How to sew a new year suit candy for a girl

Soon the New Year's matinee in kindergarten or school? Do not know what to dress in your daughter? If you have not yet decided on the idea, see how the candy costume is done. It is not very difficult. The main thing is to perform a headdress of a certain shape, resembling a wrapped fantasy, and the dress can be simply picking up the color. This option is quite universal - it can be put on the Christmas tree, and for a birthday, and for thematic dance.

New Year's suit candy for the girl

New Year's suit candy for the girl: models and options

Such an outfit can be performed in the form:

  • Dresses.
  • Skirts and blouses.
  • Blouses and pants.
  • Blouses and shorts.

The most important thing is that you have a headdress of the appropriate form. Everything else is optional. In general, you can limit the cap reminding the wrapped tip of the candy. Make it under the color of the existing elegant dress - and the costume is ready.

You can also add a dress with a fabric applique in the form of a candy that can be easily sewn on a purchase dress. So that you have an even more interesting candy costume, complete the outfit of a large souvenir volumetric candy made from cardboard and corrugated paper or fabric. It can be just given a girl in hand or come up with a handbag option.

Candy suit with your own hands

If you have enough time and experience, scratch yourself on any model suit completely so that every thing is from the same material. Here pay special attention to the color and quality of the fabric: it should be bright, elegant, and even better - brilliant, transfusing. As for the forms of things, you can choose any option - a dress or pants with a blouse. Decorate the lower edges of the stunker, sleeves, skirts with ruffles from the same fabric or lace. It will resemble exactly the form wrapped in a candy sweetness.

Suit candy

Tools and materials

To sew a candy costume, you will need the following:

  • Paper for pattern (millimeter, tracing, newspaper or any other).
  • Pencil and ruler or ready printed pattern.
  • Scissors.
  • The cloth.
  • Pins.
  • Portnovsky chalk or pasture.
  • Threads with needle for desiccation.
  • Sewing machine.
  • Decorative elements (fates, beads, beads, lace; satin ribbons, tinsel).

As you can see, you don't need anything particularly. Everything that is required, each needlewoman has. It will be necessary to buy only suitable fabric and threads of the appropriate color.

How to make a headdress

As already mentioned, the candy suit for the new year can consist of both dresses and blouses with skirt, shorts or trousers, but in all embodiments there must be a hat.

candy suit with your own hands

It is done as follows:

  1. Measure the child's head circumference in a wide place.
  2. Cut the strip of watman or cardboard, which is easily folded and disappears, that is, not corrugated from the box. You can choose an altitude to your discretion so that the headdress beautifully looked on the child's head. The minimum is usually 10 cm. Take the length in accordance with the measured circle of the head plus a gluing point. It is usually added about 3 cm. If there is no strip of the desired length and width, you can glue a narrow strip from the side.
  3. Roll the strip and glue the brass. You can use the stapler for greater strength.
  4. In decorative purposes it is worth plain the surface with beautiful paper or at least just suitable color. This step makes sense to do if you wrapping the workpiece you will be transparent, if not - leave the brown cardboard as it is.
  5. Take the prepared fabric. Scrimise how the flap is needed.
  6. Put in one or more layers prepared material (you can make a workpiece from several flaps of different shades laid one on another).
  7. Wrap the cardboard ring so that the free ends remain on the one hand, which will be a tip of the head.
  8. Tie the free parts of the fabric satin ribbon or beautiful braid.
  9. Sew on tissue "wrap" decorative elements. If the material is used transparent, the decorations can be pasted, on the contrary, on the cardboard basis. Use cut-out elements in the form of candy cut from colored paper, real minor candy, beads, circles - in one word, what is at hand or it seems suitable for you.

Hood is ready.

How to make decorative candy

Whatever way you make a suit of candy with your own hands, you can decorate it using an additional accessory - a big candy that the girl can take in the hands or if you attach the strap, put as an original handbag. It is possible to make candy from foam, cardboard box of suitable size and shape or from a sheet of cardboard.

