How made makeup Jokers Jokers Hoakin Phoenix and Hit Ledger

How made makeup Jokers Jokers Hoakin Phoenix and Hit Ledger

Makeup Variations on Halloween This year showed that for comic fans there are only two Joker - one is delighted with the interpretation of Hoakin Phoenix, others - keep the memory of the hit ice. We tell how the makeup of two jokers for filming and who stands behind it.

Joker Hoakina Phoenix

Frame from the movie "Joker". Courgesy photo.
Frame from the movie "Joker". Courgesy photo.

For makeup in the "Joker" Todd Phillips answered the make-sized nickname Ledermann. She also created Makeup images in "Sex in the Big City" and "The Devil wears Prada" - for work in the beloved film of all mods and an equally beloved TV series Awarded the AMMI and BAFTA premiums. Once at the shooting area of ​​"Joker", she met with a rather difficult task - to create an image of a villain, which will not elaborate with its predecessors.

"Joker should have been original and realistic, not a superhero. I wanted makeup to be simple and organic - dirty, like a Ledger, but at the same time classic, like Nicholson, but without Campa.


The image of Joker Hoakina Phoenix was planned touching and sad, "says Ledermann in interview .

With the help of make-up and colored pigments Mac Chromacake, Niki was able to show how Arthur Flek turns into a joker. Dreaming about the career of Standap-comic, Arthur is working as clown in the agency and draws himself a classic clown grima - clearly defined black paint brown-red lips, symmetrical triangles over their eyes and under them. With the turn of the plot and the awakening of Joker Symmetry and clarity in the image of the character disappear - Arthur still draws the makeup on its own, but the madness takes the top, and makeup becomes more chaotic and negligent. At the end, Joker do not even need paints - he draws a smile with his own blood.

A few days before the start of filming, Niki worked in a pair with Hoachin - they picked up the makeup until the "blessings" of Todd Phillips were received. According to the makeazea, Phoenix became its driving force and the source of inspiration - being in front of the cameras, he transformed the makeup, making it an integral part of the overall picture.

Frame from the movie "Joker". Courgesy photo.
Frame from the movie "Joker". Courgesy photo.

Joker Hit Ledger

One of the fan theories says that Heit Ledger, preparing for the shooting of the Dark Knight, bought cheap cosmetics and created makeup for his joker on his own. In fact, the image was thought out of Hollywood makeup John Calon-junior, makeup artist "apostates" and "Clan soprano".

In the "Dark Knight", the joker gets rid of the pussy image from previous shields - he is not a joker, but a radical anarchist who terrorizes Gotham at all for the sake of profit. Working on makeup, John Calon appealed to the pictures of Francis Bacon - people often appeared blurred and distorted. It was exactly that Calon that Joker's makeup was seen - untidy and fuzzy.

Francis Bacon, portrait Isabelle Rostorn. 1966.
Francis Bacon, portrait Isabelle Rostorn. 1966.

"You know that Joker is a psychopath. What if he sleeps in his cosmetics and wears her, not timing, for 3 weeks? " - reasoned Calon in one of interview . He was the first to oppose the classic clown makeup Makeup Joker - the lack of clarity and symmetry also symbolized the madness of the character.

Hit Ledger could not help but take part in the creation of a makeup - after the approval of the clown-prince's sloppy image, he helped Calon in the process of applying cosmetics. The Ledger built clown grimaces - smiled and wrinkled, while the makeup artist painted him. Because of these manipulations, makeup looked very inaccurately - cosmetics settled in wrinkles on the face of the Ledger, because there was a feeling that the joker did not wash off cosmetics weeks.

Frame from the film "Dark Knight". Courgesy photo.
Frame from the film "Dark Knight". Courgesy photo.

Ledger also did not hurry to part with the makeup - during the filming day he was engaged in its usual affairs, staying in cosmetics: I rode on a skate and communicated with other actors.

