Hair color diagram: how to choose the appropriate hair color (+25 photoidey)

Hair color diagram: how to choose the appropriate hair color (+25 photoidey)
Hair color diagram: how to choose the appropriate hair color (+25 photoidey)

The selection of hair color plays an important role in your image. This hair color chart will help you choose not only the most fashionable, but also the right shade that will fit your form and face color!

Any hair color chart is help for women who doubt and do not know which hair color is suitable for them.

There is a huge number of different shades, however, not every shade may be suitable for you. Moreover, the wrong shade is incorrectly chosen can drastically change your appearance for the worse, so it is quite difficult to choose the color.

If you want to avoid the time-consuming and painful hair color selection process, you hit the address. In our current article, we will help you to figure it out and pick up that shade that will correspond to the color of your face, eye, as well as the length of the hair.

What color to paint hair?

Tone and shade of your skin, as well as the color of your eyes are key moments when choosing a hair color.

How to determine your skin tone?

The very first step towards the correct choice of hair shade is to determine the warmth of your face or cold. There are four appearance colorages: autumn, winter, spring, summer. They are determined by the color of hair, eyes and skin. Summer and winter are cold shades, autumn and spring - warm. Each of them has certain recommendations for the selection of color palette.

If your color mill is autumn:

  • You have a golden olive color of the face that acquires a bronze tint when it sunburs;
  • You easily sunbathe;
  • Your eyes can change the color from Karich to blue.

Preferred hair shades:

  • Golden blonde
  • Caramel
  • Light caramel
  • Shades to avoid:
  • Ash blonde
  • The black

If your colorotype is winter:

  • You have bright leather that lights up
  • Your skin has a pink shade
  • You have dark hair
  • You have blue, green, emerald-green or dark brown eyes

Preferred hair shades:

  • Dark brown or black
  • Platinum blonde
  • Dark and purple shades
  • Shades to avoid:
  • Copper
  • Golden blonde

If your spring is spring:

  • You have bright leather with a pink tint
  • You can have any eye color, but usually, these are bright, light brown, nuts, green or blue colors.

Preferred hair shades:

  • Ice blonde
  • Platinum blonde
  • Shades to avoid:
  • Shades with orange subtock
  • Golden brown

After you find out which shades are best suitable for your face, you must decide whether you are ready to go to the cardinal changes. In addition to regular color care, you need to stock up good tools to save the color and hair protection. Also, you should keep in mind that if you have damaged and weakened hair, cardinal changes may worsen their quality and appearance.

How to choose hair color

The correct approach to the choice of a new hair shade is very important, so you need to ask yourself a few questions.

Question number 1. Should the color be darker or lighter?

If you want to refresh your image, first look at your skin tone. If you have a light color, blonde eyes and a natural light hair color, you can choose brighter shades. As for girls with dark hair, the transition to a longer shade will be an excellent solution.

Question number 2. What hair color is best suited for dark hair?

Most women with dark hair have dark skin with an olive tint. With this combination, honey, caramel and chestnut hair shades will be perfect for you.

Question number 3. What hair color is best suited for me?

First of all, you need to define your color. A saturated chestnut, golden-honey, milk, caramel-brown shades are suitable for warm colors of the face. Ice blonde, coal-black and ash brown shades are suitable for a colder tone.

Question number 4. What hair color looks good with a certain color of the eyes?

If you have a light skin tone and dark brown eyes, choose such shades as platinum blond, ash blond or coal-black shades.

Question number 5. Is black hair paint harmful?

Each dye leads to a destructive chemical process, and black dyes are most devastating due to the intensity of their pigment. If you want to achieve this color, think twice, as the consequences may be serious.

Light hair color

The light color of the hair, whatever the shade he was, is a color that has always been and remains popular among girls of any age. Blond is a classic for girls with a light skin tone.

Platinum shades of hair

Platinum shade of hair is a shade that will suit girls with light hair and eyes. It is incredibly exquisite, elegant and noble, so you will always be the center of attention.

Golden blonde

A variety of golden shades is incredibly large. They will suit girls with light color of the face, however, those who have too pale leather, it is worth choosing light golden shades to stand out on their background.

Chestnut shades

Copper shades

We hope that our today's article was useful and interesting, and you learned a lot of new information. If you have any questions left, we will be happy to answer them below in the comments!

Many misses the fact that the hair color directly depends not only on style or personal preferences, but also from the color type. We suggest to consider how to properly pick up the hair color at home, taking into account the shade of eyes and skin.

Initially, it was so that all the girls were conditionally divided at the time of the year. Please note that mixing the types are possible, it is normal, such ladies are even easier, because they can use colors for painting at once from several options.

Spring appearance color

Girls with a bright skin type and eye, and hair belong to spring color. They are easiest to create lightweight and cute images. In most cases, the girls of this type of appearance are real blondes with golden curls or with a light touch of Rye. This, by the way, the most rare type of externality.

Chief Council In this embodiment: Do not overload your appearance with heavy and dark contrast. There should be simple and light makeup, light major clothing tones. With the biggest desire to radically change, it's still a black color will make the face with gray and uninteresting, and pergotrely white will look very unnaturally.

Selection of hair color
Selection of hair color

Another feature of these girls is that their hair, in any case, have separate spars that are somewhat lighter than the total mass of curls. If they are not too distinguished, then ask the hairdresser with the Council, as you can unobtrusively pay them. In addition, the coloring has now come into fashion, so you can safely use this trend.

Spring only warm colors go - This is a gold palette, soft reddish shades, sandy or light-blond. But there are exceptions, let's say, the most striking representative of this category is Merlin Monroe, and it has become known as natural blonde. So, if you are a happy owner of a very pale, even porcelain skin, you can safely paint in silver tones.

Spring color
Photo - Spring color

Video: how to choose the right hair shade


Small girl
Photo - Coloring Mixed Summer

Most representatives of the summer are complaining that they have a very ugly natural hair color, and try to fix this natural shortcoming in every way. For clarification: This appearance category determined by such peculiarities :

  • Very cold skin tone, almost passion-white;
  • It happens a contrast summer and not contrasting, the first option is relatively dark hair and porcelain leather, the second is light skin and a light cold shade of strands (for example, Ksenia Sobchak);
  • The eyes are light, sometimes with curves of blue or greens.

Most often Optimal option for hair coloring 2015 is ash color, it beautifully sees the skin and give the appearance of some mysteriousness. We categorically do not advise to operate with warm light paints (and this also applies to clothes), it will only aggravate the situation. Instead of a bright blonde, a completely uninteresting girl with a face merging with curls.

In the event that you decide rebate , you need to take into account features. This is one of the richest color in its shades. The best solution to the problem will be red-blue or even yellow-redhead, i.e. Bright and cold color at the same time. Often used Henna for staining.

Two girls
Photo - Two Summer

Another feature of the girls-summer is that they are all born by real blondes, and when they grow up, the hair is insidiously changing to the darker. It can be easily fixed, painting in a very light color, but in no case with the shades of yellow. Also, the summer young lady with platinum curls also look even delightfully.

What to choose to face:

  • Tone Mahagon, white paint;
  • very deep blonde, practically with the effect of seeds;
  • Blue palette.

Warm autumn

Color tree autumn
Photo - Colorota Autumn

On the right, the warmest bloom is autumn. This is generally accepted Slavic appearance : Leather warm shades, soft brown hair and bright eyes (green, brown, light brown). Autumn ladies include redheads and browns.

The skin with freckles and a peach sweat will not be suitable for hair paints of screaming black, it will give her an unbeatted shade, a strange brown mob. A similar effect will be from white paint, it is too contrast with relatively dark skin.

Optimal option - All sorts of shades of brown: it is chocolate, and red and even burgundy. In addition, red curls look very nice on girls with freckles. A feature of the autumn is that it is either a blush that does not happen at all, or it is not expressive, so the Redsman will be able to compensate for such inexpressiveness of the lyrics. Even very sharp carrot orange will look appropriate.

