What is dietary supplements, benefits or harm?

Biologically active additives today are popular for the whole world, very busy discussions and disputes are being conducted around this topical topic. Some prove their rightness in the fact that the dietary supplicues bring the body not minor harm, others believe that thanks to them improves health, life tone is raised, many diseases are heal, and others do not pay attention to biological supplements, considering them useless and nothing affecting. And nevertheless, what are these additives? Bada is good or harm? It was with such questions that we turned to the doctor of medical sciences, a professor, head of the Department of Clinical Nutriciology RUDN, as well as to a friend and partner of our clinic Svetlana Vladimirovna Orlova.

Bad1Within 20 years, Svetlana Vladimirovna carries out the leadership of the Nutrition Science Department, is the author of the 2-languid encyclopedia of the BAA to food, more than 300 printed works on various aspects of healthy preventive medical nutrition and 10 educational aids for doctors; He is the head of scientific research, according to the results of which 12 dissertation works are already protected.

- Svetlana Vladimirovna, biodenders have become one of the most discussed topics. Tell me, for reproaches to bad facilities there are grounds?

- In order to judge the benefits or dangers of biologically active additives, you need to understand at least in this. I have been studying their impact on the human body since 1990 and I consider this area of ​​one of the most interesting and promising directions in modern medicine. You have never thought, with which the rapid growth of such serious diseases, like obesity, ischemic heart disease, allergies, cancer, diabetes mellitus? One of the main reasons is the dispensing structure. The diet of the modern man does not provide the body with the necessary amount of vitamins, minerals, amino acids. The results of the recent studies, conducted by the RAMS Institute, suggest: the overwhelming majority of Russians consumes less than 70% of calcium, iron, magnesium norm. Almost 100% of the population has a deficiency of vital vitamin C, 40-80% - vitamins of group B and folic acid, 40-60% - beta-carotene.

- And what is the reason? Products have not been those or we become worse to eat?

- We have become less consumed (not from good life) meat, milk, vegetables, fruits, fish. What you can not say about cheap bread, frozen and potatoes, which contain a large number of so-called "empty" calories and nothing but overweight, do not promise. Considering that, compared with our distant ancestors, the energy consumption of modern person has decreased by more than 2 times, the picture turns out by depressing. Supports to desire the best and quality of the products themselves. Especially imported production. Lowering not one month in stock, past multiple thermal and chemical treatment, overseas delicacies were left at customs. Yes, and domestic products do not always correspond to the ideal. The task of the bars is just that annoying gaps in our nutrition to fill. And mobilize the body to combat the most different ailments. Proof of this - brilliant results that were reached by the staff of our department, as well as our colleagues from the Institute of Nutrition, including the Patient's complex diet and therapy of patients suffering from various forms of obesity, arthritis, neurodermatitis, dysbacteriosis, atherosclerosis, thyroid diseases.


- By the way, biodendages often reproach that they claim the role of drugs. And in fact: what is bad?

- These are biologically active substances of vegetable, animal or mineral origin, which contain vitamins, macro and trace elements. According to the appearance of the biodendage, they really look like drugs. But still bad - not medicine. Their main difference in the amount of active substance. In biodevices, it must be below the therapeutic dose several times, which allows them to have a soft effect on the body. What you can not say about medicines. Once we at our department held an interesting experiment: they took and crossed out of the international medicinal reference book "Vidal" all the indications for receiving drugs, leaving only contraindications. So, they made up ... half of the book.

- Nevertheless, before getting on the shelves of pharmacies, medicines are tested for efficiency and safety, and there is no biodendage.

- This is not true. In fact, in Russia, the regulations during the registration of the BAA are even stricter than in many other countries. Let's say, in order to register a biodox in America, nothing needs to be required, except for the desire of the manufacturer. No resolution of the FDA (comprehensive analogue of our pharmaceutical and Rospotrebnadzor). This organization is monitored only that new ingredients do not appear in the BAA. It is not only in the country in the country, but also check their products for authenticity, and the clinical tests of the dietary supplements in their level correspond to drug testing.

- And to harm the health of dietary supplements?

- Even improper nutrition can cause problems. Especially if we are talking about people suffering from chronic diseases. With Bad - the same. A good facility Korean ginseng, but those who suffer from hypertension, it is absolutely contraindicated. And intended to facilitate the Climacteric period of phytoestrogens (hormones of plant origin) undesirable to apply girls during puberty. Having a choleretic grass effect can cause a stone movement in a gallbladder and a mechanical jaundice, a well-known mother-and-stepmother with a long admission has toxic effects on the liver, and by many St. John's worship is completely incompatible with the reception of some antidepressants, oral contraceptives and anticonvulsants.

- But not to all the consumers of the Badov is known. Where can I learn this information?