Suit candy for the new year

The work is done like this:

  1. Cut a piece of foam of suitable size. If the thickness is small, make a blank of two identical thin. If you have a suitable box - just prepare it. If there is no foam, neither the box, take a cardboard sheet and roll out the tube from it, how it was done for the cap, printed seam.
  2. Wrap the workpiece with corrugated paper.
  3. Tie the edge ribbons to get a form of candy.
  4. Adjust a loop or strap if necessary for ease of wearing.

All completed.

So, you saw how the candy costume is performed. Choose the option and method of manufacture. Create an exclusive outfit for your little caramel!

Suit candy for a girl for the new year with their own handsMake a suit candy for the girl is recommended with their own hands, thereby avoiding hiking shopping and unnecessary spending. The manufacture of a dress for the girl does not require much effort and costs.

The main thing in the costume is to recreate the image, so that it is immediately visible - on the girl the suit is candy. The main part is in the outfit, which is immediately clear that this is a Christmas suit of candy - it's a hat. It is the headdress that makes a suit like a candy, so it is obligatory. Before making a cap, it is enough to remember how the candy wrapped in the wrapper looks and it will immediately become clear what it should be. The main thing to make a headdress and the basis of the New Year's costume

In one color scheme. Suit candy for a girl for the new year with their own hands

The basis for the outfit can serve a dress purchased in the store, and since any girl has many of them, then it is not difficult to choose a suitable style. For a suit will suit two style of dresses: a lush short length. This shape of the dress should be with a large number of diverse rings and ruffs, which will betray the costume more elegant, bright and festive look. The most excellent option will be a dress with lush bottom and sleeves in the form of lanterns. Long and narrowed. It may seem that it is ridiculous to make candy from such a shape of the dress, but it will be easier for him to give a kind of candy.

What color should the costume be?

For a selection of color, it is enough to look at candy candies. Beautiful and tender will look at Caramel's colors, i.e. Light green, yellow, pink and blue. In order to emphasize the colors, make it brighter and expressed recommended to add to the white suit. Decorating and decoration

For brightness and larger effect, pick up the decorations that will fit alongside. These can be various bows, beads, etc. The main thing is that these things were bright. It is possible to emphasize the delicate childhood features with light makeup. It is enough to grab the girl's brush and paint the lips with pink glitter. For the outfit also requires decorations. You can use foil, bright colors, glass jewelry, but the main decoration of the outfit is candy candy.

These are the foundations that it is recommended to know before starting to make an outfit for the girl with your own hands. There are several options, each of which should be considered separately. Suit candy for the new year with your own hands from the finished dress

When there is a factory dress of a suitable banner, it will be necessary to simply correctly decorate, so that instead of a simple dress it turned out a Christmas suit of candy. For decoration, you will need to prepare various, bright elements reflecting the main essence of the costume. Suit candy for a girl for the new year with their own hands

How to make a suit from the finished dress?

In the manufacture of "sweet" New Year's costumes for girls

As decorations, you should apply a real caramel. It will take about 1 kilogram of caramel. Such a weight will not be a heavy burden for the child, and the result will exceed all the expectations. Need to prepare:

· Tulle. It is better if the color will be combined with the dress itself, but if such tulle is not available, then it is better to take a white color.

· Cardboard is recommended to use dense.

· Several sheet paper sheets combined with outfit in color scheme.

· Styrofoam.

· Glue.

· Threads and needle.

· 1 kilogram of candies are necessarily in a bright wrapper.

Suit candy for a girl for the new year with their own handsPhased fitness manufacture

Caramel decorate a dress in a chess or chaotic order. Candy from the candy does not remove, but simply sew the tail wrapper to the dress. If there are concerns that candy can eat other children on the matinee, then canramel can be replaced with paper.

