How to persuade his wife on anal sex?

The more diverse intimate life in a married couple, the stronger relationship. But if men are usually not afraid to experiment in bed, then the representatives of weak sex often carefully and refuse to try something new.

Anal affection can turn slightly bored proximity in a bright firework of erotic flames. Only here not all women happily agree to such an intima. If your spouse also does not burn with the desire to substitute the ass under your standing member, do not despair. There are different ways to persuade his wife to anal sex.

First, try to understand why it is categorically against Anal. As a rule, there is some reason why a woman does not want to allow a partner to his honeycomb ass. To find out this reason, you will have to talk in souls. But you know exactly how to act next to achieve the desired one.

How to persuade his wife on anal sex?

Why does she not want to do anal sex?

Most often, excellent ladies see in the proposal of a partner to try anal not the desire to diversify intimate life, but a direct threat to ourselves. The fear of the unknown will outweet the desire to get unusual sensations. In addition, there are many rumors and myths around anal sex, which are really scared. Your wife may be afraid of Anal because of one of the following delusions:

  • It hurts it terribly. And after anal in the anus area, crackers or wounds may appear, which will deliver discomfort for a long time. To transfer the entry of a member to an anal hole, you need to have a huge excerpt and a high pain threshold.
  • Anal sex leads to serious health problems. There may be a revenue of the rectum. Plus, the defecation process will become uncontrollable, and the gases will also go to themselves at any time.
  • In the process of the anal frictions, troubles always occur in the form of evolution of carts. When a man removes a member from Anus, he turns out to be dirty and disgusting. And the worst thing is the likelihood that all the contents of the intestine will fall directly to bed.
  • Only perverts and mentally ill people are engaged in anal sex. Anus is not intended to immerse items into it, so it is necessary to use it only for its intended purpose, namely, to liberate the body from remnants of recycled food.
  • Men do not respect women who agree to engage in unconventional species of sex. The husband will never be able to relate to his wife, if she allows him to get himself in the ass. After that, he will consider it slutty and dirty.

Despite all these popular "horror stories", many women, once trying anal sex, gladly continue to deal with them, getting an inexpressible pleasure and experiencing bright orgasms. So you have every chance to convince your favorite at least try to let yourself go to your elastic hole. And then everything will depend on how neatly you will act.

How to persuade his wife on anal sex?

If she is afraid of pain

This fear is under the ground, so do not try to convince his wife that she will experience indescribable bliss from the first time. But not condensed paints. Explain that there are simple ways to avoid painful sensations, namely - to use a large number of lubricant and act slowly and neatly.

Promise her that you won't hurry, but you will do everything possible to get it if not an orgasm, the sea of ​​pleasant sexual experiences. To begin with, offer the spouse to try anal affairs. Gently massaging her anus with warm fingers with lubricant applied on them.

Gradually, when your wife gets used to a new feeling for himself, start practicing internal stimulation. The first few times do it only with your finger. In parallel, you caress other erogenous zones on her body - nipples, clit, entrance to the vagina. So you will show your spouse in practice that anal penetration is not very painful, but it's very nice.

How to persuade his wife on anal sex?

Fear spoil health

Here you have to contact medical items. It is unlikely that the wife believes you to the word that there is no incontinence of feces or other serious problems with female health from anal sex. Find on the Internet a few big articles from the lights of medicine and show your panty-spouse.

Anal sex cannot cause either rectal loss or defecation problems if partners are followed by safety rules. The soft administration of the penis in the prepared anus does not have a negative impact on the female organism. Problems may appear only if a man acts rudely, and anal entertainment practices very often (several times a week).

To even more dispel the doubts of a fearful spouse, descend that during anal penetration it is impossible to get pregnant. And this means that it will be able to fully relax, why the sensation will become unusually bright. But it is preferably to use a condom, since the bacteria from the rectum can get to you in the urethra, and it threatens with inflammation. However, there will be no fear that "rubber band" will break.

How to persuade his wife on anal sex?

Dirt and abomination

This is the most common reason for eliminating anal sex from beautiful ladies. Women are vanywn and romantic creatures. They want sex always beautiful. And anus is not the part of the body they consider attractive. Your wife understands perfectly, for which this hole is intended and what is hidden in his depth.

Surely, you have already told her or intend to say that nothing that she is afraid will not happen. This is mistake. With an anal sex, it can happen anything, so you should not begin a persuasion with deception. You yourself should be ready for the fact that in the process of frictions or after them your member will turn out to be evaporated.