In both films, the image of Joker goes beyond the clown role, which was so actively replicated in DC comics and preceding screen vendors. For a long time, the Canonical Joker was considered the character of Jack Nicholson - former mafiosa, threatening Gotham with the funny gas. He was, albeit insane, but still a clown in the appropriate make-up - exactly those whom the authors of DC were created strongly created.

Performance of the Ledger and Phoenix, the crazy prince Gotam became more realistic, worse, it no longer uses funny gas - in both cases he sows chaos by completely different methods. And so impressive images of Joker would hardly have happened without the relevant makeup.

Frames from "Joker" films (left) and "Dark Knight" / Salt-Collage. Courgesy photo.
Frames from "Joker" films (left) and "Dark Knight" / Salt-Collage. Courgesy photo.

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Joker Makeup on Halloween

Joker on Halloween

Joker - an attractive image-mutant, which appeared due to the infection with a wild card virus. If you do not know what image to try on Halloween to get all the public attention, this extraordinary, very cunning hero is for you. Makeup Joker can do both a girl and a guy.

The main signs of the hero

Joker stands out against the background of other characters in the following features:

  1. White Person Joker with Black EyersWhite face.
  2. Smile with red lips and scars.
  3. Black eye sockets.
  4. Purple suit.

Getting ready for makeup

Of course, to simplify the creation of an image, you can buy a ready mask, but if you wish to create a Joker's face with makeup easy and at home.

For makeup you will need:

  • Overhead scars or scar tissue;
  • white makeup;
  • Lipstick of red and black shades (you can replace paint for the face);
  • adhesive tape or tape;
  • Water soluble glue.

Skin preparation

In order for makeup on the face to bed better and kept longer, you need to cook the skin to apply the paints. The skin should not be fat. Carefully breathe and make sure your face is dry.

Smile Joker

From the corners of the mouth of Joker go scarsThis part is one of the hero standing on the face. Joker's smile is different from other Halloween guests, it is not just bloody or just red, it continues scars . Rubbed fabric, pre-lubricated wax, roll up with a tube, width to half a centimeter.

Glue it with glue towards ears, making it a smile line from it. Please note that between the lips and the scar, you must leave 1 cm free. The scar line should not be perfectly smooth. On the contrary, it can be a little curve to create an illusion of a real scar.

If you bought special overlays for scarring, they are glued to the skin after applying a white grima.

We transform a face

Joker's face must be whiteJoker's skin must be white. This result can be achieved in two ways: a special paint for a grima or a white hair varnish. In the first case, the paint is applied to the skin with your fingers, tassels or sponge. The second option is more complicated, but the whiteness of the face will be high quality.

Eyes, ears, nostrils need to be protected from unnecessary dusting. Put the glasses whose glasses will wrap in advance with paper. Nostrils and ears are secure with cotton pads. Varnish when applying makeup should not fall on the neck, so make an adhesive tape or tape on this part of the face. Protect hair from varnish. Now you can start spraying. The distance between the balloon and the skin should be 10-15 cm. Create a white tone, applying a dye into three layers.

If you want to draw wrinkles on your joker forehead, simply shove your forehead during spraying in this part.

Keep the glaze

This part of the makeup is the creation of black hubs is the main attribute of Joker. To do this, use black paints or lipstick of this color. Apply a means from the inside out. The pieces of the eye blaracsed around the eye should be square-oval.

Be careful! You do not need to cry for black bridge.

Fix Makeup

We complete the makeup of Halloween Guest - give a smile and scars color. Apply paint on the scars area. You can scroll through the line not completely, you will get an even more realistic result. Cock the lips of red lipstick.

Joker on your face - the result of independent work. Excellent makeup Complete the costume and go to Halloween. Merry evening!

If you were invited to a party in honor of Halloween celebration, it's time to think about your image. If you have already decided on a character, then you need to choose the corresponding suit, accessories and attributes, as well as take care of the hairstyle. But that the image is complete and realistic, it is worth paying special attention to make a makeup or makeup. If you do not even imagine how to paint the face on Halloween, then several valuable tips and ideas will help you decide on the choice.