Make sweet beads. Padliki tails in the thread before reaching the desired length. Use caramel or replace it with crumpled paper balls. Before making the bead you need to check the strength of the thread, so that the decoration did not break at the time of the celebration. Making a cap

The base for the headdress is made from the cardboard ribbon, the ends glue, forming a circle. The height of the cap is determined at will. But on average, 10-15 centimeters are made. In order to determine which length it will be necessary to pre-measure the circle of the child's head and add 3 centimeters, which will go to gluing. If there is a possibility of error, then you need to glue after fitting the head of the child.

Suit candy for a girl for the new year with their own hands

The finished base should be placed by multi-colored paper. To create visibility of caramel wrapper, it is necessary to alternate different colors, leaving between them white gaps.

Then the ring should be wrapped in tulle. For simplicity and convenience, Tulle is twice, and the ring is placed in the middle. The long end of the tulle must be tied up and straighten. You can apply a simple gum or a tape suitable for the dressing.

Making a large candy

Such an attribute will complete the perfect image of a candy suit. You need to take a foam of suitable size. If there is no wide, then 2-3 parts of a narrow foam can be copped with glue or tape. First, the bar is placed by multi-colored paper as well as on the cap, only the stripes are recommended forming. Complete Tulle, which can be replaced by an organosis. The remaining tails to tie the thread. Suit candy is ready for use on purpose. Suit candy for a girl for the new year with their own hands

Complete outfit for the new year with your own hands

According to the point of stage, it is practically no different from a sweet suit, only the elements for decorating will be required by others. Candies need to be replaced by organza, tulle and glass and plastic beads. Beautiful beads will look quite large.

Material You need to cut into small pieces of approximately 10 centimeters Length, 5 - width and make a large number of bows engaging the patchwork in the middle. Finished bows need to sew on a dress in any order. The more the bows, the more magnificent is the outfit. In order for the pen and the legs of the child, it looked no less elegantly to make a jabine of small sizes from the same material as a bows. Suit candy for a girl for the new year with their own hands

Recommended: New Year's costumes for adults

Cap, candy and beads are made in the same way as in the first version. But you can give candy not a rectangular shape, but a round, so it will be more combined with a suit.

Shoes girls can be transformed using the selected item to decorate the costume. Suit candy with your own hands from scratch

This option will be able to embody only the basic skills of sewing. In this version of the costume in the finished form, only tights and the footwear are the remaining components of the costume are made independently. Suit candy for a girl for the new year with their own handsCandy suit at once

For the manufacture of a disposable costume, the polysilk will become an excellent material (packing material). The basis of the polysilka is dense polyethylene, respectively, it stretches well, durable. It can be painted both on one side and both.

The first step in the independent making of the dress should take a piece of any non-transparent material and sew a narrow dress below the knee. The task is not complicated, because Little girl has no rounded form, and do not necessarily make a dress. The book of the main part of the dress must be sewed a piece of material (10 centimeters in width) pre-made folds. It will be a ponyth of candy. The same ruffles can be made on the sleeves, the presence of which is not necessary. You can simply sew the sleeve, which with ease are removed at any time. Suit candy for a girl for the new year with their own hands

Then you need to sew a polysilk, which will be in the role of candy. It is not necessary to sew a polysilk solid piece on the ruffles, you can use small strips.

The cap is done in the same way as in the first case only for wrapping the ring is used polysilk, and not tulle. Bright candy or bows from any material serve as additional decorations. Suit candy for a girl for the new year with their own hands

In order to not be mistaken with the style, it is recommended to preview the photo of each model and select the desired option.

Such a suit is universal, because Can be used at any time of the year. Summer is the same period saturated with holidays, on which girls wish to shine. Suit candy for a girl for the new year with their own hands

Recommended: New Year's carnival costume "Red Hap"

Alone to sew a suit for the girl for the new year is not difficult. In order that the girl struck all the beauty of his costume needs a little effort and minimum financial costs. It is recommended in the process to involve a child so the manufacturer of the costume will be more fun and informative for the girl.

