How to statenly draw a person's eyes with a pencil ➤ Lessons for beginners

How beautiful and easily draw the human eye with a pencil? In this lesson, I show in detail how the person's eyes statenly draw a simple pencil. The master class is suitable for both newcomers and more confident artists.

The mirror of one's heart

If you dream to write portraits with paints, or, at least, learn how to draw them with a simple pencil, then you are accurate and absolutely necessary to learn how to draw a person's eye on paper!

After all, this is one of the most attractive parts of the face, the most eloquent and characteristic part of it. It is the eyes that will reflect the similarity with a person, transmit its character and mood:

  1. Eyes very well reflect the inner state of a person, his emotions. If you look into the eyes of the portrait, you can imagine that the person shown on it felt.
  2. The mood can also be considered from the eye, even if the artist conceived a cheerful portrait, a good feel of sadness from wrinkles around the eyes and the direction towards.
  3. The character is more reflected in the eyes. In addition to the general posture and mood of a person, looking at the face and look after the eyes, we can understand what person stands in front of us.

As you can see, there are a lot of features from this part of the face. And in order to draw the eye with a pencil, reflected them all, it is necessary to have a very good understanding, firstly, anatomical aspects to technically correctly draw the eye with a simple pencil. And secondly, the capture of emotions and mood, a subtle feeling of psychologist to convey the mood of the person himself.

And if you need to work with the second all the time, gradually comprehending the human nature, then you can learn from the first to learn all the drawing techniques in practice!

General Eye Drawing Principles

For novice artists, the picture of the eye with a simple pencil looks like a dream, which is very difficult to implement. After all, as I said above, my eyes are the most expressive part of the face, the views of the audience will be chained. Therefore, you need to master the hand drawing technique to draw them correctly and realistically.

Of course, beautifully draw female or male eyes from the first time is very difficult. Here it is necessary to constantly practice, make sketches and sketches to start correctly draw a person's eyes.

Each teacher may have its own drawing technique, his own style, how to present the material so that the student learned to draw eyes. But also, there are also the basic principles of eye drawing, which everything must be adhere to - from novice artists, to professionals.

And, of course, in writing parts of the person, and especially the materials are very important. For its first sketches and drawings, I advise you to take you exactly simple, well sharpened, solid pencil.

Stick these rules иprinciples To make you easily draw eyes step by step:

  1. The distance that between eyes is, is the length of the very eye.
  2. The spherical shape of the eye involves the presence of the shadows of the edges of the eye.
  3. Before drawing a real eye, you will have to make not one dozen outline and sketches to fill your hand.
  4. When we learn to draw your eyes in stages and want it to be beautiful, we, of course, first look at our own eyes, trying to pass them on paper. And indeed, starting drawing, you can start with your eyes. Consider their thoroughly in the mirror and make a light, small sketch on paper.
  5. By the way, the paper for drawing lessons is better to take dense, and the pencils are sufficiently solid. Also, do not forget about the eraser - it is better to take it with a sharp tip to adjust small details.
  6. Rainbow and pupil on the contrary, draw a softer pencil, using a hatching, is darker below, the above.
  7. Drawing eyelashes, do not forget about their naturalness - start drawing with the bottom of the upper eyelid, spending them higher and higher. You can also draw a reflection of eyelashes into the eyes, which will allow them a more natural look.

Step-by-step master class "How to draw an eye with a simple pencil"

Drawing a portrait, it is very important to learn how to draw eyes correctly, give them a tonality and volume so that the eyes do not look like a painted fish, but really had the shape of the eyeball and sat well in the eye hole.

Start our face drawing lesson with a simple pencil, I want from a review of materials that we need.

List of essential materials for master class:

  1. Simple pencil hardness 6B and 8B;
  2. Dense paper for drawing;
  3. Eraser with a beveled sharp tip.

Stage 1 - Get acquainted with the form of the eye and the principles of lighting

The first thing I want to highlight is that the eye is a ball and everything that is around him, for example, eyelids, also has a ball shape.

How to draw eyes a pencil Phased - Stage 1 - Photo

When the light falls on the ball, we get a glare and halftone, with this we cut off our ball and then the shadow line is already underway. To the shadow line, everything also goes into a dark tonality.