- At a specialist. Of course, it is better if this is a doctor who has passed courses on receiving and appointing biodeadows. By the way, the specialists of our department regularly conduct them regularly. Unfortunately, recently, because of the wave of persecution of badges, we faced the fact that patients begin to negatively relate not only to additives themselves, but also to the doctors that are prescribed. It is incorrect and unfair. Biologically active additives play an important role in the prevention and treatment of various diseases, can derive harmful substances from the body, normalize metabolism. You just need to apply them correctly.

Natural substances (stand out from plants or certain animal tissues) with therapeutic properties. In contrast to classical drugs, they do not interfere directly in the metabolism, but stimulate the production of natural substances that perform the regulatory function.

BAA: Benefit or harm

Hard technological processing of food, changing their structure and quality, not a balanced diet led to an increase in the number of many diseases and slowed down progress in increasing life expectancy in many industrialized countries. Therefore, the additive created from natural raw materials or identical to it, but obtained by a chemical way, will help to fill the lack of useful people of substances.

Bades are useful if applied rules.

First, you need to consult with your doctor and coordinate the need for their application.

Secondly, you need to remember the individual intolerance to certain components that are part of the dietary supplements.

Thirdly, agree with the doctor an individual dosage of dons.

Additionally, to determine exactly those substances and compounds whose shortage is experiencing your body, experts advise before conducting DNA analysis, and then choose the necessary dietary supplements.

It is especially serious to treat the use of bid when it comes to children, pregnant women and nursing mothers, elderly people.

When complying with uncomplicated bid use rules, you can get really useful assistance for the body.

The main property of bad

What is the main property of all the dietary supplements? They are intended to replenish the useful substances governing the functioning of human body systems.

To everyone who decides to try the effect of Bad additives, it is necessary to remember that they are used only as an auxiliary, rather than therapeutic agent to maintain the normal functioning of the body.

Remember that some additives may cause an allergic reaction that is not related to the quality of the BAA.

The properties of bioactive additives are described in detail in the instructions that doctors advise carefully examine before taking the drug. It is natural, naturally, only about badges that have all the necessary certificates and certificates.

The appearance of Badov

Why did the question arose about the need for the appearance of dietary diet of a modern person? The reasons are as follows:

  • Reducing the content of useful mineral substances in vegetables and fruits as a result of land depletion caused by industrialization. The flow of vitamins with natural products into the human body decreased sharply;
  • Refined foods contain a reduced amount of micro and macro-elements;
  • a significant increase in the consumption of high-quality flour, increased the amount of peeled sugars into the body and almost completely remove the fiber;
  • Significantly reduced human energy consumption and, accordingly, a smaller amount of food is required and the "abnormal" of valuable biocomplexes;
  • Doodling addictions in nutrition appeared;

As a result, the number of people with an excessive mass of the body increased.

Excess weight - Direct road to the following diseases:

  • atherosclerosis;
  • IBS;
  • hypertension;
  • diabetes;
  • reduction of resistance to adverse effects of the external environment;
  • immunodeficiency.

In this regard, the relevance of the search for alternatives is obvious: it is necessary to study and develop technology for obtaining dietary supplies from natural sources and joining them to food consumed. Food deficit should not be an obstacle to health promotion. Bada was required for fastening systems and organs and disease prevention.

Bad History

Bad History

Abbreviation "BAA" denotes natural (or identical natural) biologically active additives that perform the role of additional components in nutrition. The actual term "biologically active additive" proposed in 1989 Dr. Stephen de Felis.

The overseas name more accurately determines the essence of this phenomenon - "Food Supplements", i.e. "nutritional supplements". The composition of active substances is used to enrich the diet of the missing components.

The Law of the Russian Federation, which controls the safety of food products, dietial dietary supplies are attributed to the food group. It also determines that their use is recommended together with food or by adding to the composition of products.

The terminology adopted in modern medical practice and technological production processes, appeared not so long ago. Ancient healers, creating their drugs, called dietary supplements in a different way.

Powered, the study and application of natural components in therapeutic purposes, people were engaged in antiquity. Egyptian healers, China, Tibet, India, and then ancient Greece and Rome, could diagnose diseases and treat them with medicines made from natural raw materials.

Galen, Avicenna, Hippocrat developed the technology of manufacturing healing powders and innovations from natural materials. Therefore, if we consider the dietary supplements to be comprehensively, they can be called knowledge accumulated by different peoples over the long years of studying therapeutic properties of plants and minerals.

Modern scientists strengthened their effectiveness with the help of the latest technology for processing natural raw materials.

Bad production

Founder of the concept of balanced nutrition Academician A.A. Pokrovsky called the food "energy source and a complex pharmacological complex".

Accordingly, the diversity of the diet by obtaining the organism by the body did not undergoes strong processing of products, you improve its functioning and increase the performance, both mental and physical.

Rational nutrition, as an important circumstance, affecting the body, determines well-being and promotes efficiency.

Therefore, disturbing the food process, people create all the conditions for the development of diseases.