Preparation of face

Makeup a man, a woman or child is always worth imposing only on a pre-prepared person. Otherwise, you risk spoiling the skin or even get chemical burns. It is necessary to deflect the upper layers of the skin well, for this you will be able to conventional soap, and then use any tonic on alcohol. Then apply a thin layer of cream or basics under makeup, it will protect the face from the harmful and drying effect of cosmetics.

Merchase options for women

How to paint a face on Halloween woman or a girl? Everything will depend on the image and complexity of the costume, we will look at the most popular options.

Gothic Makeup

Classic makeup in the Gothic style is suitable for the image of the witch, Demonsers, Ladies of shadows or black widow. A similar coloring of a person on Halloween does not take much time and does not require special skills.

    To begin with, it is necessary to select the skin with a light powder, theater grima or white shadows. You can use watercolor paints or gouache, but then the result will not be so realistic. Belil can be made independently, for this you need to mix the fat cream with a white clay or bulk dye and apply a wide brush on the skin.

Image of skeleton

Make such an unusual makeup on the face on Halloween is very difficult, but the result is spent effort and time.

  • First you need to apply the contours of the main bones of the skull. Places where bones are supposedly painted are painted with white, empties are highlighted in black. The main elements of the drawing are eyes, nose, cheekbones and jaw. If your suit does not cover the neck and zone with the neckline, you need to draw the cervical spine and the top of the chest.
  • Stratching start with "voids", for this use black and dark gray shadows. The intensity of the shade should be reduced from the center to the edges.
  • The rest of the face in the white color. Completely disguise lips. With the help of silver and light gray shadows, select the area of ​​cheekbones and temporal shares.
  • Latest strokes. The lines of teeth and protruding bones need to be made very sharp and clear, for this you will fit a liquid eyeliner or pencil.

Artistic images

It is not necessary to do a terrible and frightening face on Halloween with the help of a grima: the photo, presented below, is bright confirmation. Your image may be mysterious, fatal and even romantic. With the help of theatrical makeup, you can turn your face into a real work of art.

When applying the grima, it is worth remembering that it should be set aside in a single color scheme with a suit. Too rich colors palette can spoil the image and turn it into a carnival.

Men's options for men

If everything is clear with the representatives of the beautiful sex, then how to paint face on Halloween male half of the population? The strong floor in this plan was lucky much more, because their image can be really awesome, while girls still want to keep a little feminine and beauty.

the walking Dead

Perhaps the most popular characters among guys are skeletons and zombies. However, variations are the most different, it can be a stylish skeleton guy or the most real death rider. But the overall essence of the grima does not change, usually it is a white face and dark accents in some parts of the skull.

If you want to emphasize the individuality and stand out from the gray mass, then the image of a character from your favorite cinema or comics can be used for the idea of ​​the makeup. Such heroes like Edward's hands-scissors or a crazy hawp are particularly popular. Film admirers about Batman can use joker makers or Harley Joker. But the fans of comic books "Marvel" are lucky the most, as hundreds of thousands of characters from Hulk to Man-Spider are in the choice.

Do not forget about the smallest family members. Despite the fact that children prefer to wear terrible masks on the face, for Halloween you can choose the image in which they do not need them at all. Therefore, interesting makeup will help add a suit.

Girls for girls

How to paint face on Halloween girl? This, first of all, depends on its age and costume. Baby, for example, the image of a pumpkin is very suitable.

  • Take the paint or theatrical maker and draw the pumpkin outline on the face of the child. It should capture eyebrows, cheeks and the top of the chin. Using different shades, create a smooth gradient from light yellow to bright orange. The intensity of the color is enhanced from the center to the edges.
  • With brown paint, apply longitudinal curved lines. They will mimic the pumpkin sectors.
  • Black eyeliner or gouache apply triangular eyes and carved mouth future festive pumpkin.
  • Complete grims with fruit and green leaves.

An older girl can dress up a witch, for this you will need bright and beautiful makeup. Use various sequins and juicy colors. And to give the image of the spirit of the holiday, draw the web, the wings of the bat or tail of the palate. Well, if the daughter is not afraid to be funny, she will like the image of a real witch with a terrible green face.