We constantly present our ball in the context, and constantly apply all the shadows, all the darkness along the line of the ellipse.

How to draw eyes a pencil Phased - Stage 1 - Photo

A common error is to do a dark zone along the edge. It is not right. We always, on the other hand, on the light there is a reflex, and the darkest line of shadow, is slightly closer to the light line. The darkest shadow is stretched and the reflex is the so-called light in the shade.

How to draw eyes a pencil Phased - Stage 1 - Photo

From the shadow line to the top, we also conduct halftones, which are gradually moving to the most light zone, the flare area. And as you can see the zone, the flare is also not around the edge, but closer to the center of the ball, and everything else goes in halftone sulfur.

How to draw eyes a pencil Phased - Stage 1 - Photo

We all need it in order to better draw eyes in the future, as you already know that the eye is also a ball that is covered with a century from above and below. But it does not save him from all laws of lighting, so we will also have a dark shadow on this ball, affecting the top and lower eyelids.

Now, as for the very eye itself. Draw a circle again.

How to draw eyes a pencil Phased - Stage 1 - Photo

Then draw the inner and outdoor parts of the eye. We draw the top and lower eyelid on the ellipse, as we painted earlier the ball in the context. We apply from above and below an additional thickness.

How to draw eyes a pencil Phased - Stage 1 - Photo

Here you need to understand that the thickness of the upper century is more than the thickness of the lower eyelid.

How to draw eyes a pencil Phased - Stage 1 - Photo

The upper eyelid is always more important than the lower one.

Drawing a pupil in a rainbow shell, it is necessary to understand that with a calm look, it is always covered with the upper and lower eyelids.

As a rule, the upper fold of the century in the European person hits the eyeball, as well as the bottom pouch.

By the inner corner of the eye, we will have a dark zone, because an eyeball appears in this part. And since, the eyeball is a deepening in the skull, we will all be in this zone in the shade.

How to draw eyes a pencil Phased - Stage 1 - Photo

2 Stage - Features of eye drawing in profile

Repeat the ball again. In the profile draw a rainbow shell with a small protrusion.

How to draw eyes a pencil Phased - Stage 2 - Photo

The eyelid goes just on the cut, by ellipse. The eyelid has a light bend, and the thickness from above and below. All these lines should go as a continuation of the ellipse:

How to draw eyes a pencil Phased - Stage 2 - Photo

Thus, we, as it were, draw a small planet, with their small orbits. We also indicate the thickness of the eyelid at the top and bottom.

3 Stage - How to draw an eye that looks somewhere

Again draw a circle. Suppose the pupil of our eyes does not look straight, but down, or at an angle. We find the center of this pupil. Thin line draw horizontal and vertical orbits, and at the intersection of these two lines, we will have a pupil, as well as a rainbow shell.

How to draw eyes with a pencil Phased - Stage 3 - Photo

It is important to understand that when the eye looks somewhere aside, the rainbow shell ceases to be perfectly round.

We have two corners of the eye and eyelid that flows around the eyes. When we draw an eye, we do not draw it with one line, we have this line obeys the ellipse, it goes along the eyeball. Then this line is a little distorted in the zone where the pupil is located, continuing its movement along the eyeball.

How to draw eyes with a pencil Phased - Stage 3 - Photo

If you draw the eye of one line, then you will get the same "fish" instead of the eye.

How to draw eyes with a pencil Phased - Stage 3 - Photo

Draw a classic eye

4 - Stage Draw Table

I start drawing not from the ball, but with the cut of the eye. We make the designation of the internal and external designation of the eye. From the inside, we always have a tear - a small pocket, after which the movement of the eyeball begins.

How to draw eyes with a pencil Phaood - Stage 4 - Photo

5 Stage - draw bending lines

Next, we draw from it along the lines of the century - the top and bottom, not forgetting about the angles that create the bend lines. Then take this line into the outer corner of the eye, the same makes the same with the lower eyelid. Remember that between these lines Corners should not be too obvious .