Balanced nutrition, appropriate age, employment, loads and health status, is considered specialists a preventive tool that prevents many human diseases.

Why is this happening?

Because food is a source of substances that actively affect the functions of organs and systems. The lack of such substances leads to a decrease in the protection of the body, the emergence of fatigue, deterioration of the organism resistance to the impact of negative external factors.

In this regard, the production of dietary supplies justified concern for the restoration of the adequate power scheme, improving the quality and safety of products.

The names of "biologically active", additives may be present as an important addition in the diet of all people. It is assumed that the production of biodeadows and the ability to control their use will be an effective way of improvement. Economically, the effect of the appearance of dietary supplies in the usual power will create conditions for increasing the life expectancy and disability of each and, accordingly, will affect the health of future generations.

The composition of Badov

Food and Health

Food and Health

Man forces a lot. He can even defeat the most severe diseases, and can bring himself to a painful state. To do this, you need to know your body, feel it and hear his signals. That is why specialists from the World Health Organization (WHO) so claim that the health level, ecology, genetic predisposition and accidents affect people's health to a lesser extent than a lifestyle.

Human health by 80% depends on how a person lives than he feeds and how much his behavior is agreed with biological rhythms. Food plays a crucial role in this process. According to experts, choosing food for themselves, the person "chooses" subsequent diseases.

Products make us either patients or healthy. Doctors in this sense are unanimous: the "harmful" nutrition, the less useful substances enter the body, the greater the number of diseases are subject to people. More than half of the population of Russia eat incorrectly, as evidenced by the speed with which the Russians are gaining weight. That is why the diet balanced for all food components is so important for a healthy lifestyle.

Bades and balanced nutrition

The fundamental principles of balanced nutrition formulated Academician A.A. Pokrovsky.

According to studies of scientists from nutrition, a human diet must contain up to 700 different substances - "micronutrients".

Micronutrients (vitamins, minerals, microelements, bioactive compounds) must necessarily enter the human body, but just this is a big problem. Russian nutritionists insist on the production of specialized products, the composition of which is enriched with micronutrients.

It has been proven that the daily use of 150 valuable biosocials is necessarily for full health. Not everyone is available to the perfectly balanced diet, therefore dietary supplements in this case are indispensable assistants.

However, it should be sought in terminology:

  • Bad (biologically active additive to food) - enriches meals, fills the deficiency of the necessary elements, amino acids, vitamins;
  • Food additive - a complex of substances (natural origin or synthesized), intentionally added to food products to increase the storage time or obtaining the necessary properties.

Bad classification

Badami deals with separate science - "Micronutrientology".

It is engaged in the creation of dietary supplements, explore the pharmacological properties of products, studies the physiological effect of food on the body.

The control of the composition and quality of the Badov is carried out by the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation. Experts allocate three groups of dietary groups according to the composition of additives.

Nutrceticism - adjust the chemical composition of food. This group is counted for food, in view of its natural components.

In its composition: vitamins; Provitamins; micro and macro and trace elements; fatty acid; amino acids; carbohydrates; Digestively.

Nutrichetics - prophylactic agent for many diseases.

Parapharmaceuticals - support and regulate the functioning of organs and systems, adapting the body to changes in the external environment. Their production is based on natural raw materials and help increase the adaptation of the body to the negative impact of external factors.

Probiotics (Eubiotics) - contain live microorganisms. Their main task is to normalize the operation of the stomach and intestines, the protection of the body and the incentive of immunity.

A biologically active additive consists of a complex set of active substances of aimed action containing traditional components and alternatives. The first can be attributed to food, and the second to natural substrates and biochemical products.

Badic use

Badic use

Bades are primarily applied in preventive purposes and are intended for healthy people.

Their application increases the stability of the human body to the deterioration of external conditions, stress, reduces the risk of occurrence of diseases.

The reasonable application of the Badov will allow:

  • restore the lack of vitamins and trace elements;
  • prevent an increase in body weight, adjusting the caloric content of products;
  • change the metabolism of some substances;
  • maintain the intestine microflora and ensure its activity;
  • Reduce the risk of allergic reaction.

There are general principles for using bid.

  • Systemity and functionality.

Bades are accepted purposefully and systemically, because There is a direct connection with the work of all human body systems passing at the molecular level.

At various stages of the use of dietary supplements, their combinations are used.

Before applying the BAA complex, it is necessary to clearly understand the therapeutic effect of each component.

Bad selection must be carried out in accordance with the dedicated syndrome, i.e. A combination of symptoms of the disease. In all people, the symptoms of diseases are manifested in different ways, which means that the choice of dietary supplies is due to individual symptoms, respectively. This is especially important, because Doctors note the change in symptoms, tying it with a deterioration of the environmental situation.

The dose of each bioactive additive is selected in the best way corresponding to this case.

The dietary supplements are either combined with food (provided that the person is practically healthy), or combine with other medicines and treatment method.

