How to draw a deer gradually easily and beautiful - step-by-step drawing lessons

Deer are universal and widespread. Deer are relatives for all continents, except Australia and Antarctica, and they live in a climate from the jungle to forests and meadows in the snow tundra.

Deer males are called "deer" or "males", females are called "Lan", and young people call the "deer". Most of the cubs are born with a spotted pattern on the fur, but adult deer of certain types, such as spotted and read, also wear stains. Similarly, the males of most types of sports horns or bony horns, and in females - no, with the exception of the reindeer, with both males and females have a horns. Once a year, deer dump their horns to grow a new set.

Deer, as you know, symbolize the grace, beauty, peace and dignity. Want to draw your own deer? Make it easily with this simple, step-by-step drawing guide. All you need is a pencil and a sheet of paper.

In this guide for drawing, new lines are highlighted in blue. You can also have an eraser at hand to correct errors and erase the guides. You can use paints, color pencils, color pencils or markers to catch the finished drawing.

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Step-by-step instructions for drawing a deer

Start with drawing a small circle. It will shape the head of the deer.

Under the circle, conclude an irregular shape with a flat bottom. Draw a curved line through the bottom. This form will be the mouth of a deer.

Connect the mouth with your head using two curved lines.

From the back of the head and below the mouth, pull the sets of short curved lines that are found in the toothed points. These lines form a fluffy neck of a deer.

Other light guides in drawings:

Circle the body of a deer using long curved lines. Allow the lines to meet in the down point turned.

Draw the front leg of a deer using a series of curved lines. Note how the bends of the joints form stupid points and how the lines converge into a slightly above the foot. Do not forget the shaggy parts of the fur, where the leg is connected to the body.

Draw your back, using a series of curved lines, paying the same attention to the details around the joints and foot.

Draw a long-legged foot using a series of curved lines.

Draw a long backside, using a series of curved lines.

Apply the tail shape using a number of short curved lines that are found in the downwards turned down. Then draw short curved lines along the entire length of the tail to add furs items.

Using the connected short curved lines, draw fluffy parts that go down the neck of the deer and all over its stomach. Use short, curved lines to add more fur parts to the shoulder.

Erase the guide line that crosses legs and belly.

Other light guides in drawings:

To draw your ear, pull the two long curved lines diagonally from the head, allowing the lines to converge in the rounded point. Using a curved line, attach an oval shape to add details in the ear.

Repeat this process to form the second ear on the other side of the head.

Erase the guide lines formed by the original small circle.

Next you draw horns. Start with the continuation of the long curved line up from the head. Pull the shorter line from the head, allowing it to disperse from the first. Draw a third line starting at the end of the second line and continuing almost to the first line. From this point, draw another line parallel to the first, again allowing it to disperse. Repeat this process until you complete the horns with several branches.

Repeat this process of drawing parallel lines, which diverge and branch, forming another deer horn.

Draw a curved line on each leg to designate the hoof, and draw a short line up from the bottom of the hoof to designate the cut. Draw numerous spots of oval shape of different sizes on the body of a deer.

Draw two small oval on the nose to indicate the nostrils. Draw two drop-shaped forms to outline your eyes. Draw oval inside each eye and a small circle inside the oval. Shadow between circle and oval.

Coloring deer. Most brown deer or brown with white marks.

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Main photo

By the New Year, a lot of children are interested in how to draw a deer, because these horned handsome people are popular characters of festive cards. This article includes three master class, a different level of complexity. Preschoolers and beginners can start with a simple image, the children of school age will be to learn how to draw Oleneck Bambi and an adult forest king.

How to draw Oleneck Rudolf

Rudolph is an unlucky character of a popular fairy tale. Its red glowing nose is the subject of ridicule on the side of the relatives and friends. But precisely thanks to him Rudolf, Santa Claus and Christmas can be saved.

Rudolph Figure

Step 1

Start the drawing, as always, with placement on a sheet of paper. Step by step dictate a round head, just below - oval torso. Spend curved foot lines parallel to each other. Our deer will run, bouncing in the air.

step 1

Step 2.

Couple a head with a torso with two lines. Just below the center of the head, draw a circle - it will be a face. Give your feet thick. Note, the rear legs of the deer are a bit bent up.

Step 2.

Step 3.

Add two ovala - the nose and eye of the deer. Draw your mouth and pupils.

Step 3.

Step 4.

The next stage is the horns, ears and tail of the animal. On the horns, make three branches, on the legs - hoofs. Around the eye, shoes, along the neck line, make a plot that will be painted with a light tone. Will erase extra lines.

Step 4.

Step 5.

Color the torso with a dark brown pencil, a muzzle, horns and hooves. Famous magic nose Rudolf Make red or pink.

Step 5.

