How to delete skype account completely (account Skype)

Skype Messenger does not have a special option to delete an account. That is, you can not get rid of it in one click. There are at least two ways to solve this task. Consider their step-by-step execution in this article.

Method number 1: through technical support

Note. You can use the removal in this way if registration in Skype was carried out through the Microsoft account. Note! Upon completion of the procedure, not only your Skype profile will be completely removed, but also the microsoft identifier with all data attached to it. If you do not want to lose access to other company services (for example, Xbox), it makes sense to use Method No. 2.

1. To delete an account, go to


2. At the top on the right, the "Login" clatter.


3. In the drop-down list, select My Account.

4. Log in: Enter the login and password from Skype, click "Login."


5. Go to the "Help" section.

Section "Help"

6. In the search bar, make a request - delete the account. Press "ENTER".

Request in the section

7. Scroll down the instruction text slightly down. Follow the link "I'm ready ..." (I am ready to remove the skype account).


8. Specify the username and password of the Microsoft identifier (to which the Skype profile is tied). Click "Login".

Authorization in Microsoft.

9. Click "Next" on the new page.

10. Act according to the service manual to completely remove the account.

Attention! Within two months after deleting, the account can be restored.

Delete profile

Method number 2: "Frost"

1. Run the messenger.

2. In the horizontal menu, open: Skype → Personal data → Edit My Data ...

Mensender menu


Account management

4. The browser will take the settings page. Click on it the "Left Arrow" icon.

Page with settings

5. In the last column of the bottom menu (settings and settings), clat the "Edit Personal Information" item.

lower menu

6. On the right side of the questionnaire, click "Change Profile".

Profile data

7. Specify the fictional data in the fields (name and surname, date of birth, etc.).

Change data

8. Click "Save".

9. Get out of the account. After one month after the "freezing" (data changes), it will be automatically deleted for all.

To accidentally do not go to the "frozen" profile during this period of time, you must delete login in Skype:

1. Close the messenger window, unload it from the tray. Press the key combination - "Win + E".

2. In the window that appears, press the "ALT" key.

3. In the additional panel, open: Service → Folder parameter.

4. Candle "View".

5. In the list "Advanced Parameters" by clicking the left button, turn on the "Show hidden files ..." setting.

6. Click "Apply", "OK".

Profile folder

7. Go to the Messenger folder: C: → Users → → AppData → Roaming → Skype.

8. Clause with right-click folder with the old login (it has the same name). Select "Delete".

9. Clean the "Basket" on the desktop.

Convenient use of Skype!

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Unnecessary profiles in social networks and messengers need to be deleted - already because telephone numbers are usually tied to them that we could use for other accounts. How to remove Skype account if it is no longer needed? Below you will find detailed instructions for action from a computer and from the phone.

How to delete an account in Skype from a computer and from the phone

Before you go directly to the manual "How to delete a skype account", we must clarify several points. To begin with, the Skype account and Microsoft account are inextricably linked. We delete one thing - will be removed and the second. More precisely as: the process itself, which we will describe, is called "Deleting Microsoft Account".

Also, if you delete a skype profile, the following will happen:

  1. Many processes on Windows computers imply user authorization on a computer with Microsoft Account. Without it, you can work with PC, but some actions can become unavailable.
  2. ONEDRIVE. This cloud storage will be inaccessible if you delete Microsoft account, since it is one of the products of this company.
  3., Xbox Live, Office Online and purchases via Microsoft Store will also be unavailable.

Good news: The user has 60 days to change and cancel the removal of the account. During this time, all data, related to it, will be stored unchanged. To cancel deletion, just go to your Microsophy profile. No requests to send anywhere - cancellation will occur automatically.

How to delete an account in Skype from a computer

You can delete an account in Skype on your computer in the application or in the browser. The algorithm of action will be almost the same.

If you have installed, go to Settings> Account and Profile> Close account. Next, the sequence of actions for the program and the browser will coincide.

