Xiaomi or Meizu: Whose smartphones are better and why?

Today, Chinese manufacturers simply flooded the mobile device market with their smartphones. If we talk about our country, then we, perhaps, the most popular people are brands like Xiaomi and Meizu. Both companies have a numerous army of admirers. Since these brands are direct competitors, users constantly have a desire to compare their offspring to find out what is better. For both manufacturers, devices are good with their pros and cons, but people may have a reasonable question: Xiaomi or Meizu. ? It is possible to respond to it only by comparing different aspects related to devices from these two brands from the subnet.

The lineup Both companies have been trying to fill in literally all price niches lately. Therefore, at the moment the assortment of smartphones at Meizu and Xiaomi is quite extensive. There are both state employees and middle peasants and flagships. Everyone may pick up the device to his taste and wallet. However, chase the number of released phones is one thing, and the product is really attractive to the buyer - this is completely different. And here there are already discrepancies, and this difference not in favor of Meizu Since she has a lot of passing, no remarkable smartphones. However, they are due to low prices in good demand. But impressive devices that you immediately want to buy, unfortunately, units. To their number, you can take a recent flagship recently Meizu Pro 7 Plus allocated to an unusual solution in the form of an additional screen on the back panel. Also, the M6 ​​Note statefend is also very tempting, equipped with a better camera in its class, a powerful battery and a productive stuffing. But with the middle class, the manufacturer does not develop something, really curious smartphones do not come to mind. Only last year's gray man Meizu MX6. It looks worthily by offering good filling and a stylish metal body for small money.

Xiaomi or Meizu: Whose smartphones are better and why?

Xiaomi companies in the number of best-selling issued are no equal. In this part, it surpasses its competitor in the face of Meizu. Thanks to a more advanced technical component and a low price, the devices of this manufacturer conquer the world. In almost all segments you can find a smartphone from Xiaomi, which dispels with huge circulations. Among the state employees there are no equal models Redmi Note 4x. and Redmi 4X. These devices are fairly powerful for their value, besides, they are closed in metal. The average level represents Xiaomi Mi Note 3. It features a beautiful glass case, excellent chipset Snapdragon 660. , as well as a cool double camera. "Fishka" model is gaining popularity Face recognition function. It is impossible not to mention also Model MI A1. , caused by a considerable resonance, because it is based on a clean Android without a MIUI shell. Well, in the flagship category, we note two devices - MI6 and MI MIX 2. Both are built on the most powerful platform Snapdragon 835. Despite its availability. The first is the classic flagship of compact sizes, and the second can boast a huge widescreen display of a 18: 9 format and an elegant case with ceramics.

Design, build quality and performance From the point of view of the quality of execution to the devices of both manufacturers has long been There are no claims . Companies on this part hold the brand, clouding smartphones in presentable corps without creaks and backlats. By a variety of external design, leadership belongs to Xiaomi, the choice is wider. In the product line of this brand there are all-metal devices, and with a rear cap of the glass. There are plastic devices representing the segment of ultra-juggirls. Meizu also equips its cheapest devices with a plastic case, while the machines are more expensive to get a metal design. Experiments with appearance engineers of this brand do not like, so smartphones of this brand differ from each other not much. During the activities of Meizu, glass devices happened, but this is a drop in the sea. The standard for the company is ergonomic and stylish, but still the same type of design with a backrest. Xiaomi has more diversity in this plan.

Xiaomi or Meizu: Whose smartphones are better and why?

In terms of performance undoubted leader - This is Xiaomi Since it equips its devices with Qualcomm chipsets, and this also applies to even the smartphones of the initial class. Meizu devices on the power of the "iron" are noticeably losing, and the reason for this - Processors from MediaTek . The weak point of chip data is bad performance in games, as the accelerators are low-power. But the hope of changing the situation for the better of the brand fans has appeared with the release of an inexpensive model. M6 Note. running no longer on MediaTek, but on Snapdragon 625. Therefore, over time, the backlog can turn into equality.

Quality of cameras and autonomy Both companies can praise for the fact that they do not greadify, establishing high-quality photosensors even in low-cost devices. Any stateput from these manufacturers is always better than at the price of the apparatuses from the firms of the third echelon. The result of cameras from devices of both brands is approximately the same. In something better, Xiaomi smartphones, in the other moments - MEIZU devices. However, according to the parameters of the chambers, almost ahead is still Xiaomi. For example, in the current flagship MI6 there is optical stabilization, and in a similar top of the top Meizu Pro 7 it is not. In an inexpensive MI A1, the dual-chamber is endowed with an optical zoom, and in the competitor Meizu M6 Note it is missing.

Xiaomi or Meizu: Whose smartphones are better and why?

Xiaomi has excellent autonomy performance, the Redmi series is famous, which includes budget devices. Rarely when the capacity of the batteries in these inexpensive smartphones is lowered below 4000 mAh. . Users are already accustomed to this, as evidenced by the rabid popularity of these phones. Meizu also has an accessible Melian line with devices equipped with a large capacity batteries, a bright example - Model M6 Note. With a battery for 4000 mAh. As for more expensive products, there is also a good level. Now in flagships and middings from these manufacturers, as a rule, energy-efficient processors are worth. For example, "Heart" Xiaomi Mi6. It is the Snapdragon 835 chip with a 10 nm process, and the Helio X30 with the same technical process is installed in Meizu Pro 7 Plus.

Flyme or MIUI? This is perhaps the most promoted software shells, and not surprising, because, in fact, they completely replace standard Android. Not all this fact to taste, some like "Operation" without any interventions from the manufacturer. But people who adhere to the opposite opinion are also a lot. For a long time, the dispute between the adherents of the firmware from Xiaomi and Meizu does not subscribe. Both interfaces bribe their functionality and design. But there are differences. The Flyme shell looks more neatly and stylish, the icons look harmonious. The multicolored squares of application icons in MIUI is easier to appear and not everyone. However, there, and there are different topics of decoration, you can find something suitable for yourself. In addition, Flyme is easier for understanding, over systematization and competent structuring here perfectly worked. To get used to MIUI, it is necessary more time, because it is not so good everything is ordered. In some aspects, this shell is inferior to the competitor, but for many it is an ideal due to the abundance of subtle settings and wide opportunities for customization, and with exit MIUI 9. The situation just improved. In the stability of work in front of the firmware from Meizu, but an animation is correct in MIUI correct and free. Minus one for all - This is the organization of icons only on the desktop pages without the right to choose an alternative as a separate application menu. Flyme is focused on a simple user, while MIUI is on a more advanced, and in this key difference.

Xiaomi or Meizu: Whose smartphones are better and why?


Pluses of MEIZU smartphones:

  • individual audio chips in the flagships;
  • Multifunction Mtouch button;
  • software;
  • cameras;
  • affordable price.

Minuses of MEIZU smartphones:

  • Simplicity design;
  • MEDIATEK chips performance;
  • No nfc.

Pluses of Smartphones Xiaomi:

  • Qualcomm processors;
  • MIUI sheath;
  • low price;
  • the ability to install custom firmware;
  • cameras;
  • IR port.

Cons Xiaomi smartphones:

  • Belated output of global firmware;
  • In the smartphones of one model there are components of different manufacturers

China has long awarded the rank of the capital of fakes. Of course, in some period it was fair, but, apparently, Meisu and Ksyomi decided to change the opinion of Chinese products, and they began to produce really high-quality smartphones. And not only cheap models, but also real flagships. Now the customers have formed a difficult choice - what is better than Xiaomi or Meizu?

When choosing the devices of these brands, users cannot decide what is better. After all, as one so the second company has on its account of the model, which for a long time remained sales leaders. If you compare the characteristics, both have high-quality products that are sold at an affordable price. Naturally, there are flaws in the configuration, but the low price will more than compensate for the inconvenience of their presence. Let's look at who is better from these two eternal competitors.

Positive sides of MEIZU smartphones

MEIZU and Xiaomi comparison is one of the main topics on many sites. In addition, to find out what advantages and disadvantages of these smartphones, users can refer to the forums. Ask people who have already dealt with this technique much more reliable than reading the reviews of bloggers. Although video review also has its advantages. Main, select a page where a lot of reviews to be completely confident that it is not a fek.

Meizu has some benefits. Let's look at them in more detail:

  1. Original and stylish design. Perhaps this is the first thing that the buyer pays attention to. Manufacturers have taken into account and released many beautiful devices. This is especially noticeable when inspecting budget models. They have several color solutions for the panel, the glass screen looks very stylish and expensive, despite the fact that the price of equipment is relatively low. To take at least the mease of U10 and U20 - analogues of these models at the same price it is impossible to choose at all.
  2. Politics about the availability of companies differ in favor of Meizu. In the first stages to buy hay is much more complicated. This is due to the fact that the manufacturer does not limit the initial circulation, because representatives who resell the device are not able to set too high.
  3. The audio operation in Meizu is working significantly better, and not only on flagship models, but also on ordinary devices. This is due to the fact that they are equipped with discrete audio processors. Of course, they can not argue with expensive models for a thousand dollars. But no one demands that, given the money for which the buyer took the device.
  4. So, with regard to the sampling frequency, users get the characteristics relatively higher than that of Xiaomi smartphones. The ratio of the signal to noise, too, not be perfect, but high quality, and the sensitivity to the frequency potential is quite wide.
  5. Mase chamber is also one of the advantages of the manufacturer. The best-selling models are specially equipped with flagship cameras, video quality on which is very high, especially considering that this technique is funny money. It is important to recall that if you compare Xiaomi and Meizu phones, then the advantage will clearly on the mease side, although this does not mean that there is nothing to show competitors. In general, MEIZU smartphones video should be high-quality.
  6. An interesting feature of the flagship data is the presence of a button. This key has a plurality of functions, in particular, reads fingerprints, can block or unlock the phone, opens the task manager, etc.