How to draw eyes with a pencil Phaood - Stage 5 - Photo

Delay in the thickness of the lower eyelid:

How to draw eyes with a pencil Phaood - Stage 5 - Photo

And then draw a pupil, which is also covered with a century from above and below:

How to draw eyes with a pencil Phaood - Stage 5 - Photo

One of the common mistakes in the drawing of the eye is the wrong drawing of the iris. Many drawing eyes, draw a rainbow shell as a droplet. But you should always remember that the rainbow shell is a circle And it should always end in the form of a circle. All angles should be closed a little.

How to draw eyes with a pencil Phaood - Stage 5 - Photo

6 Stage - draw the folds of the upper and lower eyelid

This fold repeats the form of the upper eyelid. The lower fold, the bag is not necessary to draw completely.

How to draw eyes with a pencil Phaood - Stage 6 - Photo

7 Stage - draw pupil

To draw pupil, I take a pencil softer. The pupil is right in the center of the iris:

How to draw eyes with a pencil Phased - Stage 7 - Photo

8 Stage - Draw a Summer Argu

It consists of two ellipses, simplified shape, above the century:

How to draw eyes with a pencil Phaood - Stage 8 - Photo

Accordingly, everything that is lower than this superb arc, we get into a slight halftone.

9 Stage - Disassemble the tonality of the eye

We return to our form of a ball, which has everything in the eye, including eyelids. That is, the corners of the eye are both entering the halftone, some kind of lighter, some kind of darker.

In the inner side of the eye, we apply a light halftone, connect with the bridge:

How to draw eyes with a pencil Phaood - Stage 9 - Photo

Slightly cling to halftone all eyes, easy pressing pencil. Since the eyeball is in the deepening, we need to cover it to form a natural shadow.

How to draw eyes with a pencil Phaood - Stage 9 - Photo

We do a little darker in the inner corner of the eye. And immediately the zone of the inner half-century we will bring in a slight halftone on the one hand and the other side.

How to draw eyes with a pencil Phaood - Stage 9 - Photo

The eyeball is also a bulk ball, respectively, our corners enter halftone. Corners at all can not be the same white and bright as the center of the eye:

How to draw eyes with a pencil Phaood - Stage 9 - Photo

10 Stage - impose a shadow

We remember from the scheme above that the eyelid is a volume that has its thickness. Any thickness if the light falls on it, gives a shadow. Consequently, now we need to make a shadow on our eye:

How to draw eyes with a pencil stages - Stage 10 - Photo

We made a falling shadow, increasing the corner of the squirrel in a slight halftone. Now draw a black dark line thickness of the century:

How to draw eyes with a pencil stages - Stage 10 - Photo

Also, darkness can be added to the fold of the century, because it is a fold and we cannot draw it with just one strip, so we take it into such a decisive and to the center of the folds add the top halftone:

How to draw eyes with a pencil stages - Stage 10 - Photo

Also draw a tear, as it is also not pure white. Adhering to one diagonal of the tube, highlighting the bottom of the century on both sides:

How to draw eyes with a pencil stages - Stage 10 - Photo

A small advice: while you learn to draw portraits, try to stick to one direction of the tube, so that the work looks more accurate.

Over your eye, we have a kind of roller who hangs over the eye, we should also draw it too. Create a bulk form in the form of a ball. On the right we apply the shadow to make the edge of this roller from us:

How to draw eyes with a pencil stages - Stage 10 - Photo

11 Stage - Create a shadow on the pupil and iris eye

Since our light falls on top to the left, then we have a glare, which resembles the form of a light source. That is, if our light source window, then the glare will be the same window - a rectangle, if the light source, for example, a lamp, then this glare will be round:

How to draw eyes a pencil Phased - Stage 11 - Photo

Working with a soft pencil, I carry the pupil into a dark tone, without affecting the flare zone, which we will further evil:

How to draw eyes a pencil Phased - Stage 11 - Photo

12 Stage - Exercise the invoice of the iris

Our eye with you is transparent with you. Rainbow shell, like a small glass, misses the light on one side, and releases it on the other.