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Candy suit with your own hands

candy suit with your own hands

On thematic parties, carnival or new year girl will be pleased to go in an interesting and unusual suit. Optionally, every time spent on a new outfit, because mom with a child can jointly make such a carnival suit for the day using his fantasy and remedies. From the article you will learn how to make a carnival suit candy for the girl.

Master Class: Children's New Year's suit "Sandy"

It will take:

  • Nice dress;
  • candy in bright wrappers;
  • Ribbon for beads and tie candies;
  • Watman or cardboard;
  • 4 sheets of colored paper: 3 pcs. Pink and 1 pc. yellow;
  • Scotch, foam, knife, pencil, line, PVA glue;
  • Tulle to the tone to the dresser for the headdress and for large candy;
  • Threads and needle.
Candy costume with your own hands1
  1. To create a volume of wrappers, we remove candy and fill the wrappers with paper.
  2. Decorate the dress with these candies, sewing them.
  3. Candy costume with your own hands5Candy costume with your own hands6
    Candy costume with your own hands7
  4. From candies make a necklace, consistently tieting candy for the tails on the ribbon.
  5. For the head remove, we take a strip of watman (cardboard) 10 cm wide and 3 cm long over a child's head circumference and glue the ends so that the resulting ring is easily dressed and filmed from the child's head.
  6. If you have a cardboard not enough length, you can rearly glue a narrow strip of tight paper, pre-sick up a smooth surface of the cardboard with a needle.
  7. We put the tulle twice and wear on the cardboard ring so that it turns out between the layers.
  8. Suit candy with your own hands18
  9. The fabric from above is collected by a rubber band or ribbon in the tail, beautifully straighten and try on a child. If desired, the cardboard can be placed with colored paper of the desired color.
  10. Candy business. To do this, we take foam and cut a knife with a knife. If you have a thin foam, you cut off and tighten your church with two pieces together.
  11. Watch the billet from the foam in two colored paper and tighten the scotch.
  12. We take a piece of tulle for candy, put on it in the center of the foam and wrap, the ends fastened with ribbons. For beauty tape tape.
  13. Here is such a beautiful New Year's suit candy for our girls we did!
Suit candy with your own hands33Suit candy with your own hands34

Master class: how to sew a carnival suit candy with their own hands

It will take:

  • Satin pink color;
  • white and green fatin;
  • Silk ribbons of different colors;
  • beads;
  • Elastic width 5 mm.
  1. On the pink fabric of the defects are sewn multicolored ribbons.
  2. Suit candy with your own hands35
  3. We sew cloth on the side. From above and from below, at a distance of 3 cm, the fabric weaving and, retreating from the edge of 2 cm, we grasp, here at the end of the gum. To the top sew colored straps from the ribbons, so that the dress is better to hold.
  4. Suit candy with your own hands36
  5. Green and white fatin cut each into two strips: sewn for skirt and fit for the top of the candy candy. Making folds, to the top sew a narrow stripes folded together the fate of different colors, leaving a place for hands. The fantasy is attached to the lamers, so as not to fall.
  6. Suit candy with your own hands37
  7. So that the phantor does not cover the face, the fatin is sewn so that the edges be in front. The edges themselves flex and decorate the folds of the bows.
  8. Candy suit with your own hands38
  9. For the fat skirt, we stitch on the side and add in a circle to the pink middle of the bottom so that the Kulisk is from the wrong side, making folds.
  10. At the bottom and at the top inhaling the gum. Decorating beads. Costume "Candy" is ready.
  11. Candy suit with your own hands39
  12. Using such simple ideas, you can come up with and sew other candy suit models for the new year.

You can do with your own hands and other original costumes for girls, such as snowflakes or snow maiden.

Hello, dear readers. The new year remains less and less than days, so the topic of preparing for the holiday is especially relevant. Today we'll talk about making a carnival costume for a girl. So that the daughter surprised the surrounding original outfit, which is characterized by individuality from all the others, I propose to consider the option of self-causing a suit of candy. This is absolutely not difficult and time will not take much time. But, you can decently save the budget and make it clear exactly what you need.

