such hairstyles can be supplemented with flowers, tweezing and beautiful earrings.

Side braids - how to braid for beginners

Side braids These are several types of weaving united overall idea - Spit in the end lies on one shoulder, starting from the opposite side. For her weaving there is one condition - the hair should be sufficient length to be woven with the opposite sides.


Weaving the most lush side harness

This is the easiest option of the side braid. We make a sample on the line of hair growth on the side and highlight three strands, begin to weave just harness to that long until the shortest hair starts to be knocked out of the braid, and fix the rubber band.


To give volume, you can evenly stretch strands, it needs to be done slowly and carefully.

How to quickly learn to turn the braid of four strands

The scheme of weaving braids from 4 strands is similar to the harness, but in it the hair is not divided into 3, but by 4 parts. For weaving, all hair is combed and reckoned to the side, with which there will be a braid. Now divide them into 4 smooth strands. The first curl stretch over the first, and the fourth over the third.


Locks will move to the left, then the first curl moves over the fourth. Continue to the desired length and fix the rubber band. This braid is convenient to use for collected on the head hairstyles, decorating with flowers or hairpins.

How to braid beautiful french side braid on long hair

The idea of ​​this braid is to spread the braid lying on one shoulder starting on the opposite side. It can be started with a macushkin or closer to another shoulder.


You need to highlight three equal strands and weave one selection of the harness. Now you can turn the French braid. In each strand from the upper side, the curl of free hair from the mass from the shoulder is added. By the time, when weaving comes to the shoulder, all hair should be woven. The rest can be supplemented in the harness.

On video french side braid:

What kind of braid to weave yourself most conveniently

What to choose braid every girl decides itself, but most easier to start with an ordinary harness. When it turns out, you can proceed to the spikelet, side and volumetric braids. That's all. Now a little training and any hairstyle is subject to you. Spit are good in that they offer infinite many combinations and options, very soon you will be limited only by fantasy, but here the Internet will come to the rescue with a huge number of diverse master classes.

Spit was considered the best decoration of women at all times. With her, our great-grandparents went with her, and modern girls are increasingly resorted to this version of the laying. But if you do a beautiful pigtail on someone else's head, it is not so difficult, then problems often arise with your head. Find out how to heat the braid itself, and become a real pros in the hairdresser.

Preparation for weaving braids yourself

So that the process of weaving braids on his head has passed successfully and quickly, stock up the next set of tools and means:

  • A large mirror;
  • Hair spray;
  • Several types of comb;
  • Invisible, hairpins, rubber bands and hairpins;
  • Hair varnish medium or strong fixation.

How to braid the harness yourself?

Harness is one of the most elementary braids, which you can think of. You will turn it very quickly and simple.

  1. Combine the chapel and collect it in a tight and high tail.
  2. We divide it into two equal strands. Each of them twist in the harness clockwise or against it. The main thing is that the direction is the same.
  3. Binding both harvesters with each other - the helix turns out.
  4. Fix it with a fine rubber band.


It is described in more detail here:

Learning to weave the French braid

Weaving can not do without a French braid - very stylish and beautiful. We will determine the "spikelet" on your hair quite difficult, but also you will be able to learn with our master class.

  1. Bring the straight back.
  2. In the paint zone, we highlight one strand and divide it into three equal parts.
  3. We begin to weave the usual three permanent braid, gradually adding thin strains on both sides.
  4. We reach the foundation of the neck and stand the braid in three strands. If you wish, it can be immediately tied with a rubber band, leaving the hair to develop.

Uchimsya Plesti Kosu.

Step 5. Sprinkle "spikes" varnish.

How to braid one-sided bezel?

One-sided French pigtail in the form of a rim looks very cute and romantic. With a certain skill, you will learn to weave it very quickly.

Step 1. Combate your hair and divide them into two parts with a horizontal vehicle. The working part must be thinner.

Step 2. At the ear of the ear, we separate three thin strands and begin to form three permanent braid from them.

Step 3. Let's literally in a few turns add thin strands from the forehead. You can not take your hair from the top!

Step 4. We continue the weaving, moving from one ear to another.

Step 5. Uppere the tip in the usual way.

Step 6. We connect the braid with the rest of the chapel and tie the hair into the tail. If you wish, you can spin it into a bundle.

Mix of pigtails on your own strands

How to braid a pigtail yourself, and not one? Everything is very simple!

1. Combate the hair on the side sample.

2. On the one hand, we begin to weave the French braid, selecting additional strands on both sides. We regenerate below the level of the ear and intercept the braid with a rubber band.

3. Watch the other side into the harness, spinning strands up.

Krasivaya Kosichka (5)

4. We connect both parts and braid them in the "Fish Tail".

5. Gently stretch weaving with your hands and fix the laying of varnish.

"Fish Tail"

Each of you can cope with this task. We will gladly tell me how to weave the pigtail like a tail of fish.

  1. Combine hair comb and divide them into two equal parts.
  2. For convenience, tie the hair at the base of a fine rubber band.
  3. We highlight a thin strand on the left side and throw it to the right.
  4. Now we highlight the strand of the same thickness, but on the right. Throw it left. Carefully follow the mirror behind the thickness of the strand, the beauty and accuracy of the pigtails depends on it.
  5. We continue weaving to the desired length. Tie a spit with rubber band.
  6. Remove auxiliary rubber, she performed its role.
  7. Fix "Fish Tail" varnish.

Rybiy Khvost Samoy Sebe

Bilateral rim itself

Another very comfortable and romantic version of weaving.

  1. Combine your hair and horizontal verses divide them into two parts.
  2. At the ear, we separate three strands and begin to form three permanent braid.
  3. Gradually add thin strands on both sides.
  4. We reach the ear and continue the classic weaving of three parts.
  5. The tip of the braid hides under the hair and fasten the invisible. Gently stretch the upper strands, forming a wreath.

Dvukhstoronniy Obodok Samoy Sebe Foto

Video selection 3 Interesting options:

How to make a reverse French braid?

French braid, on the contrary, visually reduces the delay of strands, so it is better not to do it on rare and thin hair.

  1. Combine your hair and separate the small section of the person. We divide it on three identical strands.
  2. Hide right strand under the central.
  3. Now we skip the left strand for the right. It becomes central.
  4. Under the central strand put the left and add a small part of the hair to it on the left.
  5. Under the central part we put the right-hand side and add a small part of the hair to it to the right.
  6. We continue the weaving to the bottom of the neck. The next step: finish the weaving process of the usual braid. But the side strands should be missed not over, but under the central one.

Kak Presti Sebe Obratnuyu Kosu Foto

7. Fix the tip with a rubber band and gently stretch strands with hands.

Prostaya Kosa.