The use of bade is a serious matter that is not a tolerant surface approach and requiring control over the process of influencing the bodies on the body. According to the state concept, with the adequate use of dietary supplement contributes to the improvement of the body and the extension of active longevity. The natural origin of the components is a distinctive feature of the bodies.

Sale of Badov

Since bioactive additives are attributed to the products to products, and are intended "for use simultaneously with food or introducing into the composition of food products", then buy dietary supplements:

  • in pharmacy institutions;
  • in special stores that implement diet food products;
  • in special sections of grocery stores.

In Russia, state registration of biodeadows is required. Detailed information on registered funds, bath manufacturers, output forms and recommendations for use, anyone can get in the federal poorer of the Balds placed on the official website of Rospotrebnadzor.

There are also contraindications to use.

Bada drugs

Appearance of Bad preparations

Appearance of Bad preparations

Information on officially registered bay manufacturers can be found in open official sources. Usually manufacturers of additives are deliberately trying to arrange their products so that in appearance it is difficult to distinguish from drugs. The style of execution of the packaging, its size, the insert instruction, the form of the bulk of the Badov - everything resembles the usual drug.

Bad release forms:

  • balms;
  • capsules;
  • extracts;
  • alcohol-containing tinctures;
  • Infusions not containing alcohol;
  • creams;
  • oils;
  • concentrates (dry and liquid);
  • syrups;
  • pills;
  • Powders.

Therefore, when choosing a dubble be careful. How to distinguish biodeships from drugs?

There is no bath packaging:

  • his Latin name;
  • indication of the active substance;
  • The registration number (its presence is required) differs in appearance from the drug number), the letters are located in front of the digit set.

On the packaging of the baffles is present:

  • Too colorful packaging design;
  • Inscriptions: "Not a drug", "biologically active additive to food."

Bades have only a hygienic certificate of state-poidnadzor. At least 90% of the dietary supplements that have a certificate are indicated as "constructing".

Bades in a pharmacy

According to the rules adopted in the territory of the Russian Federation, the sale of dietary supplements for the population can be carried out in pharmacies and allocated for this departments in grocery stores. The premises for the sale of bioactive additives should be equipped in accordance with the sanitary standards and do not contradict the regulatory documents determining the activities of pharmacy and trade organizations.

"Registration" in the pharmacy causes confidence in Badam, but does not mean that the appearance of them in the pharmacy is a security guarantee and the absence of harmful impurities. Solve the problem with health and replace the treatment prescribed by the doctor, the dietary supplements cannot.

The advantage of the "pharmacy" sale of the Badov is that the pharmacy pharmacy is able to answer questions about the components of the fund, and you will be sure that the packaging contains exactly what it is written on it.

Pharmacists, in order to avoid problematic situations related to the implementation of dietary supplies, are obliged to comply with the following rules:

  • control the receipt of bodies from supplier companies;
  • Check documents confirming state registration, product quality certificates;
  • Check information about state registration and compliance of details;
  • control the accuracy of the information applied to the BAA label;
  • check the presence of a liner sheet in the package of dietary supplements and its compliance with regulatory documents;
  • monitor compliance with the storage regime;
  • monitor the terms of implementation and prevent cases of sales of overdue bid;
  • Exclude advertising events for the sale of dietary supplies in pharmacies.

Tablets Bad

Tablets Bad

Tablet is a solid dosage form. Bada, like medications, produced in the form of tablets. The form in the form of a tablet is convenient for use by simplifies the dosage and increases its accuracy.

Bad tablets produce a mass of 20 to 500 mg. The packaging may contain different amounts of dietary tablets - from 40 to 150 pieces.

The composition of the tableted form may be dry extracts of plants, oil extracts of seeds, extracts of roots and natural essential oils.

In the food form, the dietary supplements are produced in the form of caramel, lollipops, tea, syrups, jelly, balms.

Vitamins Bad

Vitamins are necessary for the human body to maintain the work of all systems and organs. Usually, a person received a daily rate of vitamins with water and food, but in modern conditions a lot has changed: the quality of products, processing of food, environmental factors. All this depletes the diet and reduces the amount of vitamins necessary for the full operation of all systems.

Taking care of health, people are forced to take complexes of vitamins obtained by artificially. Vitamins - a dosage form sold in pharmacies and underwent clinical trials.

How many and what vitamins it is necessary to take a person in accordance with the needs of its body, can only determine the specialist.

Bada - compositions of vitamin-mineral complexes that are not drugs and not past clinical trials like drugs. They also belong to synthetic products.

For the recommendation, what kind of vitamin complexes of the dietary supplements to receive, it is better to consult a doctor.

Effective dietary supplements

You can fill the deficit of valuable substances in the body using bars. Specialists from the Institute of Nutrition are advised to use dietary dietary supplements and replenishing the lack of micro (macro) elements. Supplements make a useful contribution, helping to work out resistance to stress, infection, dysfunctional ecological setting. At the first signs of diseases should be advised to the doctor to reduce the risk of developing the disease and choose the necessary additives. It is possible to manage your health in the diet with their health in the diet.