Also look at warm light paints - it is a blonde, dark blonde and sandy. Now it is very fashionable to make armor, you can safely take note of this variant of the change of image.

Photo - Redhead

In order to shine the skin of the face, it is necessary to pick up the palette with a golden chip, it can be:

  • warm black;
  • all natural blonds;
  • redhead, burgundy;
  • Chocolate or cappuccino.

Winter girls

Color tree Zima
Photo - Winter color

Woman with coloring winter to change appearance harder. The fact is that the whole charm is a sharp contrast between curls and a peer. In a fairy tale about Snow White, it is about winter beauties who have incredibly pale skin with almost a bluish tint and black hair, sometimes even with a natural blue tide.

Because of such a very spectacular combination, it is categorically not recommended to drastically change appearance. Just, whatever the tone is not chosen, it will not be bright enough and not so spectacular.

It is quite difficult to choose the right color for hair with bright brunettes of cold type. Avoid warm colors, they will make you a sharpening, without a raisin. If you want to experiment with you, then Adhere to such advice :

  • Try tonic with a blue or even a la "eggplant" (very suitable for dark brown eyes);
  • can be experimenting with cold russes;
  • A white cold palette looks very beautiful.

Tips from professional hairdressers

Dark colors It is perfect for representatives of the floor, who are from nature grayish hair or with ash till. The dark face will only emphasize your image. Very good and naturally will look dark strands with karium and green eyes, which you can freely make bright day and evening makeups. They visually increases volume.

It so happened that men, and society as a whole perceive women such as serious and business people, many believe that brunettes are the most romantic representatives of the beautiful sex.

Small warning : Over time, the hair is growing and the roots look untidy and cheap, so it takes from time to time to appear.

You want to be red Seducer. Not in vain it was said so, since it is the redheads that the beauties are considered the most passionate and fatal, and many of them are afraid.

Redhead is a unique color, as it fits all, especially to persons with an obvious blush. The disadvantage is that compared to others, he quickly fills and loses his saturation. Choosing a redhead, be prepared for difficulties. You will come across such a problem as the inability to get a new color: dark or light, as the redhead is hard to paint.

Painted blonde
Photo - painted blonde

You want to be a carefree blonde . Etiddevushki always conquer men's hearts, and most of the representatives of the gentle gender want to paint in this hue.

If you decide to become a blonde, then take care of the tone of the skin, it should be bright, otherwise your hair will look unnatural. Unfortunately, it is not possible to achieve the perfect discoloration result - exactly the same color as on a box with paint.

Often curls can get a greenish tint or look checked. Blondes are more than others need additional care strands that are more overwhelmed. Council For you: Consult with a specialist, how paint will affect with light color on your hair, will she hurt you.

How to combine

If you need to choose a suitable tint of curls on the type on your own and free, then use this advice of professionals: bring to the face of a peach color and blue paper sheet. During the column, the appearance became interesting? So, repel from this palette, if on the contrary, circles have manifested under the eyes or stammers stamped - then this palette needs to be avoided. This test is done even in famous beauty salons.

Sometimes a special program is also used. It allows you to upload your photo and pictures with interest in curls. And then just pick up beautiful examples of haircuts and hair colors that you to face.

Selection of hair color
Photo - Selection of hair color

If you are still not sure about the selected staining, you can buy several overhead on the clips, and simply applied them to Caoufure, thereby appreciating, is a new color or not. The same accessories can be used and just every day to give appearance a little exotic and raisins.

There is no clear distribution, how to combine the hairstyle to the color. But as it were, it would be that Kare is for dark-haired (remember Leon Killer and Criminal Fiction), and long curls are prerogatives of blondes. Remember that it is important not only to pick up the hair color or haircut, but also a paint brand, for example, very good reviews about Garnier and Schwarzkopf.

Read also : How to return your hair color.

What hair color is suitable for me, every woman thinks about it! Let's solve this riddle of a global scale! The Coloristka portal offers to go through a simple and convenient test for once and forever answer the question "What hair color will be suitable for me." Time to act, together with!

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What hair color is the article

The new hair color is a risk and that the experiment is successful, you need to choose the right color paint color. To do this, you need to know that it is best for you by the type of appearance, taking into account natural data. Eye color, skin tone, the natural color of the hair is largely determined by which color palette you need to give preference for the next transformation.

How to choose hair color under the skin tone

It doesn't matter how much I want a cardinal change, it is necessary to consider my natural data. Skin type - the main landmark for picking paint. Choosing a color for staining, first of all it is worth considering skin tone.

Hair color for skin with cold subtock

A good choice for the skin with a cold tone will be blonde and dark paints with an ash tint. In this case, the finished result will be neutral and without color incompatibilities.

Among the unusual shades for cold skin tone can be used pink, pearl, purple subton.

Hair color for leather with warm subtock

Warm hair colors are combined with warm color of the skin. A good choice will be brown shades, right up to the darkest and saturated. You can safely experiment with saturated colors. Bright contrasting colors look very interesting.

If the skin has a warm tone, it is not recommended to paint the hair into the ash blond, blond with a gray sampling. You can safely use Ombre technique with a stretching color from light to dark.

Hair color for leather with neutral tone

Neutral skin does not have a clearly pronounced cold and warm subton. For girls with such data, such colors will be a good choice:

  • wheat;
  • caramel;
  • chestnut;
  • Blond with a golden tint

You can use more bold solutions, for example, repainted in red color. It turns out the coup, interesting, harmonious and attracting the image. Without a doubt, bold accents are suitable - purple, red, burgundy strands.

Natural hair color when painting

When choosing paint, it is necessary to consider natural hair color. In nature, everything is harmoniously arranged. And if the natural color of the hair with a warm tump, most likely, it is worth paying attention to the warm colors of paints for hair, and vice versa.

Hair paint selection

The choice of paint for hair should be done with its wishes and natural data.

If natural hair is warm light colors

If your natural color has a warm shade, stop the choice on natural colors. You will fit: wheat, honey, golden blond, caramel, chestnut, brown, dark blond.

If natural hair cold light shades

For possessors of natural hair with a cold subtock, platinum blonde is suitable, pearl blonde, cold pink color, cold burgundy shade, as well as brown, blonde and black.

If natural hair is warm dark

For warm and dark natural strands, warm shades will become a win-win. Pay attention to the brown-golden, brown ash, chestnut hair color. Bright and rich burgundy color will also emphasize the individuality.

If natural hair of cold dark color

Pay attention to cold shades, dark blonde ash, burgundy ash, brown with neutral subtock.

How to emphasize eyes with hair color

The color of the hair should be harmonized with the color of the eyes.

  • For Karich Eye. The win-win option will become both dark and blonde hair.
  • For Green Eyes. The red hair is suitable. Green eyes and red strands look very impressive. Platinum shades are suitable for cold skin tone, for warm caramel, chocolate colors.
  • For Blue eye Choose cold or natural colors. The successful choice will be shades with the addition of ash tone.

Hair color and accents in make-up

The color of the hair should be harmoniously combined not only with tone of the skin, but also with makeup.

The lighter hair color, the more gentle must be makeup, especially for the shadows for the age and lipstick. Gentle warm shades are suitable for warm light hair.

  • Selecting makeup for cold light hair, it is worth navigating the cold cosmetics tones. Self-pink and pink-red blush.
  • For warm and cold dark hair, bright and saturated colors can be used: peach, orange, bronze.

Pinit FG EN RECT RED 28 - what color hair is a suitable

How to understand what hair color is suitable for you?


  • Total classification of coloring
  • Winter spring Summer Autumn
  • Skin condition
  • How to choose a new hair color?