How to completely remove Skype Account via Browser:

  1. We go to the page and log in with your profile.
  2. In the upper right corner, you will see a string with the name of the profile and the miniature avatar. Click on the profile name, and in the menu that will be pulled out, select "Use Skype in a browser".
  3. A window that opens after that will be an exact copy of the Messenger application window, which is installed on our computer. Click here on the "still" button (left upper angle, next to the account name).
  4. A window appears - in it, click on "Settings".
  5. In the settings window, you will need a section "Account and Profile", and in it - "Close Account" item. After clicking on this button another page opens. Go to her.
  6. The page on which we switched, contains information about what happens if you remove the skype account forever. You can familiarize yourself with it or immediately go to the Microsoft Account Closure window.
  7. The system will ask for authorization. Your box will receive a letter with a confirmation code that will need to enter.
  8. We are on the page "Check availability / such a profile / closing" page. All actions recommended for the transition to the next step are listed here. We view the proposed information, we carry out what the desired and click "Next" to delete the Skype account.
  9. The new page is called "mark / such a profile / for closing". Here is a long list of warnings, in each of which there is a short description of which services we lose access. Near each of the items there are windows - we put ticks in them as a sign that I got acquainted and agree to delete an account in Skype from the computer.
  10. At the bottom of the page, you need to choose the reason for the removal of the skype account and click on "Mark for Closing". *
  11. And one more page, the last one. Here you will see a reminder that within 60 days it will be possible to return your account to life, as well as the "Finish" button. We click on it to delete the Skype account.

* Immediately after clicking on this button to the mailing address, tied to a remote account, an alert will come - it will indicate the date to which your data will be stored in Microsoft databases.

Note: Recall once again that you can remove the page in Skype and through the Skype application installed on the computer. That is, you need to run the program, go to the settings, in the "Account and Profile" section click on the "Close Account" and so on. The browser will not run - everything is done in the messenger window.

How to delete an account in Skype from the phone

Instructions, how to delete a skype account from the phone:

  1. Run a mobile application.
  2. In the center of the top of the screen is displayed miniature avatars. Click on her.
  3. Select the "Settings" string (at the very bottom).
  4. Go to "Account and Profile".
  5. Scroll through the list of partitions to the end. At the bottom of the window, the Close Account button is located. We click on it and fall into the authorization window. Authorize.
  6. We are waiting for a few seconds until the system downloads the data to continue. If the Internet speed is not very good, it may be needed to download up to 1 minute, since the amount of data is significant.
  7. Next, you will pass all the steps described in the instructions for the computer, the window behind the window. Information will be provided in the same wording, buttons are also not changed.

After you get rid of the account, do not forget to remove the Skype program itself from your computer or phone.

And finally remind: the account in Skype is saved after shutdown within 60 days. To completely delete Skype account, simply do not log in in it two months in a row.

Skype is one of the most popular Internet services for calls and correspondence, they enjoy hundreds of millions of people. The application allows you to make video and audiosiles, exchange text messages and files, and in the conditions of the Coronavirus Pandemix, Skype began to be used for corporate work.

Task Delete Skype account may occur for different reasons:

  • Erase your old profile and create a new one;
  • get rid of unnecessary accounts;
  • Fully remove Skype and go to another service.

The procedure for complete removal of the account is a multi-step process. This feature is not particularly advertised by the developer, however, if there are always difficulties, you can always contact the service support service.

Important! If you are uninstalling the application from a phone or computer, then a personal information profile is stored in the Microsoft database. In addition, data from chats, contacts, forwarded files remain on the PC or mobile gadget.

How to forever delete an account in Skype

Before removing the skype account, you need:

  • save all the necessary files and contacts;
  • use money from the account;
  • Deactivate active subscriptions.

This will not allow not losing important information and money. With the usual deletion of the application from a computer or phone, your account remains active. This means that other users can find you in the service.