Disadvantages of MEIZU smartphones

Naturally, such inexpensive models have drawbacks, like many other devices among Chinese flagships. So let's consider the biggest problems in the configuration of smartphones.

  1. MediaTek chipsets are not quite suitable for smartphones of this manufacturer, because users may have different problems. But since the end of 2019, the situation may change, so it remains only to wait.
  2. As you know, on the quality of the work of the smartphone, the updates performed on time, and if they do not conduct them, the system will start working with failures, various glitches will arise, etc. So customers have to take care of their own security. Unfortunately, almost all smartphones MEZ differ similar disadvantage. So if you got yourself to search for suitable updates, it is better to take a phone that works more reliable.
  3. The disadvantages of the OS are also there, but they do not interfere with the good job of the device. Of course, a comparative characteristic with expensive flagships will not benefit Meizu, but the affordable price makes these small configuration problems very insignificant. The main thing follows the system, carefully refers to the installation of various updates, and the smartphone will work reliable.

What is better meizu or xiaomi

Xiaomi smartphones are very popular devices not only in China, but also in the global market. However, so far these devices are relative newcomers in the European market. Nevertheless, they confidently capture the audience. Let's take the most important features of this manufacturer, and find out how xyi differs from other Chinese-made devices.

  • First of all, which attracts users to Xiaomy Redmed is the company's pricing policy. Prices are quite low, since smartphones are only part of the attachments that the company does. Also under this logo, televisions, network equipment, fitness bracelets and not only are published. So the manufacturer does not make any sense to overestimate the prices for gadgets;
  • Considering the difference in Xiaomi Redmi from Meizu, you can highlight the presence of an IR port. Thanks to him, users can use a smartphone as a universal console. The main thing is that the device MI Remote is built on the device, which transmits the command from the smartphone to household appliances or electronics;
  • Considering which smartphone is better, Xiaomi will be in the first place, because it works in its own ecosystem, such as Apple. That is, all the devices that were released under the Xiaomi logo can be combined into one network;
  • High-quality iron put even budget smartphones. Although Xiaomi's review shows that the more expensive the technique, the better the high price is a relative unit. The difference between MEZ VS Xiaomi is minimal, but if we consider the prices of top manufacturers, then the buyer will have to save several hundred dollars on the flagships, practically nothing inferior to the quality of models from Samsung or the like.


Having considered all the advantages and disadvantages of these Chinese smartphones, one conclusion can be made - to buy or not buy the device depends on the personal preferences of the buyer. For example, Xiaomi smartphones are produced in a limited edition, because they will have to buy them from dealers who, naturally, are made on customers. Therefore, the low price suddenly turns into high.

Naturally, standing out by the characteristic desire to find the most cheap model, buyers go to decisive steps - for example, go to China behind the phone. If you want to save, but do not go anywhere, it is better to choose a mease, because their circulation is much more extensive, and therefore, it makes no sense to make a large markup for the domestic user. So, specifying that choose, each person relies on its own selection criteria. Both of these manufacturers are worthy, let them not all perfectly.

From the moment the Chinese began to make high-quality gadgets, their smartphones became popular not only in the Middle Kingdom, but in the whole world. Among the manufacturers of such devices in China there are two leaders - MEIZU and Xiaomi. Huawayi is in third place, but still in many indicators inferior to these two.

Their products quickly became popular thanks to a literate combination of low prices and good quality, but the shortcomings have both one producer and the other. Let's try to compare and figure out who has more advantages. This review is intended to answer an eternal question: what phone is better - Xiaomi or Meizu?

Meizu or Xiaomi - What is better?

Benefits Meizu.

Design and appearance

The most actively sold now budget models of MEIZU smartphones externally came out prettier than Xiaomi. For example, Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 strongly striking plastic inserts on the housing, which does not have MEIZU M3 NOTE. Also, the volume glass 2.5D MEZ has long been used to use in its devices, while Xiaomi simply turned on this chip into their gadgets.


Often, Meza phones (as the same MX5) are equipped with a powerful audio processor, thanks to the noise in the sounds, the phones published, less, and the frequencies are greater.


Among the flagships, both Xiaomi and Meizu has something to boast. However, as for budget models, XiMi is clearly inferior here, since their direct competitor uses almost identical matrices for almost all of their devices, which makes it possible to improve their functionality.

Meizu or Xiaomi - What is better?Display button

Each MEZ smartphone, unlike Xiaomi, is equipped with a universal key, located under the display, combining the functions of the touch tracker, the physical button and the fingerprint scanner.


As soon as the novelty comes from Meizu, it is much easier to buy it than xiami, characterized by frequent cutting of the first batch of gadgets.

Disadvantages of MEIZU smartphones


Not so long ago disputes between Qualcomm and MediaTek companies, which are manufacturers of smartphones for smartphones, were resolved, but Meza phones with Snapdragon chipsets will go on sale no earlier than at the end of 2017.

MediaTek for all indicators is much weaker than Qualcomm processors, even in flagship models, because even the best chipsets from MTK in all parameters are approximately such as the average Snapdragon.

Meizu or Xiaomi - What is better?

Operating system

Since the company produces many devices on the gland, which, although a bit, but differs among themselves, the provision of custom support is slightly complicated. As a result, almost every of the firmware has drawbacks and bugs, which together complicate work with a smartphone.

Often, updates rarely come out, and many users complain that the correction of one bug leads to the emergence of another. Plus, some, some programs and menu items are not fully translated, and in gadgets focused on the Chinese market, and there is neither Play Market, nor Russian localization.

Unstable updates

There is also a problem in the processor - since MEDIATEK does not always qualitatively holds support for its customers on the issue of updating operating system cores, then you can never see the new version of Android for your Meizu.

Users are more likely updated only by the Flyme's branded shell, but not the operating system itself. Although in the same Redmi Note 2 also stands a processor from MediaTek, and therefore here you may not wait for the new version of android.

Meizu or Xiaomi - What is better?

Price-quality ratio

Despite the fact that they are cheaper smartphones than the same Samsung or Apple, a similar device from Haomi will cost the smallest mease you choose, and between the same at the price of Huawei VS Xiaomi will undoubtedly win the second. Is the difference in 100 dollars significant - to solve only you.

Advantages of Xiaomi.


The company officially announced that Xiaomi smartphones are not the main source of income of the company - the firm for the most part receives money for the sale of services and other electronics. It is fitness trackers, and televisions, and guilters, and Powerbanks and much more.

Because of this, it is very problematic to find a smartphone with the same characteristics and at the same low price, for the company gives the device almost at cost.

Meizu or Xiaomi - What is better?

Infrared port

Just because Xiaomi manufactures household appliances in various variations, a logical step was to add an IR port to smartphones in order to use them as a universal remote control.

Also, for the convenience of control in the smartphone, there is already a pre-installed MI Remote application, which allows remotely control the air conditioning, a home cinema, player, TV and other techniques.

General system

Just like Apple, Xiaomi has created its own "ecosystem", which combined all devices together. This is a cloud with the ability to expand the amount of memory on the server, and comfortable synchronization of various devices with thoughtful interaction. And that really favorably distinguishes them from Meizu - all this works perfectly at any point of the globe and with any firmware version.


Even smartphones from the budget line from Xiaomi are built on Qualcomm Snapdragon high-quality chips, which is also undoubtedly a plus. Yes, there are models based on MediaTek, but they are not so much, and they all have been outdated long ago.

Meizu or Xiaomi - What is better?

Disadvantages of Xiaomi.

Cutted circulation and soldiers of dealers

Due to the fact that Xiaomi trades its smartphones exclusively through the site and only in those countries where she has already opened their own offices, problems arise with the purchase of the device immediately after the release and at an adequate price.

For example, for Xiaomi Mi Mix immediately after the start of sales, dealers asked about 1,000 dollars at the official value of the gadget a little more than 500 USD.

Various components

To make new devices as quickly as possible, Xiaomi uses several variations of components from different manufacturers at once. Thanks to this, in the same party, the same phone model can be different cameras, screens and other items.

Plus, this moment is significantly hampered by the development of software and its update, because there is a separate driver for each element. That is why there are situations when one smartphone lags on the same firmware, and everything is wonderful with the other.

Meizu or Xiaomi - What is better?