For men, the girl and women of all ages are divided into three types: blondes, brunettes and redheads. But we ourselves understand that not everything is so primitive, and the palettes of famous branded painting products are volumetric and diverse: blondes, chocolates, chestnuts, ash, black and copper tones - their number is nearing infinity, and the issued collections are called a variety of "tastes".

The easiest way to change the usual and even slightly tired way, who knows the woman is a haircut and / or coloring. But far from every beautiful woman is ready to part with Maxi or midi long hair, but to change their color and thereby add bright notes to the image - why not? But also color, even if he is the most fashionable this season, you can not take NAVAUM: the result may not justify yourself, "kill" face and "erase" eyes.

Hair color when painting forms individuality personality, but the procedure for selecting a suitable option is complex and responsible

We select paint tone by color

Stylists believe that the shade of hair paint needs to be chosen on the basis of its natural data. Creating fashion images, they are advised to always focus on their color. That is, the combination of the natural tone of the curls, the color of the eyes and the shade of the skin. Total color plants 4, and they are named after the time of the year. Determine your color, and pick up the right hair color that will suit the face and eyes, it will become much easier.


The main difference between "Spring" - bright shades of appearance. Even if the hair is dark, light strands must be present. This color is divided into several groups:

  • Bright spring. Eye color - turquoise, green, topaz (tea). Hair - light brown with a golden chip, black with a chestnut tint, sometimes with reddish strands. Skin tone - light ivory, porcelain, with bronze or warm, dark-mounted subtones.

  • Warm spring. Eyes - blue, green with olive subtock, light-nut, tea color. Hair - from a bright blond with golden strands to light-chestnuts with a golden tint. The skin is porcelain, golden beige, bronze.

  • Light spring. Eyes - green, blue or light-nut. Hair bright or not too dark brown tones, cast gold. Copper shades are possible.

Stars subtype "Bright Spring"

More accurately determine if you belong to this color, will help infographics. It can be used in selection of colors of clothing.

What shades are suitable for "spring"?

Golden, golden colors are suitable for this type of girls. Very tender reddish halftone, light-colored gamma and sand curls will also shade the thin beauty of "Spring". The best shades for "light and warm spring":

  • Copper blonde.
  • Golden blonde.
  • Golden caramel.
  • Sunny amber.
  • Golden-blonde.
  • Sand.

The color "Bright Spring" will be suitable for more saturated tones:

  • Hazelnut.
  • Golden brown.
  • Golden chestnut.
  • Cognac.
  • Light brown.

This infographics will help to decide whether your appearance belongs to the "Spring" color.

Modern painting techniques

To date, there are several techniques and technologies of beautiful hair painting. The most popular among them are:


Ombre Staining came to us from Hollywood. It looks great on the hair of absolutely any length and gives them an additional volume due to the phased transition of the color. The roots remain the most dark, smoothly moving to brighter shades of the tips.

This technique is especially well suited to those girls who are proud of their natural hair and do not want to change it to radically change.


Ballozh allows harmoniously combine alternation of shades. At the same time, the colors will be seamlessly seen individually taking into account the color, facial forms and other features. If there are short strands, staining will occur only in the tips area.



Gradient staining or otherwise "degrad" is in great demand, both in the stars of global scale and in ordinary women. For such technique, the use of contrasts, where sometimes the difference is more than 6 tones.

Usually, the gradient is performed on dark hair and differs in its naturalness.


This technique is a clarification of individual strands, and then painting them into the desired color. May differ width of colored curls, as well as types: classic, American or Venetian seelings on dark hair. Each species has its own characteristics and expected effect.

Venetian timing

If you make seelings on painted hair, the clarified strands can gain a completely unexpected shade. The optimal option is considered to be a procedure made on natural hair.

Pixel coloring

This fashionable novelty was invented by masters from Spain and quickly covered the whole world. Especially it is popular with young people, which seeks to shock and creative solutions. The only and most important criterion for pixel coloring creation are perfectly smooth curls. After all, it is precisely on such strands that you can achieve high-quality pixel staining with applying the desired pattern.


Oddly enough, but the peculiarity of the "summer" is colder shades in appearance. This applies to iscin-white leather, cool-blond shades of hair and ice subtocks.

"Summer" is also divided into three categories:

  • Light summer. Eyes - in a green or light blue palette. Hair - light or blond. Ash shade of strands is a mandatory attribute. Soft or pale pink-beige leather tones.

In the photo - celebrities with the color of appearance "Light Summer".

  • Cold summer. Blue or gray eye iris. Locks are painted by nature into light or dark brown paints. Decorate strands ashes, less often - Golden subton. The skin is light, with various cool-beige halftones.

  • Soft summer. Hair - light golden blond or golden-blonde. Eyes - blue, green, tea color. Skin - soft, pale tones, with peach and yellowish shades.

Jennifer Aniston is a famous "Soft Summer" representative.

Change or not?

This question is often defined by gentle half of humanity. It is customary to think that nature in paints and proportions are not mistaken, creating us, but we constantly want to bring themselves to the ideal. What are we accepting for the ideal? Model conditional standards, whose opinion, descriptions in gloss? The motives are also different in all: some need to be like a star, others - to the neighbor because of the fact that her husband sometimes is encouraging, and on the third, it was generally influenced spring ... or autumn ...

Photoshop color hair

Cute ladies! A reasonable reason for changing appearance can only be your personal understanding of real beauty. Who sees you most often? Of course, you yourself when admire the reflection in the mirror. Seeing your harmonious image, every time you will charge the energy of confidence that will be transmitted to everyone who you will meet on the way. You have a lot of opportunities to change your own appearance, but you should not abuse them - Nature is almost never mistaken!

What shades are suitable for "summer"?

To emphasize a little strict beauty of "light summer" any platinum shades will be able:

  • Ashen.
  • Silver.
  • Platinum.
  • Pearl.
  • Vanilla blonde.
  • Wheat blonde.
  • Frosty beige.
  • White gold.

From extravagant options, you can advise "purple blond" or "Rose Gold".

For the color of the "Soft Summer", light brown and blond tones with a cool dock color of the ash are also suitable. They will look good and shades in the palette dark blonde. If you are a representative of this soft summer type, then you will suit such tones of paint as:

  • Blonde (light).
  • Chocolate blond.
  • Ash-blonde.

The girls with dark hair color "Cold Summer" will look good with hair tone - brunette intense-ash. The shade of "black tulip" perfectly emphasizes the cold skin and gray-blue or blue eyes. If natural strands are cast with cold gold, then you can choose the tone "Light Schuten" or "Shaden Deep". Dark blond tones will look at the most natural:

  • Pearl-blonde.
  • Ash brown.
  • Dark blond.

For amateur unusual experiments there is an interesting shade - purple-brown.

How to determine the palette depending on the tone of the skin

To do this, you should first clean the skin and choose the correct lighting: sit opposite the window or outdoors, it is desirable - under the sun, so that no ray of artificial light spoil your surveys.

The first way is very simple: carefully look at the windows of the veins climbing on the inside of your wrist. If it is difficult to determine the color, then, most likely, you are a neutral tone (especially probably if you have olive skin). Neutrality gives you the full right to be vacantly trying to try any painting palettes like. The green color speaks for a warm skin tone, and blue or purple - for cold.

It will be perfect if you set the skin shade in the zone behind the ear sink: yellowish points to a warm tone, while the pink or pink is on the cold. If it is difficult to determine if it is difficult to use white paper and evaluate the skin color in contrast.

Shades blonde

Blonde with light blue wonderful will perfectly complement the skin of the cold tone with a reddish tint. Its owners can also try the popular pink blond today: the last word in this trend is behind the metal tip.


Gwen Stephanie

Warm variations of blonde - the right choice for cold skin tone with a shade of blue: for him the palette can include gold, caramel, amber, honey. Honey and caramel blondes are also good for olive skin and neutral tone skin (read also: "Good tone: everything you need to know about the shadow color").