How to learn to draw Bembby

The novel whose hero is Bambi's little Olenok - a recognized masterpiece of world literature. For this product, several films were shot, a performance was put and even created ballet. But the most popular film is a cartoon created by Walt Disney's studio in 1942. Cartoon character loves many generations of children in different countries of the world.

Draw Bembi

Step 1. Start the construction from the drawing of the head, torso and legs. The creators of the cartoon made Bibby's legs very long to emphasize the foul trough. The hind limbs, like all deer, have bend.

step 1

Step 2. Make the legs with volume, draw on the head of the forehead line, moving into the muzzle, round the mouth in a smile. Add the lower jaw line. Head and torso connect with curved lines.

Step 2.

Step 3. Now there is a statenly detail the face: Bembby has big eyes with curved eyelashes and a big pupil, a little closed eyelids. Picture a pointed tail and big ears.

Step 3.

Step 4. In the cartoon of Olelenka, a funny laid downhill, which makes him look like a funny boy. Draw it with pointed lines, highlight the area around the eyes, along the nose and neck. Highlight hooves. Unnecessary sketch contours are removed.

Step 4.

Step 5. On the back of the reindeer, draw the stains. To make the plot more interesting, add the image of a butterfly or bird.

Step 5.

Step 6. Now you need to paint the picture. Use various shades of yellow and brown.

Step 6.

Step 7. So that the image seems to be voluminous and brighter, highlight the sections along the contour lines: on the back, along the feet and face.

Step 7.

Council. It is not necessary to resort to careful sketch of the cartoon frames. Let your deer get unique!

How to draw a pencil deer

The horned forest giant is not so simple to draw. It is important to properly comply with certain proportions, otherwise the figure will look caricature. Examine the basic proportions best in the zoo, as artists say, from nature, but you can also on video or photos.

In spotted deer, the front legs are shorter than the rear. Due to this, the back of the body is located above the front. The neck in the animal is long enough, with graceful bending. The head is small in relation to the body. The casing of the deer is powerful and massive, legs are thin and elegant.


So, draw a deer with a simple pencil.

Step 1. First, in the center of the album sheet, make an outline: an oval torso with a small deflection in the back area, then pull the neck with two lines on the right and connect them, like the bird's beak. Swipe foot directions.

step 1

Step 2. Continue Drawing: From the top of the figure, swipe the nose and mouth line. Highlight the front of the neck. Draw eyebrows, forehead and ears from above. Do not forget about the tail.

Step 2.

Step 3. Extra line sketch remove. Draw your legs: Highlight the shin, hooves, draw thickening in the main joints.

Step 3.

Step 4. Now turn over the details: nose, eyes, mouth. Basic decoration of deer - branched horns. Make lines: right - short, left - long.

Step 4.

Step 5. Animal is long and thick wool. To emphasize it, the contour line along the chest and legs make zigzag.

Step 5.

Step 6. Dorisite the horns, highlight the area around the eyes, along the lower jaw, chest and abdomen.

Step 6.

Step 7. Sharp the shape of colored pencils, imitating the wool, torn lines, from the head along the neck, from the top of the legs to the bottom.

Step 7.

Step 8. Do not forget to allocate dark and bright sections of wool.

Step 8.


In order to highlight white snow on a winter drawing, use cold tones on shadow areas: blue, blue, purple.

Tips for beginners

  • In the older group of deer, you can not draw in stages, but to use the stencil that you need to circle and paint. Then the baby everything will work quickly, easily and beautiful.
  • In the preparatory group, the child needs a clear sample of a finished pattern and a step-by-step explanation of each stage.
  • For older children, offer learning to draw a certain kind of animal: northern or forest spotted deer, root, explaining what every species is different from each other.
  • Enthusiasm will be perceived by small artists the idea of ​​making a composition, for example, Bembby is portrayed with Mom-deer, fairy-tale Rudolph - with Santa Claus.
  • Spectacular children's drawing will be able to use color cardboard and pastel or wax chalk.
  • To draw a New Year's story, see our master classes: "How to draw a Christmas tree", "How to draw Santa Claus" ( Links will appear a little later ).

Step-by-step drawing for children

Reindeer design options for drawing

Here you can download templates deer and use them for drawing. (Click on the picture - it will increase, and download):

Sriska Sriska

Sriska Sriska

Sriska Sriska

Option Option 2.

idea picture

Photo picture

Photo in the forest

childish with horns

Step-by-step video tutorials

A very funny lesson for children (explained everything is simply and understandable, repeat the author you will succeed):

Another option is already a little more complicated (more realistic drawing):

Drawing with sketches of simple shapes:

Pretty many children, and adults, love to draw picturesque landscapes, beautiful people and, of course, animals. For example, deer. They are beautiful, strong and capable of inspiring artists and other people of art to create new creations with their gracefulness.

However, not many drawing lovers can portray it using a photo. That is why the child is advised to try to draw it a pencil phased through the instruction. Learn to portray deer, and other animals, you can and so!