Boys can choose many options for festive makeup. Various animalist characters are very popular. For example, a puppy, kitten or tiger. They are very easily drawn and look pretty nice. For a more specific image it is worth selecting individual makeup. If your son has decided to be a Count Dracula, then it is worth the vampire makeup if he chose a superhero costume, then the symbolism of Batman or a man spider will have to be by the way. And for a living dead man, a zombie or skeleton there is a detailed photo instruction.

After the holiday, it is necessary to correctly remove the makeup from the face. To do this, it is better to use a special milk, but if it is not, you can do without water and soap. To do this, moisten the face with warm water and apply a little liquid soap on a cotton disk or sponge. Wait until the paint becomes soft and fluid, and with neat movements, remove its layer on the layer. Do not trite skin and do not smear the makeup all over the face, harmful substances can get into the eyes. After washing, wipe the skin with an alcohol-containing tonic and moisture with a bold cream.

Cool joker can be drawn. I liked the option for an adult here.

You need to do a white face and throw the eyelids, the mouth increase. For Halovin with such guys walked. But children do not need such a face to draw.

So that it was not so scary, draw your mouth is not black and red. And the length of it

Make less. In the photo below, you can also concern. Blue eyelids.

Joker Serious character with a rather terrible facial expression. I always had some vague feelings). Let's try to draw the most real Joker. We take a white aquagrim, sponge, red paint. Honestly, to draw such aquagrim simply. Fully toning the face with white aquagrima with a sponge. Moreover, eyelids too. If you have black paint, then you can work out a little outline of the eyes. Just do not make clear lines. We hit the paint sponge and create such a blurred appearance.

Recall that Joker has such strong wrinkles near the eyes, they can be painted and a little "pointing" to the sponge. Mouth make big. A little stretch the cut with red aquagrim. And do not make a very clear line. You can even be ridiculous to bend it and lubricate. By the way, if the hair is leaning, they are better to pour themselves with varnish and make a little "dirty".

Halloween (Halloween) is a famous youth holiday that came to us from the United States. Every year he is actively marked in Russia. Guys and girls are in a hurry to create unusual, bright and mystical images, and without the relevant makeup (makeup) can not do. We prepared for you some popular and impressive images for Halloween for guys, how to perform them at home step by step, which will be required for this, read on.

A vampire

The image of the vampire can be safely attributed to the most popular Halloween Party Characters. It will be possible to fulfill it without the help of professionals. To do this, prepare:

  • Aquagrim or theatrical maker;
  • concealer;
  • black cosmetic pencil, eyeliner;
  • artificial blood;
  • Special linings for teeth;
  • White or red lenses.

Characteristic features of a classic vampire - pale, even slightly bluish eyes, saved eyes. Wounds, cuts on the face are unusual for the vampire image, and are performed at will. Famous vampire heroes - Dracula, Edward from the film "Twilight".

We make a vampire makeup:

  1. Prepare skin for makeup: Face, neck and ears Clean cosmetic milk, wipe with a tonic on an alcohol basis and moisturize the cream. Remove the excess moisture with paper towels.
  2. To dry the skin, use light tonal cream or theatrical maker. For persuasiveness, it is possible to add a little blue. Do not forget to also dry the surface of the lips.
  3. Brown, gray to work around the eye, cheekbones.
  4. End the eyebrows with a black pencil.
  5. On your teeth put on special lining-fangs. You can add some artificial blood flowing from the mouth. This technique will give expressiveness and paintness image.
  6. Put on red or white lenses.

High-quality makeup is only half of success. Mimic, facial expression, look and hairstyle are equally important. Practice in front of the mirror, look at others cold and with interest, like a wolf on a young lamb. Be sure to add hair like.

Important! Before performing the grima, the vegetation on the face is most carefully screamed. The bristle will not evenly impose makeup and create a convincing image.