Cons and flaws of the operating system

It is precisely because the company does not receive a special income from sales of smartphones, then they make no sense to have many developers and engineers in the staff. Most often, new versions of the miui firmware run through volunteers from the people who do not always fix the flaws and make a full-fledged review (see the item with various components).

As a result, this missed bug is released along with the new official firmware MIUI. Of course, Meizu also has such problems, but in general there is a little better situation there. Siaomi also has problems with localization - there are no Google and Russian services in international versions of the firmware.


As shown by this review, and Xiaomi, and Meizu have both pros and cons. In a good sense, they differ from other popular producers with an affordable price, and in poor - some disadvantages in terms of "iron" (for example, neither of those nor others in many flagship models have no slot under the memory card).

Meizu or Xiaomi - What is better?

But if you still compare, you can make such conclusions:

  • If you do not want to bother with a search for a successful version of the firmware - it is better to choose a mease;
  • Buy a place on the cloud service? Choose Xiaomi - then there will be no problems with data availability no matter what the firmware is or where you are.
  • You are a photographer, Meloman, want to have a multifunctional button with a dactyloscopic scanner and just want to buy a beautiful gadget at an affordable price? Then choose Meizu;
  • If you are more important for you the top "iron" at an affordable price with high performance and a good capacious battery, as well as the ability to manage smart technique in the house - it is better to choose Xiaomi, not mistaken. Plus, if you take a gadget on a Qualcomm processor, then wait for the new version of Android much faster than if you had a gadget on the MediaTek chip.

History of companies

The history of Xiaomi began with the MIUI shell, which was initially just a custom firmware for several smartphones.

It was at the time of Android 2.1, when the standard system terribly tupil and slowed down, and also caused a bunch of ridicule at the IOS owners. Against the background of a pure Android, the Miui shell looked simply amazing: fast, fastened, functional.

Yes, Miui copied a lot from iOS, but after all, and Apple's OS There was better ! I remember that time and I myself used to use MIUI on HTC Desire HD, and then on Desire S and Samsung Galaxy S2 .

And to me, and many other users then came to mind the idea that the Miui team would have made their own smartphone, because when porting the firmware there is no, no, there are shoals. I myself did not find the first MI1, but the MI2 was actively discussed in the network and, despite the complexity of the purchase, users still bother with his order.

In Meizu, initially engaged in creating audio players, one of them - Meizu Miniplayer M6 was popular in Russia. True, this model was sold under other names (Ritmix RF-9200 and PowerMan XL850), but was very famous among our users.

When the players gradually began to be crowned with smartphones in Meizu, they also decided to try their strength in this niche and, oddly enough, for a landmark also took the company Apple.

It even reached the point that Meizu M8 was not allowed to show at the exhibition, as they considered that he was too similar to one of the iPhones.

The lineup

Haomi boasts a wider selection of devices. The company annually releases many new products and modifications ahead of not only Chinese phone creators, but also the world.

Mase is lagging behind the number of devices produced per year. However, the company positions itself as a one that is chained in no amount, but for product quality.

Phones Xiaomi.

In Russia, they became popular. The reason is high quality, good service, affordable price with good components. The manufacturer does not have its own base of production of "iron", so orders components from third-party manufacturers. For example, processors are mainly purchased from Qualcomm (rarely - MediaTek) is a leading developer of mobile processors. Qualcomm, in turn, uses the solutions of another brand - ARM.

Note that the solution to use Qualcomm products is a plus, since the manufacturer's chipsets are powerful at low power consumption (especially flagship - Snapdragon 821, 835, 845). The new flagships of Xiaomi Mi6, MI MIX 2S are equipped with the latest Qualcomm top developments and boast high performance.

The second feature of Xiaomi is the MIUI shell, which is put on top of the net Android. Many users highlight it as a deficiency due to the unusual arrangement of settings and elements. Some smartphones under this shell do not have a Russian language (you have to use third-party firmware), and the bootloader can be blocked. To unlock it, you have to apply through the Chinese site.

There are complaints of users on the weak optimization of the system under the MIUI shell, which is why the platform even with the capacious batteries (mostly 3000 mAh) are discharged during the day. For example, one of the most popular Xiaomi Redmi 4 models received a 4100 mAh battery, although its autonomy is not impressive - a day of work when the screen is shining for 5 hours.

Some users (units) complain about advertising, sewn into the firmware. From time to time, when using the phone pops up an advertising message about any investment there. Honestly, I personally could not see advertising in the firmware, although I have experience using Xiaomi. Perhaps this concerns only some models.

MEIZU smartphones

In the Russian market (and in China) MEIZU smartphones are less popular. The Chinese brand also produces inexpensive smartphones and mainly offers budget models (although there are both MEIZU PRO 7 flagships) with large screens and "zapos" under the high cost. It encourages many buyers to choose MEIZU.

Unlike Xiaomi, Meizu very closely cooperates with MediaTek - the manufacturer of chipset (processors) for smartphones. Most of the top or budget MEIZU smartphones are shipped to the market with the chips from MediaTek, which on the one hand plus, and on the other - minus. Plus consists in the cheapness of processors of this manufacturer, minus - in their speed. One of the best solutions of MediaTek Helio X30 with 10 cores is inferior in performance to the chip of the same category Qualcomm Snapdragon 835. Most often, MediaTek put weak video processors with a small number of cores, which becomes the cause of weak work with graphics.

The second lack of MEIZU smartphones is Flyme's branded envelope. She received the same problems as MIUI in Xiaomi, but it remains more difficult to understand. It is hard to say exactly what the shell is dumber - Flyme or Miui, but the latter is more common and studied.

Choosing between Meizu and Xiaomi (any price category), it is better to give preference to the last brand. Its gadgets based on Qualcomm Snapdragon processors more efficiently and energy efficient. It is Qualcomm that is a leader in the development of mobile processors, not MediaTek.

Design and build quality

The criterion of the appearance largely depends on the personal taste of the user. But, if we consider the design of smartphones as a whole, you can see the more stylish look of low-cost MEIZU models. Although the flagship models of differences in the design are no longer so many - both those and other smartphones look quite modern and attractive.

Assembly quality indicators can be estimated according to the reviews of users of phones of different brands and in terms of marriage noted by these same people. And this comparison will not be in favor of the company - although it can be called a large number of sales. In an effort to conquer the market with the number of its products, the brand pays less attention to the assembly.

Elegant severity of meyz.

Mase models are more stringent, spinning at angular deposits - it gives them presentability, solidity. They do not look worse than trend "apple" gadgets, but they are rapidly cheaper, in the hand there are lying ones.

Plastic enclosures have different colors - except for black and white rigor, there are juicy blue, tender pink colors. On the front panel there is one button - "HOUM". Near the top speaker there is an indicator that gives a pale bluish glow.

It is needed to inform about new SMS messages, missed calls.

The screen accounts for the main working area of ​​the phone, except for narrow plastic bands at the top and bottom. 5 inches diagonally for comfortable operation of the device is sufficient.

Minimalism Siaomi.

Brand Xiaomi makes a bet on a concise design in the style of minimalism. Metal housing, lightweight, durable. Prints on it do not remain. In many models around the display there is a side, protruding over the screen somewhere on 1 mm.

This improves the degree of protection, prevents the appearance of scratches. Even if you randomly drop the phone or put it on the screen on the table, nothing terrible will happen.


Help to understand what smartphone is better, Meizu or Xiaomi will help the technical characteristics of both devices. The first will be a device from the company "MEZU".

So, the smartphone M5 has:

  • CPU MediaTek MT6750. With a frequency of 1.5 GHz.
  • Graphic accelerator MALI-T860.
  • 2 or 3 GB of RAM.
  • 16 or 32 GB of integrated memory.
  • Camera at 13 megapixel and "front" on 5 megapixel.
  • Display with a diagonal of 5.2 inches and a resolution of 1280x720.
  • Accumulator 3070 mAh.

But the characteristics of Xiaomi 4x:

  • Qualcomm Snapdragon 435 1.4 GHz processor.
  • Adreno 505 graphics accelerator.
  • 2, 3 or 4GB RAM.
  • 16, 32 or 64 GB of integrated memory.
  • Camera 13 MP and frontal 5 megapixel.
  • Display with a resolution of 1280x720 and a diagonal of 5 inches.
  • Battery 4100 mAh.

Central and graphics processor

Comparison of the performance of smartphones is directly related to Power processors . And here with a slight margin leads the brand Xiaomi. While Meizu releases 90% of models on MediaTek chips, almost all versions of "Xiaomi" are collected using more productive Qualcomm Snapdragon, characterized by such advantages:

  • the launch of the most modern and demanding of the game resources;
  • Acceleration of S. 3D graphic
  • support cameras with higher resolution.

Fig. 4. The SNAPDRAGON processor is one of the advantages of Xiaomi models.

On the other hand, for most users there are no particular difference in these processors. Internet surfing, watching video in HD and FullHD format (setting greater permit on smartphones There is no point - the human eye will not notice the difference), the launch of the average for the parameters of the Games - with all these tasks, the processors from the mediates and chips of the extrapegon are equally well.