Suit candy for a girl from a lush ready dress

So, let's start turning on the fantasy and create a candy image. It is necessary to make it so that along the right, it was immediately seen that the child is the candy, and not the princess, a wizard or some other character.

Therefore, an excellent option will be the use of real sweets. Take better caramel, in the number of one kilogram.

As for the color of the candy, then you should choose the wrapper of two or three pastel shades, as too motley and multicolored instances will look not so effectively.

Next, sew caramel in an arbitrary order on the entire dress, it will suit anyone that is available at home.

Especially beautiful will look a lush short copy with bulk-lanterns.

By the way, if the real sweets do not want to use for a suit, for example, because of a heavy weight, it is possible to replace the contents of the candy paper.

Thus, it is necessary to squeeze all the Little Fashion Guard, leaving the fourth part of the candy used.

Candy suit for the new year

Now we will make a beads for a festive dress. Take a strong thread and drive the old sweets on it.

Thread tightly tie to the beads not scattered from the active movements of the child.

Suit candy for new year for girl

Headgear for Candy Outline

The cap is the main accessory that will help us to achieve the similarity of a suit with candy. To make such a headdress, you will need a piece of cardboard or watman.

From the selected material we form a cylinder, choosing its diameter so that the making figure dreshes on the head of the baby.

Glue the glue figure.

Now take color corrugated paper and tighten our cylinder to her. You need to take the paper with a margin to remain on the formation of the tail.

Corrugated paper glit to the cylinder, and the remaining ends tie to a bright ribbon or ordinary rubber band.

The resulting hat decorate multicolored paper, beads or candy.

Candy suit for the new year

Necessary accessory - big candy on dress

Another step in the design of the image will be a big sweetness for decorating. To make it easily, take a piece of foam of the desired size.

Loose foam plastic with colored corrugated paper combined in color with a cap. In the manufacture of such a candy paper should also be taken with surplus to mimic the tails at the phanka.

Next, we take a piece of tulle white. It is allowed to use other shades, the main thing is that they come to the costume.

Now wrapping the tulle candy right on top of paper. And the tips are collecting on colorful gums or on a satin ribbon.

Send sweetness to the child's dress.

Candy suit for the new year

Sandy with a volumetric dress

The principle of manufacture is similar to the first, on it we also make a hat, beads and a large candy for the decor. The difference is in the clearance.

In this case, instead of the sewn caramels, we will have a lot of multi-colored bows per suit.

Make these bows are easiest of all from Tulle or Organza, large beads or beads. To do this, tulle must be cut into small flaps, the optimal size is 10 centimeters in length and 5 in width.

Of these segments, we form a bows, and in the center of Krepim Beads. The resulting bows are sealed on the dress. The bows should work out a lot, so the outfit will look more lure.

When choosing this method of manufacturing a costume, a large foam candy for decorating a dress is better to make not a rectangular, but a round form. So the costume will look even more voluminous.

Sewing carnival costume from scratch

If not suitable for the holiday of clothes or you want to make something special for a child, I suggest to consider the option of self-sewing for a candy suit.

As a material for sewing, any inexpensive material is used.

So, take a small piece of the selected material and keep your daughter a narrow dress in length just below the knee.

At the bottom of such a vestment, it is necessary to sew the ruffle - it will be a tail from the phantha. The width of such a ruffle should be about ten centimeters. You can also arrange the sleeves.

Moreover, it is not necessary to cover the option with long sleeves, lush ruffers can be removed and dress apart from the main costume.

When the dress is ready, take cut the polysiloka (this packaging material is very dense and well-stretching). This material will play the role of candy candyfant.

We look over the dresses and frill with a layer of polysilok. At the same time, it is not necessary to sew solid pieces of fabric on the ruffles, it will not spoil the trap of the strip from the packaging material.

Candy suit for the new yearHood for completing the image is also made of polysiloka. With this material it is done very easily.

The suit itself can be decorated with real candies or to reorganize cross-hung bows.