What do you need for drawing?

Necessary accessories to portray children's drawing of a deer:

  • Sheet A4.
  • Simple pencil or pen.
  • Set of color pencils (optional).
  • Eraser.

Having all of the above things, and most importantly - desire and time, you can easily draw this animal.

Note! If there is a desire to draw, then definitely it is worth starting to do this, even though they first can be obtained not very beautiful images. The main thing is to start!

How to draw a deer?

This option is suitable for those who are just learning to draw. To portray a deer, you must perform the following actions:

  1. First you need to draw two ovals: the first (head) should be located above the second (torso), which will be 4-5 times the size of the first.
  2. Next from the body, portray 4 lines (legs), at the end adding hooves in the form of small triangles.
  3. After that, it is necessary to draw an oblong nose, ears, one horn and the outline of the second horns, also connecting the head and torso with two lines (neck).
  4. At the very end, it is necessary to give the body sloped the curved shape and circling the outline of the legs with two lines. Do not forget to draw a miniature tail!
  5. If you wish, you can draw a sick on the neck to the neck to make the image of a festive mood. If the new year is nearing, this bar clearly does not hurt.

Simple, however, a beautiful drawing is completed. It is also recommended to decoke the animal with colored pencils.

How to draw a cute deer?

This lesson is also perfect for children, students depicting animals, because draw cute deer is quite easy to draw.

  1. You need to start the drawing from the face of the animal, depicting a circle in the center, and after a small torso. For convenience, it is recommended to draw two intersecting lines, after connecting them. It turns out a head.
  2. After that, at the top of the head, you need to draw two small ovals and circle them - to get a ear. Do not forget about the miniature horns in the form of rectangles.
  3. Next, proceed to the facet of Oleneck: We portray the two oval, in which there will be mugs (pupils), teesting the spout and mouth.
  4. Getting to the body and legs. We are refining an oblong torso in detail, namely spots. Next, draw small legs, not forgetting about hoofs. At the very end, a small tail should be drawn.

It turned out good, cute deer. As you can replace, the drawing is performed easily and does not require much free time.

Tips for novice artists

It is worth noting that the proposals are also suitable for children in senior and preparatory groups.

  • In addition to the simple pencil, it is recommended to use colorful, because so the drawing will look more colorful.
  • For children of quite small age, you can use a special stencil. To get a silhouette of a deer, you will need to just circle it.
  • To revive the image, you should add behind the animal landscape in the form of a forest, beautiful colors and a blue sky.
  • For those who have already learned to draw quite well, you can offer to portray other species of this animal without step by step explanation.
  • Be sure to try again if the first drawing is not so beautiful, no matter how I would like to see it.

These recommendations will help achieve the desired result in the form of a beautiful deer pattern.

How to draw reindeer?

Now, having familiarized with the tips for beginners and light variations of the image of a deer, you can go to more complex, performing the following steps:

  1. To begin with, in the center of the sheet it is necessary to make a sketch, depicting an oval torso, a little twisting the arc in the back of the back, and after using the line to draw neck, a small round of the animal's head and the outlines of the legs.
  2. Next should detail the head, drawing ears, eyes, spout and mouth. It is also worth paying special attention to deer horns, because they are not so simple to draw them.
  3. At this stage, you need to draw legs, highlighting the hooves and thickening in the basic joints. After that, unnecessary lines should be removed by the eraser.
  4. To emphasize thick animal wool, it is recommended to make a chest line and zigzag. It is also worth highlighting the zone of the abdomen, goous and eyes.
  5. After the image of the miniature tail, you can draw a few parts, like a harness and forest in the background so that the drawing looks even more interesting.

As you can see, the drawing of the deer stages should not cause great difficulties. Even on the contrary, the image of this animal can inspire many children and adults further to engage in this business. Therefore, if you are a novice artist, then definitely try to draw this graceful and excellent creation.

Photo ideas and examples for drawing a deer pencil

How to draw a deer face in cartoon style

How to draw a deer face in cartoon style
Frame: Learn Step by Step / YouTube

What do you need

  • Paper;
  • black marker;
  • colour pencils.

How to draw

Draw a circle, reversed on the sides. It will be a deer head. On the left and right, depict the leaf shape ears. Make the second inside them, but smaller.

Draw a deer head
Frame: Learn Step by Step / YouTube

Just above the ears of the horns in the form of the letter Y with a branch in the middle. Let them be rounded and hollow inside.

How to draw a deer: Draw a horns
Frame: Learn Step by Step / YouTube

Draw two small vertical ovals inside the head circuit. It's eyes. Under them, make another one, but big and horizontal. There will be a muzzle. In it, please a small reverse circle. It should seek the upper part to the contour of the big oval. This is a nose.

How to draw a deer: draw your eyes and nose
Frame: Learn Step by Step / YouTube

Under the nose, notice the curved line. The deer will have a smile.