Our light falls on top to the left. It passes through the shell, but it turns out not so clean, but through the shade of the eyes. Therefore, when we make tone on our eyes, we must remember that we have a shadow that falls from the century on top, then there is a common tone of the iris, and on the bottom it becomes lighter:

How to draw eyes with a pencil Phased - Stage 12 - Photo

Another point - the rainbow shell must have a light dark contour. It doesn't matter what color it is, the contour should always be:

How to draw eyes with a pencil Phased - Stage 12 - Photo

13 Stage - comparing the tonality

In principle, we have all shades of shadows should be the same in the picture. The shadow in the inner corner of the eye may be darker and rich, and the shadow in the fold will be very similar to the shadow of the lower eyelid.

14 Stage - Little glare

Lasting the central part of the lower eyelid, where we are mucous to show the effect of wet eye, such tears:

How to draw eyes with a pencil Phased - Stage 14 - Photo

Now, as I said, laid a glare at the pupil so that the eyes glow brighter:

How to draw eyes with a pencil Phased - Stage 14 - Photo

15 Stage - Correction of Figure and Detailing

After applying glare, proceed to the adjustment of our picture of the eye. Correct the volume, thin lines, add detail:

How to draw eyes with a pencil Phased - Stage 15 - Photo

Depending on the age, wrinkles can appear around the eye, folds, and smile, they can also be added to the drawing.

16 Stage - Drawing Eyelashes

I will start this stage with the elaboration of some major errors. The first of them is drawing the so-called "bug":

How to draw eyes with a pencil Phaood - Stage 16 - Photo

If we look at the eye in a light turn, we will see that the eyelashes are not growing from the eyeball, and from the edge of the century:

How to draw eyes with a pencil Phaood - Stage 16 - Photo

And the direction of the eyelashes themselves will go down and up:

How to draw eyes with a pencil Phaood - Stage 16 - Photo

If the look looks straight on the person, the eyelashes are not shown in the bend, but are drawn as a point or a small line up:

How to draw eyes with a pencil Phaood - Stage 16 - Photo

Then we denote the dotted line of the growth line of eyelashes:

How to draw eyes with a pencil Phaood - Stage 16 - Photo

Remember that in the central corner of the eye, the cilia is always brighter and not always cleaned. Because of this, the cilia can bend to the left, can have a light bend right. Preferably, all eyelashes draw with a different direction of bend. A more distinct bend appears in an external corner of the eye, as we have the longest and distinct eyelashes:

How to draw eyes with a pencil Phaood - Stage 16 - Photo

If you want to draw a pencil's eyes in the girl's eyes, then remember, too, if it does not have its own, and overhead eyelashes, they also need to be distinguished very clearly and very clearly:

How to draw eyes with a pencil Phaood - Stage 16 - Photo

17 Stage - Drawing of the Lower Eyelashes

Similarly, along the growth line of eyelashes at the bottom, we continue to draw eyelashes in a different direction of bending:

How to draw eyes with a pencil Phaood - Stage 17 - Photo

The length of the lower eyelashes is usually small, only in the center and to the outer corners it increases.

18 Stage - draw eyebrows

Eyebrows are on our grazing arc. The eyebrows themselves are also a mass, which means the volume that the shadow falls on it. Therefore, exactly, first, I first apply a light tone:

How to draw eyes a pencil stages - Stage 18 - Photo

Then we rub a pencil with a finger, and only then begin to draw an eyebrows growth line:

Before the bend line, protruding the bone, draw eyebrows a little diagonally, in the direction in the side:

How to draw eyes a pencil stages - Stage 18 - Photo

In the place where two rollers of the Absubrovnaya Arc are intersecting, we have a bend line of eyebrows change, and we begin to draw the hair down:

How to draw eyes a pencil stages - Stage 18 - Photo

Here, also, the form of eyebrows will depend on the one whose eye do you draw: men, women, child, and so on.

Remember also that We never draw eyebrows over blank sheets. ! We definitely apply a tonal spot, and only then we work out our eyebrows.

Video "How step by step to draw an eye with a pencil"

For a more complete disclosure of the topic, leave you a video master class on drawing eyes with a simple pencil. This video also shows all the main points and the subtleties of eye drawing, as well as all the principles that I spoke in the article.