First of all, tell my wife that you love her anyone. She must certainly believe you when you say that we take her body entirely and completely. Further explanation that there are ways to minimize possible incidents in bed. If a woman is 1-2 hours before sex to visit the toilet and empty the intestines, the probability of "surprises" will significantly decrease. And in order to further reduce the risk in the process of anal sex, you need to make a cleansing enema.

How to persuade his wife on anal sex?

This is a perversion

Modern sexologists for the most part believe that sexual desires cannot be considered abnormal if they do not harm the physical and mental health of partners. Here again you can show the spouse of excerpts from medical articles. But it is better to act on your own - you can persuade a wife for anal sex faster.

Tell me that you want her all - what you want to have every part of her body. She must feel desirable and beloved. Be sure to do it more often with high-quality cunnilingus, and in the process of oral caresses pay attention to the anus. The elastic hole can be licking, enter the tip of the tutor, gently massage with your fingers. Your wife must be sure that you want anal sex for yourself, but in order to give her an unearthly pleasure.

Only fallen women are engaged in this.

The most important thing is not to tell my wife that you adore slutty girls and you want it to be such for you. So you can not only offend the vulnerable spouse, but also to spoil the relationship. Act tactfully - do focus on the fact that your love for her makes you forget about the prohibitions and moral beliefs. Say that you demolish the roof from thoughts about her sweet ass.

When the spouse is allowed to put it anally, show how much you are grateful to her. No jokes and jokes should be. Show your delicate attitude towards it. Let her see respect and admiration in your eyes. Spiritual proximity is able to reveal the new faces of the sex life and give a lot of pleasant emotions.

How to persuade his wife on anal sex?

What do not do?

Now about typical male mistakes that kill a woman's desire to satisfy the needs of the spouse in bed. Your incorrect actions can lead to a categorical refusal of his wife from any species of anal affection.

  • It is not necessary to show the spouse of the scene from porn movies, in which the actors are engaged in anal sex. As a rule, porn actors do not use lubricant before penetration. They are also not particularly careful about enjoying the partner. Anus before the introduction of a member is also rarely developing at least anal plug. All this will rather take your wife from such fun, and will not cause the desire to try anal sex, as you want.
  • Do not manipulate your woman. You do not need to put ultimatums to it: "Or you agree to substitute the ass, or I will find a woman in graduation!" I don't need to tear too much. Your wife should see a strong man and a skillful lover in you, and not a desperate person with a single goal - in any way to get what is not yet available.
  • Do not act a cheat. If right during the vaginal sex, you dramatically remove a member from the vagina of the wife and enter it into the anus, it is unlikely to say thank you. Most likely, you will have to endure a few unpleasant minutes consisting of female shouts and accusations of egoism. And also there is a risk that for some time you will stay without sex.
  • Do not bow to the wife for anal joy, if her stomach hurts or she can not go to the toilet. In a couple of hours before anal penetration, the woman must empty the intestine, otherwise the probability that in the friction process will be released from anus, it will be very high. And if your wife suffers from pain, touch it, the more not worth it, so as not to provoke the emergence of more serious health problems.
  • Do not try to make it deep at night or early in the morning, until the spouse sleeps sweetly. It may seem to you that it will not understand what is happening and where is your dick. But thereby you will only undermine her confidence in you. A woman should be prepared and physically, and morally to an anal contact - only then everything will be perfect.

To persuade his wife to anal sex, it is not enough to paint to her all the delights of this kind of sex. It is important that between you and your woman there was no constraint and missing. Discuss your erotic fantasies, share sexual desires - then it will be easier to get everything from the spouse, what you dream about.

How to persuade his wife on anal sex?

What poses are suitable for the first anal sex?

Do not hope that on the very first night, when the wife will let you go to her ass, it will work out to do it with her in different poses. Most likely, the first anal sex will be not particularly hot. Your patience will pay off - over time you will be able to engage in anal joy in any positions, receiving a maximum of sexual pleasure.