It is important only to remember the "principle of graduality". It lies in the fact that to start receiving bioactive additives should not be with "shock" doses. The primary reaction of your body into ingredients in the composition of the Bud can cause undesirable consequences. The effectiveness of the reception is achieved by a gradual "output" on a full-fledged dose for several initial receptions. In accordance with the recommendations of scientists from the Institute of Nutrition, the best time for receiving all the Badov - during meals.

Bada for women

Bada for women

Women always wanted to prolong youth and beauty, but it concerned not only faces. The aging process affects the overall condition of the body, the appearance, the work of the internal organs. Changes may begin before the nature of the term due to adverse environmental conditions, stress, diseases, technogenic disasters, weakening the immune system.

The body needs to be helped to protect the activity for a long time and, if possible, slow down the aging processes.

Cosmetologists are trying with all their might, applying cosmetology achievements, but there is an opportunity to "include" additional resources - to call for dietary supplements.

Bada for women have long been used throughout the world, helping many issues:

  • compensate for the deficit of the necessary vitamins;
  • help to restore skin elasticity;
  • reduce the manifestations of the "orange peel" on the body;
  • promote weight loss;
  • Help strengthen hair and nails.

The fears that the dietary supplements for the beautiful half of humanity are solid "chemistry" do not correspond to reality (fakes are not discussed and not taken into account!).

Remove useful substances from natural materials just allow modern technologies.

It is only important to remember that the "female" dietary dietary supplements are not a panacea from all the troubles, but a preventive and general fascination. That is why they give effect only with a systematic and long-term use. The right choice of bid combinations for women can be made only with the help of a doctor. Do not appoint them yourself.

Bada for men

Serious changes in the lifestyle, habits in food, a decrease in stress resistance - all this seriously affects both female and male organism. If you have noticed the initial signs of a malfunction in the work of the body, you can try to support the functioning of organs and systems using bars for men. Naturally, you must first consult with your doctor.

Bades are not new. The benefits of natural means to maintain health have been known for a long time. Bades are not a medicine. They only gently support the work of the body. In the composition of the Badov, there may be:

  • vitamins and minerals;
  • herbal extracts;
  • fatty acid;
  • hoods from plants;

Thanks to the natural components in the composition, dietary supplements for men and women have little contraindications. Moreover, they are able to improve the overall condition of your body: the activity, endurance and resistance to negative influences from the outside increases.

Bades for men for potency

Bades for men for potency

Experts note that exclusively male diseases "grumbled". Violation of potency is familiar with men with twenty-five years old.

The search for solving problems outside the medical office only exacerbates the problem. Paying attention to widely advertised dietary supplements for men, do not forget to consult with your doctor. Men's dietary supplements, like everyone else, cannot qualify for the title of drug. They are needed to maintain the vitality of the body.

The main trump card of the manufacturers of bid for men is the presence in their composition of natural components. Therefore, be careful when buying, because On the packaging of Bada should be an indication of the composition of the raw materials used to produce additives. It is necessary to prevent the product in the composition of which there are components that can cause an unexpected response of the body to the emergence of new components. The side effect of the baffles for men is not finally studied. In addition, if the reception of the bars is contrary to the appointed physician treatment, the result may be unexpected.

The regularity and duration of the reception is another indispensable success rate when using dietary supplies.

Usually, in additions for a strong half of humanity are present:

  • Vitamins governing the activities of men's genital organs;
  • selenium, firming vessel walls;
  • Fatty acids high-qualityly improving seminal fluid.

So that the results of the taking of dietary baffles for men were disappointed, their reception should become a habit. Short-term actions do not lead to the desired result. An independent increase in dosage of biodendage is also not recommended. You need to support health, and not destroy it.

Slimming dietary supplements

The question of "weight loss without costs", i.e. Without diets and exercise, not only women are interested. Excess weight "" Nastign not only women, but also men and young people.

Manufacturers of special biologically active food additives offer their services for with different compositions and from different manufacturers to remove excess on problem places. According to the allegations of the creators of the miracles, dietary dietary dietary supplements, except for the direct influence on problem areas, strengthen immunity, vitaminizes and stabilize the work of the body.

Receiving dietary dietary, as promised in instructions for use, contributes to:

  • decline in appetite;
  • reduction of calorie products;
  • splitting fat

As part of dietary dietary dietary diet.

  • seaweed;
  • carcade;
  • soluble food fibers;
  • root rhubarb;
  • lactose;
  • hay;
  • soybean oil;
  • hawthorn;
  • pectin;
  • vitamins;
  • black currant.

The purpose of the adoption of all dietary dietary diet will without problems - control of appetite and splitting of fats.