Video master class will help you fasten your read material, and you can see how to create the right eye drawing.


The eye is not just an eye squirrel, covered by a century. And my task in the master class, show that it has a ball shape that an eye is a whole system placed in the eye hole, the whole form of which is in a light tonality.

You must immediately decide on the main shadows before drawing the eye. It is also necessary to always remember the thickness of the lower and upper eyelids, about the growth line of eyelashes. Make glare on the iris eye.

Be sure to stick to these basic stages and rules, draw different eye options to understand the essence of all these rules that I wanted to transfer to you - building from a simple shape, ball, to more in-depth detail.

Having understood in practice how to draw the eyes with a pencil in stages, you can easily write your first portrait!

Welcome to the blog "Learn to draw in 30 days!"

Eye . Without a doubt, this is a favorite object of many artists! The human eye is undoubtedly the window in the soul of man. But how to portray him?

To Learn to draw eyes First I will ask you to take a small mirror. I want you to keep this mirror next to you until you draw. I want you to have the opportunity at any time to look at your own eyes while you will perform this lesson.

This technique Mark Kistler learned from a visit with some graduates to DreamWorks Studio a few years ago. Animators worked on "Shrek", several computers, monitors, drawing tablets were located on their workplaces and, interestingly, two mirrors on the sides of their tables. While the animators worked on various parts of the "Shrek", he could observe how they frowned in the mirror when to draw a shrek gloomy face. Mark saw how they kept their hands in different positions when they painted the hands of Shrek. It was very interesting to observe how world-class artists led Shrek to life. Now let's add life to your album - let's draw eye .

1. Sitting at the table, take a look in the mirror. Hold for a few minutes ... You are just a miracle. Just take a look! These eyes! These lips, nose, ears, hair, just an excellent drawing model. You redrawed da Vinci in the lesson 28, and now you will draw from the most perfect model of the eye on the planet - with yourself! Slightly swipe eye shape. In this lesson, we draw eyes, which resembles the form of lemon, with a small tear duct. When you draw a lot of eyes (and you will undoubtedly draw them more than a hundred, because it is so cool to draw), you will notice how many different shapes of the eyes in people on the planet. In this lesson, we use a simple form of lemon.

2. Take a look in the mirror and consider your left top eyelid. Pay attention to how the folds follow the form of the eye. Draw the top eyelid, starting with an inner corner of the eye.

3. Draw a perfectly round circle of iris, bent under the upper eyelid a little bit. We use the law of overlapping. Remember that the iris is the perfect circle, and did not oval. Look in the mirror. Look carefully on the thickness of the edge along the upper part of the lower century. Interestingly, the smallest details like this, then you are looking for and draw. These details really give "wow" effect. Without them, your drawing will look unrealistic.

4. Take a look in the mirror. Look closer on the pupil in the center of the iris. Notice the perfect circle circumference. Note the tiny glare specks inside the black circle. Draw the perfect round pupil in the middle of the iris. Inside, draw a small circle designed for the glare.

5. Take a look in the mirror. Look closer to your pupil once again. Look at the black pupil and a light glare. Draw this dark black pupil with a light glare.

6. Take a look in the mirror. Look at the surface of the iris around the pupil. Take a happy yet. And further. Just amazing game of light, colors, humidity, shapes, such details! When you paint the iris, make radial pencil strokes, emanating from pupil, and use lines of different lengths: some short, some long. When you will experiment with color pencils, I would recommend you to start from this lesson.

7. Draw your chic eyebrow. Make each hairs separately, ranging from the nose and moving along the forehead. Leaving the nose, paint the more horizontal fluttering lines. Start shading your eyes on the inside of the eyelid.

8. Take a look in the mirror. Carefully look at the eyelashes. Please note how your eyelashes are collected in small groups of two or three, not from one cilia. Notice how groups of eyelashes originate from the nearest edge of the upper eyelid. Notice how your eyelashes are spinning from the century, following the eye contour. Note also on the location. Make sure you draw them on the very edge of the century. Pay attention to the direction of animal bending. Be careful not to draw too many eyelashes, and also do not paint them too vertically (otherwise you can get the effect of "web").