Carly Kloss

Nicole Kidman

In the case of a pronounced warm tone, choosing warm shades of the blond is not recommended: it can turn into unpleasant yellow. The original choice for neutral tone is a peach blond, which is particularly popular with Ceboribriti.

Shades of brown

Chestnut, mocha, dark chocolate, dark chestnut - these juicy shades nature quaschal for girls with warm skin tone. If it has a notice of yellowness, then cold brown shades will add skin brightness. Golden brown, honey, amber is perfectly suitable for holders of the middle of the heat tone of the skin.

Sandra Bullock

Charlize Theron

Shades red

Cold red shades - Burgundy and pure red - will become the perfect combination option with a cold tone skin with a red subton. The bluish-red palette of your hair pleasantly will highlight the face and warn the unwanted effect of the Rumyan and the Red Face.

Warm red shades are harmoniously combined with neutral and light skin tones - starting with strawberry blond and ending with copper. When staining in red, do not forget to stock the special shampoo and the rinse, to maintain a color saturation for a long time.


Emma Stone

Shades black

Shades Dark Mokco, cocoa, brown-black fit for cold skin tone. Such shades of black as espresso, blue-black or pure black, perfectly emphasize the beauty of the skin of warm tone.

Rachel Weis.

Vanessa Hudgens

Alternative colors

But who said that classic color coloring is the only way to stylish image? At your disposal, the entire rainbow palette is extremely rich in shades - for life not to try. We take a couple of comments on a note: warm shades (pink, orange, yellow) looks best with a cold skin tone. For staining in blue or purple, we take into account the "yellowness" factor of the skin: when it is presented, the result is doomed to good luck and aesthetics.

Lady Gaga

Katy Perry


The main features of the "Autumn" - a warm appearance palette with reddish-golden shades. Face of autumn-type girls often decorate cute freckles.

In the photo - the celebrities of autumnal type.

"Autumn" is different:

  • Dark autumn. These are the most saturated, deep shades of autumn color. Eyes - in brown or dark green gamma. Hair - thick, brown tones or dark chestnuts. Skin - with golden shades.

In the photo - Hollywood Celabriti coloring "Dark Autumn".

  • Warm autumn. The eye iris is painted in different colors, but brown or green is dominated. Light hair with honey-caramel shades of gold. They can be a dark rusia with red or golden chip, as well as chestnut-red. Leather - warm golden, beige or bronze tones.

  • Soft autumn. Eyes - blue, gray-green, light brown, light nuts. Hair is a golden blond, blond with red or golden wheat strands. Skin of light shades.

Still not sure if your color is? Use this infographics to accurately figure out this question.

Correct Hair Care

Any coloring in one way or another is negatively displayed on hair health. That is why such a shevo requires special care.

The greatest negative impact falls on curls when using cheap household dyes, as well as when lightening the hair.

There are basic rules that need to follow so that the painted hair remains healthy and beautiful:

  • Proper comb. It is not necessary to make this procedure very often, enough to comb the curls in the morning and in the evening. If during the day they are confused, you can simply collect them in the tail, to brake or create another hairstyle;

Combing hair

  • Washing heads no more often than every three days. The daily procedure not only negatively affects the skin of the head and the condition of the hair, but also faster flies the coloring composition from the curls, and this means more frequent staining;
  • Proper washing procedure. Hair is better to wash not hard warm water. To control rigidity, there are special filters installed on the crane;
  • Do not combine several hair procedures. If, after staining, make a chemical or permanent twig, keratin straightening and other procedures, then the hair will gain a lifeless and weakened look, and their loss will increase at times;
  • The smaller the painted curls will be drying with a hairdryer, the smaller moisture they lose. The shared shavenur also has an unhealthy view;
  • For a week after the staining procedure, it is not recommended to attend pools. The presence of chlorine in water is extremely harmful for painted hair;
  • Use care products that are intended for painted hair. Their components are aimed at preservation of color and gentle influence on curls.

Baby hairstyles for medium hair: Casual and festive options

More details about vitamins for hair and nail Read here

All about haircut Kare on medium hair:


The coldest color bottle. It is considered to drastically change the image to such girls are very difficult. They are very bright from nature. After all, their main feature is a contrast in appearance. Against the background of a pale face with a bluish subtock, dark, sometimes isching black hair.

Three subgroups "Winter":

  • Bright winter. Eyes - bright blue, sometimes with purple subtock, emerald green. Chestnut and black hair color with a SIZE or ashes - a visiting card "Winter". The skin is white, pale olive tone or light beige.

  • Cold winter. Eyes - blue or dark gray. Strands of chestnut or "colors of the wing of a crow". The skin is pale, with a light hint on a beige or pink tone.

  • Dark winter. Eyes - black or deep brown shades. Hair color is also saturated. As a rule - black or dark chestnut. Leather - pale color. But a beige or olive tone is noticeable.

Infographics - 3 winter subtypes.

Red beast

Bright, fiery mane is a way of life, not just the selection of hair color. Women with natural red hair color extremely rarely found. Among celebrities is Amalia Mordvinova, Nicole Kidman and Julian Moore. Juicy shades attract the attention of confident, boldly running on experiments and ready for the actions of women. They do not remain unnoticed! By changing your color on the redhead, you go to the adventure, and this again characterizes your nature as a strong and confident. The exception is only cases when the decision for you was accepted by a stylist or hairdresser. In this case, thank it and go ahead to conquer the opening horizons! If the redhead is your natural color, but you strive to get rid of it, it may mean that you do not accept your natural brightness and try to change the character through artificial tint.

Tips from professional hairdressers

Dark colors It is perfect for representatives of the floor, who are from nature grayish hair or with ash till. The dark face will only emphasize your image. Very good and naturally will look dark strands with karium and green eyes, which you can freely make bright day and evening makeups. They visually increases volume.

It so happened that men, and society as a whole perceive women such as serious and business people, many believe that brunettes are the most romantic representatives of the beautiful sex.

Small warning : Over time, the hair is growing and the roots look untidy and cheap, so it takes from time to time to appear.

You want to be red Seducer. Not in vain it was said so, since it is the redheads that the beauties are considered the most passionate and fatal, and many of them are afraid.

Redhead is a unique color, as it fits all, especially to persons with an obvious blush. The disadvantage is that compared to others, he quickly fills and loses his saturation. Choosing a redhead, be prepared for difficulties. You will come across such a problem as the inability to get a new color: dark or light, as the redhead is hard to paint.

Photo - painted blonde

You want to be a carefree blonde . Etiddevushki always conquer men's hearts, and most of the representatives of the gentle gender want to paint in this hue.

If you decide to become a blonde, then take care of the tone of the skin, it should be bright, otherwise your hair will look unnatural. Unfortunately, it is not possible to achieve the perfect discoloration result - exactly the same color as on a box with paint.

Often curls can get a greenish tint or look checked. Blondes are more than others need additional care strands that are more overwhelmed. Council For you: Consult with a specialist, how paint will affect with light color on your hair, will she hurt you.

Pros and Cough Staining

Both in female and male staining have their advantages and disadvantages. It is important not to neglect care tips after changing the color of strands, take care of the hair from direct exposure to ultraviolet, minimize the use of styling, and dry it out without using a hair dryer.

Staining male hair

The advantages of changing hair color:

  • Improving the image, lifting self-esteem;
  • Cardinal change of image;
  • Getting rid of seeds, rejuvenation.

However, there is both the second side of the medal. We are talking about expensive hair staining from a specialist, the probability of several times in painting instead of one, which significantly affects the structure of the hair cover (hair damage to dyes and so on).

On a note! Male painting is more expensive than women's. Although the dye leaves less, but the robot is quite painstaking.

Staining male hair

When contacting the master in coloring, it is advisable to speak all the nuances of the expected result, it is best to show a photo stylist with a similar painting technique.