To all lovers to reset extra kilograms at the expense of dietary dietary specialists, nutritionist specialists advise to remember: miraculous pills with which you can buy unprecedented harness in a matter of days. You can take dietary dietary dietary supplements, but do not forget about a moderate diet and physical activity.

How to choose bades

Bad market

Bad market

For the first time, dietary supplements appeared in the Russian market in the 90s. Registration of the first biodeadows to food in the Russian Federation began to be carried out since 1997.

The dietary supplements were officially separated from drugs and were brought into a separate group. Previously, why need bioactive additives, and for which it is necessary to improve the chemical composition of the products, they knew a few, so the consumption of dietary supplements was practically absent.

People useful for the body are mostly obtained with food, and the addition served by everyone from childhood vitamins sold in pharmacies.

The situation rapidly began to change together with a change in lifestyle, the development of progressive technologies and the widespread dissemination of the consumption of bodies in the world.

The presence of biodeadows in the diet of the modern person is now perceived as an important aspect of the improvement and prevention of diseases.

This is especially noticeable at the World Badic Market, where the annual growth in the production and use of dietary supplies has achieved impressive scale. Understanding that in the conditions of modern life, it is not only not reasonable to hurt, but it is not profitable, people try to prevent the disease. Too expensive, then the inattention is to their own health.

The manufacturers of bio-ship are perfectly focused on changing the trends of modern society and dietary supplements rapidly conquer the market. Also rapidly they need medicine.

Control over the release of bad

Controls the appearance of dietary supplies in the consumer market, registers them in the state register and oversees the quality of additives, in accordance with the regulatory documents at the federal level, is Rospotrebnadzor.

Any bioactive additive must be equipped with documents for products from its manufacturer.

Confirm the security and quality of bid to the legislative standards of the Russian Federation can be solely in the presence of state registration. Information about all registered buds is listed in the Federal Database Register. You can get acquainted with it on the official website of Rospotrebnadzor.

Due to the fact that dietary supplements relate to food products, an organization who adopted dietary supplements is fully responsible for product quality and its safety.

It is for this reason that it is advisable to buy dietary supplements in pharmacies.

Supply dietary supplies are subject to such identical checks and mandatory registration. In addition, information about the additive in Russian should be applied to the packaging initially. Sticker with text translation into Russian glued to package - direct violation of the requirements for marking and packaging of imported bodies.

Quality control Bad

According to the law, dietary supplements relate to food, so they are intended to replenish the content in the body of the lack of useful substances. Badics are not drugs, and conscientious manufacturers are obliged to report this to consumers. To do this, on the packaging of any badness there must be an appropriate inscription: "It is not a drug."

Bades are positioned as products to maintain the health of the body and are actively sold in pharmacies along with medicines.

In accordance with the law, the bodies are required to obtain a license to their activities, and additives must be registered in Rospotrebnadzor.

To issue a registration certificate for the BAA, it is necessary to provide the Test Protocols and an expert opinion.

The principal difference in the methods of mining of raw materials for medicines and biodeadows in modern conditions is almost no. Differences are in the technology of manufacturing and requirements for the quality of the final product. Requirements for the quality of bodies are much lower than to drugs. However, according to the requirements, it is unacceptable to place the text containing the term "environmentally friendly product" on the packaging of the Balds, which has no scientific justification.

The list of bid producers is constantly growing, so you can check the registration and find out detailed information about the quality of products in a single electronic directory (UES) of biodeadows.

How to choose bades

How to choose bades

Bades rapidly float the market, tester medicines. Manufacturers annually offer all new products, stating it as an exceptionally useful and mandatory for use. At the same time, the distrust of people to the poadas is growing and distrust. The Russian market has flooded counterfeit (fake) funds who have not passed state registration and non-certified. In this case, the promises of producers of such products do not correspond to the expected results.

In order not to become a victim of non-professionals, you should simply approach the choice of dietary dubbing and perform simple rules.

First, there is a special database on Badahs at the Federal Center for GosanaPidemadzor of the Russian Federation. Specialists of this department are responsible for the State Registration of all Badov present in Russia. You can check the BAA on the organization's website. There you can also get information about the country-producer and composition of biologically active substances of the selected product.

Secondly, a list forbidden to import to the Russian Federation of Balds is formed. It will not hurt to get acquainted with him and check if "yours" among them.


  1. Check it carefully. Damage, carelessly glued labels, no labeling about packaging material - all this is contrary to the established rules.
  2. Explore the manufacturer: All details of the manufacturer must be presented on the package, including authorized claims.
  3. Mind of information on the State Registration (date, number) and regulatory documents should be present.
  4. Check the deadlines for the implementation of the BAA.


  • Bad ingredients must be specified in descending order (by weight and%).
  • For dietary supplements, a message is required that this is not a medicine, information


  • An important aspect. Prices for Russian dietary supplements do not exceed 1000 rubles.
  • Foreign funds - no more than 4,000 thousand. The product offered to you is much more expensive? Think about.