In terms of graphics again wins Xiaomi - built-in video processors Adreno On flagship models This brand is much more productive compared to MALI and PowerVR graphic chips that are equipped with MEIZU smartphones . The difference will be noticeable in any modern game. Although, if the user does not spend time on the gameplay, there are practically no differences from their embedded graphics.

Operating system

Perhaps the main stumbling block in the dispute "What phone is better: Meza or Xiaomi?" It is the shell of these phones. Here then the main differences between two brands.

Flymeos (Meizu) is provided as branded firmware. This means that the process of flashing is not a simple case for the owners of smartphones of this brand. Despite such, it would seem, minus, the Flyme shell is characterized by simplicity, clearness and localization for the Russian-speaking user.

MIUI (Xiaomi) is the main brainchild of the company, because it has begun from this shell. Siaomi operating system is suitable for advanced users than conventional or beginners. She has the ability to fine-tuning under the requirements of the user. However, an obvious problem that is often found from buyers from Russia is the lack of Russian. Not all models suffer from this, but such a phenomenon is not uncommon. It is possible to solve it when flashing. Perhaps the developers of MIUI for this reason and simplified the availability of a variety of firmware.

The source of the problems of localization of Smartphones of Hiami is the focus of the company to the Chinese user segment. Since the products for the domestic market are selling outlets, Russian buyers of gadgets from China suffer. Such difficulties are alien to the owners of Meza, however such situations also met. The reason is the presence of another OS of the developers of this brand - Yunos, which is intended for the native market.

Ease of use

The feature of the products "Meza" is a special sensory-mechanical button MBack , to use which is more convenient compared to standard control elements. Especially since its presence reduces the space under the screen, occupied immediately by three keys of Smartphones "Xiaomi". It can be noted that this plus MBACK as a reduction in probability is accidentally pressing this button while playing or watching video.

Brand Xiaomi also has a feature - infrared port. When downloading a special application, this item allows you to replace the control panel - for example, a TV or home theater.


Meizu or Xiaomi - Which phone is better removing? There is nothing to say. The modules of both devices are the same and removed roughly similar. During the day, pictures are pretty good quality, the phone is better and not to get the phone.

Front chambers are also not allocated to something special. And there, and there are modules for 5 meters. For selfie, it is more than enough, as well as for conversations on Skype.

The only, "Meza" can be praised for the traditional presence of a manual shooting mode, which allows you to seek a little more result, so that the score goes into the piggy bank M5.


Now it's time to compare the screens of two smartphones and understand what better. Meizu and Xiaomi have the same resolution of 1280x720, but they differ in diagonals. Mase is 5.2 inches and 282 ppi, and Siaomi - 5 inches smooth and 296 ppi. Matrices in both smartphones are standing IPS, only "Xiaomi" has better factory calibration. Colors are bright, saturated, white color does not have extraneous impurities, and black remains black.

Mase has a lot of worse. With inclons, the image is slightly pile or yellow, and with a slightly larger deflection begins to be marked noticeably.

The reserve of the brightness is enough in both cases, in bright sun information remains readable. Multitach supports up to 10 simultaneous touchs. There is a oleophobic coating.

In general, in all indicators, the display of 4x a little, but wins the opponent, so the score goes to him.


If you say, better, Xiaomi or Meizu, in terms of sound, then it clearly wins M5. The past of the company "MEZU" affects, because they started with the production of portable audio players. Good high frequencies, medium also listened, but the bass could be slightly rich. However, in any third-party player with support for the equalizer, this error is easily eliminated.

As for the "Xiaomi" 4, then, to put it mildly, the sound is not very. Rather, it is just standard, as on most budgetary devices. Very much lacking low frequencies, but high lightly overpriced. Plusion 4x can be delivered for the presence of an equalizer in the native player. By the way, if you set up an equalizer manually, you can achieve quite a good result.


The Chinese are famous ending lovers and improvements. In their technique, they use a unique OS - this is Flyme in Meza, and Miui in Xiaomi.

Russian-speaking Flyme versions are laid at the production stage, so order a mease apparatus at least directly from China - the Russian menu will be there.

Refractors for normal operation are not needed, but they are made for other purposes.

In terms of localization of the Xiaomi Meizu loses - brand devices are focused mainly to the Chinese market.

Xiaomi does not contain a Russian-speaking menu, with the use of Google services often arise problems. The question is solved by flashing, the main thing is that there are no failures.

Iron, which of smartphones is more productive

Meza work with Taiwanese MediaTek processors. Their quality is good enough. In 90% of devices are subject to such options.

Xiaomi sets the Qualcomm processors to its models. Their productivity is an order of magnitude higher than that of a competitor. Those options that support the excellent course of games, complex graphics are mounted in the flagship. And in budget options are cheaper. Processor performance, in this case, will be lower.

Both companies in all models make quickly affordable requests on the Internet, filled with a worthy filling each device. Each buyer remains to choose this option in its needs.


The internal OS smartphones are based on android, and for him companies make updates not as often as I would like. MIUI in comparison with Flyme "Part", so that opportunities for customization will be greater.

Important. In addition to Flyme, Meizu has a Yunos OS designed for the inner Chinese market. Such phones Russian buyers are better not to take at all.

Cons of software characteristic of both brands:

  1. Probable bugs in the same firmware that complicates the process of operating smartphones. The problem is not frequent, but real.
  2. The late output of updates is also not the most pleasant moment. For MediaTek, it is characterized to a greater extent.
  3. Editions of updates for Android Developers are often delayed.

There is also advantages - for example, the price. The main thing is to understand, they outweigh in your case or not.


Mase sets processors to play the sound of a discrete type, due to which the optimal ratio of signals and noise is achieved. Brand smartphones will enjoy music lovers who love to listen to music from a phone in high quality, without rattling and other distortion.

In the "senior" models Siaomi speaker goes near USB port, so gives a clear loud sound. Frequencies are medium and high, but they are usually enough.

Older models sound high quality not always that, again, it is not important for everyone. There are no problems in both brands of both brands, options are possible with state employees.


  • hissing on quiet areas;
  • Chromium audio hearing due to the location of the dynamics in the rear of the case;
  • Quiet alarm clock, especially if putting the phone on the surface of the speaker.

Unique features

This item is characteristic of the production of both companies. For Mase, this feature is the Mtouch button, which is under the display. This is a sensor, but only half. He distinguishes fingerprints, and also executes the command "a step back". With full presses, returns "home".

Xiaomi created their gadgets personal ecosystem. The user gets cloud storage facility together with the device, synchronized with other devices. You can save free of charge to 5 GB of information on the server. For an additional fee, the volume is expanding to 1 TB.

Another feature of Xiaomi models is the presence of an IR port, which allows the phone to become a universal console in the management of home appliances. Before you only need to download the installation program. Update MIUI 9.5 Increases the quality and volume of sound.

Availability, price and performance ratio

Meza has an operating system with the support of the Russian language, which attracts the buyer. Chinese analogues of Siaomi must be overlashing to be available in Russian. But such a procedure is not difficult if you turn to a specialist. Although today this feature is publicly available to any advanced user.

The pricing policy of both manufacturers is accessibility with proper quality. But Xiaomi often find themselves in shortage due to a limited number of circulation. More older models through time is no longer found on the primary market. Mase continues to issue and outdated models. The lack of MEIZU smartphones, compared to Xiaomi, is that their cost is somewhat higher.

If we consider companies to popularize their phones among consumers around the world, then the preference on the side of Xiaomi. The manufacturer is in the five world leaders, and Meza takes a worthy place in the top 10.

What choose exactly you are preferences. Each device has advantages and disadvantages. The answer is to search in the necessary parameters of gadgets. If you know exactly how it should look like and what the desired model should be stored in yourself, you can easily decide with the manufacturer.

Differences Meizu and Xiaomi.

The main difference in the transition from Meizu to Xiaomi is the management experience. If everything was controlled by one button in Meizu and it was the most Narrow part of the smartphone In Xiaomi, there are gestures and background buttons.

I did not use gestures, but the onscreen buttons are just what you need. Fortunately, in previous smartphones, they were just the experience of using them.

The shell plus / minus is all the same. The basic settings are the same, the only thing that personally I was annoyed in Flymeos This is the lack of Google Play services. They had to be installed from the Flyme shop. In Xiaomi Google Play there is from the box and it is not only correct, but also logical. Meizu should not forget that Flymeos is primarily a shell, and not a separate operating system as they consider.

The speed of Xiaomi Miui and Meizu Flymeos stand equally. Benchmarks I did not measure speed, but there is no difference in the eye. In both cases, everything is pretty quickly. Of course, Redmi 5 Plus compared to the old man's MEIZU M2 MINI, everything makes much faster, but the smooth animation in the shell is the same.

If Meizu presented a real REDMI 5 Plus competitor, then perhaps I would stay with Flymeos. This is a good shell and Meizu M2 MINI was a good quality. What exactly is for problems with Meizu M6 Note, I do not know, but it seems to me that I decided to start saving.

If you follow the novelties, I heard about Meizu M6T. But this smartphone was created as a REDMI competitor 5. With Redmi 5 Plus and even more so Redmi 5 Note, he had nothing to do.