Draw a deer smile
Frame: Learn Step by Step / YouTube

Above the left eye, depict two identical arcs in each other and smoothly connect them. So it turns out an eyebrow. The same draw on the right.

How to draw a deer: Draw your eyebrows
Frame: Learn Step by Step / YouTube

Red pencil stitch nose, but not entirely. Let the little white circle be left inside. This is a glare, which will make the item naturally. Eyes inside the contours turn black, and eyebrows and horns brown.

How to draw a deer: Skinny nose, eyebrows, eyes and horns
Frame: Learn Step by Step / YouTube

For the head, too, you will need brown. Press the pencil stronger than usual, painting it near the contour. Color will be saturated. Moving to the middle, gradually weaken the pressure so that the shade becomes lighter. By the same principle, siny the outside of the ears.

How to draw a deer: Cut the head and ears
Frame: Learn Step by Step / YouTube

The inner part of the ears and a big oval, inside which a smile is depicted, fasten the beige pencil evenly.

How to draw a deer: Cut the ears and fruit
Frame: Learn Step by Step / YouTube

Details - in video:

What else there are options

Draw a deer in the New Year Hat:

Very cute deer make big eyes:

How to draw a deer face in realistic style

How to draw a deer face in realistic style
Frame: Limo Sketch / YouTube

What do you need

  • Paper;
  • Black marker or pencil.

How to draw

In the middle of the sheet, spend slightly convex line. One end she should look into the upper left corner, others down. Under it silence another, deposited in the opposite direction. This is an eye of a leaf shape. Make the second - mirror in relation to the first. Just below, draw the arc. Her tips connect the segment. It turns out a semicircle. This is a nose.

How to draw a deer: draw your eyes and nose
Frame: Limo Sketch / YouTube

Indicate the nostrils at the bottom of the semicircle in small points. Slide the eyes with a marker, leaving a little white space - it's glare. They will make an image more. Under the bowl of the deer, spend a light line, slightly convex up.

How to draw a deer: Slide your eyes and draw your mouth
Frame: Limo Sketch / YouTube

Mouth and nose Take a dotted circle with a break at the top. Put two small leafing vertical features from different sides of the eyes. From their lower tips with smooth lines, draw the ears of the leaf shape.

How to draw a deer: Circle the nose and mouth of the line, draw the ears
Frame: Limo Sketch / YouTube

Short strokes sharpen the eyes to the nose. Lightly curved lines Couple ears with a face. The contour of the chin make a little brighter.

How to draw a deer: Make shrinks from the eyes to the nose, connect the ears with a muzzle
Frame: Limo Sketch / YouTube

From the middle of the ears draw ards, convex towards the eyes. From the speakers of the deer, spend down two curved lines. Connect them, prolonging the book and imitating the knocking wool with zigzag strokes. This is a "collar".

Make arcs on the ears, draw the "collar" from wool
Frame: Limo Sketch / YouTube

Slightly below, according to the same principle, draw another level of the "collar". It should be a little wider, but shorter. Nose and mouth join the vertical screamer in the middle.

Draw another "collar" of a deer and make a screw from the nose to mouth
Frame: Limo Sketch / YouTube

Smooth curved lines seeking up, draw horns with branches. They should be like trees branches. Connect the right and left horn light feature.

How to draw a deer: Draw a horns and connect their line
Frame: Limo Sketch / YouTube

Spend a few thin lines inside the contour of the horns. Add the same screenshots within the ears. Make small vertical strokes above the eyebrows, on the sides of the bridges, on the "collar" and under the cheeks.

How to draw a deer: Create a texture Srikhami
Frame: Limo Sketch / YouTube

Make the tips of the ears slightly thicker. Add short vertical strokes on the nose. Two horizontal screenshots dance under the eyes. Horn Separate from the head with short lines.

How to draw a deer: circle your ears, make touches under the eyes
Frame: Limo Sketch / YouTube

The whole process of drawing a deer can be viewed here:

What else there are options

Another incredible drawing for which only a marker and paper are needed:

Master class on drawing head of a deer with a simple pencil:

Here you show how to portray animals by a capillary handle:

Try to draw a realistic stomer stomer:

The drawing is incredibly beautiful, if you use color pencils:

How to draw a standing deer in cartoon style

How to draw a standing deer in cartoon style
Frame: "Fisherman" / YouTube

What do you need

  • Paper;
  • black marker;
  • Oil pastel or color pencils.

How to draw

In the left side of the leaf marker draw a small circle. This is a deer nose.

Draw a small circle
Frame: "Fisherman" / YouTube

Mentally divide the circle in half the vertical line. From the top point of this segment, start scoring a drop into the right side. It should be slightly stretched up. It is necessary to close it at the bottom point of the invisible partition. You will have a deer head.

Draw a deer head
Frame: "Fisherman" / YouTube

Inside the drop Draw a circle. This is an eye. Skin it so that there is a white pupil and a glare under it.