Dear male, be irresistible, do not be afraid to change and express yourself. Yes, beauty will save the world, both female and men's!

Facial Oval

Some experts believe that the paint should be selected and depending on the face of the face. This is due to the fact that different colors can visually narrow or expand the facial oval.

Face oval

If the girl has a circular face with large cheers and chubby cheeks, then she should paint the hair into dark shades. The strands themselves should fall on the front and framing it. Dark color is capable of visually to the face. Falling strands will also hide the possible flaws of appearance. The same applies to the square type. People with a wide face rarely go light colors that will make it even more.

We can safely experiment with tints with a narrow or elongated facial oval with shades of blonde and blond. Light color in combination with a voluminous cascade haircut visually rounded face. From black and dark tones such girls should refuse.


» No rubric » How to choose the perfect hair color for staining: useful recommendations for girls

How to choose the perfect hair color for staining: useful recommendations for girls

You can rarely meet women who like their natural hair color. And this does not matter at all, because today this problem can be easily solved by staining. However, then it arises quite a logical question: how to choose the color of the hair correctly? The selected shade must competently emphasize natural beauty, and it may not always coincide with the desired, because a lot depends on the appearance color. Consider useful recommendations that will help choose the optimal paint color for staining.

We select the color of the hair under the color of the eyes

If the question arises how to choose the color of the hair, then many, without thinking, will answer that choose a shade follows from the color of the eyes. And there is some truth in it. Eye color is indeed one of the most basic nuances that should be considered when choosing paint. Consider the main recommendations of the stylists about this:

  • The brown eye color will be perfectly combined with chocolate, chestnut, red and copper hair. At the same time, the blonde is allowed, but only its warm tones;
  • Women with gray eyes should be from black paints. They will significantly add age. The best option is wheat blond or milk chocolate;
  • Black eye color is extremely rare. Girls with such eyes are perfectly suitable paints of dark shades: from chocolate to pure black;
  • Blue-eyed or Sinegylase of weak floor representatives are suitable honey, wheat, caramel and reddish hair. Also almost all shades of the blond;
  • To emphasize green eyes, you need to paint in red or copper color. Girls with such eyes are better not to use black or ash paint.

Choose hair color

As you can see, for each shade of the eyes there is its own palette of hair colors. However, when choosing paint, other appearance parameters should be taken into account. For example, such as skin color. The skin can be bright, dark, olive, dark, or any other. But when choosing paint, there will be a subtone.

To know how to choose hair color by type of skin, you must first define subtons. There are only three of them: warm, cold and neutral. Warm subton is a skin with a yellowish tint, cold - with a pinkish, and neutral can contain both other notes in itself.

IMPORTANT! To understand what kind of skin you have, you can use different methods. For example, analyze daily decorations. If you have more gold, then your skin has a warm subton, and if silver, then cold.

Warm leather owners are larger than light shades of paint, and girls with cold skin masts are often recommended to paint in dark colors. Neutral subtera leather universal. Girls with such appearance can experiment with various colors of paint.

Determine the color tree appearance

Learn how to choose the perfect hair color, you can use the definition of the appearance colorage. This is the most important and clear parameter that will allow you to quickly choose hair color capable of emphasizing the natural parameters of appearance. It is customary to highlight four colorages: spring, summer, autumn and winter. Consider their features.


Spring girls are natural blondes, possessing porcelain leather with freckles. Eyes are usually blue or blue. This is a rather rare color, so painting in this case can only harm. However, if you want to diversify your image, then for painting, choose bright shades - ash, caramel or nuts. They perfectly emphasize natural data. Girls with such a color are categorically contraindicated with dark colors. Black or dark chestnut will add a dozen years old, and after painting in such shades to return natural will be very difficult.


This is the most common coloring. The skin, as a rule, has a pale color and when tanning it becomes only a little brown. Hair in such women's blonde or light-chestnuts, and eyes are gray, blue or nuts. To find out what color hair to choose summer girls, you need to carefully analyze their type. If the skin is light, then the paint of a wheat shade is suitable, and if dark is black.


Autumn girls are distinguished by bright and beautiful skin of golden or bronze shade. Quite often on the skin there are moles or freckles. When summer comes, the body covers the seductive golden tan. Hair in such girls is usually brown or red, and eyes - brown or nuts. If you have an autumn coloring and you do not know how to choose suitable hair color, then give preference to milk chocolate or copper shade. They will emphasize expressive eyes and make your image unforgettable.


Winter girls are quite rare. They possess snow-white leather and dark hair. However, there are exceptions. The winter color is also inherent ash-blond hair and olive skin. Eyes are usually brown or steel. Girls with such appearance perfectly fit all the dark colors of paint: ranging from ebony, ending with a forest beech. You should not choose bright shades in this case. They will look inexpressively.

How to choose the paint?

In order for the result of staining to please you as long as possible, and the color was perfectly combined with natural data, it is necessary to pay proper attention and choose paint. Consider some recommendations:

  • If you first come across the question of how to choose your hair color, then do not rush to give preference to resistant paints. It is better to use withdrawal agents and tonic. In this case, your experiment is not harmful, and the unfortunately selected color can be easily flushed or painted with a stack;
  • Before buying paint, be sure to evaluate the hair color in the photo. Preferably look for photos with the girls of your coloring. This will give the opportunity to see the end result before the procedure;
  • When choosing paint, do not ignore your natural hair color. Nature is rarely mistaken, therefore it is not necessary to drastically change the shade of the hair. It is better to choose a color as close to natural as possible;
  • With the first shift, the color must be consulted with their hairdresser. It will help you choose the right tint and give many useful recommendations;
  • Before painting, find out what hair colors are. It is better to evaluate the entire line of proposals in advance to choose the perfect tone;
  • Choosing paint, give preference to the compositions without ammonia. They will bring less harm to hair and health;
  • If you have gray, then you need to come to choose paint more selectively. It is better to give preference to famous brands that guarantee a uniform painting of the seeds. Also additionally it is worth consulted with a hairdresser, because on gray hair, not all shades of paint look natural and aesthetic.

IMPORTANT! You can not save on the paint. This is one of the most important rules! Cheap formulations for staining can lead to very sad consequences. They will not only spoil their hair, but can also cause severe diseases. Paint need to buy only in stores.

Rules of hair coloring

  1. Choose paint, without taking into account the color of appearance and other natural data, is not worth it. Such experiments will negatively affect hair health, which will eventually lead to the need for their treatment. Cure hair after repeated unsuccessful staining is very expensive and long, so the choice of color should be serious.
  2. When choosing paint color, you need to take into account the time of year. For example, in the summer it is better to give preference to dairy shades that will be able to emphasize the tan.
  3. If you have a dark eye color, but I really want to become a blonde, then you should not despair. Bright hair colors are not only blue-eyed. At the same time, it is always possible to choose something between the blonde and a dark hair shade, for example, a timing or ombre.
  4. Crab hair is always better in the cabin. Only a professional master can make hair color natural and attractive. If there is no such possibility, then you can ask for help from a friend. It is not worth painting your hair yourself, because it is uncomfortable and during the procedure you can easily skip some kind of site.
  5. If you need to paint your hair from a dark color into light, then you should not do it at a time. In this case, the hair will be affected by irreparable damage. It is better to repaint gradually, choosing gentle formulations. You can change the color every time only two tones. Such clarification will not harm your hair.
  6. To paint falls on the hair evenly, you can add any oil into it. For example, olive, almond or peach. Natural oil will not only improve the final result of staining, but also protects the hair from the harmful effect of modern coloring composition.
  7. Any washes are very harmful to hair and you need to always remember. It is for this reason that it is necessary to think about the decision on the cardinal shift of the color of the hair several times. If you are a hundred percent are not confident in the selected shade, then coloring is better to postpone.