  • The most convenient and painless way for the first anal penetration is lying on the side in the pose of a spoon. The fact is that when introducing a penis in the anus, a woman may appear to visit the toilet. If she is at this moment lying on his stomach, the desire to empty the intestines will increase.
  • If you have a long penis, you need to act especially carefully. It is already advisable to put a spouse on the stomach, so that you can be conveniently controlling the depth of member. You should not ask my wife to raise the ass, otherwise the penis will dive too deep. To further reduce the risk of pain, ask her to move the legs.
  • The position of Doggi-Style acts very exciting to representatives of strong sex. If you want to use it for the first time, be extremely attentive. In the rustling of bright emotions it is easy to forget and start performing too active frictions. You must follow the reaction of the spouse for every movement.
  • In the pose of the rider, too, you can also do anal sex with great pleasure. The wife sits on you from above, after which you gently enter the penis dick into her anal hole. Then she makes progressive movements of the hips, and you hold it for the buttocks. In such a position, the partner can control the depth of penetration itself. For convenience, offer his wife to rely on the bed is not knees, but feet.
  • If you most often make love in a missionary position, then for the first anal sex it is worth using it. The usual position of your bodies will act sootherently on your spouse, and she will be able to relax as much as possible. To make it easier to enter the penis into a narrow hole, lay the wife under the ass rigid pillow. And then, when a member is already inside, let it raise his legs and throw them on your shoulders.

Many married men wonder how to persuade his wife to anal sex, but few know what exactly needs to be done after she agrees. And you need to act very gently and carefully. Your wife should have only pleasant impressions from the first time so that she wanted to repeat it again.

How to persuade his wife on anal sex?

Non-standard approach

If nothing helps, and your sroping spouse does not agree to try anal sex, there are two more options. Hope to get the desired from the beloved woman is always there, the main thing is to find the right approach.

Sex toys

Offer his wife to visit the store of intimate goods. If she is shy and does not want to consider sex toys in front of other people, Polyce together catalogs on the website of the virtual sex shop. Colorful photos will probably attract her attention.

And then you can just start making purchases. You do not need to immediately choose an anal cork or something similar. Tell your wife that you have long you dream to make sex in handcuffs or you want to deliver her unimaginable pleasure with the help of a vibrator to the clitoris.

When you both enter the rage, go to the most important thing - show her attractive photos of anal sex toys of small size. Most likely, while your wife is in erotic cast, it will not refuse to acquire an anal tube or a Christmas tree to stimulate anus. And then she will be inconvenient to refuse to use these sex toys.

Sex with strapon

Sometimes women refuse anal fun just because it seems to them humiliating. Some even go to an attack by asking a provocative question to the partner, and whether he wants himself to be confused in the ass. If you are a bold man without complexes, give my wife a pleasure to feel the main one in bed.

Prostate massage delivers sweet sensations to men. So do not be afraid that sex with a strapon will be terribly painful or unpleasant. But thus, you will show the spouse that is ready for any sexual experiments. It may very much that after such a "feat" she wants to thank you with a response action and agree, finally, for anal sex.

How to persuade his wife on anal sex?

How to fix the result?

When you manage to persuade a wife for anal sex, it is important not to spoil ineptive actions. It is necessary to be gentle and affectionate at the first intimate proximity of this format, and in the future follow important rules:

  • Anal sex follows no more than once a week. When immersing a member in anus, his muscles are stretched, and they need time to return to the previous state.
  • If the wife complains about itching or pain in the area of ​​the rear pass, it is necessary to exclude anal sex from intimate life for a while and find out the reason for her indisposition by visiting a good doctor.
  • Do not do the enee before each anal contact should not be, as this procedure blews useful bacteria from the rectum. If you do this type of sex quite often, it is advisable to simply choose convenient moments - when the spouse feels clean.
  • Some women love when the partner cums right in Anus. But if, after entering the seed fluid, your woman has an unpleasant feeling (burning, discomfort), then it is worth choosing another way to finish anal sex.
  • Always warn your wife about what you want to get her in the ass, in advance. So that anal sex brought you both satisfaction, your spouse should have time to prepare.

How to persuade his wife on anal sex?

In the family, where the spouses love and understand each other, there is no place for praise and fear. More often to demonstrate my wife care and tenderness, and then your intimate life will always blame bright colors.

The hot Temka today was outstanding, and, as the life experience shows, for men, she is the most forbidden, but this is not less desirable, the fruit. When representatives of the strong half of humanity are asked to diversify sex with his wife or a girl that they are first comes to mind, what do you think? Of course, penetration into a seductive ass! And then the question arises how to persuade a girl on anal sex After all, for many women, this topic is considered unacceptable.