It is useful to learn the comments from the food additive, consult with a competent specialist in the pharmacy.

It is worth getting as much useful information about Bad, before you decide to buy a tool.

Bad producers

The dietary supplements are considered to be healthy products, so their popularity is growing. Praphrasing the famous line from the song, it can be said that "we have a healthy everywhere", and therefore be healthy - it is to be successful, fashionable and claim the best position in your career and life.

Trying to "catch a wave", the manufacturers of dietary supplements create not only the means for introducing useful substances into the body by taking capsules and syrups, but also offer the means of "beauty" based on dietary supplements.

If new dietary supplements appear, then new manufacturers of additives appear. I would like to trust everyone, but statistics testify to the opposite. Not all companies producing dietary supplements are the procedure of "legalization" in the state bodies of the Russian Federation. About fakes in this industry is reported regularly and before buying bad goods, it is worthwhile to ask the availability of permits from the company producing them.

Bada Russia

Bada Russia

All companies legally producing dietary dietary supplies in the Russian Federation are registered by the Unified Registry and numerous reference books of Badov manufacturers.

Products submitted by the manufacturers are extensive conditionally, they can be divided into groups:

  • producers of vitamin and mineral and antiviral complexes, dietary supplements from natural components and based on recipes of traditional medicine, bids based amino acids, bodies with plant extracts and seaweed, cosmetics;
  • Developers of innovative enriched foods.

Bada Germany

The problem of unbalanced nutrition is characteristic not only for Russia. In the developed countries of the world, the same problems, so the production and production of the bays are established on an industrial scale. In Europe, for example, up to 60% of the population regularly use dietary supplements.

Most foreign scientists confirm that the competent use of dietary supplements can slow down the aging process and fill the life of energy. Bades released in Germany are popular. Intended for multipurpose use, they will not bring harm to the body, given the famous German quality of production.

German dietary supplements are produced in different forms: balms, tinctures, kruks, powders, tablet forms, creams, extracts from natural raw materials. They are produced in Germany from high-quality natural material without preservatives and dyes.

Chinese dietary

Chinese dietary

Chinese medicine is known for its recipes of the oldest healers. As a rule, in the composition of Chinese dietary supplies included in the main components of natural origin: Mushroom Lingzhi, Goji Berries, Kizyl fruits, root Rose radiols, asparagus and many others, known for their healing properties.

Chinese dietary supplements are positioned as universal.

They contribute:

  • improving brain activity;
  • intellectual development;
  • rejuvenation of the body;
  • Ability to cope with insomnia and nervous disorders.

Of particular popularity acquired Chinese dietary supplements that increase potency:

  • To increase the potency of men;
  • Men's facilities for prevention of prostatitis;
  • pathogens for women;
  • Means regulating metabolism.

Systematic reception of the dietary supplies of any manufacturers, but the undergoing registration and all necessary checks will help reduce the deficit of the useful substances in the body and improve the overall condition of all systems and organs.

What is the difference between dietary supplies

What is the difference between dietary supplies from drugs and vitamins

August 14, 2020.

Causes of vitamins and mineral deficit

Rational Balanced Power is the most important part of a healthy lifestyle. It strengthens human health and his immunity helps to cope with diseases and restore forces. It is food that provides our body with everything necessary: ​​energy, nutrient and biologically active substances, among which a variety of chemical elements, vitamins, minerals.

Nevertheless, a modern person is constantly facing the problem of insufficiency of micronutrients - vitamins (hypovitaminosis) and macro and trace elements. For example, 10-15% of the city and 13-35% of the rural population of Russia suffer from various diseases and pathologies associated with the disadvantage of iodine nutrition. A deficiency of omega-3-fatty acids that ensure the prevention of cardiovascular diseases supporting health, brain and other systems and organs, 80% of Russians are experiencing.

Why doesn't food provide us with everything you need? According to experts, there are several reasons that can be explained by this problem.

Firstly, it is a decrease in the daily volume of food consumed while the growth of its calorie content, which occurs due to the reduction in the diet of the proportion of vegetables and fruits and increasing the share of fatty meat and the so-called "fast" carbohydrates. The level of physical activity of the modern person is much lower than a hundred years ago, so food we need less. This circumstance has two unpleasant consequences: a modern person often overeats, but nutrients, vitamins and minerals in its body come to a much smaller quantity than is required to maintain major physiological and biochemical processes.

Secondly, it is an unbalanced nutrition, which is adhered to most of the population. For example, for the diet of Russians, the predominance of oily, rich in sugars, refined products, poor in valuable micronutrients is characterized. In addition, due to the economic difficulties and appreciation of food, many people are less common to afford fruits, vegetables, meat and a fish of good quality.