It turns out an interesting picture that Meizu has no standing models in the budget from 10,000 to 15,000 rubles that can compete with Xiaomi. Perhaps the situation in the root will change by autumn and winter, when many manufacturers represent their new items, but at the moment Xiaomi is exactly on horseback.

Answering the question what to buy, I will say the following: if you have a budget 10 000 - 15 000 rubles, then take Xiaomi Redmi 5 Plus or Xiaomi Redmi 5 Note. If the budget is below, you can take MEIZU M8C. I think the price will soon go down and this smartphone will be able to compete with state employees from Xiaomi.


In Meizu, the Mtouch button goes under the display. Touch type key, but the sensor recognizes prints, makes operations "a step back". For full pressing provides the "Home" button.

В Xiaomi Created an ecosystem or own inner cloud. The user gets access to a cloud storage with synchronization of adjacent devices into a pair of touches. There are 5GB for storing personal information on the server - if you wish, it is proposed to expand to 1 terabyte for an additional fee.

Also, the developers of Xiaomi decided to surprise the users of the IR port. Surprise - because the chip is not new, but then it makes a multifunctional port for household appliances from a smartphone. It is enough to download the app in Google Playmarket and put it.

Price quality and availability: where the balance

MEIZU gadgets to buy easier than Xiaomi. This is caused by the presence of a Russian-speaking operating system.

Phones for export for this reason are more lively - sellers to reflash devices is not required. Meza also does not limit the ranks of the first parties of their smartphones. The result is a lot of ridge, but the offer covers demand, and everyone is satisfied.

Xiaomi brand is democratic. It almost does not raise prices, motivating it with a wide range of products sold.

Representatives of Xiaomi even say that smartphones they sell at cost.

But the circulation is limited, and the devices have to literally catch. Old model, and even in unusual color to find almost impossible.

According to statistics, Xiaomi buy more often than mey. It is Xiaomi in top-5 in popularity along with such market giants like OPPO, Huawei, Vivo, Apple. MEZ is included in the top ten leaders.

What to choose

Nevertheless, the choice should be done - the task is not easy even for connoisseurs Budget Chinese smartphones.

Causes of choosing Xiaomi

This brand provides many advantages, including:

  • extensive model range of design and cost;
  • operating system with large selection of thin settings;
  • powerful processor;
  • Clear and bright photos;
  • a lot of firmware (there is even Flyme);
  • Built-in infrared port (replacement of the control panel).

What advantages is Xiaomi smartphones?

The devices of this famous brand can boast of the following:

  1. Iron. Xiami puts Qualcomm chips on their own models, characterized by more productivity. Even at REDMI 4A ultra-checkers, Snapdragon 425 is installed. In terms of graphics, Xiaomi wins again. On devices of this brand, the ADRENO video processors are most often found, which are significantly better than Mali and PowerVR graphic chips on MEIZU smartphones.
  2. Energy intensity. In 90% of cases, Xiaomi will have a more capacious battery than a meza. At the same time on many models (Xiaomi Redmi 4x, Redmi Note, etc.) used batteries at 4000-4100 mAh. Their competitors from Meizu are at best completed with batteries for 3000-3500 mAh. It turns out that Xiaomi smartphones "live" from charging before charging longer.
  3. Ability to use cloud storage and easy to synchronize different devices. In other words, there is a common system like Apple that allows you to combine different gadgets.
  4. Infrared port . By downloading and installing a special application, the gadget can be used instead of the control panel from the television or home theater.
  5. Frequently emerging OS updates and many custom firmware.
  6. Price . Smartphones Xiaomi sells practically at cost. You can hardly find the best option for other brands according to the characteristics for a similar amount. What does Xiaomi earn? On sales of services and other equipment (televisions, smart clocks, external batteries, network equipment, etc.).


1) Energy saving mode. These phones do not have small batteries, and at a weak load, the phones hold well. But programmers working on energy saving made a complex setting of this function. When buying a smartphone is configured to ensure maximum autonomy. Because of this, it turns out that many applications do not work in the background and do not come notifications. Of course, everything can be changed, but it is necessary to dig well.

2) The company collects his phones by ordering details from different companies (this approach is practiced even in the aple). There is both plus in this and minus. The minus is that for programmers this is extra hassle as you have to write a code that will work with different parts. As a result, it turns out that different parts can not work equally well.

3) Well, the last minus is a camera. Xiaomi in its devices use the matrix of two Samsung and Sony companies, for one reason - the price. But it turns out the fact that the camera does not show itself 100%. This is due to the fact that the programmers are not so experienced as those who worked with photographic. It turns out that the MI5S makes the pictures worse than quality than Google Pixel, although they are identical to them.

I do not know if our helped you Comparison Meizu and Xiaomi Or, on the contrary, complicated another more choice. But there is something that is, and you need to solve.

Rates for the selection of Meizu

The company offers such advantages and features:

  • high-quality materials;
  • Clean sound (equipping devices with high-quality speakers, as it was before it was the main direction);
  • understandable to use shell;
  • mandatory support of the Russian language;
  • Simple and accelerated service in official centers.

Strengths of MEIZU smartphones

Directly with the brands themselves and their model, we introduced you to you. Now let's get to comparison. Let's start with the Meza and its "pros" in relation to the competitor.

  1. Design. Of course, external design is a matter of taste, but many specialists and ordinary users prefer Meizu. This does not concern flagship models. Top smartphones of both brands look modern, elegant and beautiful. But the "state employees" meyz have a more stylish appearance.
  2. Camera. Another "plus" products of this manufacturer. The best-selling budget models MEZ are equipped with good matrices. In addition, the brand smartphones usually work on MediaTek processors, which allow devices to more naturally transmit colors in the pictures. As for the flagships, Xiaomi, and Meizu has something to boast. Therefore, in comparison of the chambers of the top smartphones of the sole winner, do not reveal.
  3. Mtouch button . Many people like a special key at the bottom of the display. It combines the functions of the touch tracker, the physical button and the fingerprint scanner. With it, you can quickly and easily unlock your smartphone, open the task manager, click "Home", etc.
  4. Sound . Through the volume and purity of the sound in front of the MEZ model. Apparently, the company's past experience is affected - she initially specialized in the players. Many brand smartphones are completed with discrete audio processors. As a result, their devices have a signal ratio to noise - better, and the frequency potential is wider.


1) The main thing is that you immediately want to highlight these MediaTek chipsets. The new MEIZU smartphones are equipped with a dragon and samsung chips. But the rest suffer from Helio.

2) The biggest minus is firmware. Meizu phones have a Flyme shell created only for company phones. But the firm has a bad set of programmers who are engaged in firmware for the global market. Most phones are already at 7 Android, and Meizu phones are only 5 or on 6. Updates come very rarely and mostly large and unfinished. Users have to return to the former version and wait for another update.


Both Chinese competitor have devices from various price categories: among them and budget, and medium, and flagship models. If there is a comparison specifically for money, then the MEIZU devices of the budget category (M5C, M8C, M5S) are from $ 100 and $ 200, medium ( M6T, M6 Note, 15 Lite) - from 150 to $ 350, and flagship (15, 15 Plus, Pro 7, 16th) - in the limit of 500-600 USD. Xiaomi premises are not too different. So, budget gadgets of this company (Redmi 4x, Redmi 5 Plus, Redmi Note 5) are sold from 90 to 180 $, telephones of the middle category (MI MAX 2, MI A2, MI NOTE) - 120-370 $, and the price of flagships (MI Mix 2S, Pocophone F1, MI8) has the same price frame as a competitor.


According to customer reviews, the majority is shown in favor of the device from Siaomi for quite understandable reasons: a metal case, 3 or 4 GB of RAM, better display, the battery is enough longer. M5, unfortunately, does not boast of success, but nevertheless they also buy, although noticeably less.


Answering the question that is better than Xiaomi or Meizu, you can draw the following conclusion: on the comparative review it is the following result - 4: 4. Probably, this is a fairly fair result, since each of these devices has both its advantages and cons. A person who loves to play, taste in social networks and which the quality of the sound is not particularly important, it is ideal for 4x.

Well, those who love to listen to music, taking pictures on manual settings and are not particularly fond of surfing on the Internet and communication in social. Networks may safely take M5. It will become an excellent inexpensive purchase.


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Meizu and Xiaomi are one of the most popular Chinese smartphone manufacturers, which occupy a rather large share in this segment of the Russian electronics market. It is noteworthy that none of these companies initially positioned themselves in this status, but in just a few years and Xiaomi, and Meizu was able to conquer a rather extensive audience in Russia and other countries of the world. Very often, people wanting to acquire a high-quality and functional smartphone, stop their choice on these two brands, comparing them between themselves. How appropriate and justifies such a comparison, as well as what is still better - Meizu or Xiaomi, we will talk today and detail the most top models of both manufacturers.

Rating Phones Meizu and Xiaomi

Meizu and Xiaomi are one of the best-selling smartphones in the Russian market (of course, after Samsung Galaxy and "apple" gadgets). You can mostly compare these two brands among themselves, but it is better to clearly see and evaluate the pros and cons of each model, so we have drawn Xiaomi and Meizu phones rating with technical characteristics and prices.