According to statistics, half of men, anal sex put on a par with vaginal not only on the severity of sensations, but also by the need for his presence in the intimate life of the couple. The reason is simple: the sexual member in the anus partners receives an active stimulation, which impressions are exacerbated, and the discharge occurs brighter. Another provoking factor in love for Analy in guys acts a natural desire to dominate the most likely of the fellowship, and penetration into such an intimate zone is complete power, because the girl is so defenseless at the time of the rear situation.

Agree, to be dominant - it does not mean to think during sexual sex only about his pleasure or rude to handle the partner body. Moreover, most women want to be in bed with a power man. And among them there are a lot of those who agreed to anal if the partner shows perseverance in his desires. Here and play on the natural inclination of the ladies obey. Men choose the "key" to the ass of your baby and learn to conquer the dominant positions!

How to persuade a girl on anal sex beautiful

Girls - the people are emotional and impressionable, eager for attention, recognition and beautiful robberies. Dear lovers of Anal, without these attributes and a beautifully created atmosphere, your member will not get what it seeks that. We will have to strain and reproduce a unique entourage to set up Madame to the desired way. Sex, especially in the ass, it happens not only at the venue of the sexual organ and the opportunity turned up here and now. Do you want analchik, at least the easiest on the hairs? Break.

Atmosphere and decor

Constantly firmly about your desire to engage in anal sex, persuade, itching, blackmailing treason, rushing hysterics because of the next refusal - go by. You will soon stop clouding even vaginal joy, because such behavior issexually. This is not a male and not a strong man-dominant! Lovers behave in a similar way. If you are stronger than the young lady psychologically, prove it with action. Sometimes it does not hurt to be cunning even a man.

Mood partner will correct the desserved setting: beautiful bedding, cleanliness in the house, champagne, candy, flowers. You can take a bath with foam, make a massage with your girl, talk frankly about fears, etc. If you warm up the chick, it is unlikely to get a failure. Catch the lifehaki further, and the anal sex with the beloved will become a reality.

Not bad reception - buy something valuable. In the sense, valuable for her is what she likes what he wants. What could it be? Not necessarily gold or phone - no! Girls may have hobbies, such as drawing, knitting, sewing, quilling, etc. Find out about it and give the same certificate to the sewing boutique.

A little hardcore and romance

Here we are talking about the game on the contrast of emotions to your beloved. Make something unexpected for her, aligning it with a romantic setting. Integrated as you do not expect from you at all. Unusual actions create the effect of novelty and surprise, which strikes the ladies to the depths of the soul. And this is a good stimulus for the transition of the classic night of love to a gentle analchik (for the first time). What does it look like?

Pre-caress for greater excitation

Suppose you are not an amateur to express emotions verbally. Want to separate her in the ass? Learn the rhymetime in advance. When she scratches her ear, whisper about his feelings as Alexander Sergeevich could not even be able to. Just do not overdo it - it should look natural. Sweet kiss on lips seasoned with light hair grip ... Gentle stroking legs ... Singfully squeeze your chest ... Tell her what it is sexy and attractive on this night. Only without banalities about beautiful eyes - from this all sick. Come up with something original. Your frankness and ODD of its attractiveness can be finished in gentle "I want to take you right now."

So, stop. We do not climb right away in the ass when she allowed himself to sit! The ass will be for dessert, but for now only cold snacks brought!

By the way, about food. When solving the question, how to persuade the girl on anal sex, the 80 level wizard advise the focus not only on the situation, but also on the properly selected table. No need to argue rolls as recent pigs and get drunk before bumping - there will be no sex. Easy snack and bottle of wine or champagne for two - here you are romance, and common sense, and anal in perspective.

Destroy stereotypes in a trust conversation

Most often, the girl refuses anal joys due to the prevailing stereotypes or negative experience in the past. They must be destroyed. How do you ask? Easily! Without aggressive attacks in the style of "Enough to invent, Che for nonsense you are carrying", but gentle. The best assistant is a trustworthy conversation in which you will talk all her fears about the anal penetration.

Anus muscle development before anal sex

Causes of the girl's failure from anal sex

What do girls think about anal sex usually think? It hurts, dirty, harmful, perversion, went, indecent, etc. We find out the reason for the appearance of such epithets towards the desired entrance "Rear":

  • She was hurt with the past partner, but he did not stop;
  • Maybe it does not want to do the enema (pleasant little, truth);
  • It is afraid to stain you with manure, because last time it was deprived of her sheets;
  • I heard somewhere that from this ass will disappear on the seams, just as a break of San Andreas, and a huge hemorrhoid shishach will come out in the morning;
  • I am sure that after it will look like a whore in your eyes, etc.