Thirdly, the lack of micronutrients can be caused by internal problems or diseases. For example, a disorder of the intestinal microflora balance (dysbacteriosis), which is responsible for the synthesis of a certain number of vitamins of the group B and vitamin K, as well as for the overall absorption of micronutrients.

Fill the lack of vitamins and minerals in the diet helps various biological supplements for food * and special drugs. There are different ways of their use. For example, they can enrich certain foods. Thus, in some countries, national water fluorination programs, salt iodization, vitamins are added to bakery products. In addition, valuable nutrients can be made in the form of dietary supplements that are selected individually, depending on the needs of a person.

What is biologically active additives (BAA)

Bades, or biologically active additives, are complex substances complexes, usually containing vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients. This can be both monopreparations, which include only one type of nutrients and complex means, whose components are selected specifically to meet the need of a person in a certain set of vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients.

Differences of Bad and Medicines

What is the difference between dietary supplies

What dietary dietary drugs differ from drugs? Significant differences are the components that are part of these funds, their purpose, as well as the state registration procedure.

The fact is that drugs in all countries of the world are held a long path of state registration. In Russia, the procedure determines and is responsible for its holding the Ministry of Health. She herself takes relatively little time - 160 days. But for the preparation for its passage, the manufacturer can take years, because for this it is necessary to make up the so-called registration dossier of the drug. It includes documents with information not only about the production and appointment of funds, but also reports on pharmacodynamic, pharmacokinetic and toxicological studies, the results of clinical studies of efficiency and safety.

Bad registration is also a serious and responsible procedure. Responsibility for its definition and carrying out Rospotrebnadzor. Manufacturers of biologically active additives must confirm the results of clinical tests.

Such a difference in approaches to the organization of the registration procedure is not accidental. By definition, the dietary supplements are designed to replenish the deficit of certain substances in food, prevention and support of the physiological activity of organs and systems, the adaptability of the body to environmental factors. It is no coincidence in everyday life, biologically active additives were called "Food".

The purpose of drugs is determined by the legislation of the Russian Federation as prevention, diagnosis, treatment of disease, rehabilitation, as well as preventing, preventing or interrupting pregnancy. They may include potent components that are not contained in food and the need for which is not necessarily physiological. Therefore, medications can be purchased exclusively in pharmacies, and many of them are only on the doctor's prescription. It is necessary to take them only to appoint a specialist.

Nutrilite ™ Vitamins and Bades

How the quality of NUTRILITE ™ products is ensured

Nutrilite ™ is the Amway brand, whose idea was born back in 1920 at its founder Charles F. Rentborg. To date, NUTRILITE ™ is one of the most famous and conscientious manufacturers of vitamins and bid. The brand belongs to the enterprise equipped with modern technician, which employs over 150 scientists engaged in the development of drugs and control their quality. For the manufacture mainly used its own raw materials, which is grown on four certified organic farms with a total area of ​​about 2,555 hectares owned by Amway.

The quality of vitamins and Bad Nutrilite ™ is controlled from the growing and collecting and collecting raw materials to packaging and transportation. So, in the manufacture of the principles of proper practices of the organization of production (NPOP). This ensures security that appropriate identification and top quality.

The company's specialists spend a monthly 25,000 quality control tests and 500,000 output acts annually.

How to support health with Vitamins and Nutrilite ™ Bad

Currently, the NUTRILITE ™ brand releases:

  1. Vitamins and dietary supplements;
  2. Functional food for children;
  4. BodyKey ™ Weight Control Program.

Nutrilite ™ vitamins and dietary supplements, according to the studies of the International Independent Agency Euromonitor International, over the past 10 years are among the most popular products in the category of products for maintaining health. The brand releases dietary supplements for various needs. Nutrilite ™ has complexes for daily health, heart and vascular protection, health and beauty of women, support for immunity, bones and joints, memory, preservation of vision and increase energy.

Nutrilite ™ products are presented with chewing tablets and pastels with pleasant taste and aroma that can be taken to replenish the deficit of the most important vitamins and minerals in the diet.

Nutrilite ™ Double X ™ is a dietary supplement that contains 13 vitamins, 9 minerals and 21 active vegetable concentrate. In this case, the content of components in the Double X ™ is optimized with the Russian regional characteristics of the lack of nutrients. The components enhance each other's action, providing protection against free radicals - the so-called oxidative stress.

The BodyKey ™ Nutrilite ™ Weight Control Program helps to cope with one of the main problems of Russians - excessive consumption of calories, fats and refined carbohydrates (sugars, baking treated with croup). BodyKey ™ products partially replace familiar dishes and bring the composition of the diet to optimal.

* Nutrilite ™ dietary supplements are not medicines. There are contraindications. Consult with a specialist. ** The availability of goods may change. The presented images of goods may differ from their actual appearance. With detailed information on products you can find on the phone +7 (495) 981-40-00 (for Moscow and MO), 8 (800) 100-90-00 (for the rest of Russia regions) or on Amway.ru website.

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