For charismatic and wrinkled personalities, the image of Joker on Halloween is suitable. It personifies het Ledger in the film "Batman". Fancy character, unpredictability of behavior, terrible and at the same time attractive expression - additional criteria for this image for Halloween.

To make the joker make-up with her own hands, you will need:

  • Aquagrim, theatrical grims of white, red and black;
  • Artificial blood.

The procedure for performing makeup for Halloween:

  1. Correct your face correctly: Clean the cosmetic tool, wipe the tonic and apply a moisturizing cream. Impregnate moisture remnants of paper napkins.
  2. A pale face is characteristic of Joker's appearance. A tone cream, white theatrical maker make the desired effect will help.
  3. Use black paint around the eye, adding the effect of blur, inclusions.
  4. Lips paint into bright red. Apply a red paint to the ugrass, imitating the torn mouth. Blood droplets, blurred outlines will add expression and naturalness image.

Council. Do not forget to use a wig or paint your hair into green. For this, special chalk or other temporary hair dyes will be suitable.

Angry clown, penny

Creepy and evil clown - another suitable male image for Halloween. Examples of Hollywood clown-killer killers, a leader and a benchmark of a terrible character, Pennivez from the film "It" is considered.

For the grima of the ominous clown will take:

  • Aquagrim, theatrical makeup;
  • tonal basis;
  • Make-up wax;
  • black cosmetic pencil;
  • Buta blood.

Men's makeup on Halloween is done like this:

  1. The skin is prepared (cleaned, treated with tonic and apply moisturizing cream).
  2. The face, neck and ears are made by white with aquagrim (tonal base).
  3. Black pencil draw contours of the eyes and lips. For expressiveness of the outline of the zone around the eye make figured (for example, in the form of a rhombus), painted black.
  4. The lips shape is also modified: they are made very massive, wide, so that you can draw your teeth, and the corners of the mouth are prolonged somewhere until the middle of the cheeks.
  5. To create the effect of ripped corners of the mouth, the eye makes the dressing wax. If you cannot purchase a tool, you can take paper napkins and eyelashes. Small scraps of paper are gluing to the corners of the painted lips (eyes) glue, for the volume, perform several layers. When the paper serves, burst or cut the ends with scissors, cover the tone base and the colors of the selected color. Blood leaks can be made from buttofa blood.
  6. Inside the new lips draw dental cleaned. The basis is made in black, and the teeth are drawn by frosted white shadows.
  7. Nose tip Fluster red or put on a small clown nose on a rubber band.

A bright suit, a clown wig with colorful hair - a mandatory addition to the makeup.

Note! The male clown hides the grim, the image will suit young guys and adult men.


The image of the rolling looks no less effectively, but may cause complexity when creating. For guys with thick vegetation on the face - this is the best option, you can not even shave.

To create an image, it will be necessary:

  • Thin brush for applying makeup;
  • black, gray, brown makeup;
  • Overhead fangs;
  • green or yellow lenses;
  • Black cosmetic pencil (eyeliner).

How is the Werewid Makeup:

  1. Purpose the face with the help of a cosmetics, wipe with tonic and apply cream.
  2. Using brown and gray paint and thin brush, depict wool on the forehead, cheekbones. Add some paints on your eyebrows to visually increase their volume.
  3. Top eyelids Slip dark shadows. Line along the bottom century, highlight the black cosmetic pencil (eyeliner).
  4. Nose tip Sketch dark paint, like animals.
  5. Jump lenses and fangs.

To complete the image of the Werewolf, put on a wig with long hair in the tone of the wool depicted, as well as the corresponding carnival costume.

Devil, demonic image

The image of the devil is preferable to use dark-haired men bold and confident. You don't need to shave before griming. Easy hotness will give the image of brutality.

To fulfill the maker, the devil will take:

  • red theatrical makeup;
  • black and gray shadows;
  • cosmetic pencil;
  • Contact lenses of white color;
  • A set of grima brushes.