The next step - shading. This step causes the eye to really appear on the page! There are five concrete areas for shading. The first is right above your upper century, full length of the eyeball. The next area is located along the lower eyelid, over the aquatic line, directly on the eyeball. To begin with, the sharpening slightly, then you can create a darker effect (if you are sharpening too much, it will look like a very heavy gothic makeup, but maybe you exactly and achieve?). The third area is a small fold at the top of your age, a line that separates your mobile eyelo from the upper stationary. The fourth region is the lower part of the soccer, which is darker in the central corner near the nose and the lacrimal flow. This shadow is riveted and falls on the cheek.

Also as Leonardo da Vinci used a decisive when I designated the eyes of Mona Lisa without hard dark lines, you should also make a decisive very soft when shading 3D eyes. Make sure that the fifth shading zone is sharpened - tiny "secret" shadows in the corners of the orbit and eyelids.

I would also like to share with you a stunning video lesson on drawing an eye from Art Shima.

How to draw eye with a pencil. Part 1

How to draw eye with a pencil. Part 2

Lesson 29: Practical task

I like draw eyes . The more you draw them, the more enjoy them. Eyes are the most important element in the drawing of a person, an animal or a magical creature. Draw a few more eyes in my album, looking somewhat in the mirror, a few, looking lessons on YouTube. There are incredible amateur homework that you can enjoy.

Share your work. You can in the VKontakte group in this album!

So, the eye we painted, now we will try your hand!) The last lesson is waiting for you here!

MARK KISTLER "YOU CAN DRAW IN 30 DAYS" books were used.

Book in Russian Mark Kistler "You can draw in 30 days."

The proverb is known to everyone: the eyes of the soul mirror. Portrait gallery shows the meaning of this expression fully: depending on the face looking from the canvas, a sense of the presence of a person can understand its emotions and mood, all information is read from the eye, a thin visual contact is installed.

Therefore, it is very important to learn how to draw a person's eyes correctly, the artist-portraitist should be able to transfer the emotional background, otherwise people depicted in the paintings will look like ordinary dolls. This article will help everyone to feel like artists and learn how to quickly and correctly draw a person's eyes.

Stages of building eyes

To get started, it is necessary to familiarize yourself with the structure of the eye, allocate its characteristic features. To understand the drawing technology, you need to remember the main components of the eye:

  • Eyeball or sclera;
  • iris and pupil;
  • The upper and lower century, represented by characteristic folds;
  • tear;
  • eyelashes;
  • eyebrow.

This composition, with proper drawing of all proportions, will present a bright and unforgettable image of a human eye.

How to draw eyes a pencil

General principles of drawing eye, master class.

  1. First you need to learn how to make an arbitrary sketch of the eye, without going into the nuances and the features of the structure. To do this, we need to stock specialty simple pencils, suitable hardness: B, 3B, 8B, prepare a dense sheet of paper and eraser.
  2. We indicate the eye zone, denoting it in the angular frames in the form of a rhombus. For more accurate playback, you can use the mirror and view your eyes and try to make a sketch on paper. At this stage it is more convenient to use a thin pencil and perform actions without pressure.
  3. Next, it is necessary to smooth out the angles, the lines draw more smooth. You need to outline the iris eye, pupil and designating eyebrow. Pupil and iris draws with the safest pencil. The iris is drawn by strokes: the bottom is darker, the upper brightest. At this stage, the thickness of the century is drawn, and the tear is indicated. The depth of the lacrimal canal is indicated, for this it is shaded by the edge of the eye with a soft pencil, to give moisture.
  4. The iris is done more spectacular: for this, using a soft cloth, it is necessary to grow the strokes on the iris. Next, radial wave-like pencil troops 3B are made. The base is neatly wiping. Next, the eyebrow is more clearly drawn, slightly thinned. The shadow is drawn under the upper century. Shadows are added on the rounded part of the eyeball.
  5. Eyelashes of the upper and lower eyelid are drawn by the final. The top eyelashes are longer than the lower. To look more realistic eyelashes, you need to start them from the lower side of the upper eyelid and lead them above the folds in the eyelids. Drawn reflection of eyelashes in the head itself will give them a natural look.