Did you never know that there is spinning in her head. Find out. And after convincing the future analist in the opposite. Tell us detail how going to do with her anal sex for the first time, bring her doubts about injuries and violent action. Wrap in your adequacy and ability to slow down at any time when she asks it. Create an image of the anal science professor in her eyes.

If, after verbal processing, the tower gave the roll, it means that the attack is not in vain! We act further in the same spirit and bow the Kisu to Analy.

Play on female curiosity

Women's curiosity does not know the borders! Here on this and play the party. Take her trilogy about the anal stimulants and intimate toys at all. Promise to buy the highest-quality, those that will make it test a vaginal orgasm repeatedly, as well as the squirt and loss of consciousness from pleasure. If evening XIt has already arrived, get a pre-prepared arsenal for the young lady to see and understood - you clearly plan to continue the banquet. It will help her tune in for sex and anal biorhythms))) What will come in handy there, what auxiliary pieces?

  • Anal lubricant;
  • Candles and condoms (if you use them);
  • sex toys for anus stimulation;
  • Intimate cosmetics - massage oil, creams, lotions, perfume with pheromones and other trinkets at will.

There will be very impossible seductive sexy things: a mask on the eyes (mystery makes not only men), handcuffs with fur (the ladies love to obey), a feather for caress (tactile sensations are excited), all sorts of jewelry in the form of clamps, collars, suspension, chains, and t .. Madame should feel awesome beautiful and sexy!

Consider that anal sex with a girl you have almost in your hands. Rarely, what a woman will refuse such a attentive and caring man in his desires.

Visit our sex shop and choose suitable toys for your kitty! Look at how much Anal stimulants   и Intimate cosmetics We have on virtual stands! Do not forget to look into the section sexy linen To prepare a gift before the anal of your playful toiley!

Harmony in relations and help in everyday life

This section is suitable for family people. If you are a husband and want persuade a wife for anal sex , Consider some aspects of your household life. Loaded by children and everyday problems, the wife is unlikely to be so convocation. You dream to break her for anal joys, help around the house and in the upbringing of children - make lessons with them take a walk, reduce on educational classes. Do not pretend to be an empty place and do not spread on the surface of the sofa! Let the spouse be in this moment will be drunk and will be guided by marafet. The drunk horse for night skies is not capable, the more rear-way - remember it!

Harmony in relationships can bring sex on the peak of emotions when the woman itself rushes to innovations and change. If you are used to just take, let you soon stop stopping, and not only in bed. Think, dear anal fantasies.

No aggression

Once again we repeat, want to lean the woman to Anal, do it without aggression. Make a person to engage in what he does not want, difficult. In the intimate sphere, it is generally useless, especially a woman to make sex in the ass. Double number! In no case practitioning tactics "with overclocking the most tomatoes"! First, it is violence. Secondly, you can stay without tomatoes with a trunk. And she will be right. Tenderness, caress, patience, tact - Here is your night menu for pointing to anal joy.

Be prepared for a similar offer in your direction! Do you really think that anal sex is so useful and beautiful for girls, in the name of what they have to pass many steps of preparing psychological and physical? If so, why don't you do the same? Try mutual anal affairs, and then smoothly go to the sex. The girl can put on strapon and detonate you in the ass with all passion. Do not forget about the belly. Oh, you are not ready for such a turn? Do not accept similar procedures? Then you should not shout that anal sex is just the holy duty of a loving woman if the man wanted it so much. First, deprivable virginity your hole)))

How to offer anal sex: preliminary affairs and excitement

For any woman, the question of anal sex is not solved so easily. Peel into the anus to the woman who had a negative experience - the task of strategically and technically complex. Why start in the physical plan to persuade a girl on anal? It seems to be psychologically, we have already prepared it. Remember, each woman has its own level of susceptibility to anal caresses. The consent of your partner on the piquant continuation depends on the prelude.

Learning your loved one

A man should be understood whether his beloved to anal sex is ready at all. Start with unobtrusive caresses of priests while heating before the usual act. Watch it for her reaction when Finger touch space between the buttocks . Just do not immediately cook the top five in the cherished place and do not ask for "at least time." Just take this place. Invite her to relax the jagged muscles if you feel tension. Promise that you do not move further without her consent.