Lush candy

Another option is to sew a rice spectacular robe. For sewing, we will need to stock atlas and tulle.

It is better to choose a color combined with each other, for example - pink atlas and red tulle, or, blue atlas and blue tulle.

It all depends on the conceived idea.

So, we begin to cut the daughter's dress.

In size, the outfit should be free, the dress even should be big for the child. On the style of the dress, it is advisable to make direct.

To hold clothes will be either on the straps or on the stray. Or on short crosslied sleeves. In length, the product must be lower than the knee.

In the field of chest and hips, it is necessary to sew a gum. Thus, the future dress becomes like a ball.

Next, with the help of Tulle forming frills, bottom and top, imitating candy candy candy. It is also possible to decorate the vestments, candy, or strips from multicolored fabric.

In this case, narrow flap alternately alternate and sew the painter to the product, reminding the strips on candy.

Candy suit for the new year

Shoes for a candy dress

For the outfit candy, it is necessary to think about the corresponding details in the shoes.

Light shoes are suitable or shoes in color to the dress, bright socks, by shades similar to the cap.

For shoes or socks, pre-made bows should be sewn, the center of which are sewn large plastic beads or buttons.

Or decorate babes shoes with embeed lollipops. The spectacular option will be the design of white tights. But in this case, the surplus is nothing. It will be enough for three bowls on the leg.

Handbag-candy to complete the fashion image

When the dress and all other accessories for the matinee are ready, you can proceed to creating a handbag.

There will be no time for its manufacture, and the costume will look much better. Master will be a small handbag from the satin cut.

Color should be combined with a dress or a child's hat. The size should be not large, and in the form of the bag should be round or rectangular.

Call the detail you need, leaving a small supply. Extraly part of the satin among themselves and we go into the product lock so that the daughter can fasten his handbag. Instead of the castle, both multicolored buttons look good, especially in choosing a round-shaped product.

Further, as well as when decorating candy made of foam, turn the bag with a piece of Tulle and tie the edges with a bright ribbon. And so that the child it is convenient to wear clutch with me, sew small handles from ribbons. Also, the handles can be made of thick thread on which candy candy is risen.

Before going to the holiday, when the baby has already dressed up, draw a blush or hearts on the cheeks at the daughter. This is done by a lipstick or cosmetic pencil. Sponges slightly decorate with glitter or dumb ripple.

And that fashionista felt especially wonderful, make her hairstyle in the form of a curvature wound on a hair curlers or a curl. And on your fingers, you put inexpensive plastic rings or bracelet of any bright color.

The article wrote and prepared by K. A. Budu.

Articles from the heading:

New Year's snowman suit with her own hands. How to do for a boy, for a girl.

To do at home Suit candy , It is worth it, of course, to choose the appropriate material.


I highly recommend looking into the tissue department of the stores, because silk and satin and satin will be quite suitable for the costume, satin with a candy print. I saw such a fabric for two hundred eighty rubles per meter with a hundred and a half meter width. Having bought such a fabric, it will only remain to decide on the costume format. It can be a simple cut dress, jumpsuit (if it comes to a universal version).

For example, you can sew suits on such patterns:


The fabric, by the way, can be more warm, for example, there is a flannel with a bright candy print.

The children's new diaper is also fit.


And let's laugh a few tips:

★ In the absence of a suitable fabric, you can enjoy a common white dress for bright tinsel, garlands. And in the hands you can make a large paper candy, which can be worn, like a handbag, and just keep in your hands.

Or make it on a wand.

★ Another simple option to create a suit is to create an aqua-make-up "Candy". It is quite easy to do. It is enough for you to draw on your face with bright colors one or more candy. The location can be any - a cheek, forehead, all the child's face.

★ You can make a paper mask - "sweetie".