The mace of the demon is performed as follows:

  1. Prepare a face, ears, neck to apply makeup.
  2. Put the contact lenses.
  3. Tonnize the visible areas of the skin in red.
  4. Apply dark shadows on the upper moving eyelid, we grow out the contour.
  5. Draw a black cosmetic pencil (eyeliner) to the lower eyelid line, and the eyelid itself fill with black shadows and grow in the edges.
  6. Draw a few symmetrical vertical lines on the forehead (one from the inner corner of the eyes, the other from the center of the eyebrows). Give them on one side.
  7. Dimmer the sides of the nose to visually lengthen it. Area nostrils fit into black.
  8. Select dark cheekbones.
  9. The surface of the lips fresk into the dark gray, the contour can be highlighted in black.
  10. In conclusion in the field of cheekbone, on the forehead of the black pencil, apply several hieroglyphs.

For a demonic image, it is not necessary to invent a special carnival outfit, you can wear a strict black suit.

Detailed master class on the implementation of demonic makeup You can view on the following video:

Additionally, a shaggy wig with dark hair and a suitable carnival costume can be used to makeup.

Looking for a suite for a crazy hat on Halloween will not cause anxiety either. Any trouser costume is suitable, a few sizes are smaller and a color shirt with a jab.

This makeup makeup on this, proceed to the recreation of the costume.

Over the Grima Frankenstein will have to work hard. Character characteristic character features - unexplored seams on the face, neck, the dead is pale leather.

Variations of patterns set, the main thing is the advantage of the black gamma in front of other tones.

As for the decoration, it is easier here. Black suit, tie, strict hat, decorated with flower - and image ready.

Pumpkin is a mandatory attribute, Halloween symbol. Bright orange coloring can be taken as the basis for festive makeup. The technique of its implementation is simple, does not require special artistic skills:

Grim Cloown Pennivez on Halloween.

Live skull on Halloween.

This message (material) was created and (or) is distributed by a foreign media that performs the functions of a foreign agent, and (or) a Russian legal entity that performs the functions of a foreign agent.

It seems the most popular way in Halloween parties this year will be the image of Joker, played by Johakin Phoenix: the same red costume in which the villain danced on the stairs, green hair and negligent clown makeup. At the request of "Jellyfish", Tatyana's stylist, Tatyana Reshetnik compiled detailed instructions, how to change clothes in the main Gotham criminal. Here are some recommendations: for those who do not plan to spend a lot of suit, and for those who do not feel sorry for the sake of comic villains.

The appearance of Joker changed from the film to the film. His first appearance on the screen in the film "Batman" of 1966 was rather commissioned than the villain: Joker performed by Sizar Romero had green hair, a sharp smile, a dark pink suit, purple gloves and even their own "JockerMobile" - a colorful van. Joker Tim Berton performed by Jack Nicholson has already wore a lilac suit and a tone hat, a tight white makeup and an orange shirt with a blue bow on the neck. Joker Hita Ledger had long light green hair, a worn violet coat and leather gloves of the same shade, and instead of a smile - two scars on the cheeks, the makeup was delivered deliberately carelessly. Most of all the facilities in the image of the villain allowed themselves the costumes "suicide squad", where Jared Summer changed a gray velvet jacket with a scrub shirt on a frak and a purple crocodile coat, put on a naked body.

But this year we propose to repeat in Halloween the image of Joker, played by Hoakin Phoenix. On the screen, the villain appears in the alone costume, orange vest, a green shirt and brown shoes. The makeup is also different from previous versions: the red scarlet "smile" and white tone added red strips of eyebrows and blue shadows under the bottom and above the upper century.

This outfit is suitable for people of any floor - on girls loose men's costumes and a villain-focker shirt will look at the best traditions. A good landmark is Julia Roberts at the presentation of the Golden Globe in 1990 or the classic image of Winona Rider in the early 1990s.

The first option is not very expensive.