Act carefully and gradually. The next step towards anal penetration - tender touch with fingers to the "ring" at the entrance . Is your girlfriend relaxed and turned over on the stomach? It means that it is not against further continuing a bold intimate experiment. Be decisive, but not persistent.

Keep in mind if you have an anal virgin, treat her also carefully As vaginal. From the first gained experience of Anal depends on its further attitude to this type of intima. To persuade a woman to anal sex and not to deliver strong painful sensations only with its full excitement. This will help the anal toys, the correct stimulation and normal moistening of the ass with the help of a special lubricant.

You will understand her readiness for the beginning of anal sex on rapid heartbeat, deep breath, swollen sex sponges and an enlarged clitor. Moisten your finger in its vaginal lubricant and spend them from pussy to anus "This gesture you will give her to understand that today you want another penetration, not vaginal. She has 10 seconds on thinking)))

Massage buttocks in front of anal sex

How to develop anus

Next, it all depends on the woman. If there is no obvious objection against anal sex, it will not oppose it. Continue to act according to plan.

  • Before penetrating the penis into the cherished cave, do not forget to develop an input. Sign in your finger or a small stimulator , Making light progressive movements of only 1-2 cm forward. Do not focus on "Tyk-Tyk there and here." The pleasure during Anaal brings a feeling of sprouting the rectum, and not the movement of the "composition on rails".
  • Even if the woman enjoy, do not enter the second finger immediately - let her get used to sensations . Do not forget about the lubricant for moisturizing the rear pass, otherwise it will be very painful. Do not spare artificial lubricant, because in the pope it is not provided as in the vagina.
  • The first time completely avoid unpleasant sensations does not work, but the experienced lover is capable of minimizing the pain effect. It happens through Maximum excitement partners When a man stimulates an anal hole and the clitoris at the same time.
  • Another embodiment of painless penetration in the ass is a preliminary powerful vaginal orgasm, a relaxing girl and her crotch. It is at this moment that the penis in anal will be safe.
  • For the first time you do not enter the entire length ! This should not be done in the next couple of times. Guys, the pain is pain, especially with the size of dignity from 12 cm and more. Take the expectant position - let it be mastered. If they are allowed only in the "hallway", politely rubbed there.

If your favorite agreed to engage in anal sex, it means that the man did everything right. What to do those who have a girl completely reject any anal caress and attempt to enter a member in the ass, despite all the tricks and tenderness? The answer is one - nothing. The categorical of women in this matter will bring all your efforts to unpromising expectations. The final decision still remains for it. The task of a man lies in the other: he must convince his "impregnable fortress" that she will like anal sex, and provoke a girl on the initiative.

What you can not forget when trying to persuade a girl on anal sex

These tips will be useful for guys for greater confidence in persuasion to anal seeding.

  • You honor and love her ass all possible ways: kiss, stroke, caress, massaging with your fingers, gently call some cool words.
  • We try the anilingus and lick a sweet acopeco, like a lollipop. This is one of the most efficient ways of exposure to the anus. Many girls licking the hole language like no less than high-quality cooney for stimulating the clitoris.
  • We use the means of protection to convince the girl in full safety of anal sex for her health. Do not forget, by the way, about yours. The condom will save your urethra from the penetration of intestinal infections that are easily entered into your girlfriend when changing anal on the vagina. Do not like rubber products at number 2? Take at least an antiseptic like Mirismine for processing intimate zones.

Choose the right pose

By offering anal sex, decide on the choice of poses. "Male from behind" with the knee-elbow position partners - the appropriate option for the first time . In subsequent practices, you can also apply the "woman from above", and "on the side", and something new - everything will depend on your sensations with it.

To persuade the woman to anal sex really, with a competent approach, because by nature the female love to obey and give up their strong man entirely. Use this psychological peculiarity to master the body of the beloved by 1000%.

Do you want to discuss the theme of anal sex, did you have questions or, on the contrary, have additions? Boldly shine comments - no censorship! Girls join the discussion, because no one better than you will tell you how to persuade a woman on anal sex. Let's help men to cope with such a difficult task!

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It is worth trying to people or even think about anal sex, as they have a mass of all kinds of negative emotions. So let's consider this item objectively. One of the main problems is fear: fear of pain both in women and men.