Draw a deer eye
Frame: "Fisherman" / YouTube

Curved line depicting a deer smile. It should start from the bottom contour of the head and strive for the eye.

Draw a deer smile
Frame: "Fisherman" / YouTube

Now sake the neck and body. Put the marker on the right side of the head contour. Drive to the left so that it turns out an oblong drop, which will narrow and close a little to the right smile. Picture oval tail.

Draw the body of deer
Frame: "Fisherman" / YouTube

From the bottom of the body, draw four straight lines going down. These are the legs of the cartoon deer.

How to draw a deer: Draw legs
Frame: "Fisherman" / YouTube

From a deer macushkin. Spend a small cut. From its end to the left, release a horizontal trait is more authentic. This is the basis of horns. Put two branches on it. One in the form of the letter Y, another in the form of a short vertical stroke. By the same principle, depicting the second horn - mirror first.

How to draw a deer: Draw a horns
Frame: "Fisherman" / YouTube

Under the horns draw oval ears. Let them stick together in different directions.

How to draw a deer: Picture ears
Frame: "Fisherman" / YouTube

If you want to add a deer collar, make a small arc under your head. Between the chin and body, depict a small circle with a cross inside. This is a decoration.

How to draw a deer: Draw a collar
Frame: "Fisherman" / YouTube

Take not too intense yellow pastel. If you want, it can be replaced with a beige. Skry her body, tail, head and ears of deer.

How to draw a deer: Fit pastel body, head, ears and tail
Frame: "Fisherman" / YouTube

Brown shallow Discuss the shadow in the left lower parts of the body, tail and head. Add a few strokes to your ears. Then the drawing will seem more comprehensive. Red pastel creek nose and collar, bright yellow - decoration.

How to draw a deer: Skin the nose, collar and decoration
Frame: "Fisherman" / YouTube

In the bottom of the sheet, draw the drifts. They can be outlined by small arcs. How many details will be, to solve you. The space under them is better to shake. To portray snowflakes, put points at the top of the picture.

How to draw a deer: Draw a drift and snowflakes
Frame: "Fisherman" / YouTube

All details - in video:

What else there are options

Cartoon deer does not have to look good:

Another master class on drawing with a marker:

This deer can be depicted with wax crayons:

In this master class show how to draw Oleneck Bambi:

Here you will be told to draw a deer standing on two legs, felt-meters:

For this drawing prepare color pencils and black marker:

How to draw a realistic standing deer

How to draw a realistic standing deer
Frame: How2Drawanimals / YouTube

What do you need

  • Paper;
  • simple pencil;
  • eraser.

How to draw

In the right part of the sheet, draw a circle. If difficult, make two horizontal and two vertical features to designate the length and width of the shape. Then connect them.

How to draw a deer: Draw a circle
Frame: How2Drawanimals / YouTube

On the right side, make a second, smaller in size, circle. These details will be the basis for the body.

How to draw a deer: Draw a second round
Frame: How2Drawanimals / YouTube

Slightly above and left the first circle, draw another one. In size, it must be four times less. This is a blank for the head. When you finish, spend inside the figure slightly curved horizontal line. Approximately from her middle release up vertical.

How to draw a deer: Draw a third round with lines inside
Frame: How2Drawanimals / YouTube

Inside the third circle, take another one. It will be a landmark. The lower left side of the figure should be beyond the future head.

How to draw a deer: draw the fourth circle
Frame: How2Drawanimals / YouTube

Make a small arc on the upper left side of the head. It will be similar to a narrow horseshoe. Focusing on this item, a little later you draw your ear. Repeat on the right.

How to draw a deer: Namely ears
Frame: How2Drawanimals / YouTube

Now take the first horn. Throw off from the top and up spend a long curved line. Repeat on the right. The more these screenshots are, the more interesting is the deer.

How to draw a deer: Note Horn
Frame: How2Drawanimals / YouTube

Under the largest circle, draw a long line walking down. By the end, make it a bit curved. In this place will be hoof. Next, add another line for the far front leg. She must bend in the middle. So the feeling that deer walks forward.

How to draw a deer: Note the front legs
Frame: How2Drawanimals / YouTube

From the circle smaller, too, release the lines down. They should bend in the middle, and by the end to be slightly curved. Do not put them too close to each other. And try to make the future far back leg to stand on one level with the neighbor. Let her end be a little higher.

How to draw a deer: Note the hind legs
Frame: How2Drawanimals / YouTube

Draw two curved lines between your head and the torso. It will be the neck. It should write more from below than top. So you show the massive breast of the animal. Top and below, connect the circles that denote the torso. Do not make your belly flat.

