How to reduce the font on the computer using the keyboard - detailed instructions

How to reduce the font on the computer using the keyboard
According to statistics, about 30% of the population of our planet have various vision problems. Some suffer from myopia, others - farewell. People with such violations are pretty hard to work at the computer due to the unsuitable font size and icons. That is why many are wondering how to how to adjust the size of the letters on the PC screen?

Differential diagnosis of cough in children and its treatment

Cough is a protective mechanism for cleansing the bronchi and trachea. It occurs when exposed to fast or irritative receptors of mechanical and chemical stimuli and to slow C-receptors - inflammatory mediators. Rare cough shocks are physiological, they remove the accumulation of mucus from the larynx; Healthy children fade 10-15 times per day, more in the morning, which should not disturb their parents.

Video RAM: How to enlarge highlighted video memory in Windows 10

Additional display parameters
Computer memory plays a vital role in rapid access to applications and programs. Computer memory or RAM are used by a system processor for storing data. This is the energy-dependent memory on the motherboard, which stores the operating system and program for quick access. Your system processor continuously loads data from a hard disk to RAM before execution. But sometimes you may need a buffer for high-quality video, video editors, 3D structures and a new game on your PC.

Installing and configuring Ghostery. Ghostery Storage Server Application Overview

When you visit the webpage, most likely, its owner (and often - not only he) receives data on what and how long you were viewed, where we click and so on. There are ways that allow you to fight online tracking (although no one will help you from the most advanced technician surveillance). Here are the tools that will help your privacy.

How to assemble a 2x2 rubble cube for beginners, assembly scheme

Rubik 2x2 cube is easy - this is at first glance, but in fact it is a rather complicated puzzle. 2x2 cube is as difficult as 3x3. But there are 100% schemes, the cube collection algorithms, but besides the schemes you need to know the language of the cube itself. Next, we will tell you about everything in more detail.

Dark armpits. 10 ways - how to get rid of what to do, folk remedies

Hello, dear readers. The problem of dark armpits, for sure, familiar with many girls who have to refuse themselves in pleasure, wear outdoor outfit, fearing that someone will notice this unpleasant manifestation. In general, over time, the girl simply will develop complexes. In the area of ​​the armpits, the skin is quite sensitive, so any impact on it can lead to its darkening. There are several factors that in sum leading to such unpleasant consequences. As a rule, it is frequent hair removal in this area that is the main cause of skin darkening. But, as you noticed, someone has such a problem, and someone did not even hear about her. That is, such a manifestation to some extent is hereditary, and depends directly from the individual characteristics of the body.

What vitamins are contained in oranges: useful properties and calorie, energy value and influence on the body, use rate

Vitamin B1 (or thiamine), which, splitting fats and carbohydrates, helps reduce body weight. He will become an excellent help for those who decided to lose weight, but he is a kind of stick with two ends: on the one hand, it reduces weight, and on the other, it boosts appetite and want to eat even more. Thus will have to show a fair power of will. This vitamin has reinforcing the impact on the nervous system and vessels, improves the work of the heart and digestive organs.
Orange - tropical evergreen blooming wood, growing up to 5-8 m in height, with seasonal fruits with a diameter of about 7 cm and weighing about 100-150 g. Nutrients, minerals and vitamins in orange are necessary for the correct growth and development of a person.

Setting up WiFi on Byfly: how to configure the router

Wireless networks have become so familiar to us that it is already not to remember the time when it was necessary to mess around for hours in order to connect to the Internet. And then, for days, the forums are smoking forum, trying to determine what cause is a problem with wireless access to the network. Now it is much simpler - just press one button, and your whole world is in your pocket. True, before this, this wireless network must be configured.

Fliselin: Description of the material, composition, characteristics, advantages and disadvantages

Fliselin - nonwoven gasket material used when sewing clothes to enhance cut parts. It allows you to increase the strength and wear resistance of the product, avoid the deformation of the parts, helps to implement complex design solutions. Without fliseline, it is not in the production of upper heavy clothing, nor when sewing thin summer models.