IMPORTANT! Even the most expensive paints are in their composition harmful substances. If you have a sensitive organism or is allergic, then before the staining procedure is worth a test. The paint should be applied to the fold of the elbow and wait twenty minutes. In the absence of irritation and redness, the staining procedure can be started.

Secrets of professional stylists in choosing hair color depending on the color of the color and the desired image, as well as useful tips

How to pick up the color of the hair to face in such a way as to look younger, modern and at the same time respectable, so that the hair shade the beauty of the face and at the same time hid the shortcomings. Hair their color and shade really play a considerable role in creating a woman's image attraction.

And at the same time, hair can make a visual impression of the skin as a relief, dim. It all depends on whether the color is correct, the shade in which the hair was painted. Incorrect hair color makes pale skin, eyes - dim, adds age. As an example, it is possible to bring the situation when the girls in the pursuit of Merlin Monroe for hair color choose the blond and as a result, the skin begins to look dull, face features rough. And all due to the fact that the shade was chosen wrong.

The right choice of hair color Professionals begin with definitions of the face color.

Concept of coloration

Under the color of the stylists and makeup artists understand the flavor of appearance. It is considering its features that allows you to determine which colors and shades can be used when selecting colors and shades of paints of hair to achieve harmony, allocating the best features of appearance and hide defects, make the painted hair add youth, and did not increase the age. So that hair color does not disharmoned with the color of the eyes and eyebrows, a tinge of the skin, lips, and was the detail of the harmonious composition, which a woman calls his appearance.

Experts allocate four color views. For everyone - their colors, tones and shades of hair color.

Regardless of the color of the too, bright shades of redhead blur the features of the face, add age.

Colorotype "Spring"

One of the brightest and most common. A characteristic feature of such a colorage is bright eyes. They primarily stand out against the background of the face. As a rule, these are light shades of brown eyes, green eyes or saturated blue or blue colors. The skin of the type of this colorage, as a rule, is a golden shade, there may be freckles, characteristic of a characteristic pronounced blush. From the nature of the hair of this color, or light blonde, or a light blonde, light shades of red-colored.

A contraindicated ash and light blonde, inexpressive wheat shades, too bright and bright shades of redhead. If such women choose dull, faded tones of hair, they begin to look older, the features of the face are perceived by lubricated.

Blondes that young people are blonde natural shades.

Skillfully selected shades of hair coloring for such a color, create an emotional impression similar to the one that generates observation of the pictures of the awakening spring, an atmosphere of awakening from sadness, new freshness and warmth. Recommended Warm paints with golden golden, type caramel, nut, honey, copper.

For such a color, professional stylists pick up paints and shades that are able to reflect the game of highlights of the sun, pass the natural shades of awakening nature. To create the perfect hair color, the palette of the following shades are used.

If Henna was used for hair dyeing - after it, artificial dyes will not go to bed.

This shade, replete with pink threads, is considered neutral, colebritis is often used.

Strawberry blonde

It is perfect for those who have dark, olive or bright skin, amber, brown or blue eyes. Stylists tend to recommend such a color to those who have blond hair from nature.

Honey blonde

This hair color is a few species:

  1. Medovo-chestnut - has a natural chocolate tone;
  2. Natural - the effect of burnt strands effects;
  3. Medovo-red - perfectly suitable for those who are easy to create a prime, bright image;
  4. Medovo-blonde is one of the most combined with gray eyes, light skin, with blue eyes.

Solid images obtained when painting hair in such shades, perfectly combine notes of tranquility and tenderness, sensuality and softness, incredible sexuality, charm and mysterious mysteriousness. These shades expressly emphasize the sophistication of femininity.

Active painting components that give honey shades, namely, the coloring pigment of red is very unstable. They are easily flushed with strands, as a result - bright natural shades of hair becomes even more bright, and on dark hair there are sections with red. In order to protect the painted curls when washing only special shampoos apply. Which are available for care for painted hair, as well as balms and sample shampoos.

The warm color of this paint allows stylists to apply it for dyeing hair for women of any age. Visually, he strengthens youth, removes the year. Especially beautifully painted in such a color hair look at those who have dark skin of the face. For having the appearance of a Scandinavian type, stylists recommend caramel-blond shades.

Golden caramel

Coloring in this color has 3 drawbacks:

  1. Paint is very easy to wash off. To avoid, you need to apply special balms and shampoos, shades.
  2. Hair clarification is predetermined for paint. At home, this is difficult enough, so it is better to turn to professionals.
  3. Color you need to refresh every two or three weeks.

This shade is very similar to the honey and amber blond. Like they, he, like gold, gallows on the curls, gives the image brightness, freshness, visibility. Almost at all times, such a color was considered a trendy direction, a benchmark for women's beauty.

For owners of gray and blue eyes and at the same time having light skin optimal light cold shades having a golden color. Smuglolitic women with kara-green, green and light brown eyes are best stained with curls in warm shades of worber gold.

Golden blond is not recommended to those who have dark brown eyes, because in this case there is a mixing of the tones, which entails the loss of expressiveness of the image.

Golden blonde

This color enjoyed the attention of women at all times. Before the appearance of special paints, they stained their hair in a golden blond applying regular rinsing in chamomile decractions, a mixture of henna and chamomile, in the rags of the onion husk.

Golden hair is quickly fused under the action of direct sunlight. In order to protect the beauty of the hair use special shampoos, which includes sunscreen filters.

Such a choice is most suitable for both blonde and a brownie, the image of which such paint will give harmony.

Light copper

Best of all, such hair coloring is suitable for whose skin has a golden shade and eye color in the green gamma.

Staining in such a color gives the image not only charm and sexuality, but also the rebellious, fascinating motifs. He is perfect for those who have a tendency to leadership, has a living, fast mind and sense of humor. Such hair coloring helps to assert and those who want to feel more confidence in their own irresponsibility. Men are inclined to perceive women with such hair as temporarily fromy passion volcano.

The hair painted into such a color tolerate accents of attention to the face as a whole. Therefore, those who would like to hide wrinkles, not the ideality of the nose or other defects to use it.

Such a combination of shades is considered ideal for owner of light eyes and skin, gives a refined discreet view, and since it is harmoniously combined both cold and warm colors, then the owner of such curls will always attract attention.


General principle of stylistics when choosing hair paint - compliance with color temperature rule. If the skin of the face in color refers to cold colors, the warm shades are chosen if cold is cold.

Such a gentle and romantic color with pinkish notes perfectly suits girls with pale skin and having natural light blond hair.


You can paint your hair into such a color to those whose code on the face does not have defects, since such a shade shows them perfectly.

The same stylistic tasks, but more gently, performs the peach shade of curls.


For those who have spring color, no less effectively and painting hair in the color of the ash rose.

Ash rose

  • Peach-redhead. Hair coloring in such a color stylists are recommended for creating a bright image with natural blondes, owners of blue eyes.
  • Golden-blonde. This color has absorbed shades of nut and amber, bronze and caramel, he shines from the inside. Such a catchy and rich hue is suitable for everyone who has a spring "Spring". Dark hair he forced flickering mysterious attractive light, and light will make more noticeable.


  • Chestnut-blonde. Gives the owner of sophistication and elegance. Such a color and its shades can only be used by topics. Who has perfect face skin. Since he expands its defects.


  • Blonde caramel. This color is recommended to those who have natural blond hair. Many stylists consider such staining not with color, but halftone, which gives the location of light overflows. The image of a woman having hair painted with such a tinge radiates cheerfulness, warmth, optimism
  • Golden brown. In such a color, it is recommended to paint hair browns and brunettes. The combination in this color of various shades of brown, caramel and amber gives the image of radiance with any lighting resembling the nimb.

Golden brown

Colorotype "Summer"

Main characteristics are cool bluish and ash shades. In this color, they include those who have the skin of various shades with a bluish subcutaneous illumination, which acquires a smooth walnut shade when tanning. Blood vessels are located close under the skin, which gives the Rumyanta red or pink shade.