Homemade New Year's suit candy for a girlNew Year's matinees in kindergarten assume that kids will be dressed in bright and unusual carnival costumes. One of the most popular images that choose for girls is the image of candy. However, from everything that is presented in stores, it is not always possible to find the appropriate option. Yes, today you can easily buy a New Year's suit candy for the girl at the age of 3, 5 and even 10 years, but often it is not "what you need." Then moms begin to break their heads over how to independently make a similar outfit. It is not as difficult as it may seem at first glance.

Features of creating a similar dress

The main complexity is that it is necessary to create the right impression from the audience. That this girl today is the candy, and not a princess or someone else. The options for this check is not so much. Let's try to identify the features of "candy" outfits.


This part of the costume will be mandatory, since it is precisely it easier to make a similar "sweetness in the wrapper". Remember how the usual candy, wrapped in a fantasty. It ends with a cap, and the edge of the font itself is twisted with a knot with a tail. This is how the hat will look like a suit we need. In addition, it must be combined in color with the rest of the outfit.

Main part

Simplified version of the New Year's suit candyIn fact, it can even be a ready-made dress, which every girl will have a lot of girls in the closet. So finding suitable will not be difficult. There are two most relevant themes of the option.

  • Lush and short . Best of all, if he has all sorts of ruffles, which make a suit good and brighter. Sleeves lanterns and a lush skirt - here is the best choice.
  • Narrow and long . It would seem how can approximately opposite in the appearance of the dress. But it is just such a style that the simply turning into real candy using ordinary materials.

Color selection

It is necessary only to imagine the scattering of a variety of caramels - in wrappers and on a stick - and immediately becomes obvious, what color is it better to choose for the outfit. These are pastel or, as they are also called caramel colors. Pink, blue, milky green, pale yellow and so on. It is still very good to add white to this primary shade. Then the impression will be much brighter.

Decorations and decor

Of course, for a small beauty must It is necessary to choose the appropriate decorations - beads, bows, "caramel" makeup etc. Everything should approach the color decoration chosen for the dress.

Bright pink cheeks and sponges that shine, can be easily done with mami rumba or special paints for leather and lip balm. Such makeup even for babies will be harmless, but adds the image of truth and charm.

The outfit itself also needs decoration. Peel in old stocks - forgotten glass jewelry, bright fabrics, foil and, of course, candies! These were the main features of the costume, which will be made for the baby to the New Year or Christmas matinee. Now consider in more detail all stages of work and options that can be considered, manufacturing suit.

The first is the first - with a finished dress

Having a suitable dress, you can also decorate it differently to get a beautiful carnival outfit for the baby. In each case, we will need various decorations and elements that will reflect the essence of the costume.

Option First - Sweet

Caramel to create a suit candyHere will be used real caramel in different bright wraps. Near a kilogram of the decor will not be too big for a little girl, and the effect will be simply stupid. Materials:

  • Some tulle. Ideal - in tone to the dress itself, but you can take the usual white color.
  • You still need a dense cardboard.
  • Colored paper of various shades, also suitable for alongside.
  • Threads, glue, foam.

Now in more detail at the stages of work.

  • Caramel without removing it from wrappers need to decorate the dress itself . To do this, you just need to sew them for tails to the fabric. Sex need, observing a chess order. You can alternate the colors of jewelry.
  • In order not to tempt the fate and do not provoke small colleagues, the daughter, which will certainly appreciate a sweet dress and try caramels to cut off, You can only use wrappers themselves . To create a volume inside each, instead of candy, the ball rolled down in the shape of a ball and spin tails. Then the child will be easier to wear such an outfit.
  • Now - Beads For sweet princess. The same caramels of different species are consistently tied to threads for podiles. To make it easier, you can drive them for cellophane on a dense thread, like ordinary beads.
  • Now go to the last stage - Making a cap . The basis is made from a long lane of cardboard, the ends of which are glued in the form of a circle. In order not to be mistaken, the clay only after fitting the baby's head.
  • The basis is. Next, it is covered with non-ferrous paper. . To do this, alternate colors. If cut from each sheet of strips and glue them one under the other, leaving gaps for white cardboard, it turns out the same striped dairy caramel that most children love.
  • Now need to wrap the tulle cardboard ring . For this, the cutting of the tissue is twice and put on so that the cardboard is between two layers of the fabric. In the upper part of Tulle tie the usual tail. This can be done with a satin ribbon or simple gum. The edges of the tail are painted so that it is more magnificent. The greater the cut of the tissue, the longer the tail on the cap will be. do it yourself a suit for a girl candy
  • Final stage - Making a large candy, which will become the end of the image . For this, a polyfoam bar is needed (if the foam is thin, then you can use the composite option), in shape resembling rectangular candy. It is covered with the same colored paper that was used for a headdress. Then wrap in tulle or organza and tie tails.