How to draw a deer: Note the neck and torso
Frame: How2Drawanimals / YouTube

Inside the head with small ovals, take the eyes. Then a little narrow them. Now you can paint. But leave some white specks. The glare will make a deer alive. Add a couple of curved lines around to designate the eyelids. Slightly above drew two curved arcs - eyebrows. Inside the circle, which you prepared for facet, depict a shared triangle with recesses on the sides. This nose with nostrils.

How to draw a deer: Start detailing your head
Frame: How2Drawanimals / YouTube

Under the nose, spend the horizontal line. This is a mouth. Left add a few small strokes. Purify a leaf form. To do this, it is enough to sharpen their tips. Inside, draw a few thin lines. So the texture is created.

How to draw a deer: Draw your mouth and detail ears
Frame: How2Drawanimals / YouTube

Return to the auxiliary line for the left horns, take a duplicate over it to outline. Then add branches in the form of curved spikes. How many of them will and how long, to solve you.

How to draw a deer: draw left horn
Frame: How2Drawanimals / YouTube

Right rhog is drawn by the same principle. You can make it in the form of a mirror reflection of the left or show fantasy and arrange the spikes differently.

How to draw a deer: draw branches on the horns
Frame: How2Drawanimals / YouTube

Now draw a straight front foot. To do this, add two more sides from the auxiliary line. Expand them at the top to get a smooth transition from the body. In the middle, make screenshots a little convex - so you denote the joint. Give hooves a square form. Short stroke divide it in half.

How to draw a deer: detail a straight front leg
Frame: How2Drawanimals / YouTube

Start detailing the front curved leg. To create a form, add two more on the sides of the auxiliary line. Draw a convex joint on bending. The hoof will also be square, do not forget to divide it in half a touch. Slightly above the details add a small process-claw.

How to draw a deer: Draw a second front leg
Frame: How2Drawanimals / YouTube

The hind legs are drawn by the same principle. Two more are held near the auxiliary line to create a form. They are extended from above, slightly bend in the joints and narrowed below.

How to draw a deer: detail the hind legs
Frame: How2Drawanimals / YouTube

On the neck mark the wool with short strokes. Body contour Draw a barrel. Add the tail. To do this, outline a small curved figure with a pointed tip, directed down. Eraser erase the auxiliary lines inside the deer.

How to draw a deer: draw wool and tail
Frame: How2Drawanimals / YouTube

Add a few light strokes within the ears and on the nose. The rest of the heads are filled, pressing a little stronger to the pencil. Region around the nose and eye leave empty. Small lines imitating hairs wool, place your neck.

How to draw a deer: start painting a deer
Frame: How2Drawanimals / YouTube

Start detailing the body. It can be drawn with lighter and long strokes, not depicting the wool as it is clearly like on the neck. Leave the tip white. Make shadow on the stomach and on the bottom of the legs. Grighching the hooves.

How to draw a deer: Fit torso and legs
Frame: How2Drawanimals / YouTube

Pressing on a pencil, add shadows to the horns. Those parts of the branches that you think are in the light, make less bright.

How to draw a deer: Skin the horns
Frame: How2Drawanimals / YouTube

Details - in video instructions:

What else there are options

Another way to draw an animal with a simple pencil:

Try to inspire this master class:

Position at once several deer in different poses:

But the instruction on drawing a deer with a color pencil:

Here you show how to make a texture of wool as realistic:

Here is a master class on drawing a deer, which is difficult to distinguish from this:

How to draw a silhouette of a deer

How to draw a silhouette of a deer
Frame: "Leah Relia / Liya Streliya" / YouTube

What do you need

  • Watercolor paper;
  • simple pencil;
  • eraser;
  • watercolor;
  • brush;
  • palette;
  • Water jar.

How to draw

To make a painting neat, start with a pencil sketch. Make a horizontal line on the sheet. This is a deer macup. From her down and left to remove a soft arc left. It turns out the bridge.

How to draw a deer: Draw two lines
Frame: "Leah Relia / Liya Streliya" / YouTube

From the arc, spend a small line to the right down. This is a nose. Throw off from it and draw a curved brush.

How to draw a deer: back nose and brush
Frame: "Leah Relia / Liya Streliya" / YouTube

To delineate the neck, to the right of the top of the top of the scene. The same curved line repeat the left. She will start with cheeks.

Draw the neck
Frame: "Leah Relia / Liya Streliya" / YouTube

Now depicting the chest. To do this, remove the neck two curved lines that will be connected at the bottom.

Draw the chest
Frame: "Leah Relia / Liya Streliya" / YouTube

On the head of the deer draw the ears of the leaf shape. They should look at different directions.

How to draw deer: draw ears
Frame: "Leah Relia / Liya Streliya" / YouTube

Two smooth curved lines depict the right horn of the deer. It should begin with a top and in shape to resemble a tree branch.

Smooth lines back horn
Frame: "Leah Relia / Liya Streliya" / YouTube

Now you can chant the pointed branches on top of the horns.