No. 8 - Xiaomi Redmi Go

Xiaomi Redmi Go.
Xiaomi Redmi Go.

Xiaomi Redmi GO is one of the most affordable smartphones in the line of both manufacturers, and it has a pretty good technical filling for the qualitative implementation of basic and everyday tasks. A good, inexpensive model on eight android with a clear image, a large enough screen and good color reproduction. Its speed is enough for stable work, communication, use of social networks and messengers.

By the way, this model is the first in the Xiaomi line, where a specially designed version of Android is installed - Go Edition. The volume of the built-in drive in Xiaomi Redmi GO ranges from 8 to 16 GB with the possibility of expansion to 128 GB due to an additional SD card.

Like all Xiaomi smartphones, this model has a fairly capacious battery, which is enough for a whole day of operation in active use mode.

Characteristics of the Xiaomi Redmi GO smartphone (on the example of Xiaomi Redmi GO 16GB):

  • Operating system - Android 8.1 GO EDITION;
  • The size (diagonal) of the display is 12.7 cm;
  • Screen - LCD IPS with 2.5D glass;
  • The main chamber is 1 camera with automatic focus guidance and 8 megap resolution;
  • Front (front) chamber - 5 megapixel;
  • ROM memory - 16 GB;
  • battery capacity - 3000 mA / h;
  • battery life in active use mode - up to 12 hours;
  • The average cost is 6,200 rubles.


  • inexpensive smartphone (the most affordable model in the MEIZU and XIAOMI rules);
  • large screen, resistant to pollution, with saturated and natural color reproduction;
  • does not slide the back cover;
  • Supports all the necessary standards;
  • Not hanging while simultaneously starting multiple applications.


  • a little turbid front camera;
  • expensive accessories;
  • Included there is no branded headset (headphones);
  • Sometimes the time settings are flying.

The Redmi Go model from the Chinese manufacturer Xiaomi is a smartphone, about which you can say "small - yes delete". Very simple and functional telephone for everyday use, but if you want higher performance, pay attention to more expensive models.

Prices for Xiaomi Redmi Go

Xiaomi Redmi Go.

Reviews about Smartphone Xiaomi Redmi GO

No. 7 - Xiaomi Redmi 7A

Xiaomi Redmi 7A.
Xiaomi Redmi 7A.

Xiaomi Redmi 7A is one of the most popular and sold smartphones not only in the Xiaomi line, but also in the market of mobile electronic devices, as it is a model of a combination of low cost, excellent quality and functionality. This is a convenient and compact, but, at the same time, a fairly productive phone and for communication, and for the Internet.

One of the features of this smartphone is a highly sensitive display with a rapid response that instantly reacts to touch even at minus temperatures (relevant and useful for people who spend a lot of time in messenger or social networks). Buyers also appreciate the capacious lithium-ion battery, which is capable of working off alone during the day.

Characteristics of the Xiaomi Redmi 7A smartphone (on the example of Xiaomi Redmi 7A 16GB):

  • Operating system - Android 9;
  • The size (diagonal) of the display is 13.8 cm;
  • Screen - LCD IPS with 2.5D glass;
  • The main chamber is 1 camera with the function of automatic focus guidance and a resolution of 12 MP;
  • Front (front) chamber - 5 megapixel;
  • ROM memory - 16 GB;
  • battery capacity - 4000 mA / h;
  • battery life in active use mode - up to 12 hours;
  • The average cost is 7,000 rubles.


  • Powerful battery (the phone works without recharging during the day);
  • supports GPS feature, face recognition option and all necessary standards;
  • Very clear, bright and high-quality main chamber;
  • There is a separate memory card slot;
  • It is convenient to hold in your hand thanks to ergonomic form and rounded edges;
  • Does not hang.


  • a lot of advertising;
  • Some users note rare cases of arbitrary disconnection during a conversation;
  • Many unnecessary applications that cannot be deleted.

Smartphone Xiaomi Redmi 7A is one of the most beloved users of inexpensive phones, which quickly found his audience not only in Russia, but also in other countries. The difference in price with REDMI GO phones is less than thousand rubles, but this model is more functional (more battery capacity, higher resolution of the main chamber, can be expanded internal memory up to 256 GB).

Prices for Xiaomi Redmi 7A

Xiaomi Redmi 7A.

№ 6 - Meizu M8

Meizu M8.
Meizu M8.

Meizu M8 is not only a stylish, but also a very productive phone with a powerful "stuffing", which is enough to perform everyday and even professional tasks (for example, to fulfill easy work on the Internet).

4 GB of RAM allow you to quickly launch most of the games with average requirements and standard applications, while the device does not "hang" and does not "slow down". Unlike Xiaomi Redmi 7A and Redmi GO smartphones, the rear cover in Meizu M8 is not made of plastic, but from solid metal and has a littered design. This allows you to more reliably fix the phone in your hand and protects the mechanisms and parts from damage at a random drop or impact.

Most buyers also make a choice in favor of this smartphone for realistic color reproduction and the optimal brightness of the screen, thanks to which the use of the gadget is most comfortable even in sunny weather.

Characteristics of the MEIZU M8 smartphone (on the example of Meizu M813h):

  • Operating system - Android 8.1;
  • The size (diagonal) of the display is 14.5 cm;
  • Screen - LTPs with glass 2.5D;
  • The main chamber is 2 cameras with the function of automatic focus guidance and a resolution of 12 MP and 5 MP;
  • Front (front) chamber - 5 megapixel;
  • ROM memory - 64 GB;
  • Battery capacity - 3100 mA / h;
  • battery life in active use mode - up to 14 hours;
  • The average cost is 9,800 rubles.


  • The large amount of built-in memory provides quick start and stable operation of all standard applications and most games;
  • The back cover of the housing is made of impact-resistant metal;
  • Good battery (charging enough for full time);
  • Two main cameras allow you to make bright and realistic pictures with maximum image detail.


  • If you compare this model with other smartphones that have similar functionality, then it simply does not have flaws (exception, and that, very conditional, is not the most affordable price tag).

MEIZU M8 smartphone is a multifunctional telephone for communication, Internet, games and other purposes. It has a powerful "stuffing", does not hang, well holds a charge, while it is significantly cheaper than most promoted models, so it is an optimal choice for those who are looking for the price-quality ratio.

Prices for Meizu M8

Meizu M8.

No. 5 - Meizu MX6

Meizu MX6.
Meizu MX6.

Meizu MX6 is a smartphone with high performance that is quite capable of satisfying the requests of highly demanding users (especially as quality). Its body is fully made of metal, so it is able to "survive" repeated falls, while in most cases all functions continue to operate in normal mode even after such incidents.

For those who appreciate the high quality shooting, the presence of a superfast base autofocus in this gadget, a camera resolution of 12 MP and the presence of a lens with six lenses, allowing to make accurate and most detailed pictures.

Characteristics of the MEIZU MX6 smartphone (on the example of Meizu M685H):

  • Operating system - Android 6.0;
  • The size (diagonal) of the display is 14 cm;
  • The screen is a liquid crystal IPS matrix with a glass of 2.5D;
  • The main chamber is 1 camera with the function of automatic focus guidance and a resolution of 12 MP;
  • Front (front) chamber - 5 megapixel;
  • ROM memory - 32 GB;
  • Battery capacity - 3060 mA / h;
  • battery life in active use mode - up to 8 hours;
  • The average cost is 12,500 rubles.


  • makes high-quality pictures even in poor light conditions;
  • The housing is fully made of metal, which provides additional protection for internal mechanisms when falling;
  • does not hang even when using multiple applications simultaneously;
  • ten-tenor processor;
  • shockproof screen;
  • Holds charge to two days.


  • Compared to previous models, the main shortcomings of this smartphone can be considered the sixth version of the Android and the smaller amount of the built-in memory.

The MEIZU MX6 model is a great, practical "unnecessary" phone, which, despite the eight hours of autonomous work declared by the manufacturer, is able to function steadily without recharging to two days. If it were not for this, this smartphone could well compete for a higher line in our ranking.

Prices on Meizu MX6

Meizu MX6.

No. 4 - Meizu Pro 6 Plus LTE

Meizu Pro 6 Plus LTE
Meizu Pro 6 Plus LTE

Model Meizu Pro 6 Plus LTE is a powerful flagship apparatus with excellent camera, high-quality screen having a top configuration. It is equipped with a powerful processor with eight nuclei, which not only has the maximum performance among the MEIZU line smartphones (at the time of release), but also consumes almost 2 times less electricity, so it holds the charge longer compared to similar models.

It is well suited for daily use and to work in multitasking mode, as well as the launch of most modern games even at maximum settings. The display of this device has an ultra-thin framework and maximum viewing angles, and also supports instant tactile response technology.

Lovers of Selfie and photographs will also appreciate this model. It is equipped with a phase autofocus, has six lenses with different faces and an annular flash with 10 powerful LEDs.