If you do not plan to spend a five-digit amount on a suit, in search of the necessary items will have to be sweat. Get ready to invent a bike - for example, a vest can be replaced by cardigan: find a knitted orange model for a little money is much easier than the suit vest of orange. Suit More easier to find on Aliexpress - Book Alie Pants and Jacques are on the code below the code name "for the scene". Shirt like a similar shade will be found in the mass market like H & M or Zara. Footwear Faster to buy on Avito - classic brown male shoes of varying degrees of minerals is enough for the army of jokers. Another bright outfit and accessories can be found in masquerade stores, but to wear such a thing after the holiday you are hardly wanting - such costumes are rarely pleasing to high-quality materials.

Outcome: 9500 rubles

Option two - more expensive

Even in search of a joker costume, you can visit vintage shops and second-handers. For example, the Moscow Showerum "Frica Frak" specializes in things from different eras, and especially in the fashion of Soviet style - in those days, the alcoholic costumes were not rare. In the mass market, very few bright colors, even less they become with the onset of autumn. But you can try to try online: multi-brand services like Asos or Lamoda take quantities, so the chance to stumble into an orange vest or a green shirt here much higher.

Outcome: 18,300 rubles

Option three - dear

If you don't want to buy things at once, make a bet on Middle Market. Here you can find everything you need for Joker's suit, and then you can wear these things in everyday life separately. In this case, choose objects in a reliable color scheme (red-green-orange), but in more muted shades and laconic cut. For example, instead of a print shirt, a one-picture version is suitable, and a bright suit can be replaced by a free option for mustard colors.

Outcome: 37 500 rubles

Four option - very expensive

For a suit of your favorite superer, no money sorry for any money? Then get accurate! Look for the brightest colors and do not save time on the makeup - you will definitely remember you at any part. Having an unlimited budget, colored jackets and pants can be found at least in TsUM, even in profile shops of business clothes.

Outcome: 67 000 rubles

Grim and hairstyle

For reliable makeup, you will need the theater makeup of white color, the usual cosmetics to achieve an even tight tone of the face will be difficult. It can be bought in masquerade stores or in hypermarkets for needlework and hobby like "Leonardo". Red accents on the nose and forehead can be placed on the scarlet lipstick - for these purposes, the shades of Mac Russian Red, Nars InappropRiate Red or Nyx Alabama are ideal. Cream shadows (apply a thin brush) or special paint for the face and body are useful for the blue rhombuses around the eyes) - it is also looking for it from professional cosmetics brands like Mac and Inglot.

Here is one of the options how to apply make-up (but you can do it more casually):

If the radical change of image into your plans is not included and you are not going to paint your hair into green, limit the tint express paint - such funds do not penetrate the hair and wash off after the first head wash. Look for sprays, crayons and jelly green shades at l'oreal.

You read "Medusa". You listened to "Medusa". You watched "Medusa" Help us save "Medusa"

Joker Serious character with a rather terrible facial expression. I always had some vague feelings). Let's try to draw the most real Joker. We take a white aquagrim, sponge, red paint. Honestly, to draw such aquagrim simply. Fully toning the face with white aquagrima with a sponge. Moreover, eyelids too. If you have black paint, then you can work out a little outline of the eyes. Just do not make clear lines. We hit the paint sponge and create such a blurred appearance.

Recall that Joker has such strong wrinkles near the eyes, they can be painted and a little "pointing" to the sponge. Mouth make big. A little stretch the cut with red aquagrim. And do not make a very clear line. You can even be ridiculous to bend it and lubricate. By the way, if the hair is leaning, they are better to pour themselves with varnish and make a little "dirty".

Showing text

Halloween is the most terrifying and unforgettable holiday in the year. All people compete and show their originality with makeup and costumes. The image for such a holiday is best to choose from negative characters. An excellent choice will serve a cunning villain Joker, he will definitely provide everyone's attention.

But not all people are engaged in professional makeup, so in this article it is described in detail how to draw Joker with your own hands.

Makeup Joker on Halloween

Who is a joker

Joker is one of the main opponents of Batman in comics and films. When, during an unsuccessful robbery, he fell into an acid, his skin became pale, the hair was green, and an ominous smile was frozen on her face forever. The villain began to kill civilians and cut their mouths from the ear to ear.