Ways to lean the girl to anal sex

In addition, conventional reactions are a disgust and even a sudden change in senses to a partner, caused by the fact that many do not allow the opportunity to bind sexual love with part of our body, which is used for defecation. There is also it - rather imaginary than the real - "long hand" of the law, both civil and religious. (In fact, this "long hand" almost never interferes with the actions of the "short hand", while both of them behave prudently, and if we are not talking about minority.). In most countries (and including in Russia), the only "legal" sexual contact is recognized by the penisnaginal sex in the "missionary" position.

Laws condemn many very common types of sexual practice, such as, for example, oral sex. But anal intercourse is the only form of "unnatural" sex, whose name leads its beginning from the Bible: Sodomy. The fact that this type of sex is often associated

With homosexuality and animal, makes it more like a crime than anything else, and refers it to the so-called "abnormal" category.

Acute critics in terms of anal sex deserves pornography and porn movies. Both books and films leave the erroneous impression that this form of sex in its ease does not differ from the usual intercourse. Whatever it was, the heroine invariably "accepts" is without any difficulty; Her partner slippers her back as easily as it does in the vagina; and an orgasm from which teeth reduces, overtakes it after the first few movements. Spectators and readers who take it for a clean coin can rush into battle, dropping all caution, and are often so shocked that they forever leave a similar idea.

It is known that fear or expectation, or in general, the fear of something unknown is always forced to decline the sphincter muscle, which controls the posterior hole - anus (from lat. Anus). This, in turn, protects us from a discouraging chance at the moments of stress. It is also a serious obstacle for those experimenters who wish to get acquainted with anal sex.

But no matter what, many couples to their delight found that there should be no taboo in the classes. Anal sex enjoy those who are suitable for each other like a male and female of the dickery - very carefully.

The fear of anal intercourse begins long before the physical part begins. Many men with any of them disagreeing women to how they raise this topic. The first barrier that should be overcome in this game is an understanding of what is not to say that your partner will answer "Yes." Of course we are talking about the case when the question is put by a man. If the woman herself invites a man, then everything is clear: ahead! Most men are waiting until the very last minute, when it comes to the introduction of a penis into the vagina during the usual sexual procedure, and then follows: "How about trying in the ass this time?"

The first reaction of a woman is a strong fright: she thinks he is going to make her do it immediately. After all, in the end, between the vagina and the rear hole of all some 5 centimeters; All he needs to do is aiming a little lower.

Another bad beginning: "Have you ever tried this thing in your pope?" If a woman says "no," she is afraid that it will give her some virgin attractiveness and make it even more persistent; If she says yes, then gives her partner "Green Light", regardless of whether she wants it at the moment or not. Perhaps she once tried anal sex and hated him; And maybe she tried it repeatedly with another man and she liked. But this does not mean that she wants to do this at the moment with this man - that is, with you.

She may have several reasons and not necessarily offensive for you. Maybe she likes anal sex with young men, and you are too big. Or, maybe she just at this moment is not very calm for his digestive tract. (Do not forget that women with this are much more problems than in men, because of their premenstrual voraciousness.)

In any case, setting it before necessary to answer "yes" or "no", you will achieve the fact that it will be nervous and clamped, and anal intercourse is more than any other sexual intercourse requires physical and psychological liberation.

When you do not know what to say - silen. Perhaps it is easy to learn about the interest of your woman, not to say a word. Like any other erogenous zone, anus (both inside and outside) has different degrees of sensitivity. Anal sex, as well as in the genital, preyigra is vitally necessary, so do not spoil your chances of excessively inopegencies. Start ironing her buttocks over the entire surface and watch it for its reaction. Does she shift tightly his buttocks? If so, it means it is nervously strained, if its buttocks relax - this is a good sign.

Next, ranging from the base of the spine, swipe down the index finger down its anal empty. Look, does it make a move back, trying to clamp your finger between your buttocks? Does it turn over to the belly when you start feeling her robes? If she does any of this, then, it means that your chances are growing.

A good way to lean the woman to anal sex is the following: to prepare it similarly to how if you prepared it to parting with virginity in vaginal sex. Almost every woman before you have a real intercourse experienced "manual" work of an impatient young Uhager. So spend her anus through the same logical steps.

With a woman who has never had anything else from the rear, you should also contact the frontal virgin. And do not immediately drink a finger in the robes, knowing that there is no virgin splava. Imagine that it is. Moisten the index finger of its vaginal juices or your own saliva. It is easier to use this genuine lubricant than suddenly start to fuss around her with some jar.