Characteristics of the MEIZU PRO 6 smartphone Plus LTE (on the example of Meizu Pro 6 Plus LTE 64GB):

  • Operating system - Android 6.0;
  • The size (diagonal) of the display is 14.48 cm;
  • Screen - Super AMOLED with 2.5D glass;
  • The main chamber is 1 camera with the function of automatic focus guidance and a resolution of 12 MP;
  • Front (front) chamber - 5 megapixel;
  • ROM memory - 64 GB;
  • Battery capacity - 3400 mA / h;
  • battery life in active use mode - up to 16 hours;
  • The average cost is 15,000 rubles.


  • Ultra-thin frames allowing you to fully plunge into the world of the image and catch even the smallest details;
  • Applications are quickly downloaded;
  • does not hang during games;
  • Excellent camera with image stabilization system and built-in flash;
  • Conveniently lies in hand;
  • Instantly reacts to touch.


  • The frontal chamber is weak;
  • As in the previous models, the lack of this smartphone can be considered the sixth version of the Android.

If you are important for you. Quality and stable mobile phone work, MEIZU Pro 6 Plus LTE smartphone - what you need (and at a very affordable price, much cheaper than other flagship apparatus).

Prices for Meizu Pro 6 Plus LTE

Meizu Pro 6 Plus LTE

MEIZU PRO 6 PLUS LTE smartphone reviews

№ 3 - Xiaomi Mi A3

Xiaomi Mi A3.
Xiaomi Mi A3.

In the ranking of Meizu and Xiaomi phones, we cannot bypass the Xiaomi Mi A3 model. This is a relatively budget model in a stylish case with good work speed, made in accordance with Android ONE standards. This is an unmodified operating system, focused on improving user information security due to frequent updates and protective blankets of the Google Play Protect.

The display of this smartphone occupies almost the entire facial surface, has a built-in fingerprint recognition sensor and supports the instant unlock feature.

Smartphone Xiaomi Mi A3 - a real find for lovers to do selfie and various photos. Its main chamber has three lens, and the frontal is a resolution of 32 MP, while it is equipped with the option of automatic correction of portrait pictures, so all photos are obtained as successful as possible from the first time.

Characteristics of the Xiaomi Mi A3 smartphone (on the example of Xiaomi Mi A3 64GB):

  • The operating system is Android One with the function of frequent updates and a protective blanket of Google Play Protect;
  • The size (diagonal) of the display is 15.46 cm;
  • Screen - AMOLED (organic LED-based matrix) with glass 2.5D;
  • The main chamber is 3 cameras with a function of automatic focus guidance and a resolution of 48 megapixel, 8 megapixel and 2 megapixel;
  • Front (front) chamber - 32 MP;
  • ROM memory - 64 GB;
  • battery capacity - 4030 mA / h;
  • battery life in active use mode - up to 22 hours;
  • The average cost is 15,000 rubles.


  • very high-quality high resolution camera;
  • Craying battery, allowing you to use a smartphone during the day without recharging;
  • Good "pulls" most of the modern games with average requirements;
  • Applications are loaded quickly and do not hang.


  • Not the highest screen resolution (with long use, the eyes get tired quickly).

The MI A3 model from Xiaomi is a stylish and multifunctional smartphone with the characteristics of the medium segment devices, which will become an excellent gift for all photo lovers. Today, this is one of the most affordable models with similar functionality.

Prices for Xiaomi Mi A3

Xiaomi Mi A3.

No. 2 - Xiaomi Redmi Note 8 Pro

Xiaomi Redmi Note 8 Pro
Xiaomi Redmi Note 8 Pro

This is an excellent and quite affordable smartphone, which has more than 90% of the front surface occupies a high-resolution cramless screen. The undisputed advantages of this model are the most realistic color rendition and a high degree of image detail, so you can make portrait and panoramic pictures of excellent quality with this smartphone.

Xiaomi Redmi Note 8 Pro smartphone is optimized for gamers, as it is equipped with a powerful eight-core processor with a liquid cooling system that reliably protect it from overheating and breakage. For maximum convenience, the device is equipped with a contactless data transmission module and a fingerprint sensor.

Xiaomi Redmi Note 8 Pro smartphone features:

  • Operating system - Android 9;
  • The size (diagonal) of the display is 16.5 cm;
  • The screen is a liquid crystal matrix with a glass of 2.5D;
  • The main chamber is 4 cameras with the function of automatic focus guidance and a resolution of 64 megapixel, 8 megapixel, 2 megapixel and 2 megapixels;
  • Front (frontal) chamber - 20 megapixel;
  • ROM memory - 64 GB;
  • battery capacity - 4500 mA / h;
  • battery life in active use mode - up to 28 hours;
  • The average cost is 18,000 rubles.


  • Very clear high-quality chamber with four lenses;
  • big screen without frames;
  • The processor has an effective liquid cooling system;
  • there is a fingerprint sensor;
  • Supports contactless payment features by bank cards.


  • Not the largest internal memory (for this price segment).

Xiaomi Redmi Note 8 Pro is one of the most popular and popular models in demanding users who are important not only the high quality of the device and components, but also the maximum performance for work and leisure.

Prices for Xiaomi Redmi Note 8 Pro

Xiaomi Redmi Note 8 Pro

No. 1 - Xiaomi Mi 9t Pro

Xiaomi Mi 9t Pro
Xiaomi Mi 9t Pro

A very powerful phone with a beautiful design and stylish case, capable of keeping a charge for more than two days, even with active use. Experts and users consider this smartphone to the top-level model, and there really is for what. This is a telephone with a thin and large screen, which has an angle of view of 178 °, a good stock of brightness and, moreover, has reduced power consumption (that is, the battery charge economically spends).

The main chamber has three lens, the resolution of the front camera in 20 MP allows you to make beautiful selfie and portrait pictures of very high quality, which can be spread on social networks immediately, without additional processing. With the help of the Xiaomi Mi 9t Pro smartphone, you can also keep video in Ultra HD format (maximum realistic videos).

The device supports wireless data transmission technology, that is, it is possible to pay a bank card in the store, without getting it out of a wallet or handbag.

Characteristics of the Xiaomi Mi 9T Pro smartphone:

  • Operating system - Android 9;
  • The size (diagonal) of the display is 16.2 cm;
  • Screen - Super AMOLED (organic LED-based matrix) with glass 2.5D;
  • The main chamber is 3 cameras with the function of automatic focus guidance and a resolution of 48 megapixel, 8 megapixel and 13 megapixel;
  • Front (frontal) chamber - 20 megapixel;
  • ROM memory - 128 GB;
  • battery capacity - 4000 mA / h;
  • battery life in active use mode - up to 28 hours;
  • The average cost is 34,000 rubles.


  • With this smartphone, you can do very clear, bright and detailed pictures, as well as remove realistic video in Ultra HD format;
  • Supports contactless data technology;
  • good speaker volume;
  • Works without recharging more than two days in active use mode;
  • Powerful processor.


  • Conditional shortcomings of this model can be considered its cost and high repairs price if the screen is required.

Xiaomi Mi 9t Pro is one of the best smartphones not only in the Xiaomi line, but also on the Russian market for digital technology and electronics.

Prices for Xiaomi Mi 9t Pro

Xiaomi Mi 9t Pro

Reviews of Smartphone Xiaomi Mi 9t Pro

Video - Review Xiaomi Mi 9t Pro

What is better to buy: Meizu or Xiaomi?

It is unambiguous to answer this question, since both companies work under different devises and adhere to completely different principles in promoting their product.

Neither Meizu nor Xiaomi, during the grounds of its corporations, did not plan to engage in the production of smartphones and were originally created as united Chinese companies engaged in the development and creation of other commercial products. Xiaomi is much younger than its "fellow": the company was founded less than 10 years ago (in 2010), and the first smartphone was released from the conveyor in 2011. The story of Meizu is longer, as the brand was founded in 1998, although the first serious production of media players was launched only in 2003.

To understand which smartphones are better - Meizu or Xiaomi, we suggest a comparative characteristic in all basic parameters and criteria.

Comparison of MEIZU and Xiaomi smartphones

Parameters and criteria Meizu. Xiaomi.
Corps material In most cases, metal (some models have a plastic case, but the back cover of all Meizu phones is made of cast metal alloy, which provides additional protection of internal mechanisms and extends the service life of the device). Almost all Xiaomi line smartphones are made of impact-resistant plastic of increased strength, but despite this, they withstand much less drops compared to Meizu technique. Phones with a metal case have a nice bonus - they do not have fingerprints.
Form of phone A classic shape with rounded edges, thanks to which the smartphone comfortably falls into the hand (according to this criterion, the models differ little from the original "apple" gadgets). Most of the models are made in accordance with the classical standards, but some ruler smartphones also have rounded edges and a convenient ergonomic shape.
Battery capacity According to this criterion, MEIZU smartphones lose a little by their competitor. The capacity of the battery in most popular models is about 3000-3500 mA / h. This is enough about 6-8 hours of continuous operation in active use mode, that is, to charge the phone daily. Xiaomi technique has more capacious batteries that are able to keep charges up to 24-28 hours, that is, to fully use them (make and receive calls, use messengers, communicate in social networks, etc.) without recharging you can within 1-2 days .
CPU Almost 90% of models are equipped with high-performance MediaTek processors (not only on flagship, but also on budget models). They provide high-quality operation and high speed, so these phones do not hang even while simultaneously downloading multiple applications and games, including medium and maximum settings. Smartphones are most often equipped with Qualcomm chips, which even pull games with maximum heavy graphics (cope with such a "heavy" graphics of Meizu phones is quite difficult). In general, compared to Meizu Xiaomi smartphones are more productive and stable in operation.
Camera Models of the average price category have quite decent chambers with an optical stabilization system, a powerful LED flash, automatic focus and high-quality lenses. The line contains models with different amounts of basic cameras (there are models with 2, 3 and 4 lenses) and high-quality high-resolution front-length cameras - up to 20-32 meters.