Combine a simple braid with French

To heat up the most beautiful braid, it is enough to combine two simple weaving in one hairstyle.

1. Combate the hair on the side sample.

2. Separate the strand at the person. Bang can be hidden, but you can leave. We divide this strand into three equal parts and weave the one-sided French braid.


3. I bring it to the level of the ear and finish the weaving by the usual three permanent pigtail.

Prostaya KOSA (1)

4. Tie the tip with a rubber band and spray weaving with varnish, so that it saved the form.

Prostaya Kosa (2)

5. From the remaining hair, we turn the three permanent braid by adding ready-made French pigtail to it. Tip tie a rubber band.

Prostaya Kosa (3)

6. Gently stretch the loop of weaving, making it openwork.

Prostaya Kosa (4)

Now every one of you can learn in chitter weaving braid itself. Try different options, gain experience and surprise the surrounding luxurious hairstyles.


How to braid pigtails yourself?

How to braid pigtails yourself?

Not always, we have a professional hairdresser or friend, ready to help. Sometimes you have to create different types of hairstyles on your own head, which causes some inconvenience. One of the hairstyles that can be done by itself at home - braids.

Features of weaving

Create hairstyles yourself - not very convenient, but perhaps. Undoubtedly, if you braid braids to someone, then you will be much simpler, since the scheme of weaving will already be familiar to you, and the so-called muscular memory will do everything for you, you will only remain mechanically repeating actions.

So, practice is the most important element of preparation for independent weaving Kos. If you did not have to braid your hair of other people, then you can start to train on yourself. First you will not like the result of your effort, but over time everything will turn out!

The second feature of a successful weaving process is knowledge of a weaving scheme. That is, you should know the order of alternation of strands. When weaving independently need to remember that In the mirror everything is reflected on the contrary, so - do not confirm! Also to remember the scheme and deal with it, you can prepare in advance and watch training videos or schemes and pictures on the Internet.

In order to work out the scheme, you need, again, train. And if there are no people who agree to sacrifice your head at hand, then you can learn and independently, the main thing is the presence of a good system of large mirrors type of treadmill so that the correctness of the weaving and the correspondence of the final result can be estimated.

The next weaving feature will also come with experience. So that the hairstyle was obtained beautiful and neat, it is necessary to use about the same strands in weaving (of course, if the instruction does not indicate the opposite) that need to be pulled into a braid approximately with equal power. If the effort was attached to one strand a little more, and to another slightly less, then one part hairstyles will look a weak, inaccier and threatening to crumble, and the other, on the contrary, is overnight strained and rigid.

Another important point in independent weaving is not the most comfortable position of the body. It is better to use a chair with a back, as if you stand, then the back will get tired very quickly, and on the chair it will be possible at least back back.


So that nothing distracted you from self-creating hairstyles, you need to take care of So that all the most necessary tools lay in advance at hand.

  1. Large teleling or other mirror system for a complete review.
  2. Chair with back - for comfort.
  3. Combs. It is desirable, several types - from wide massage brushes to comb on the entire pillar of the hair to thin, to create a probor and a branch of strands.
  4. Hair care products. Any - from easy spray for combing, to mousse or foam. The main thing is that the hair has become a bit wet, since on wet hair it is much easier to work.
  5. Harps, small rubber bands and invisible studs. All that can come in handy to secure work or fix individual strands in the process of creating hairstyles.
  6. Means for hair styling - for fixing the result.

The room in which you will do the hairstyle must be as little as possible. - It will help to see some possible imperfections and deviations from the weaving scheme. It is necessary to prepare in advance for working with hair - clean hair must be carefully combed, and then slightly moistened with spray or water to remove the possible electrocation and slightly moistened. You can also periodically make hands with water.

How to braid beautiful braids?

So we approached the main question: how to learn how to braid pigtails. It will contain practical instructions and some tips to help significantly simplify their lives and the creation of hairstyles.

The only minus of a variety of COP is that their embodiment on the short length of the hair is very difficult and almost impossible.

Of the three strands

The very first thing to learn is to fight the usual braid. It is very easy, beautiful, does not take much time and suited for both newcomers in the field of hairstyles.

  1. Snaw hair with simple water or special means so that they become slightly wet. Drop your hair and fold all the shock on your back. Divide your hair into three equal strands.
  2. Extreme left strand take the right hand and put on top to the central one. If there is a desire, you can start from the opposite side. Keep the strands in the center with your left hand. Now take the left strand and cross it with the right, holding free hand. Continue weaving, alternating strands.
  3. Secure the finished braid with a rubber hair.

Fish tail

Another simple scheme for weaving braids is a fishtail. The most effectively this option looks at long hair and medium length hair.

  1. First, lose weight slightly. Drop them, throw back and divide the same parts with a direct probor.
  2. Now select the side with which you will be more convenient to start. Take a thin strand on one side and roll on the opposite. Repeat the same from the opposite side. Repeat the alternation until the Spit is ready. The smaller will be strands used in weaving, the hairstyle will be original.
  3. Secure the ready-made braid hair with a slightly sprinkle with varnish.

If you find it difficult to braid a fish tail on the loose hair, you can pre-collect them in a high tail. So the hair will not fly around, and you spend less effort to create hairstyles. If you do not like the final result with a rubber band, then after the process is completed, you can gently remove it.


This method already requires some preparation, so before performing it is necessary to practice. Perhaps this braid will not work the first time, but it should not stop you. There are so many ways to be weaving, the simplest one will be considered here.

  1. Lightly moisten the hair. Drop them and remove back.
  2. Choose one piece of hair from the top and divide by three approximately the same parts. The basis will turn the rubber band to simplify its further actions. When you acquire the necessary experience, you can no longer use additional fixation. Now start weeping this selected strand as an ordinary braid, but the strands added to the side should be superimposed under the central part, and not on it. After that, start adding new strands from the remaining hair, not involved in the creation of the main braid. Try to add new spars of about the same volume, so the hairstyle will turn out more accurate.
  3. Winking side strands should continue until the pigtail will reach the bottom of the neck, by this time all the roasting hair should be in her hair. After that, continue to weave it as an ordinary three permanent pigtail.
  4. Secure the ready-made spruce with a rubber band and apply a means for fixing.

After the hairstyle is ready, you can rapid your hair and shake them to create an illusion of more volume. If you are the owner of a long bang, remember that it should also be woven into the hairstyle. Also the necessary hair length for hairstyles is about 12 centimeters.

The French Spit has such variations as French spikes, spit "on the contrary" and external braid.