Detailed eye drawing lessons

The form

Human eye in its essence represents a ball, fixed inside the orbit. The visible part of the eye is represented in the form of an oval of a pointed from the outer end and rounded from the inner (almond-shaped form), the rest of the ball is covered with centuries.

The form of almond walnut is asymmetric, very similar to the visible part of the eye: you can make sure that you can make a horizontal line separating the eye and designate a vertical line that connects the points of the widest place of the upper and lower part, it will be seen that the points are in different parts of the oval .

At the top of this point closer to the tear canal, and in the bottom to the outer corner of the eye. Drawing eyes need to remember that lighting is applied to the spherical shape, which means radial strokes for dimming.

Eyelids eyes

Eyelids should not be depicted by planes, they have a tangible thickness that covers the eyeball. The thickness of the eyelid can be considered by turning the face into the profile, then you can immediately see that the landing of the lower eyelid is deeper than the top.

The thickness of the century is displayed with lines, the distance between which is 1.5 -2 mm. The upper and lower eyelids discard the shadow on the eyeball, so the thickness of the lower eyelid is the lighter thickness of the top, as there is more light falls on it.


Over the upper century, the fold is always displayed, which covers its part. From different people, this fold is displayed in its own way, since different nations, there are features of the shape and structure of the eyes.


In the inner corner of the eye there is a tear, it is convex and elongated, in the form seized. Without a tear, the eye will look implausible, so it is necessary to draw it.

Iris and pupil

The direction of the view can be determined by the iris and pupil. The pupil is always indicated by a dark circle, which is located in the center of the iris. Eyes in a calm position they are usually covered by 30 percent of centuries.

  • Widely opened eyes are drawn with a full image of a rainbow shell.
  • A pretty glance is drawn with an incomplete image of the iris, part of it is covered with centuries.

The rainbow shell has a form similar to a cup, it is convex, it can be noted in the profile. Pupil flat, not having a circle. No need to draw pupil on the edge of the iris, it is a bit inside.

Blike and reflex

The eye iris always flashes into the light. Therefore, for the natural display of the eye, the glare and reflex is always drawn. The glare is located on the rounded form of the iris, the reflex is a stain of scattered light and is located opposite. The glare is formed from the side where light falls from.


At the end of the drawing, the eyes always need to add eyelashes. Eyelashes are displayed in the form of strokes, the base has a thickness more, at the end thinner. The density of the eyelashes is also individual. If the eyelashes need to be highlighted, they do not need to draw one length and the same thickness.

How to draw eyes with paints

Acrylic paints are most suitable for eye image. In this design technique, they are very realistic. Paints are harder to draw, but with some training, it will not work with work.

Phased analysis of drawing techniques.

  • The palette is taken for drawing, on which suitable paints are applied: gray paint and titanium Belil, natural, red natural and English, light yellow, ultramarine and umbrah burned.
  • For the drawing of the eye contour, the thick brush and dark brown paint is made of the upper and lower eyelid sketch, referred to the iris and pupil. Light accents are added diluted paint.
  • Colors on the palette are mixed: beige, Titanium bleel, brown and red. Next, the resulting color is applied to the upper eyelid, light places are shown. For realistic display in the corner of the eye, a red shade is added: a mixture of brown with red.
  • The lower eyelid is also drawn by a mixture of red with brown color. For the upper eyelid, a mixture of warm beige with her whites is made.
  • Herbal paint is added to the palette and the eye iris begins to work. Then the dark paint is added and the iris is drawn further. The pupil is denoted by dark gray. Next are added blue and olive tones to complete work on the iris.
  • The shadow from the upper eyelid is enhanced, for this it uses light brown paint. A mixture of brown and green paint with a light tone is used for drawing glare in the eye.
  • The final stage draws eyelashes in black. They can have different lengths and thickness.

It will learn how to draw eyes is not so difficult, the main thing is to comply with the sequence in the work, do not forget about the subtleties and details. This article presents various equipment drawing techniques: pencil and paints. A novice artist can choose for himself and master any eye drawing technique.

Photo ideas and examples for drawing eye pencil

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