Clearing personal information

First of all, you need to clear all the personal data you entered when creating Skype profile. This is necessary so that other users cannot find data about you by searching in the directory. To remove personal data, you need to go to the application and click on the profile name.

Skype profile name

Click on the "Management" link to open the account of the account in the browser.

Profile Management in Skype

Open the "Personal Data" rubric and go to edit mode (the corresponding link is located at the bottom of the page).

Edit Personal Information in Skype

Clear all fields and save the changes made by clicking on the "Change Profile" button.

Personal data in Skype

Next, you need to return to the previous page, go to the "Payment Data" category and clear the filled fields.

Payment information in Skype

On a note: Remember that the remote name will be displayed in the list of friends' contacts in Skype.

How to remove Skype

Deleting an application and data folders

First you need to exit the account in the program and uninstall the application with regular tools of the operating system - through the control panel. After that, you need to delete the Skype folder in which the correspondence, contacts and user files are stored. To quickly search for a folder named skype, open the conductor and in the address bar, enter% AppData% / Skype.


Deactivation of Skype Account

The last step is to delete login in Skype from the application servers. To do this, go to the page, enter the account and follow the instructions.

Removing an account in Skype

The service will ask to specify the reason for closing the account and informs about the date of complete deletion.

Useful advice

Tip №1.

Before deleting, use cash from the Skype account, as well as Microsoft Gift Cards. Otherwise, money will be lost.

Tip №2.

Before deleting the Skype working folder from the computer, do not forget to save the desired files to another directory.

Frequently asked Questions

How fast is the SKYPE account from Microsoft servers?

The account is removed forever in 60 days. Up to this time, you can restore the account.

On account Skype remained cash. What will happen to them after removing the profile?

If you have not used money from the service account, then after deactivating the account they will be written off. They cannot be transferred to another account or restore.

What will happen if you do not cancel active subscriptions before removing?

If you do not cancel the subscription before the account deactivation, you can encounter an unpleasant situation. If automatic replenishment was included in the account, then within 60 days after deleting the service will automatically set accounts.

What are the alternatives to Skype?

There are many products on the market that make up a decent competition Skype.

Product pros
Whatsapp Supports all standard functions, features an understandable interface. The service has more than two billion users, which means that they use every third resident of our planet.
Viber The messenger is distinguished by a variety of functional, it has chat rooms, groups, audio and video calls. It offers stickers and emoji for all tastes.
Telegram It offers a large number of features to control the correspondence, it is possible to quickly create bots. Supports voice and video calls. Superior Competitors for Protection Measures: There are secret chats with a self-destruction option. The correspondence in them is stored only on the gadgets of the conversation participants.

How to remove account in skype logo

The need to delete the Skype account may occur in different situations. For example, you stopped using the current account, replacing it to a new one. Or just want to delete all references to yourself in Skype. Read further and you will learn how to remove the profile in Skype.

There are several ways to delete Skype account. The simplest is the cleaning of all information in the profile. But in this case, the profile will still remain, although it will be empty.

More difficult, but it is an effective way to delete an account through Microsoft. This method will help if you use Microsoft's profile to enter Skype. Let's start with a simple option.

Delete Skype account by cleaning information

Run the Skype program.

Main window Skype

Now you need to go to the profile data editing screen. To do this, click on the icon in the upper left corner of the program window.

Opening the Skype credential editing form

Now you need to clear all data in the profile. To do this, select each line (name, phone, etc.) and clean its contents. If the content cannot be cleaned, then enter a random set of data (digits and letters).

Skype Profile Clearing

Now you need to delete all contacts. To do this, click on the right mouse button for each contact and select the "Delete Contacts from the list" item.

Removing contacts in Skype

After that, they split from the account. To do this, select Skype menu items> Exit from Uch. Entries.

Exit Skype account

If you want the account data to be erased and from your computer (Skype saves data for quick login), you must delete a folder associated with your profile. This folder is located on the next way:

C: \ Users \ Valery \ APPDATA \ Roaming \ Skype

Data folder from Skype profile

It has the same name as your Skype login. Delete this folder to erase the profile information from the computer.