For such a color, the most suitable hair colors with a cold ash with a dark blossom, having a brown tide, to light straw.

  • Ash blond. This type is often compared with a light sunny summer day. Frequently combined with various details of silver color. Apply for staining various shades from light-colored to bright variants of silver. They can be both cold and warm.

Shades of ash blonde

Such a color is aimed at creating a halo of aristocracy while maintaining the naturalness of hair. Such staining causes attention from the surrounding, which can be strengthened. If you also use pearl shades. In the youth fashion, it is often combined with clear lines of shortened haircuts. It is assumed. That this color will be the most trend in 2018.

Ash blonde

  • Platinum blonde. This is a noticeable, elegant color, which is often referred to as the stylists "Sun". This is a unique color that gives stylists the ability to create bright, catchy, shining images. It is perfectly combined with both the maximum hair length and minimal when haircuts.
  • Vanilla blonde. This color is for those who want to fit the trend in the stylist, called the name "bright" summer ". True, this color of originality will require the owner of frequent salon visits to support it.

Vanilla blonde

  • Pink gold. Such a type of coloring is perfectly suitable for romantic girls, and making your image even more relevant can be by voiding similar colors.

Pink gold

  • Wheat blonde. This color was always relevant and remains this today, giving stylists truly unlimited possibilities for creating various images

Wheat blonde

  • Violet blonde. Such a color is used by stylists when there is a need to create an indifference of the image or in cases of having to hide the yellowness that originated with an unsuccessful experiment in hair staining.

Violet blonde.

Loud notes of modernity created by the image can add militating cold tones.

  • Full name "Summer" is brown. A super fashion trend that comes the owner of such hair of unusualness and as it should indicate a high inconceiture. Its often when painting combines with the name "Summer" from the Silver Mounts.

Full name »Summer» Brown with silver

Colorotype "Autumn"

This warm color bottle. It covers those who have skin on her face with warm golden shades. In contrast to the spring "Spring" on the face there is no blush, and the skin itself has a smooth spread of color over the entire surface, the effects of direct sunlight are afraid and they are quickly inflated.

The eyes of this colorage of brandy brown, amber-brown, amber-olive, green, very contrasting and bright. Hair with large curls, often curly, thick, shiny and elastic. Often red-colored, or with a pronounced reddish sampling. In this type, Russian-ash and black hair, blue eyes are not found.

For staining, stylists recommend such colors as:

  • Fire-copper;
  • dark brown;
  • Fire-copper;
  • redhead;
  • chestnut;
  • shades of sandalwood;

Cold shades of the Mahagon and Hawthorn type are also related to the Colotreem Phalitsa of the Autumn.

Colorotype "Winter"

This is a cold color. Severe two types:

  1. Contrast "Winter". Those who belong to this color are black, thick and straight. Although it can sometimes be curly, very light skin, white-porcelain, sometimes having a bluish tump. Eyes - gray, dark brown, ice-blue;
  2. Non-contrast "Winter". At this color you have a cognac-chocolate shade, softer than the contrast winter, the skin is dark, olive-gray, sometimes with a yellowish tinge, a beautiful tan, eyes - greenery, brown, olive-gray.

For such a color, sharp tones having a cold bluish glow. If there is a desire to give the hair of such a color, brightness - apply the shade of "black tree". The reddish tones give the shades of the "Forest Beech" and "Black Tulip". Redhead shades do not apply.

With the rules of the selection of hair color by professional stylists, you can see see a video.

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The easiest option is to choose paints depending on the color of the color. Colorists allocate 4 options:

Winter. The brightest, contrast type. Women belonging to it have a very bright white, pinkish, dark skin, brown, blue, gray or blue eyes, bright dark eyebrows. They are all colors with a cold subtock, ranging from Iscin-black and ending with a platinum blond. The asholes, silvery gray, bluish shades are very beautiful. Those who prefer bright colors, you can try blue, purple, bright pink, emerald, clean red. It is worth avoiding the golden-red gamma, warm chestnut, as well as all blurred watercolor options. Blonde shades are harmonized with skin, but reduce winter contrast and can destroy all its charm.

Summer. Lower and tender version of the cold color. Bright leather with a gentle blush and eyes of blue, gray, green shade are well combined with all variants of blond, ash, gray. Cold blonde is suitable for various saturation, grayish-beige. Representatives of this color is very color torture, it makes an image more bright but not causing. It is worth trying pastel watercolor shades: lavender, blue, pink, mint. Black color is absolutely excluded, warm reddish, golden, red shades are not recommended.

Spring. This group includes girls with gentle golden or peach leather, brown, blue or green eyes. The overall feeling of tenderness and inner glow will support light shades: old gold, creamy blond, platinum. Spring color members must avoid dark and gloomy tones. But they are suitable for unusual tones: golden-yellow, coral, turquoise. Color strands in bright chapels look very fresh and gently.

Fall. Holders of light or golden leather with an axis of freckles, green, brown or nut eye perfectly suitable for red gamut. The most correct color for those who prefer darker tones - reddish brown. Autumn girls need to avoid black, ash, blond, as well as a cold blond.

New hair color is always an experiment. And in order for it to meet expectations, some knowledge will be useful - about coloring, compatibility of shades and recent trends.

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It is believed that spontaneous solutions are the best. True, if you sharply decide on staining and not to think about it in advance, rightly you will fit the selected hair color, instead of the euphoria you can comprehend disappointment. To this not happen, it is better to weigh everything in advance for and against. And check your wish time. If a week later you still want to make strands in blue or, let's say, pink, you can start experiments.

Trend of summer - colored strands. What shade is suitable for you?

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Fashionable tendencies in hair coloring

Naturalness is always in fashion, but there are natural colors that are out of popularity. This year at the peak of fashion chestnut shades; You can choose brighter or darker, but the main thing is to use it in monophonic staining without additional lightening of strands and add glare.

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Collect hair in one tone - a noticeable trend. You can stop at this version as "brand". It is a cross between staining in a blonde and brunette; The color you get will look natural. If you want depth and saturation, look at the shade of Marsala. Especially organic this choice will be closer to autumn. The desired color is easy to get using Prodigy paint from L'Oréal Paris in the shade of "Granat".

Hair shade Marsala


Staining with a gradient stopped being sharpened, but still relevant. A smooth transition from dark roots to the blond on the tips is not only a beautiful way to refresh the image, but also partly care about the health of the hair: Ombre technique allows them to grow them more.

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Ombre on Long Hair

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2020 diversified the tendency to the tendency as a trend like toasted COCONUT when the blonde is connected with a shade of fried coconut.

Coloring toasted Coconut.

© Lorealhair.

As for more courageous variants of staining, then girls with short hair can be taken at the notch "Ice" platinum blond. You can paint in this color hair completely, from the roots. And you can focus on the roots of the hair - the network is gaining popularity of the trend called Gem Roots. This is a transition from a bright color on the roots to a more neutral in the middle of the length and on the tips.

Pay attention to the unusual breaks of the blond. In fashion, bright shades with pearl shine. Inclipts of green and blue turn such a blond in the ghosted hair - "Ghost" color.

Along with an unusual tint, the radiance of hair is also important, without which the desired effect does not achieve. And so that the hair is shone, do not forget about oils and masks. Try, for example, the Mask "Elixir of Lights" with geranium from L'Oréal Paris for painted hair.

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Ghost Hair Staining

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What to navigate when choosing a hair color?

To properly pick up the hair color, you need to consider a number of important factors.

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  1. 1


    It is not necessary to know, "Spring" you or "Summer". It is enough to understand what shades are dominated in your appearance - warm or cold to find a suitable shade. In the first case, you should not paint your hair into the ash blonde or in a blond with a gray subtock. And in the second you will not achieve harmony, if you make staining in golden tones.

