Sterrophundin isotonic for what is used?

Isotonic solution of Steroffin refers to the category of drugs that apply only in hospitals. It is dripped by patients who have serious electrolyte disorders, which lead to various acute states.

Thieves Sterofundina Isotonic

Steroff isotonic - what kind of tool?

The drug is an isotonic type electrolyte solution (has one osmotic pressure with body fluids). Steruldin is adapted to the introduction of blood and compound with plasma. By properties, it is intended to adjust the loss of extracellular fluid that can occur for various reasons.

The solution for infusion therapy is implemented in bottles of different volumes, the price is 200-1000 rubles depending on the dosage.

The preparation contains a whole complex of minerals that provide a normal electrolyte balance. These include:

  • NaCl;
  • KCL;
  • magnesium hexahydrate chloride;
  • Chloride calcium dihydrate; Active components of the drug
  • Sodium acetate trihydrate.

To ensure the desired level of acidity (5.1-5.9), malic acid also added to the drug. As an additional component, water is present, sodium hydroxide. The tool has a high price among analogs, since it is produced in Germany. The solution is transparent, does not give a precipitate, there is no color, smell. It refers to bottles, plastic bags of 0.25-1 liters.

Action of drugs and indications for use

The main purpose of the means is the use after or during various states causing a violation of the electrolyte balance in the body. Sterropundine is also needed for diseases leading to a change in osmotic pressure, accompanied by dehydration and intoxication.

Since the solution is isotonic, its introduction helps to establish water equilibrium in the body.

After the use of the means restores the pressure of the plasma, the balance of electrolytes, the performance of the body is returned to normal.

Water balance of the body

The concentration and amounts of Sterofundin substances are balanced, allowing you to eliminate metabolic acidosis. This state is the main indication for use, both in the development and threat. Most often, Sterordin is introduced with such states:

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  • After a complex operation with blood loss;
  • after injury;
  • with acute intestinal infections with diarrhea and vomiting;
  • With acute diseases with long fever, etc. Indications for the use of the drug

The drug is introduced into a vein in the form of a dropper, its availability for suction is complete. PART OF MINERALS is distributed inside the cells, the other is out of them. The removal is carried out through the kidneys, in small quantities through the intestines and the skin.

What are the contraindications?

Contraindications for the introduction of the drug quite a lot. The main renal and heart failure include, when the body cannot process and assimilate the received substances. Other prohibitions for treatment:

  • hypervolemia;
  • Strong swelling;
  • excessive content of any of the electrolytes;
  • Metabolic alkalosis. Mechanism for the development of metabolic alcohol

With any degree of insufficiency of heart function, the kidneys use a means with great caution. Also, under the frequent control, therapy is carried out during pregnancy against the background of preeclampsia, eclampsia, with hypertension, sarcoidosis, hypervitaminosis Vitamin D. Carefully carry out therapy in people in a coma, after serious burns. Since the solution contains potassium, it is under medical controls put people with heart defects, with hypercalemia in an anamnesis.

Under the introduction, side effects are possible. This is hypersted and the appearance of edema, including - edema of the lungs. Basically such phenomena are characteristic of overdose. Also, in rare cases, inflammation and thrombing of veins arise, the intestinal paralysis.

Inflammation and blood clots

Drug instructions

Strictly prohibited to put medicine at home, it is used exclusively in the hospital. Before administration, calculations of the drug standards are made based on the severity of the state of the person and the degree of fluid loss.

After opening, the unused solution is not suitable for administration, it must be disposed of.

The solution is revealed with careful observance of aseptic rules. Air penetration in the dropper is strictly prevented. Approximate doses are below:

  • adolescents, adults - 500-3000 ml Steroffs per day;
  • Children from birth to 11 years old - 20-100 ml / day per kilogram weight. Method of applying means

The rate of use of the means is also set individually. It is usually 3-8 ml / kg of mass per hour, in children up to a year - 6-8 ml, up to 2 years - 4-6 ml, up to 11 years - 2-4 ml. When calculating a dose, it is also important to also take into account possible additional fluid losses and increase the rate of use of Steroffs.

Analogs and other information

In some cases, the sterrydin is replaced on other solutions with the same action. Among the analogs can be called the following:

A drug Structure Price, ruble
Azesol Potassium chloride, sodium chloride, sodium acetate 540.
Dom Sodium chloride, sodium acetate 1100.
Gloss Potassium chloride, sodium chloride, sodium acetate 550.
Ringer Solution Potassium chloride, sodium chloride, sodium acetate, calcium chloride 510.

The drug is carefully used if necessary for simultaneous administration with other medicines. To the appearance of a precipitate can be introduced with phosphates, sulfates. Parallel use of glucocorticosteroids can provoke pressure lift and appearance of edema. It is impossible to simultaneously enter potassium preparations, potassium-saving diuretics - there is a risk of hypercalemia.

Preparations analogues of Steroffsdin

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