Simply, inexperienced in such cases, a woman can find a murdering relationship between your finger on her anus and a jar of Vaseline, which you caught with you to bed, and thus decide that you are going to rape it. For such a first (introductory) test penetration, your little finger is best to use. Your index finger is the desired guest in the vagina, even in virgin, but the virgin robbery is something else. Remember, in your actions should be a maximum of graduality.

Instead of penetrating immediately, make a finger around the folds forming the rim of its anal hole. You will quickly find out, she likes it or not, because it will begin to compress her sphincter muscle, or to help you introduce your finger inward, or to push it out. In this regard, sphincter muscles have great abilities. When your finger's tip passed out the outdoor muscle ring, do not start moving the finger back and forth, as you would have done it in the vagina - the pleasure that a woman receives from anal love is not in motion, but in a comprehensive feeling of fullness of space filled or finger, either penis.

Slowly enter the little finger in the throat, to the very joint, then start doing the slow circular movements to the whole wrist, without moving the finger backward. These movements and pressure will be surrendered to the vagina, since the rectum directly borders the female genitals. Until you do all this, take care to do something else not anal - kiss her nipples or caress the native of the navel - to distract it from thinking: what else you are suppressed for her. A woman who enjoys every step of anal prime principles is simply for the sake of this preds, it will more naturally dares to all the rest.

Now she completely "tasted" your little finger and satisfied begins to move away from you - and protest. When a woman first passes through such a procedure, she usually screams and says: "Oh! Stop doing that! Not necessary!" - Even if, no doubt, enjoys every minute of this. Little girls from childhood inside that they should be legible and elegant - sometimes too. She is afraid that during his thorough studies and measurements you will come across anything, to put it mildly, irresantless. Even, despite the fact that she, of course, thoroughly washed off the whole body under the shower and took the bath before going to bed, and he knows that she is absolutely cleaner everywhere. Do not make her worry - give it immediately: remove your finger, but continue the first to the top of the outside. Also kiss her bezel - that is, the rim of her anus. Gently, but as it should be around, also. In addition, in every kiss there is something soothing, wherever he comes, even if he (with Chmokan) falls on the ass.

Anilingus, some call it "Riming" (Reaming) - from the Staroangalian "Remen", which means "transfer". The word "RIM" (classify, conjugate) is best expressed by the essence of this technique, since the anus outside is a rim formed by the rings of folds. Women, never trying, call it "O is terrible!" At least until the moment when they try and under the skillful leadership will love it. A woman should lie on the stomach, widely spreading his legs and laying a pillow under the stomach in order to lift himself. Otherwise, a man can roll his neck. Such a position, in addition, provides you with the delightful view of its charms located down. Lightly spread her buttocks with palms. Do not stretch them strongly, otherwise, excited, you can hurt her. Before concentrating on the anus, carry out a non-refineous pulp up and down along its anal hollow.

Pay special attention to the crotch: a rigid, housing, the size of a ruble coin area separating the anus from the vagina. This place is extremely erogenous, especially in women who transferred episotomy - surgical interference made during childbirth in order to expand the passage. The seam imposition brings some benefit by doing the nerve endings in this place more sensitive. By the way, women should keep in mind (for another moment) that the same body of the man also has increased erunency.

When you caress her anus with your tongue, make fast circular movements, not forgetting to warm it hard so that your heavy breathing is excited even more. Just not "enter" deeply - as well as for other erogenous zones, the rule here is fair: the less, the better. Obviously, at such a moment - most time to lubricate it with your own saliva and, at the same time, to excite it even more. Yes, it is a very animal, cave species of sex. But, in the end, did we not happen from people who really came out of the caves? Traditionally, a romantic approach is perfectly, but from time to time a man should play the role of a gentle beast for his

women. And if it follows the instructions given in this lesson, it will be pleasantly surprised by the intensity of her arousal in response to his primitive passion. Such a change of places and action can excite and light it, more than ever before.

Many consider this procedure useless, as the language cannot penetrately penetrate. Of course, you will not be able to chat with the tongue all over her climb right up to the colon, but you can enter your tongue right in the sphincter muscle ring. Excited woman will help to do this by trying to hold the tip of the tongue for a few seconds - a completely new and unexplored dual feeling.

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