Video - Xiaomi vs Meizu?

Meizu and Xiaomi are real "Matters" among Chinese smartphones that occupy a rather large share of the Russian digital technology market and electronics. It is impossible to choose the best of them, since each manufacturer has its advantages and disadvantages, so we advise you to pick up the device under your tasks and needs, and choose these brands exactly have from anything.

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Xiaomi or Mase What is better? Very many users of modern smartphones are interested in the competent value for money in the models presented in the market. Not everyone is ready to overpay for products, the performance of which is in the middle level. For some people, the external appearance of devices is important, but most often from these devices expect functionality and diversity of possibilities.


We offer today to compare what is better than Xiaomi or Meza. These two modern brand have not long been on the domestic market, but the popularity of people has gained rather quickly.

History of companies

Today companies produce some of the most productive and affordable gadgets. But every manufacturer had their own way.

Xiaomi at dawn of his formation was engaged in the development of custom firmware for gadgets with MIUI shell. It was still at the time of the existence of Android 2.1, as an advanced version. Such a standard system often slowed down during the work of Chinese smartphones. Long-term launch of programs caused criticism and mockery of IOS holders. At that time, Miui seemed awesome if compared with Android. That was fair due to speed in work, advanced functionality.


Therefore, the appearance of smartphones from Xiaomi was just a matter of time. Already in 2011, the release of the first such device was announced - MI1.

Today, using the modification of MIUI 9.5 or the firmware V 9 6, the owner of the gadget may afford to go to a new, more progressive level of operation.

Mase direction was oriented initially on the production of MP3 players. It developed in this direction until 2009. The first MEIZU phone had a name M8 and was released only for sale in the Chinese market. And again there is nothing surprising, that Apple smartphones have become a guideline for its new products. It is because of too much similarity with them the first gadget MEZ, the company did not allow to take part in the exhibition, which specializes in this type of equipment. Today, the most popular rules are Xiaomy Redmi, M5 Meizu.



To look like to look in the market, both manufacturers had to search for their own segment and present the favorable differences of their products from Apple.

High-quality smartphone is inexpensive - this is exactly the slogan that Siaomi is guided by the release of devices. Xiaomi competitors in this segment are a bit. The main income of the company was due to the sale of services. That is why she could afford to make a slight markup. What, of course, I had to do buyers. And solving which phone is better to buy, they did not think too much.

Another step to which the founders of Siaomi were solved - the Flash Sales Organization. Where the huge parties were brought at an attractive price. This skillfully used the dealers and goods to the end user reached a good markup.

Today, using the thesis that speaks about the release of good, but inexpensive things, the company additionally established the production of accessories not only for phones. In 2018, it became possible to acquire various innovative developments. From action cameras and smart bicycles, to audio gadgets and photos, backpacks.


Meza at the beginning copied Apple tactics, producing one smartphone per year. It had reasonable explanations and brought good income, allowing you to compete at a decent level with high-quality analogues. In this case, what phone is better than the company, it was not particularly decided to solve.

After a fairly large investment that the company received, it became possible to develop in its own direction. Leaving at the proper level the production of flagships, Meza developed a youth line, which is characterized by the brightness of the design, average parameters and an adequate price. It was very by the way, because everything needs to be served to the buyer on time.

Turning to comparing the model range, I would like to say that according to reviews they differ and fans, and the volume of production. Each has its own segment and characteristic features.

Budget and medium with Entim NEW и

In this category, Xiaomi is most often competing REDMI 4A VS REDMI 5A.

Also in this segment, Xiaomi contains the following smartphones:

  • REDMI 5;
  • REDMI 5 Plus;


The main advantage of models is optimization

Unlike other brands, Meizu in this segment only finishes developing analogs that can compete with the above devices from Xiaomi. The company is not as large and, accordingly, the development and release are slower than. But by the end of the summer of 2018, we must see their novelties - M6S (full-screen), MEZ E3. We can appreciate all the advantages and talk about the popularity of budget smartphones.

The lineup

Comparing Meizu and Xiaomi, it is worth noting that recently the flagships from the MEZ are the same type and externally, and technically. Therefore, even an inexpensive price does not attract users who want to get along with the new gadget visible originality. Although MEIZU Pro 7 review is really interesting. First of all, it attracts attention to the screen installed in addition on the rear panel.

The smartphone M6 Note, Meizu M3, Note 2. The budget version with a successful camera and a worthy performance has been tied up well. But the M5S caused interest not only because of the price affordable, but also innovation supporting fast charging.


Xiaomy leads today by the number of successful phones. Each segment is filled with different models and is successfully complemented by a bestseller. Redmi Note 4X is the most balanced option with a low budget. Xiaomi Redmi 5 Plus smartphones are inexpensive curious with a powerful battery, a cool screen. Mi A1 has android. MI6, MI MIX 2 - recently released flagships with good characteristics. Soon Siaomi announces the flagship release - MI MIX 2S, which can work on Android 9.


Design and build quality

Appearance will leave for the individual reasoning of each buyer. The quality of the material and the assembly of models in both companies at the height.

Diversity in the design gives Xiaomi palm championship. Even case manufacturing material is presented widely: plastic, metal, ceramics and glass. It is especially worth noting the screen without cutout.

Meza has a conservative look at the design parameters. Style orientation is one, without special experiments and innovations. The company produces equally popular in this regard, ergonomic, externally neatly decorated models with a metal or plastic lid.

Degree of autonomy

Siaomi batteries differ in greater capacity. Here you can hold a single visual comparison for similar models. The duration of M6 Note wins in MI A1. Battery capacity varies. And the leader boasts the possibility of quick charging. Xiaomi will work at a moderate load about 2 days, and, for example, Meizu M5 Note will turn off without waiting for the onset of the second day.


Iron, which of smartphones is more productive

Meza work with Taiwanese MediaTek processors. Their quality is good enough. In 90% of devices are subject to such options.


Xiaomi sets the Qualcomm processors to its models. Their productivity is an order of magnitude higher than that of a competitor. Those options that support the excellent course of games, complex graphics are mounted in the flagship. And in budget options are cheaper. Processor performance, in this case, will be lower.

Both companies in all models make quickly affordable requests on the Internet, filled with a worthy filling each device. Each buyer remains to choose this option in its needs.


Cameras of both Chinese companies have satisfactory quality. Even the products of the budget segment focused additional settings in this option. You can independently choose white balance, also contrast, brightness. Run the timer settings. When choosing, many buyers prefer not only a functional chamber, but also a high screen without cutout.



Both firms love to demonstrate the improvement of their technology using operating systems. Meza uses this Flyme firmware for these purposes, and Xiaomi, of course, MIUI. A bright example of a smartphone from Xiaomi Redmi.

Unique features

This item is characteristic of the production of both companies. For Mase, this feature is the Mtouch button, which is under the display. This is a sensor, but only half. He distinguishes fingerprints, and also executes the command "a step back". With full presses, returns "home".

Xiaomi created their gadgets personal ecosystem. The user gets cloud storage facility together with the device, synchronized with other devices. You can save free of charge to 5 GB of information on the server. For an additional fee, the volume is expanding to 1 TB.

Another feature of Xiaomi models is the presence of an IR port, which allows the phone to become a universal console in the management of home appliances. Before you only need to download the installation program. Update MIUI 9.5 Increases the quality and volume of sound.

Availability, ratio Prices I. Characteristics

Meza has an operating system with the support of the Russian language, which attracts the buyer. Chinese analogues of Siaomi must be overlashing to be available in Russian. But such a procedure is not difficult if you turn to a specialist. Although today this feature is publicly available to any advanced user.

The pricing policy of both manufacturers is accessibility with proper quality. But Xiaomi often find themselves in shortage due to a limited number of circulation. More older models through time is no longer found on the primary market. Mase continues to issue and outdated models. The lack of MEIZU smartphones, compared to Xiaomi, is that their cost is somewhat higher.

If we consider companies to popularize their phones among consumers around the world, then the preference on the side of Xiaomi. The manufacturer is in the five world leaders, and Meza takes a worthy place in the top 10.

What choose exactly you are preferences. Each device has advantages and disadvantages. The answer is to search in the necessary parameters of gadgets. If you know exactly how it should look like and what the desired model should be stored in yourself, you can easily decide with the manufacturer.

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