How to draw a deer: add to the horny branch
Frame: "Leah Relia / Liya Streliya" / YouTube

According to this principle, draw the left horn of the deer. So that everything looks natural, it may differ from the right direction, the amount and size of branches.

Draw the second rog
Frame: "Leah Relia / Liya Streliya" / YouTube

Eraser will erase a pencil sketch so that the lines are almost not noticeable. If this is not done, then they will be seen through the paint.

Will erase the line
Frame: "Leah Relia / Liya Streliya" / YouTube

If you use professional watercolor, mix ultramarine and raspberry paints. If you have a children's set, combine red and blue. It turns out purple color. Draw them the right ear, emphasize a small piece of left and part of the head, apply a little shade on the neck.

Apply violet paint
Frame: "Leah Relia / Liya Streliya" / YouTube

Rinse the brush in the jar with water and throw it raspberry or red. Apply a little paint on the chest, left ear and horn.

Arrange accents with raspberry color
Frame: "Leah Relia / Liya Streliya" / YouTube

Rinse again with a brush. It should be clean and wet. Wake up her color on paper. It needs to be done while the paint did not dry. So you will get smooth transitions between the shades.

Wish the paint on paper
Frame: "Leah Relia / Liya Streliya" / YouTube

Now take a little yellow paint. Add it to the chest.

Add yellow paint on the chest
Frame: "Leah Relia / Liya Streliya" / YouTube

Saturated blue paint draw the tips of the left ear and nose.

Draw the blue paint tip of the ear and nose
Frame: "Leah Relia / Liya Streliya" / YouTube

Add some ultramarin to the blue paint. Apply this tint to the tip of the left horns.

How to draw a deer: add paint to the tip of the horns
Frame: "Leah Relia / Liya Streliya" / YouTube

Rinse the brush and on the palette mix purple and ultramarine paint. So the color will become more intense. Emphasize the bridge, the right ear and part of the neck under the cheek deer.

Apply paint on your ear, muzzle and neck
Frame: "Leah Relia / Liya Streliya" / YouTube

Type to a brush purple paint and connect the colors that have been applied in the previous step. So you will have a shadow. Deer will seem more comprehensive.

Add purple color on a deer head
Frame: "Leah Relia / Liya Streliya" / YouTube

Purple color should be applied on the neck and chest on the right side of the picture. You can add focus on the left ear.

Apply purple paint on the neck and chest
Frame: "Leah Relia / Liya Streliya" / YouTube

Right horn will be in the shade. Smooth lines crush it with purple paint. Apply the same color to the upper part of the right ear and under the cheek of the deer.

Skry the right horn and emphasize the cheek
Frame: "Leah Relia / Liya Streliya" / YouTube

On the palette, the purple water paint is slightly. It will become less intense. Apply this tint on those parts of the left horns that are not yet painted.

Scroll right Rog
Frame: "Leah Relia / Liya Streliya" / YouTube

Now type the blue paint on the brush. Shake the tool over the left lower and upper left corners of the sheet. You will have colored drops that will decorate a white background.

Decorate the background of blue drops
Frame: "Leah Relia / Liya Streliya" / YouTube

Here is a master class entirely on drawing a silhouette of a deer:

What else there are options

Try to draw watercolor silhouette of standing deer:

An animal can be portrayed with white paint on black paper:

Incredibly complex, but the original version of the picture:

Master class on drawing a deer against the background of the Northern Lights. It will take pastel:

If the option with the northern shine did not like, depict an animal on the background of the moon:

How to draw a deer in stages with your own hands: Learning to draw a New Year's deer on a pencil cage

Draw love all kids and it does not matter how it turns out. And if the child at an early age wakes up for drawing, then you need to teach it right.

Draw a deer special joy, for adults is a noble animal, and children are associated with the New Year and Santa Claus. And in no case, the desire to draw should not be killed in the child.

Brief content of the article

What is needed for drawing

For drawing, you need not so much:

  • Album for drawing;
  • Or a sheet of A4 format;
  • Simple pencil;
  • Set of colored pencils;
  • Eraser.

Among all the above, you only need time and place. The most important thing is not to give up at the very beginning.

As usual, they say: "Do not try, you will not know"!

First, it is better to practice a simple pencil, and then learn everything gradually, the main thing is not to hurry.

How to teach to draw a deer for beginners

At school, sometimes it is simply given either a picture of the textbook, or the teacher specifically finds the image of a deer so that the children just redrawd to him.

Many teachers approach this more responsibly and teach children on stage-drawing not only deer, but also many other animals or items.

In the elementary schools of schools and in the senior garden groups often use:

  • Stencils;
  • Samples with step-by-step explanation and end result.

Sometimes it is enough to say to children, imagine how the Bibby or deer from other cartoons look like. A good option to learn to draw for children is coloring.

In schools they provide the choice of deer, moose, the main thing is to explain what their difference is. Animals fashionably draw not only standing, but also lying.