Here is the ready kind of sweet candy sweet suit from the girlfriend and without much time costs.

Option Second - Lush

Stages of creation will be almost the same as for the "sweet" option. However, there are significant changes to the selection of dress decor. Instead of candies, tulle, organza and large glass or plastic beads are used.

  1. We prepare a large number of small fluffy and lush bows of organza or tulle. Send them to the dress, in the same way as caramels were located in the previous version.
  2. It is possible from the same material to make small similarities of Jabs and put them on the handles and the legs of the babies to balance the puff of the dress.
  3. Everything else completely repeats the already described creation of the outfit - cap and beads.
  4. The only difference is possible to make candy from the foam from the foam, and the round shape. Then it will be better approached to the selected image.

In both options, you can make caramels, their layouts or bows and shoes. Then matting the image will be complete and the baby will be the focus on the holiday.

The second variety is the creation of a null

This method is more suitable for those who can at least sew. Here from the "Ready" will be only sandals and tights. Everything else is done completely with your own hands.

Disposable costume

Outfit candy for the new year 1 timeThe ideal material for creating the outfit will be polysilk. This is a special packaging material, which is based on a fine and very strong polyethylene film. To the touch, this film resembles a thin silky fabric. It can be covered with paint on both sides or only one. In this case, the second side is simply silver. This variety is suitable for suit candy. After all, usually inside a bright wrapper in which sweetness is wrapped, silver or golden foil hides. The polysilk has one very interesting property that will be used in the process of creating a costume - it is well stretched, almost does not break (if only not to wrap something sharp in it) and things great.

  • In order to make an outfit, you need to sew a narrow and long dress-case about up to the middle of the leg. It is quite simple, since the baby has no magnificent forms, and the effect of full fit is not needed. To do this, take any fabric that is in the house.
  • Such a dress at the bottom will be sewn the frill in the form of a candy tail. Its width is about 10 centimeters.
  • In the same way, the sleeves can be issued. Moreover, it is not necessary to make a dress with sleeves. It is enough that will be the handbrapers, which can be removed at any time or put on again.
  • On the ready-made product you need to sew a layer of polysilka, which will play the role of wrapping paper. And on the ruffles you can sew small stripes, and not entirely. This will not affect the effect of the outfit.
  • Further everything is simple. Cooking a hat from the same material on the already described principle. The polysilk is quite suitable for this. You can even pick up a polysilk of another color for a cap and bottom of the dress.
  • All outfit is additionally decorated with bows or candy. Now, putting it all on the child, you can see a real candy.


Round Sandy - Outfit for New YearAll stages of manufacturing headdress and decorating remain the same as before. Only the very base of the costume is changed - dress. It will have a completely different form.

  • The central part is made of atlas or similar fabric. At the level of the hips and at the top there is an elastic band, which collects part of the material, giving all the other outdoor resembling a ball.
  • The lower part is a long lush outfrach that performs the function of the skirt. The upper part is the same fruit. To keep all the dress can, both on the straps and on the already existing elastic bands.
  • Ruffles can be performed from tulle, organza or fate. You can decorate the central part not only by bows, but also sewn with thin strips of fabric contrasting colors.

Here are some options for creating a suit "candy" for a little girl. Any of them can be taken as a basis and modify, expanding or changing the decor. Then your baby will be the most beautiful in a children's holiday.

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