Step-by-step instructions for creating a spikelet can be found everywhere on the Internet. But not everywhere shows advice on preliminary hair training so that this hairstyle looks the most advantageous. Spikelets suitable for thick hair. On thin and rare hair, with such a stacking, the skin of the head will be shifted, which will create an impression of a small amount of hair. To avoid this - follow the instructions below, then the spikelet will look perfect.

  1. Hair preparation - it is necessary to give hair as much as possible. To do this, make a balcony in the root zone or make a corrugation using a special device.
  2. Carefully draw your hair and throw them back on your back. Closer to the forehead, capture the three main strands. Top of the central strand tighten the left, and after and right. Together with strands, add and free hair that are not included in the main upper part. Cross two remaining strands. Repeat until you go down to the base of the head. After that, reach the remaining hair with the usual oblique.
  3. Secure the ready-made braid with a rubber band for hair and slightly fix the special tool.

The spikelet is very similar to the inverse French braid, so the final appearance of these two hairstyles can be like.

Bezel around the head

Plus, long hair lies in the fact that you can create a wonderful rim with your own hands. Such natural rims are just another kind of the most common French spit.

  1. Drop the hair and a special comb share them with a horizontal surge into two parts - the front and long.
  2. Collect the long part in the tail. On the front from any side, we take three strands as close as possible to the ear and braid the usual braid. As soon as a little moved from the ear, you can add foreign strands from the remaining free hair. As soon as the Spit comes to the opposite side, and all the strands are added to the rim, we complete the hairstyle of the usual three permanent oblique.
  3. We dissolve the long part, if you wish, apply a fixation agent. If desired, hide the remaining end of the wreath.

Of the five strands

This light variety of spit is suitable for the owners of thin hair, as it will add a hairstyle much more volume. Yes, and this hairstyle looks spectacular. The only difficulty - will have to work very well a scheme of weaving - due to the large number of strands involved in creating braids, it is very easy to get confused.

  1. Moisten the hair slightly, shrink them back, divide by 5 of the same parts.
  2. Now start weaving with the extreme left strand - transfer it to the right side in such a way that it crosses other strands in the center of the snake (one crosses from above, it goes down on the second again, over the third again). Continue weaving, following the scheme.
  3. Continue weaving, then lock the lacquer.

Greek braid Naboka

Greek braid is a simple hairstyle that will complement any image. It can be braid on any event or a walk with friends.

  1. Lightly moisten the hair. Well spread them. A bit higher ear divide the hair using a straight sample. This particular strandway will extend another three identical strands.
  2. Start tackling the usual three-part pigtail, tightly pressing the hair to the head. Increased additions always, when you take that major strand that is closer to the back of the head and the rest of free hair (since the braid goes on the specific side of the head, it will combine the frontal and occipient parts). You must take additional parts from the side that is closer to the back of the head and free chapel. When additional strands are run out, continue the hairstyle with the usual oblique.
  3. Secure the result with rubber band and sprinkle with a special tool.


This is just the type of weaving that requires additional training. Weaving will well look at straight hair, but if something fast and festive is required - perform it on the curled curls in advance and get a stunning effect!

  1. Moisten the hair slightly, remove them behind your back.
  2. Choose a strand close to the temple that should be divided into three parts and start tackling the usual three-part pigtack (you should start with that straight, which is located closer to the face). That strand, which turned out to be lower, should stay downstairs. Instead, use the other, from the remaining hair. Continue, after leaving this strand every time. Bring the braid to the other side of the face.
  3. Spit fasten with fine rubber band or invisible stud. Link.


Spit is a hairstyle that can always be used. The main thing is to easily choose the option of weaving and follow some simple advice. Do not use too many locking tools! A huge amount of varnish or wax will take a hairstyle and give it a "sleek" appearance. Try to braid only clean hair. So the overall impression of hairstyles will be the most positive as possible. Do not stop! Even if it will seem for you that something happens not as needed, and something does not work at all.

Weaving braid is a mechanical work that often requires confined to automatism. Only practice will help you, and sooner or later you will succeed.

Beautiful examples

In this section, there are some of the most beautiful options, plus they will be given a side view on them so that you understand how the final result should look like.

About how to braid spikes, see the next video.

How to learn to weave the braids: Common techniques, labeling features for themselves, examples with photos, hairdressers tips

Many girls are interested in the question of how to learn to weave the braids. No wonder: now there are a lot of different types of interesting weaving, "YouTube" -Canals and publics about the beauty on social networks literally die with the lessons and Lifehas to create hairstyles based on Kos, but there are two problems. The first: Everything seems to be easy on video or pictures, and in practice it is difficult. Second: Make a hairstyle myself in any case is not always well obtained from the first time, especially if it is completely new.

We will analyze the simplest and affordable ways to learn to turn yourself.

Two braids

Difficulties in weaving braids

Weave the braids on your hair is difficult first due to the fact that you have to turn your hands with an unnatural way to reach the top of the top or the nape. It is always easier to make a hairstyle (even the simplest) to someone else, but not yourself.

In addition, it is not possible to see in detail in the process of weaving, how the hair falls and what hairstyle it turns out. Of course, you can use two mirrors or mirror-telling, but it is not always convenient and not always possible.

How to learn how to weave braids? Very simple. Nowadays, there are enough different videos and step-by-step instructions, including those that will be further presented. It is worth noting only that you need to be constantly practiced. With each time the braid will look better and more carefully.

Spit on me

Weaving of the usual braid of three strands

How to learn to join yourself? Beginners, stylists and hairdressers recommend that you finish to determine at least the simplest braid of three strands. Nothing amazing: you need to master the art of weaving with simple.

Despite the seeming ease in the bracket of the usual braid, there is one underwater stone: if you start wearing a braid from behind, and then throw it over your shoulder for convenience and continue weaving thus braid turns out the curve and twisted. To avoid this, you need to continue to weave it in the direction in which you started.

Another simple version of how to learn to weave the braid.

  1. Take a tail on a convenient height.
  2. Leave your hair from behind and divide them into three equal strands.
  3. Start weaving: Move the left left strand to the middle (now it became average), then extreme right - on the middle. Continue weaving thus to the end.
  4. When you completely wip braid, secure it with an elastic band.
Weaving braid

Step-by-step instruction of the French braid

The French Spit woves on the same principle as the usual, but with small differences. First, she is brutally with pickups. Secondly, weaving begin with hair roots.

Consider step by step, how to learn to weave the French braid myself.

  1. Separate three equal strands at the roots of hair at the level where the beginning of the future braid should be.
  2. Start weaving the usual braid of three strands. First, the right extreme strand move to the middle, then the left. After that, move to the middle strand right extremely and add pickup to it - take strand from free hair.
  3. Continue weaving in such a way, every time you move straight to pick up. Make sure that all the strands remain about the same size.
  4. When all the hair gather in three strands, continue to weave the braid, but already without pickups.
  5. At the end, lock it with elastic band.