    Girls of different color plants

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  2. 2

    Facial features

    No matter how much I wanted to drastically change, natural data still need to be taken into account. For example, girls with very blond features: pale skin, white eyebrows and translucent eyelashes - it is unlikely to go extreme staining in black. Product Widget: L'Oreal Paris Painting Hair SprayThe image will not be harmonious. It is necessary to successfully turn into a blonde too. If in the blond to paint separate strands, it is worth remembering that the face they will "highlight" his features, do noticeably and expressive.

    Makeup for blondes


  3. 3

    Hair quality

    The state of the chapels also matters. Not always, hair can withstand staining in light shades, because such a result requires preliminary bleaching. This is a serious load on the hair, and if they are thin and fragile, it makes sense to rewrite your new image in other shades.

    Staining strawberry with cream

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  4. 4


    When you want to become brighter (and there is enough courage to drastically change the color of the hair - on pink, blue or, say, green), you still have to correlate your wishes with life realities. Those who go to the office with a strict dress code, this choice is not suitable. Product Widget: L'Oreal Paris Washed Basic Hair BalmTrue, with the advent of temporary paints now there is an opportunity to arrange a bright weekend. Such paints can be washed with a shampoo. Try, for example, Colorista Hair Makeup or Colorista Spray from L'Oréal Paris. You can read more about the sprey here, and how to use jelly, we showed in this video tutorial.

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How to choose hair color with skin tone?

The skin tone is the main landmark that will help finally decide on the colors.

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Bright skin

If the skin is pale and you do not want to emphasize it with staining, exclude from among the shades with which you will work, black, red, burgundy. At the same time, completely warm colors are also not an option: in the image of a girl with a cold color they will bring dissonance. It is best to choose shades with the addition of ash. With them, the result will be more neutral - and precisely without color inconsistencies. If you are interested, what makeup fits girls with ash color hair, then we told about it here.

Makeup for ash hair


Such a base can be supplemented with paints of unusual shades: mint-green, blue, blue, turquoise, pink.

Middle tone leather

The good choice will be a blond with golden overflows, and wheat hue, and caramel, and chestnut.

Brown hair

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You can try and go to Rye at all - it turns out a bright, daring and harmonious image that will be deservedly attract attention.

Red hair

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Bold accents in the form of color strands - purple, pink, red, green, blue-blue - also allowed. Such shades are easy to find in the Washout and Colorista Spray collection from L'Oréal Paris.

Pink strands of hair

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Small skin

Girls with dark skin, it is also better to make a choice in favor of warm shades. And be careful with blond variations - even if we are talking about caramel shades with light glare. It concerns this including staining with the gradient. Risk does not represent except the Somon technique at which the stretching of the color from the dark to the light is made only on some strands. But chestnut with such source can be completely dark, almost black.

Dark color

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If you wish, add bright accents can not be limited to anything. True, saturated and even neon colors on the hair of dark girls will be more advantageous than gentle pastel.

Red strands of hair on brunettes

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How to choose a suitable hair shade in color?

Brown eyes

Most often carrage brunette. They go dark colors up to bitter chocolate - such as shade 323 from the Casting Creme Gloss line from L'Oréal Paris. where to find?

Brunette Brunette

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This does not mean that the blond is contraindicated. If you relate the desired hair color with the color of the eyes and the skin tone, the probability of getting a beautiful image is practically 100%. The main thing is that its elements do not argue with each other.

Barglazaya Blonde

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Those who want to add their hair color with several bright accents (on strands or on the tips of the hair), can be solved on the transformation without looking at the eye color.

Green eyes

Among the most expressive combinations were always Green eyes and red hair.

Girl with red hair and greens

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It really is so, but many other shades are also laughing. With a cold color, platinum blonde is recommended. And those who have a warm color, and caramel, and chocolate shades are suitable.

Amber Heard

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Choosing paint for color strands, accent on tips or roots, can be focused on the eyes - think about which hue will emphasize their most advantageous. You can use the same green. Or create contrast - with the help of blue, red, lilac. Provided that they will be harmonized with the background color of the hair.

Violet strands of hair

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Blue and gray eyes

The cold color of the eyes is most often found among girls with a cold subtend skin. Therefore, shades for staining in this case should also be cold. Or at least neutral like a gray-brown Taupe. Best of all the image will complement shades with the addition of ash pigment. It also applies to the blonde, and medium shades (sandy - one of the best options), and the dark chestnut gamma.

ash color hair

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Snow white with bright skin and blue eyes can only be with a cold subtock.

Girl with blue eyes and dark hair

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If "Snow White" want to try original color staining, then there are many possibilities in front of them. Given that their appearance features are soft, light, painted hair can be in pastel, and in brighter shades, right up to neon, creating an unusual contrast.

Neon blue hair

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How to pick up the hair color, considering the color of appearance?


Such appearance distinguishes the absence of contrasts; Soft, light shades prevail. Typical "Spring" is a girl with wheat hair, light skin with warm subtock and blond eyes. Considering this, it is worth understanding that staining in a dark color is unlikely to be successful.

Spring color girl

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If you are tired of natural colors and craving for updates, then a successful solution can be strands of pastel shades. Product Widget: L'Oreal Paris Coloring Jelly Brunette Brunette Colorista Hair Make Up, Tint Purple Hair

Violet strands of hair

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For the "summer" girls, a grayish ashon is organic. When choosing hair paint, it is impossible not to be taken into account - both beige, and brown colors should be without rim. Of course, the redhead itself for such an appearance is inappropriate.

ash hair



С "In the autumn", the opposite is: this color bottle is characterized by the fact that it is based on the warm shades. So for staining you can choose and redheads. Try, for example, the shade "Amber Dark Redhead" from the Garnier collection. where to find?

Girl with red hair

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And the red-haired girls with freckles makes sense to consider for change in appearance, a deeper and dark copper shade, as well as red, burgundy and dark brown with a warm subtock. Colored accents are also better to choose so that they do not get out of the image of their "coldness". Widget-Product: L'Oreal Paris Resistant Hair Cream


Winter color - It is a contrast of light skin, dark hair and often bright eyes (green or blue).

Girl coloring in winter

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If with such an appearance you want to reincarnate in the blonde, you need to be ready for the fact that your traits will lose their natural brightness and will be less expressive. If you do not want it, Add to the image of bright colors. Product Widget: L'Oreal Paris Washed Basic Hair BalmBlue, green, pink, purple, red can be used on strands in all their saturation. Or to start neon: Try, for example, the shades of the Neon Unicorn and Neon Mermaid from the Colorista Hair Makeup line from L'Oréal Paris.

Blue and purple strands of hair

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How to choose the perfect haircut and hair color: Stylists tips

  • So that the hair visually seemed a little longer than actually, make painting with an emphasis on tips. This reception will especially noticeably work on light hair.

    Yellow hair tips

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  • With the help of a haircut, as you know, you can adjust the form of a person. If you want to clearly definition, choose a square with a straight cut and easy elongation of the hair in the jaw line (visually it will give a narrowing of the face to the chin). Monthly staining in the dark color will strengthen the effect.

    Widget survey

  • The best way to refresh the image is to add a few light strands by the face. And it's not just in the same color. Creating such a "framing" face, you like highlighting his features, make them brighter, more noticeable, expressive.

  • The effect of ombre is useful if your hair is not enough volume. Strands with the transition from a dark shade to bright at different levels - what is needed in this situation. We can also help the haircut of the ladder, laying with waves or hairstyle with large curls. If all this is connected, the result will be maximum.

  • Both staining and haircut should be selected including the type of hair. Their structure determines a lot. So, if the hair is thin and rare, make them visually more dense will help straight slice and monophonic staining. But the owners of climbing hair in order to avoid the volume exclusively at the ends, you need to cut the layers with smooth transitions of levels.

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