This is all that can be done if you go to the account not through the Microsoft account.

Now let's go to the complete removal of the profile.

How to completely remove the skype account

So, how can you remove the page in Skype forever.

First, you must have a Microsoft account with which you enter Skype. Go to the Skype Account Closing Instructions page. Here is the link, while moving on which you can completely delete an account.

Link to the closing page of the Skype account

Follow this link. You may have to go logged on the site.

Login to Microsoft account to remove Skype profile

Enter the password and go to the profile.

Now you need to enter the Email profile associated with which the code is sent to go to the Skype profile form. Enter Email and click the "Send Code" button.

Entering an email address to get a security code that is needed to remove Skype's profile

The code will be sent to your mailbox. Check it. There must be a letter with the code.

Security code in a letter to delete Skype account

Enter the received code on the form and click the Departure button.

Entering the security code to enter the profile

The Microsoft account delete confirmation form will appear. Read the instructions carefully. If you are sure you want to delete an account, then click Next.

Skype account deletion information

On the next page, mark all the items, confirming that you agree with what is written in them. Select the reason for deleting and click the "Mark to Close" button.

Confirmation of the Skype account removal

Now it remains only to wait until Microsoft employees consider your application and delete an account.

Here are such ways you can get rid of the Skype account if it is no longer needed.

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How to delete an account in Skype, if you just tired to use it or is it time to try something new? In our material we will analyze all the well-known ways to end the past and get rid of unnecessary information.

What is important to know before removing the account?

  • Keep in mind that when you click Skype's profile, the support service will wait another 60 days, and then destroy it forever. This is necessary in case you suddenly change your face or access to something important.
  • Another nuance is associated with the fact that Microsoft account is associated with the Messenger accounts, so remove one of the two means you still delete the Microsoft account in Skype completely. You will not be able to enter into the Xbox, nor in Outlook, nor in other services you may have accustomed to. If access to them is not a critical or priority for you, then just save all vital information in advance.

Maybe still there is something that makes you change the decision - read how to use Skype.

How to delete Skype account: Option number 1

  1. Go to the profile closing page - it will redirect you to the Microsoft portal.
  2. Go to the account and click "Next".
  3. You will see a detailed message about what you need before closing
  4. The next action will need to put marks opposite some points with warnings.
  5. It is also desirable to specify the reason for such a radical decision.
  6. Click "Mark for closing".

Remember the 60-day period, during which you can change your mind or, on the contrary, forget to forget about the existence of some Skype and Microsoft.

In this regard, read also about how to delete correspondence in Skype.

So, we found out if you can delete an account in Skype forever. But there is also another way to remove from Skype.

Option number 2 - "Frost"

  1. Run messenger.
  2. In the horizontal menu, go to Skype → Personal Information → Edit My Data
  3. Jim on the word "management"
  4. A transition to a web page will be carried out, where you need to spit on the blue arrow directed to the left.
  5. On the new page at the bottom find the item "Edit Personal Data"
  6. There we are interested in the "Edit Profile" button
  7. Here you can come up with any info, invent every item.
  8. Get out of account. A month from the date of this "freezing", the service will destroy it itself, automatically.

To do not enter the fictional account by negligence, delete the data of the messenger from the computer (if not confident in his hacker skills, it is better to just remember that it is not necessary to touch the "linden" account).

  1. Click "Win + E" (the application window must be closed).
  2. Click Alt.
  3. In the extra panel, find the service - folder parameters - view.
  4. In add. Activate parameters "Show hidden files".
  5. Apply - OK.
  6. Find the program folder on the disk C (Users - AppData-Roaming-Skype).
  7. Right-click the directory with the old login - delete.
  8. Clean the basket on the desktop.

In case you think about, but forget the basic things, re-read our article - how to register for free in Skype.

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