How to braid two braids

The hairstyle "Two Spit" has traditionally been associated with hairstyle of schoolgirls. Now the opinion about it has changed in society, and even adult girls are glad to wear two braids.

Basically, preference is given to French Koshaz because of their volume and convenience: all hair is collected during the weaving process and they are almost not knocked out of the hairstyle.

How to learn to weave two braids yourself:

  1. First of all, learn to weave the usual French braid. If you already know how to move to the weaving of the two braids.
  2. Divide the hair with direct or zigzag sample.
  3. Start working with one side of the hair. The second at this time can be fixed with a rubber band.
  4. Separate from the working side three strands and braid the French braid as usual. IMPORTANT: Pickup needs to be taken only from the side with which you work.
  5. Finished pigtail secure a rubber band.
  6. Repeat the same thing on the other side.

Since learn how to braid pigtails, you can only with practice, it is recommended to try several times that your hands are accustomed.

Fish tail

How to braid "Fish Tail" from his forehead

An excellent option, with which you can braid the abnormal bangs or remove your hair from the forehead upstairs - weaving "fish tail".

Small lifehak, how to learn to weave the braid "Fish Tail".

  1. Drop the hair back.
  2. Separate a small rectangle from the hair center in the center of the head, the rest of the hair for convenience can be consolidated by a hairdresser clip and gather in a light low tail.
  3. From the edges of the received rectangle alternately throw thin strands to the right left and left to right. Reduced left strands should remain on the left side, and vice versa.
  4. At the end of the produced braids, collect separately strands lying on the left, and strands lying on the right. It is necessary to fix the weaving. Then all these strands assemble in one tail.
  5. Secure the resulting braid with a strong hairpin or silicone rubber band. Silicone gum can be hidden by shifting it with a thin strand of their hair or with the help of a neat tied tape.

This weaving assumes that only part of the hair will be used, and therefore KOS should end in approximately in the area of ​​the Mc.

The rest of the hair can be left away, gather in the tail or make a beam from them - it all depends on the desire and fantasy.

Different braids

Spit from rubberry

Since learn to weave the braids, the next lifehak will be useful for many girls.

For him, silicone gum will be used, suitable for hair color, and some patience.

  1. With silicone rubber band, make a small tail from the forehead from the forehead. Place it where the braid should be. Conditionally call it "Tail 1"
  2. For convenience, throw the tail forward. Take one strands with the right and left and on the left side and make a tail right under the previous tail - let's call it "tail 2".
  3. Put the tail 1 back and divide it into two equal parts, then connect them with a rubber band under the tail 2. Pull the ribs strands to the desired volume level.
  4. To the tail 1, add one strands from the sides and make a new tail under the tail 2. Just like the tail 1, divide the tail 2 into two equal parts and collect under the new tail.
  5. Continue weaving in such a way, each time taking pickups from the sides.
  6. When all hair will be fully assembled, two tails should remain, one is located under the second. Continue to perform the same actions, but already without pickups. Do not forget to pull the strands every time to hide silicone gum and make braid volume.

Of course, the process of creating this hairstyle has little common with weaving, but as a result, something similar to the French braid of three strands is obtained. Moreover, the spit from silicone rubber bands often gets much more magnificent.

How to hide imperfections hairstyles

When we braid braid themselves, almost always appear any so-called "roosters" - the knocked strands, sagging some hair, or several hairs just stick together and spoil the whole image.

Spit Naboka

Main options for how to hide such imperfections and errors:

  • Studs and invisible. With their help, you can picker or hide the knocked out of hairstyle or providing strand sticking hair.
  • Decorative hairpins. If the strand embarked on the place where a beautiful hairpin will look good, you can use it for disguise.
  • If initially the length of the hair is different, because from the braids are knocked out straight, you can use after completion with hairstyles with small studs or invisible. However, it will more effectively hide them at the time of weaving: spin short strands in the harness, and after the hairstyle is finished, to process braid with a hair or mousse, so that these strands do not jump.
  • If the exact so-called gun hair will help, the old toothbrush and hair lacquer will help. Sprinkle the brush with varnish and gently seize sticking hairs.

Tips of hairdressers on weaving on themselves

  • Make a hairstyle in front of a mirror-trailing, placing a sash so that it can be seen back and whiskey.
  • Before starting weaving, the hair needs to comb much as much as possible so that they are not confused. If it is possible, it is advisable to take advantage of the head of the head with a special air conditioner so that they become smoother and obedient.
  • If you are studying, do not rush. When weaving it is difficult to immediately notice the error, especially if rushing.
  • If there is a desire to hide gum at the ends of the brain, separate the small strands from the tails below, wrap them with elastic bands and with a small strong invisibility hide the tips of strands inside.


Weaving braid on yourself - a rather difficult task, but if you learn how to do it, you can change the hairstyles with ease every day, since the options for hairstyles based on braids and weaving is really a lot.

To master the weaving methods, you need to be patient and practiced in this direction as often as possible.

No one will argue that various weaving is now at the peak of popularity. There are even special masters engaged in this craft. But how to braid braid myself? How difficult is the process and what will come in handy? We will try to answer these questions in the article.

Preparatory stage

Chief Council! Start with simple species of braids, for example, with a classic three-power. Especially successful for learning independent weaving will be the option "Naboka".

If we talk about accessories and tools, then go about such an arsenal:

  1. In the dependence hairstyle prepare elastic bands. Often girls prefer colorless silicone or hair color.
  2. Combs. Brush for pre-combing the entire mass of hair and scallops with small cloths and a thin tail. It will help to allocate the section on the head if necessary, and will also provide smooth combing without roosters.
  3. Invisible for fixing naughty strands, if there is no easy negligence, and, on the contrary, business style.
  4. Studs will be useful if you intend to twist the resulting braid into a simple ripple or a bundle. Studs with decor on the "back" can also be useful: pearls, stones, flowers and more.
  5. Styling means for starting: mousse, foam, gel for laying. And for the finish, the lacquer of strong fixation will be used, it is he who will help the design to maintain its original appearance as long as possible.
  6. How to braid a pigtail without a mirror? The ideal option at the stage of training will be two mirrors, located opposite each other. They will increase the overview of 360 degrees. If there is no possibility to set them this way, then a good version will be homely tremor.

But the most important condition - you will need training! It is the stubborn efforts that teach fingers to feel and without mirrors a sequence of actions in any form of weaving. In addition, hands will be accustomed to an unnatural position, if it comes to work from behind.