Of course, the very first steps in drawing are to learn how to draw the simplest geometric shapes. They are in them.

The photo has all the options for the correct drawing, you can download them or just use to draw.

We draw in cells

One of the easiest and most common drawing options is a drawing on cells.

So, for this it will be needed:

  • Pen or simple pencil.
  1. It is better to start from the middle of the sheet, then;
  2. Spend an uneven oblique line;
  3. Round it to visually the jaw turned out;
  4. Swipe it back. In order for chin and lower jaw;
  5. Next, carry the eye contour;
  6. Complement the head of the ear;
  7. Take a horns;
  8. To better get a picture carefully look at the photo. On which each pitch step is carefully depicted;
  9. From the ear draw back, until the hind legs are drawing;
  10. Next, draw the stomach, and continue the drawing to the rear legs;
  11. Add tail and paint pattern.

Draw a deer pencil

Of course, the stencil is drawn very simple and easy, but let's look at drawing with a simple pencil.

  1. To begin with, mark the reference scheme. You need to start from my head, draw a trapezium, teesting a larger trapezium that will be body.
  2. Recognize the position of the legs, add the horns.
  3. Next step Specify the contours of the animal. Highlight your head, paint the ears, hover the contours of the neck and the legs of the deer.
  4. Circle the perimeter of the back, output the stomach and draw the hind legs.
  5. Will erase unnecessary contours and outline. Drive the shape of the face, draw your eyes and nose.
  6. On your head, draw the horns as shown in the photo. Strike one of the parts with a pencil so that the horns are more expressive.
  7. The final step will be left to add shadows, erase unnecessary lines, add volume.

Try to choose soft simple pencils and a tight sheet of paper.

It is necessary in order for with constant erasure, the paper quickly did not quickly rubbed, and a soft pencil for easy erasure.

Draw a deer gouachey

You will need:

  • Tight sheet of paper A4 (you can use special paint paper or gouache paper).
  • Gouache violet, red, orange and black flowers.
  • Simple pencil.
  • Palette.
  • Water jar (smaller).
  • Tassels, big and medium.
  • Scissors.

One of the easiest ways without mistakes to draw a handsome deer adding a hill or forest, make a stencil on ordinary paper, cut and circle it on the main canvas.

  1. On the palette, dig paints, visually divide the sheet into three parts, apply a large brush purple paint.
  2. Do not wait until you dry the first layer. Apply the second red paint a little standing on the purple.
  3. And the third part fasten the orange paint. Leave dry. It will be the main tone of the drawing.
  4. After drying, attach stencil to the canvas and circle a simple pencil.
  5. Take the middle tassel and fidgeting the silhouette of a deer and landscape.

Wait for complete drying and can insert into the frame.

Draw with children of the New Year's deer

Come up with some interesting story about Santa Claus and deer, tell me that Santa Claus gives everyone gifts, and someone does not give him.

And offer to draw a beautiful picture with a deer as a gift, because the deer helps to bring gifts to good grandfather. Baby such an idea very much like.

This will be done quite simply by observing step-by-step instructions.

  1. Draw two oval as shown in the photo. One big - it will be a torso, the second is head.
  2. On the bottom of the head, Dorisite horizontally another small oval - a muzzle.
  3. On the top of the head, paint the ears, a little pointed.
  4. Draw your feet, for the right body bending, draw the back of the body.
  5. The next step is the tail. It should not be too long.
  6. Do not forget about the horns. To make them easier to draw them, tell me that they are like branches of trees.
  7. You have to try the eyes and the main features of the face. Nose and mouth. You can draw a small part of the harness by depicting it a small strip on the tummy.
  8. Coloring the deer and nearby you can depict a festive Christmas tree or a snowman.

In the photo you can look here for each step. So you can have fun and exciting time with your child.

Cartoon deer

Continuing the New Year's theme, a great version of a deer drawing from a cartoon.

  1. On a clean sheet of paper A4 paper, draw a small circle, add a picture of incorrect shape under it and connect them together by carrying out small lines.
  2. Next, stretch the neck and curved lines torso, continuing to pull the elegant line. Draw your back leg, carefully spending each ledge, pay attention to the knee.
  3. Then proceed to the next part - the front leg, also paying attention to the knee.
  4. Apply small touches of the rest of the legs and hoofs.
  5. Do not forget about ears, horns and tail. Drawing ears Add depth using curved lines.
  6. The nose should resemble an inverted triangle with light roar corners. The mouth depicting a light smile with the help of the curved lines familiar to you.
  7. Draw your eyebrows to emphasize the expressiveness of the face.
  8. On the neck, draw curved lines depicting a harness. And add decorations in the form of bells.
  9. On the back of the body you can depict the specks.
  10. Will erase extra lines.
  11. Coloring deer.

Successes in endeavors!

Photo of drawings of deer.

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