Antigeroy loved the audience very much, and now people from completely different cities and countries are trying to repeat such a memorable image.

do it yourself

Features of Meika Joker

Grier Joker is suitable for both men and women, because an unusual holiday does not leave anyone indifferent anyone.

Makeup Joker on Halloween has its own characteristics:

  1. Very pale face.
  2. Stretched red smile with scars.
  3. Black, like a resin, soccer.
  4. Swamp's hair.
  5. Dark purple suit.


How to make a makeup Joker with professional funds

Of course, with the help of professional products, makeup will continue longer and will not "flow." Especially, it is less toxic for the skin.

do it yourself

What you need

Unfortunate and monotonous masks in souvenir shops will not suit the true connoisseurs of the holiday of the dead.

At home, each can be turned into anchored villain using:

  • glue stick;
  • Theatrical makeup Maximum Light Shade;
  • aquagrima green;
  • black eye shadow;
  • black pencil for century;
  • Red pencil for lips;
  • red lipstick;
  • Overhead logs;
  • brown shadows or blush;
  • a set of makeup brushes;
  • Aluminum foil.

Looks like

Step-by-step makeup application instruction

With the help of a set of cosmetics, you can easily become an evil joker.

Step-by-step instruction:

  1. Starting with hair. Application of aquagrim should be done with caution and avoid hitting the scalp and face.
  2. Next to smear eyebrows with a pencil glue.
  3. Theatrical make-up makes goodbye throughout the face and neck so that there is no transition from the real skin to the toned.
  4. Black pencil for the eyelids, you need to clear the top and bottom of the eye. Growing and secure the color of black shadows.
  5. Next is the correction of the nasal shape with the help of the brush with black shadows scored on it parallel to the nose from the growth line of eyebrows to the wing.
  6. Scars are applied with a resistant black pencil. Near the left eyebrows you need to spend uneven line and growing. Next, the letter "j" under the same eye. The inscription "Damaged", which means "damaged", should be on the forehead.
  7. Sculpture of the face. Rushed or shades of brown on the area under the cheekbones, on the chin, whiskey and side parts of the forehead.
  8. The lips are turned on with a red pencil, you need a lot of retreat from the natural circuit and draw the famous smile Chelsea. Next, you need to take a scarsing fiber, lubricate it with wax and roll up with a width of about 0.5 cm. Glit fabric, retreating 1 cm in the direction of the ears.
  9. Silver crowns are made using a conventional foil. It must be bought between the teeth and stay with your fingers, having them on top of real teeth.

How to draw Joker

Makeup creation option by conventional cosmetics

Not everyone has professional cosmetics at hand, but to buy it for one time quite expensive. Makeup Joker on Halloween can also be done using conventional cosmetics, which has every girl in a cosmetic.

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What you need to prepare

Preparing for makeup with simple cosmetics is very simple.

It will take only:

  • face mask film;
  • the brightest tone cream;
  • Dark shadows;
  • Gelium eyeliner;
  • Black eye pencil;
  • Bright red lipstick.

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Phased applying makeup

With this minimum set of cosmetics, you can also reincarnate in an evil character.

Phased process description:

  1. You need to apply a mask with drawn cheeks and hold a little such a grimace until it dries off. Then it will be necessary to make a little more cake so that cracks appear on the educated film, which will resemble scars.
  2. Further, a light tone is applied on top of the film.
  3. Sculpture face stands with dark shadows. They allocate cheekbones, chin and whiskey.
  4. An eye pencil should be brought to the eyes as close as possible to the eyelashes and draw circles under the eyes using helium eyeliner.
  5. Red lipstick put on lips and growing corners to ears.

How to draw Joker

Now it remains only to put the purple suit-triple, carefully shine black shoes and become the same crazy like a joker.

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do it yourself

Joker maker

How to draw Joker

How to draw Joker


Makeup Joker on Halloween


In this video, it shows in detail how to make a magician joker.

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