Three Power Classic

If you never spin nothing, then start with this option. First make an option for one side, then try to perform a pigtail from behind. Weaving technique itself is simple:

  1. Share your hair on three identical parts. Two extreme take into hand. Middle leave free.
  2. Put the right strand to the left hand, but do not connect with the curl already there. Try to separate these two elements with your fingers.
  3. Then spend the central strand to the left left, and the former left to lower the center.
  4. In the same way, do the right side, alternating extreme sections with central to the end.

Two pigtails on both sides will help to diversify this style. More difficult way to work before starting work, make a beautiful smooth sample in the middle.

Even more interesting will be collapsed, this is all as a result of a neat lugu, as in the picture.

Have you learned to weave the rear and do smooth probes? Then the next option in the photo is specifically for you.

Fish tail

Another very simple, but spectacular weaving from two strands. The second name "Tail of Mermaid". Both items received due to visual similarity with fish scales. Execution scheme:

How to diversify your own appearance with such a weaving. We look at step-by-step master classes with ideas.

Bunch of tail

Perform a "fishe tail" on the tail and just tighten it with an arbitrary way. Secure the hairpins and varnish.


There is nothing easier, simply change the position of replaceable strands from the top to the bottom (the bottom circuit below), just like in French weaving (at the top).

Method with false weaving from rubber

  1. Start from the compartment of the top hat, check in the middle.
  2. Below will separate one more strip with the grab over the entire surface of hair growth and revolve again.
  3. Then, from the remaining hair, perform the classic tail of the mermaid.
  4. Tighten the braid to the sides to give an additional volume.

How to weave braids yourself: video lessons for beginners

Step-by-step instructions: two-dollar spit on the side with overhead strands for lengthening hair and mixed weaving from behind. Both options are performed on yourself.

French braid

Woven on the occipital part of the head, or from the forehead. The first option is often called the spike, and the second dragon. You can perform a braid classic or twisted. In the scheme you will see how to put your fingers correctly, to shift the strands simply, and they were not confused.

The phased distribution of curls by numbers in the photo:

What is the difference between classic weaving from twisted? In the usual way, the strands are put on top of the average, and in the other there is a turnout (under the bottom). Visually, the difference looks like this:

Two french braids

All those who loved the hairstyle, located on the trend positions of the fashionista. How to learn to weave the braids to yourself to keep up with the "stylish world of this"? Just just watch the video and work out.

Two braids with a canchelon

And what if the lengths of their own hair with a haircut is not enough for this magnificence? There is an option to use overhead curls that are attached with the help of the hairpins, but they are suitable for one braid of any kind. If it is planned to divide hair on the zone, then in this case the canexalone is suitable. Moreover, his motley bold shades were so loved by modern fashionmented.

This method will help add volume, extend and allocate its owner from the crowd.

Detailed Master Class on Wetting Synthetic Fiber Hair:


French rope is also suitable for beginners. It consists of two parts that are twisted in one direction than cause arbitrary twisting between themselves and is obtained as a result of a braid similar to a rope or rope.

Most often harness is performed on the tail. Looks like such styling neatly and presentable.

Video: How to braid "rope" or "harness"

Four Cosa

More complex weaving braids requiring special skill. Be sure to start training from the side. Recall the intettry scheme of strands.

But how the process looks like:


Beautiful hairstyle that is suitable for every day and for any holiday. It will be appropriate on short and long hair, with a smooth structure and curls. The photo provides schemes of possible options for weaving.

Fast method of two strands in the instructions for beginners.

Another waterfall with an unusual decor from your hair.

Spit back in advance

If your hands do not listen to you, being behind, consider this option. There is a simple method of weaving, which is performed in front, and as a result it turns out to be behind, and most importantly, it will take exactly a minute.

Spit around the edge or one side

Combines any kind of weaving or even a combination of several of them. Each of the options can be made independently with detailed step-by-step photos.

Free weaving of the spit from France, originates from the front of the right angle of the forehead (almost the temple) and strives through another angle to the ear. Engage all hair on the head with pickups. Tighten with a rubber and be sure to stretch the sides of the section, performing volumetric waves.

No less interesting way in which two-dollar spit is involved. Suitable to girls with a thick chapel.

Wonderful combination of simple spikelet and fish tail. Bangs can be used or left released.

The rope can also become a center of attention in such a hairstyle running along the edge of the hair.

Especially if it is connected in a simple three permanent scythe.

Braid in a circle or rim

Crown or basket - this is what the stacking option is called.

Add to the French spikelet on the tail and dump the tail on the tail, wrapping a beautiful beam, and get a truly royal circular hairstyle. It is also possible to fulfill independently without resorting to help girlfriends or specialists.

What instruments will be needed to create a masterpiece hairstyle?

  1. A large mirror that will allow you to see the hairstyle from "A" to "I".
  2. Spray or hair lotion.
  3. Several types of comb, with small, medium and large and teeth.
  4. Various decorations and accessories to complete the image.
  5. Hair varnish with different types of fixation.

Simple technique - harness

This is the first step that will help bring you closer to the original masterfully made brackets. How to make harness?

  • Combing your hair and assemble into one tight tail, it can be placed at the top, in the middle and at the bottom of the base of the scalp.
  • Separate the tail into two equal strands, you can still make a thin third, in order to hide the gum that you will fix the tail.
  • Little strand tighten the tail at the base, the tip of the hair is captured by invisible.
  • The remaining two parts twist clockwise or against it.
  • We make weaving in one direction.
  • Next, we carry out the next interweaving of the harnesses among themselves.
  • At the bottom, fix thin rubber band.

Attention! You can divide the tail and for more than strands, spinning them according to the method described above. The result will be amazing

French braid

This is a stylish and beautiful hairstyle that is suitable for every day and for a holiday. Weaving technique Next:

  • Hair is well combed, one strand is highlighted in the ukusk zone and divided into three parts.
  • Now we begin to weave the usual braid, intelligent thin strands on both sides.
  • We are hairstyle to the base of the neck.
  • We finish placing the braid in three strands, alternately changing the sections.
  • You can tie a spit with a rubber, leaving your hair to develop, or put the braid to the very end.
  • Fix the hairstyle of varnish.

That's ready "spikes."

One-sided bezel

Such a hairstyle is done very quickly and does not cause trouble. How to do it:

  • Share the hair into two parts with a horizontal vehicle, the upper part must be thinner;
  • The ear to separate three thin strands and start tackling the three permanent braid;
  • After a few turns torso, thin strands from the forehead, without taking hair from the top;
  • continue to make movements from one ear to another;
  • Proper the tip of the usual oblique, connect with the rest of the hair and tie the tail.

You can complete the image of a beautiful hairpin or spin the tip of the mow into a bundle. Making such a rim with various ribbons - you will improve your image and give it elegance and uniqueness.

Fish tail

It seems that such a hairstyle is difficult to make yourself, but it is possible. Weaving technique available to every girl. It is necessary to divide the hair into two parts, allocate a thin strand on the left side and transfer it to the right, then you need to take the next strand, but on the right and translate to the left. The more accurate will be the thickness of the strand, the more elegant will be hairstyle.

Attention! You can first tie a thin elastic with a low tail located, and then split it into 2 parts and continue to weave the braid according to the technology described above

How to make the inverse French braid itself?

Such a hairstyle visually reduces the delay of strands, and therefore it is unlikely to look at the winning hair. What needs to be done to achieve the desired result?

  1. Combing your hair and separate a small section of the person himself.
  2. Next, divide it into three identical strands.
  3. Hide the right section under the central.
  4. And the left under the right, making it central.
  5. Now the central strand lie on the right side and add some hair on the right side.
  6. We make weaving to the base of the neck, end the process of the usual oblique, that's just the side strands do not miss no hair, but under the central section.

There is nothing difficult, to improve the appearance, we gently stretch your hand with hands, making the hairstyle even more amazing.

Weaving on the head of the head

It seems a very difficult task, but if you follow the steps below - such a hairstyle will be on "Hands".

After washing the head, you can apply a little foam on your hair and dry your hair. After combing all the hair to the right, separate the three strands over the left ear, and slowly ripening the spikelets towards the right ear. At the same time, it should be alternately to take thin strands of hair to the left and right, intertwined them into the main braid.

When you reached the right ear, then the usual braid is being made, without capturing strands. You can complete the hairstyle in different ways, fasten the tip of the hair at the right temple, disguised as other strands. Either supplement it just below the right ear, and from the remaining hair make a beautiful fashionable beam!

Attention! So that the hairstyle looked advantageously and trimmed enthusiastic glances, the hair before braiding braids should be washed, neatly laid, using masks, balms and other means

Accessories for weaving

You will be interested: a square face - how to choose a hairstyle

Before driving the braid itself, it is necessary to prepare all the accessories that will help make the hairstyle not only beautiful, but also stand. To weave the hair was much easier, you should stock:

  • A large desktop mirror. To observe the entire weaving process with your own eyes. This accessory is simply necessary for a newcomer, which only masters the schemes of weaving braids.
  • Fluide or foam for laying. It is best to use spray to alleviate combing. Hair will need to share on thin strands, and they can be confused and knock out the braid. Spray or light fluid will greatly facilitate this task.
  • A large massage brush for combing and combing hair separation on thin strands. The comb will also be needed to create a smooth probor.
  • Invisible, hairpins and various clamps. The more such accessories will be, the more convenient the hairstyle will do.
  • Silicone small rubber bands.
  • Lacquer for fixing the finished hairstyle. It is advisable to purchase two variants of varnish: strong fixation and medium.

You will be interested in: French braid reverse: weaving scheme, step-by-step instructions

These accessories will be enough to cope with any option for weaving. To begin with, it is better to learn to weave braids easier to make hands and fingers to get used to the easiest movements.

Fundamental rules

Before creating a beautiful hairstyle on your child's head, it is important to comply with certain rules on hair styling:

  1. Basically, we are wearing pigtails to children, sending them to school, on classes or in the sports section. The first place should be set comfort. Hair should not be excessively pulled, as it is fraught with headaches. In order to avoid this situation, one should not allow the braids to be blocked with excessive density.
  2. You should not make a child in the morning complex hairstyle before the start of the school day, since it is excesses. Time for hairstyle during this period is not so much, just a few minutes. In them and you need to meet without spending extra nerves.
  3. It is best to braid children's braids from the hair of approximately the same length. In the case of a multi-layer hairstyle, it is better to use hairpins and invisible.
  4. Do not wait for the end of the braid to start climbing ribbons, bows and laces. It will make the hairstyle more lush and thick.
  5. In order to divide the strands, it is best to apply scallop with thin teeth. For more easy laying strands, hair must be preloaded.

Useful advice: In order for the pigtails longer remain neat, at the end of the weaving, the hairstyle should be sprinkled several times from the sprayer. So the pigtail will be more likely, since the hair lacquer for children is extremely recommended.

Before learning to weave braids, it is important to prepare the necessary tools:

  • Tape, if necessary;
  • Multicolored gums of minor sizes;
  • Water sprayer filled with water;
  • Collecting with rare teeth.

How to weave the pigtails baby: simple schemes

Volume Spio "Jasmine"

A similar hairstyle is very beautiful, and with her the girl will remind the princess from the cartoon about the alladin. It gives a pomp with thin hair, so it is most successful for them.

  • After choking, the hair is collected in the horse's tail of the classic type.
  • On each side, small strands are separated from the hair and are connected by a small gum.
  • To comb braided hair, a thin scallop is used to create an amount.
  • The following strands are selected in a similar way, further fasten with rubber band and are flawed.
  • Repetition of each element occurs in a similar way, after which the tip is fixed with a rubber band.

"Loving heart" and "French Spit": 2 in 1

Such a hairstyle will be appropriate to look in the face of any holiday. Execution technology is as follows:

  • Hair should be horizontally divided into 2 parts;
  • The lower part challenges the workpiece and is still left alone;
  • The upper part is divided into two parts with a smooth probor;
  • Based on the two top bars, the same tails are made, they are branded and attached to the tip with subtle invisible. Braids must remain convex and not too tightly lay down their heads;
  • The arched to the outer side of the Spit is attached by invisible, so that hairstyle takes the shape of the heart;
  • The lower part of the hair can remain loose or being braided in simple french or;

The creative approach is always beneficial, even if it is due to how to heat the braid girl beautifully and simply. Little fashionista with a similar hairstyle will not be ignored, making a true sample style, encouraging others to master this art. Especially since the methods for this, regardless of the length of the hair, abound. Thus, pigtails on hair for the girls remain a neat and convenient option. Remember that a girl who looks beautiful from childhood, grows confidently a well-groomed woman!

Merry and perky pigtails on babes are always touching and comfortable. Such options for hairstyles make a girl more attractive and feminine, create a unique image, saved in the heat and allow you to diversify the daily style.

Elementary Methods of Molding

The easiest technique of weaving ordinary braids. It is easy to perform, has many options. Let's start with the easiest - Spit in three strands. It is not even a newcomer to build such a hairstyle. All that may need is a comb and rubber band (hairpin) for fixing the resulting braid. It takes such a hairstyle for only 5-7 minutes, and the result is perfect for everyday socks.

Step-by-step instruction of weaving:

  1. All hairstyles, and braid, including, require carefully cleaned hair. It form 3 strands from it.
  2. The extreme right strand is transferred above the central and is located between it and the extreme left.
  3. Then the left strand is taken and it is installed through the center.
  4. So alternates the right and left extreme strands, braid braid for the whole length.
  5. The tip is fixed with rubber band (hairpin).

Diversify the option of weaving in three strands can be tail. The hair is collected at the lower base of the head or on the top and fixed with a rubber band. Weaving from the tail occurs along the same technology. The advantage of this option is a strongest hairstyle. The tail holds it from breakdown. Separate strands are heavier to get out of the total mass.

All the same braid with three strands can turn into a spikelet if it is started to turn from the forehead or the start of the bangs. Such a hairstyle will require several workouts, since the strands at first will be hard to keep together, getting the next curl. But in the end, it will be very cute hairstyle.

The technique itself differs little from the usual braid. But it is still worth watching the video for beginners - how to weave the pigtails with the "spikelet" technique.

Romantic wicker heart

Create a gentle, feminine image regardless of age will help an interesting weaving technique with a heart. Options such a hairstyle have a large amount. We will focus on several ways to weave the braid heart.

Option 1:

• First you need to perform a sample in the center. One half of the hair can be stuck so as not to interfere.

• The remaining part of the hair should be divided by another 2. Make it you need a semicircle.

• You need to start a weaving from the probor, moving to the temple. The technique of French braid is used.

• In the process of weaving, it is necessary to dry the braid to the temple. From him weaving continues down.

• At the base of the hair, the braid must be fastened with a rubber band.

• The same need to repeat from the opposite side.

• The remaining tails need to be connected and build a simple spio from them.

• In completion, it is necessary to fix it with a rubber band (hairpin). You can relax a little weaving the lower part to give it volume.

Option 2.

It is similar to the first. The main difference is that the strand twist in flagellas, and then climb into the braid. Starting from the temple, additional strands are no longer crowded, but remain just routine. The two pigtails are connected to each other. They are not necessarily shipped to the very edge.

Option 3.

• It is necessary to divide the hair first from one ear to the second through the back of the head, and then input in the center.

• Right and left upper parts need to braid in pigtails.

• Then you need to wrap them with a semidder and connect.

• The design can be strengthened with studs or invisible.

Option 4.

Very easy way to braid braid from inverted hearts. This technique uses small gums. All hairstyle takes less than 5 minutes. The technique is offered in the video for beginners - how to weave braids from hearts.

We looked at ways to braid a pigtail and quickly, without referring to the specialists. Many techniques and options. Showing a little fantasy, you can create masterpieces, without leaving the house. It is very easy to choose interesting options for everyday use or on important events. They are not only comfortable, but also feminine, elegant and original. To simplify the task, you should guide the photo of the lessons and the video of how to braid a beautiful braid. With their help, care for long hair is greatly simplified.

Spit is one of the most comfortable, universal, practical and beautiful hairstyles. It is appropriate both in everyday life and at a solemn event. This romantic and neat hairstyle can be the basis of very exquisite, original laying. Therefore, it will be not an excess of every girl to learn to turn the braid itself. With such a hairstyle you will always look decent, neat and impressive. You can assume that we are very difficult to weave the braid, however, it is not. It is necessary to study several techniques, then you will become a real craftswoman in different types of weaves.

The peculiarities of weaving braids

Middle and long hair has always been considered a benchmark for femininity, beauty. The perfect way to diversify your casual style is to weave yourself a variety of variants of Kos: Dragon, Christmas tree, spikelet, snail, braid with twists, twist, inside out, bows, tie, zigzag, harness, asterisk, crescent, snail, reverse weaving. If you are just starting to master this skill, we recommend familiarizing yourself with master classes and video instructions for beginners who will help you understand the principle of weaving.

It is necessary to regularly train. Start trying with the easiest options. When you succeed in them, you can take more complex schemes. The first attempts will be difficult, because hands get tired of unusual position. But gradually you get used to. The first braided braids can be untidy, but every time the hairstyle will be coming out more beautiful. Do not be afraid to experiment: make a hairstyle in the center of the head, from one and another side, several.

Preparation for weaving

Before the weaving process, it is necessary to prepare hair. They must be clean, neat. Carefully discharge them so that they are not confused during the work. You can sprinkle with a special spray or water from the sprayer to remove fluffyness. In addition, prepare the necessary accessories: Combs of several species, two large mirrors, rubber bands, invisible, hairpins, ribbons, studs, hair spray and lacquer lacquer.

How beautiful to heat the braid for long and medium hair

Properly selected hairstyle is a beautiful addition of any image, even wedding. It does not need to be spent on expensive jewelry and accessories. Today, braids are a bright example of a beautiful, fashionable laying. There are many ways of their weaving with which you will read below. Due to the large number of braid models, they can be part of an elegant, mischievous, romantic, strict or feminine image. Therefore, this is a win-win version of self-expression.

Of the three strands

Start by mastering weaving a simple and fast spit from three strands. Sit between two mirrors so that you can see yourself from behind and in front. Distribute flat ridge. You can pre-sprink your hair with a special spray or water to reduce fluffiness and facilitate laying. Master class stages:

Spit from three strands

  • Strip your hair back, divide the head in the zone into three equal parts.
  • Spend your fingers along each strand. Further fingers will serve you by "bookmarks" that will not give hair to connect together.
  • Wrap around the central strand the left and right, displacing it right and left. First 5-10 turns Keep your hands behind the neck, after which you transfer your hair over your shoulder for more convenience.
  • Shooting until the tip will remain 10 cm long. Fasten with rubber band, hairpin or ribbon.

Fish tail

Newbies in weaving braids need to start with a simple version of the "Fish Tail". Such a hairstyle woves easily, and the result comes out unsurpassed. There are two weaving techniques: first make a horse tail or you need to start a forehead throughout your head. If you start from the tail, then the hair will not crumble in the hands, so the strands are easier. For weaving, invisible, scallops with thin teeth, rubber bands or bows, ribbons, hairpins, two mirrors, one of which is installed behind, and another in front. Step-by-step instruction:

Fish tail step by step

  • Take a strand that will be the beginning of a fish tail. It is carefully discharged, divide into two same widths.
  • Crighte the left and right straight to the right to be top. Thin shake separated a small part of the hair on the left side, add to the right straight. The thinner will be added parts of the hair, the more interesting and the most elegant will look like a ready hairstyle. In order not to do "roosters", stretch strands.
  • Separate part of the hair on the right, put in your left hand.
  • Alternately add new strands from one and the other side, shift in the opposite hand.
  • When you reach the hair growth line, lock the braid with a barn or continue to weave before the tips without it.


The French braid in the classic version woves from all hair, even the bangs are captured. It is made in bulk to the scalp. The method of weaving is different from the usual one. The length of the hair should be at least 12 cm. Hairstyle remains neat long time. It is suitable for work or evening exit. Phased master class:

French pigtail - instruction

  • Drop all hair, separate the strand in the middle, divide it for three.
  • Right throw off through the central, then do the same with the left.
  • To the right and left strands, add part of the loose hair. Take the same part of the part, then the braid will look smoothly, neatly. For a tight option, use thin strands, for romantic and weakly braided - wide.
  • We continue to weave according to the described technique, until all hair is woven into the braid.
  • End Fix with a rubber band or twist into a bundle, node, fix with studs.


The spikelet looks very beautiful on the head of any girl. Before weaving, it is necessary to prepare: make a small nobody in the roots, or corrugation with a special curling, then disperse along the entire length of the massage brush. So the finished hairstyle will look more voluminous. But if you have thick hair, then the nobody will not need. Technology step by step:


  • Start from the top of the head, separating the three small strands. Early the left strand of the middle, then right.
  • At the same time, it is necessary to capture a bit of the remaining hair with a thumb near the straight, to which you make add. With the other hand, hold the remaining two strands of the three main.
  • Cross the most part to which you have added, with an average.
  • So inlet left part.
  • Repeat the steps above before the end of the hair, where the roots are growing. Make the tail either complete the laying by the usual pigtail.

Bezel around the head

How to make a braid bezel yourself? This is one of the varieties of French, which wives around the whole head, wrapping her like a crown. It is easy to braid it, while you can add ribbons to it so that the hairstyle looked bright and festively. Step-by-step instruction:


  • Drop your hair on the sample line from one ear to another.
  • Know the rest in the tail. Start the weaving of the French braid from the left ear, intertwined the middle thickness strands.
  • Continue to turn to the right ear.
  • When the hair for inventing will end, secure the remaining elastic. Leave your tail or continue to make the usual braid to a short tip, patching inside, fixing with a hairpin or rubber.

Of the five strands

Not all girls boast of lush and thick hair. Some consider braided braid too thin and no longer repeat such experience. There are small tricks that visually make a hairstyle more voluminous. To do this, the braid of five strands is suitable. Instructions stages:

Warning out of five strands

  • Divide the whole mass of hair on five equal strands.
  • Next, proceed by such an algorithm: Left extremely move to the opposite edge, passing between the central so that it opens them with a snake. Do the same with the next left extreme.
  • We have a braid itself according to such a scheme. When you get to the tip, lock the hairstyle with a rubber band.

Greek braid on side

Greek Spit is an elegant, fashionable hairstyle, which is considered one of the leading popularity. It goes almost to any type of face, the image of romance, femininity, turning you into the goddess. Instructions stages:

Greek braid on side

  • Divide the strand of hair strand over the left ear, separating into three equal parts.
  • Start weave tight, pressing tightly to the head. Weaving is carried out by adding to the additional strands to the top.
  • Spit will go diagonally. You must add new strands until the hairstyle go vertically. Next, turn the usual braid myself.
  • At the base, fasten the rubber band, sprinkle with varnish.

Scheme of weaving waterfall

Spit waterfall is a stylish and charming interpretation of classical French technology, where part of the curls freely falls on the back, which flows on the glasses of rain or water jet. She gives the girl a fabulous, romantic, gentle image, which prove the photos of celebrities with such a hairstyle. Speected braid looks on wavy hair, so screw the curls in advance to the curl or curlers. Phased master class:


  • Drop hair. Separate the temple strand, divide for three. Start weaving ordinary braids: the first binding should go from strands from the face, put it in to the center, repeat from the bottom.
  • The upper strand will be at the bottom where it must be left. Instead, take a new out of the total mass of the hair. Continue weaving: attach your hair from above, as in the French spit, put on the middle. Do the same with the bottom.
  • The upper strand will be downstairs, leave it and replace the new one.
  • Continue weaving on the described method, reaching the place where you want to stay. Complete the usual oblique or fasten the end with a hairpin, elastic, decorative hairpin.

Step-by-step video instructions for weaving braids

Any girl is proud of its long luxurious hair, because since ancient times it was considered not only the main decoration of the Virgin, but also her strength. We all remember the red girls from folk fairy tales with beautiful braids. Modern fashion favors this hairstyle, so it always remains in trend. Especially relevant unusual braids, which are complex designs of intertwined curls. In the video below you will see the visual process of creating all sorts of woven hairstyles.

Braid weaving technique on the contrary with ribbon

Ribbons are an excellent accessory for hairstyles. You can choose openwork, multicolored, satin. Spit, on the contrary, it looks fresh with such an accessory, original. It will harmoniously complement the image of any girl, becoming the main decoration. Spit, on the contrary, looks very bulky. The length of the hair for such a weaving should be at least 20 cm. Do not weave very tight, because modern trends dictate the fashion on the disheveled, slightly negligent weaving. About how to weave braid on the contrary with the ribbon yourself, you will see in this video.

Wide spit with rubber bands

This is the original way of weaving, which will become a highlight of the image. It will even help with a modest amount of hair to make a chic volumetric hairstyle. The gum makes the braid reliable, thanks to which the styling will last for a very long time, and you will not have a reason to worry about that it can fasten. The weaving method of this hairstyle can not be called easy, but by attaching some patience and skill, you will have a great result.

Round 3-D braid out of 4 strands

The following technique is one of the varieties of weaving braid itself from four strands. Her main feature is that you will receive a bulk effect. Do not be afraid because weaving is easily ease. If the first time you will not be clear to you, then review the proposed video lesson for beginners again. Having learned a little, you can create such a hairstyle for yourself in a few minutes without too much effort.

How to braid a beautiful pigtail on bangs

Spit on bangs can revive and give the originality of any hairstyle, making the image of feminine, romantic. In the video proposed below, the process of creating such a laying is clearly demonstrated. From the first time you may not get a beautiful braid on bangs myself, but, while practicing a little, you will achieve success. This hairstyle is relevant if you grow your hair or have no time to lay. You can experiment with accessories, inlet ribbons, decorating small colors bud.

Openwork braid in the form of a flower

Openwork weaving became very popular. It meets both in everyday life and festive events. Thin strands form a pattern of indescribable beauty, making on your head perfect composition. In this video class, you will learn to weave the openwork braid in the form of a flower. This hairstyle is distinguished by difficulty, so you will have to be accessed. It is ideal for solemn cases.

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